Mother’s Shoe Mystery Pt. 02

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Billy was so excited. It was finally Friday, and he only had 30 minutes left until school was out. His 18th birthday was last week, and was going to hang out with his buds on Saturday as a belated birthday gift and go hiking, since he loved it so much. On Sunday they were going to go to a concert, and then dinner, and then to the local arcade. It was going to be a blast. But even with all that to look forward to, Billy couldn’t keep his mind from wandering back to his mother. He thought about her everyday while he was at school. The thoughts that were going through his mind about her, most of the time, were not regular thoughts sons have about their mother’s. For years, Billy had been having sexual thoughts about his mother. He knew from the start how wrong it was for him to think of her in any sexual way, and he tried to stop, but the urges, and the feelings he had towards her, had only grown more intense. The thoughts had also grown more perverted. Even at 41, Billy’s mother Peggy was quite attractive. She had long black wavy hair, green eyes, and 38DD breasts. Peggy was 155 lbs, so she had the perfect amount of curves, and a great bubble butt.

To Billy, his mother Peggy was the sexiest woman on the planet. He had been attracted to her since he discovered masturbation years before. He kept a picture of his mother in a bikini, that was taken just before she got pregnant with him, in his room. Sometimes he would look at porn when he masturbated, but most times he would stare at his mother’s picture as he stroked his cock. He found he came a lot quicker when he was looking at her image, versus the porn images on his computer screen. His mother was his dream girl.

The school bell startled Billy out of his fantasy state. It was time to go home, and since it was Friday, Billy knew he would have the house to himself since it was ladies night for his mother and her friends. Peggy would come home, shower, dress up, and then head out to meet her girlfriends. Billy liked having the house to himself for many reasons, but mostly it was the opportunity it afforded him to be alone with his mom’s shoes. Several years before, while surfing for porn, Billy had stumbled on a foot fetish video. He had heard about foot fetishes before, and never understood it, but he had never actually seen the fetish in action. In the video he innovia escort watched, a girl came home after tennis practice, and was greeted at the door by her boyfriend. He proceeded to take off her sneaker and sniff it, before taking the girls foot in his mouth and sucking her sweaty toes. Billy was perplexed at what he was watching, but had to admit that even though he wasn’t sure about smelling stinky sneakers, the girl had very pretty feet. That started Billy off on his foot fetish. He watched so many fetish videos after that, but wanted to know what was so exciting about smelling a girls stinky feet.

One day Billy’s mother Peggy came home from the gym, and, instead of running upstairs in her sneakers like she normally did, she kicked them off by the front door, and then went to take a shower. Billy stared at her sneakers for what seemed like 10 minutes before he decided to satisfy his curiosity. It may have been his mother’s feet he would be smelling, but when else would he get the chance to smell a girls sweaty shoe? Plus he had seen her feet many times in sandals and barefoot, and they were gorgeous. Billy went to the door and picked up one of his mother’s shoes. He brought it up to his face and took a quick sniff. The foul odor was apparent even when he picked it up but bringing it closer to his face, the stench was much stronger. Billy was all in now so he proceeded to put his nose right into his mother’s sneaker, and breathe in as deep as he could. The pungent smell of Peggy’s foot sweat made Billy gag. It was a strong smell. It was like cheese that had gone bad. Billy thought that maybe he should breathe it in again and see if would get any better the more he smelled it. Over and over Billy inhaled the inside of his mother’s shoe, and realized after a couple of minutes that he was enjoying the smell. it was his sexy mother’s smell, and it was permeating his nostrils. Billy’s cock got fully hard, and he fully understood the fetish he now himself enjoyed. From that moment on, Billy would sneak into his mother’s room as much as he could to smell his mother’s footwear and masturbate.

Billy was hungry when he got home so he prepared himself a sandwich, and then went up to his room to play his new video game. His mother usually got home at 5 so he had a couple hours before she istanbul escort got there. He always waited until after she had come home and then left on her girl’s night before going into her room and having his fun. The whole time he was playing his game, his mind was on his hot mom, and how much he couldnt wait to smell her essence. After about 45 minutes of playing, billy couldn’t wait anymore. He still had time before his mother would come home, and he would be able to hear her coming in, so he made his way into her room. Billy looked down at her shoes and pondered which shoe to worship first. Which one had she worn most recently so he could get the most smell. He zeroed in on her sneakers. They had never let him down, and she had just gone to the gym the day before. Billy got down on his knees and grabbed one of them. He put it up to his nose, and was immediately in heaven. “God mom has the sexiest foot smell”, he thought to himself. He enjoyed her sneaker for a few minutes, then decided to move on to another shoe. Billy scanned across her many shoes, and at the very end were a pair of flats. He recognized them as his mother’s favorite pair. She wore those flats to work everyday. He wondered why she hadnt worn them that day. A big smile came across Billy’s face. He had often fantasized about visiting his mother at work and going under her desk so he could pull off her flats, and smell their beautiful funk.

He wanted to worship her feet so badly. Disappointed though, Billy remembered his mom would always spray those flats right when she got home so by the time he got to them they always smelled like flowers and chemicals. he fully expected them to smell the same this time, but he was going to smell them anyway. Billy picked up one flat and put it up to his nose. Instantly the memory of his first experience with smelling his mom’s sneaker, year’s ago, came back. Since then he hadn’t been able to smell any of her shoes right from her feet, so even though they all had her scent, they had always aired out enough that the smell had mostly dissipated. This was different. Billy could swear she had just recently kicked them off, the smell was so strong. A mix of vinegar and cheese was the best way to describe it. He couldn’t believe how potent it was. It would be enough to make anybody wretch, kadıköy escort but not Billy. He buried his nose even deeper, so he could take in as much of his mother’s sexy foot odor as he could. Billy could see her sweaty footprint on the inside of the shoe. He had to taste whatever sweat he could get off the inside of the flat. He began tonguing the inside of the flat slowly so he could get as much of that sweat onto his tongue. To Billy it was the sweetest taste. His cock got rock solid, stretching out his shorts.

Normally this was the point where Billy would go back to his room and jackoff while thinking about his mother’s foot smell. But this time Billy couldn’t help his urge to get some of his mother’s foot sweat on his cock. He bent over and grabbed her other flat and put it upto his face. He went back and forth enjoying the aroma, taking it in as much as possible. Billy couldn’t hold out anymore. He undid the knot of his shorts and kicked them off. He was standing in his mother’s room completely naked, smelling her shoes. Billy lowered one of Pegg’s flats onto his cock, and he used his cock head to press on the sole. He could feel some of his mother’s foot sweat wet the tip of his fat cock. This drove Billy through the roof. He began rhythmically humping her flat in his right hand, while breathing deep into her other flat with his left hand. Billy began to moan uncontrollably. He was so horny, and his mother’s flat, permeated with her sweat, felt so good on his fat cock.

He continued to pump away, and before he knew it his orgasm came to it’s climax, he wasn’t able to stop now, and in the moment he didn’t care, he could wash his mom’s shoe out before she got home. Billy thought about sucking his mom’s feet as his balls emptied, and he filled the flat with his cum. Billy had learned early on that the amount of cum that he produced with each orgasm was more than the majority of men. The first time he had cum, it was in his bed, lying on his back, and he had covered his stomach and chest with it. This time was no exception, as he thought the flat was going to overflow. Thankfully it didn’t. Billy was spent. He would go wash his mom’s flat out and then go lie down for a nap. Just as Billy was about to head to the bathroom, he heard the front door open. “Oh my God, mom is home!” Billy exclaimed. Without thinking about what he was holding, Billy dropped the cum filled flat to the floor and ran to his room, closing his door. Billy got under the covers and decided to pretend his was asleep. That was so close. Billy heart was pounded but he smiled that he hadn’t been caught.

To Be Continued…

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