Mrs. Anderson and the Boy Next Door Ch. 05

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I know this was long overdue but finally Mrs. Anderson Ch 05 is ready…enjoy!)


“You did what?”

“I know you weren’t expecting that, but it’s true. I took Ben’s virginity.”

“And you’re telling me now?”

“Considering your reaction maybe I should have waited.”

“Or not told me at all!” She stared out the window and felt tense, her stomach rolled into a tight knot.

“Lola I thought you were ready to hear it in light of what we’ve just shared.”

“What mother would be ready to hear that? Nick’s mother would kill me if she knew what was going on. It’s different for you Kate because you don’t have children.”

“Probably but tell me this… you still fuck Nick even though his mother would kill you. You risk getting alone time with him, you’ve told me this.”

“I knew you would say that.”

“Because it’s the truth. It’s also true that I tried not to be with your son. I fought my desires and laid awake nights, but my temptation was weak and-”

“Spare me the details.”

Kate smiled. “You don’t mean that. You like to be offended by things I say Lola but you’re no different than me… your mind hasn’t caught up to your body yet.”

“What are you talking about? I’ve done far more than I ever imagined.”

“It feels good giving in after all the mental brow beating, yes? I know you want it.”

“What’s done is done Kate and I don’t want to talk about it.”

Kate sighed. “Ben was a lusty boy…if you knew how many times. I know what he thought about and what turned him on. You know it too if you would admit it.”

“I said I don’t want to talk about it.”

“I didn’t know you would be so upset,” Kate said.

“Really? Just take me home.”

They drove the rest of the way in silence. When she arrived home Mrs. Anderson slammed the door to the car and went inside. She tossed her bag onto the front table and it slid onto the floor. Swearing, she picked it up and threw it on top and headed to the kitchen. There, she poured herself a glass of wine and drank it quickly before going upstairs for a shower.

As she went by Ben’s room she glanced inside at the bed…the place where Nick fucked her so hard…where he made comments about her son. Suddenly she was overcome with a desire for the boy, so once in the bathroom she texted him a photo of her naked and told him to come over. She got in the shower to wash away the activities from the afternoon and after about five minutes the door to the bathroom squeaked open.

“Hi,” Nick said, his cock already hard. She pulled back the curtain a little to let him look as he took off his clothes.

“We don’t have much time,” she said as he stepped inside with her. “Harold will be home in 45 minutes.”

He pushed her up against the wall and kissed her hungrily, grabbing her around the waist and pushing his tongue into her mouth. Though thoroughly pleasured earlier Mrs. Anderson found herself responding, her hard clit poking through the lips of her pussy and arching towards his cock butting against her.

“Please baby,” she begged against his lips. “Take me hard.”

Nick growled and she turned around for him, arching her plump ass out and pressing her hands against the slick shower walls. His fingers trailed up her inner thighs and over the mound of her pussy. His thumb made contact with her clit and she gasped.

“You need my cock mama?” he asked roughly and she felt him at her entrance, his thick heading prodding and teasing. She thrust herself at him pushing and bumping and frantic to feel him.

“Fuck me!”

He slid into her deep and groaned, burying himself inside and digging his fingers into her hips and smacking his cock into her over and over as Mrs. Anderson whimpered. The water streamed down over them and she felt is plastered against her back. He took it one hand and held it taut.

“That’s it,” she moaned, “Fuck mama… give it to me.”

The sound of their wet skin slapping together thrilled her, and she pressed her hands tighter against the walls as he pounded her. He grunted, his breath coming in ragged pants as she felt her orgasm rising. Knowing that Harold was on his way home, that he could get home early and find this boy taking her made her wetter, and it wasn’t long before she was crying out, her body racked with an orgasm that left her trembling. Nick kept going until she felt him tense.

“Cum in me baby… let me feel you explode in me…yes that’s it…give it to me…”

“Mama!” he cried out and she felt him spurt his hot seed into her. He leaned his head against her wet back and after a few moments they washed the other and got out. She led him into the bedroom and dropped down on the bed and he lay beside her, his mouth on her nipple sucking eagerly.

“Ah my sweet boy,” she sighed contentedly. “I missed you.”

“My mom has me doing stupid stuff around the house and looking at schools,” he grumbled.

“Well you’re growing up,” she said. “You’ll have to start your life soon.”

“I don’t want to halkalı ucuz escort leave you.”

“Mmm and I don’t want you to leave,” Mrs. Anderson said. She ran her fingers through his wet hair. “But I’m not going anywhere. Besides, we have the rest of the summer.”

Nick moved from her nipple to her belly, tracing his tongue down her cool damp skin. His breath made her shiver.

“Harold will be here soon,” she said gently. “You better go.”

“I want to taste you.”

“Oh baby,” she sighed, and he moved between her legs working his tongue up one and then the other. He pushed her legs further apart and pressed his lips against her lips, nuzzling them open to swipe at her pink pearl.

“Oh god,” she moaned, “I love when you do that.”

Nick sucked her clit into his mouth, gripping her thighs tightly as she reached down to tousle his hair. Slow and achingly he lathered her with his tongue, moving back and forth from clit to her opening, swirling and swirling. The risk was great and it aroused her further. Recklessly she wondered about letting it happen, letting Harold see what the boy was doing to her. Maybe he wouldn’t care…maybe he could take a lesson or even join in…

“Mmm, like that,” she moaned. She ground against his mouth and he reached under to grab her ass and she felt his tongue slid further still. She froze for a moment when she realized he was close to her ass.


“Shhh,” he said. “Let me try it.”

“I…I don’t know.”

“Yes mama, let me try.”

She laid back and trembled as his tongue took a long swipe over her ass. She wiggled in his grasp and he groaned as he pressed his lips against her ass hole, his tongue prodding against it…

They both froze at the sound of the door opening and closing.

“Get dressed!” she whispered frantically, both of them leaping up and scrambling for clothing. She grabbed her robe and drew it tightly around her and when Nick was dressed they crept quietly into the hallway and over to the stairs.

“Is he here?” Nick asked softly. Mrs. Anderson didn’t know, but she knew this was precarious.

“Harold?” she called out. “Are you home?”

No one answered.

“Go downstairs, out the back door just in case,” she mouthed. She hurried down after him and swept her eyes through the living room and kitchen but there was no sign. At the door she dropped a kiss on his lips and he sprinted across the yard to his house. Sighing with relief, Mrs. Anderson went back to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of wine with a shaky hand and took a deep sip. She put the bottle back in the fridge and when she turned around she saw him.

“Hi Mom,” Ben said.


“Admit it, you are surprised!” Harold said with a smile as he forked a bite of spaghetti.

Mrs. Anderson smiled weakly and picked up her wine. At this rate she would be drunk before the night was through. Her son Ben sat on the left hand side of the table stuffing his favorite meal into his mouth looking large and lean. His hair was cut so short it looked almost shaved. He sat with his legs apart in tight black shorts and his college logo on his tank top.

“Lola are you going to answer me? Why are you being so quiet? Ben is home!”

“Yes Harold I know,” she said calmly. “Ben has been settling back in his room and as you can see I made his favorite meal, which I could have prepared for better if I had known.”

“It’s great mom as always,” he said with a grin and took a gulp of milk. Into his second year of college and he still ate like a grubby teenager.

“Thanks sweetie,” she said, even though her heart was in a vice. How she’d managed not to drop her wine when he said hello earlier was a sort of miracle. What did he see, what did he know? The questions raced through her mind and she saw the train wreck at the end…

“Lola, what do you think?”

“About what dear?” she asked and looked up at him. Harold sighed impatiently.

“Maybe you ought to lay off the wine. I asked if you want to go to the museum with Ben while he’s home.”

“Dad I really want to relax. I get enough learning at school,” he said.

“Well it’s up to you. If you want to just laze around here for a few weeks it’s fine with me. It’s great to have you home!”

“Yes it is Ben, it’s been so long.”

He stretched and his tank top was taut against his chest. His arms were muscled and firm and the image of Kate pressing her body against Ben’s came into her mind. Oh god.

“I’m glad to be home too and don’t worry guys, I won’t make to much of a mess and I can keep mom company while you’re at work dad. I’m sure the empty house gets lonely.”

He said it casually enough but Mrs. Anderson was afraid to look at him. She took a bite of salad and shrugged lightly. “Sometimes of course.”

“I can mow the lawn for you dad,” Ben offered.

“Thanks son, the kid next door has been taking care of things, but feel free.”

Mrs. Anderson sputtered mid halkalı üniversiteli escort sip of wine and they both stared at her. “You okay mom?”

She patted her mouth with a napkin and nodded. “I think your dad is right, I should lay off the wine. Would you both excuse me? I need to make a call.”

“We will clean up Lola,” Harold said with an edge to his voice. “I don’t want you dropping any plates.”

She shot a look at him and went upstairs. She shut the door to the bedroom and dropped down on the side of the bed and made her call.

“Hi Lola,” Kate said when she answered. “I wasn’t expecting to hear from you. I left you quite angry with me.”

“Yes Kate and I am sorry but I need to talk to you,” she whispered urgently. “Ben is home, he’s staying for a couple weeks.”

“Ah well, that’s nice, having your boy home.”

“Yes but that isn’t it. I got home and I was feeling…well you know. Anyway, I called Nick over and we fucked in the shower. Then on the bed he was eating my pussy and…god Kate we heard a door! I thought it was Harold getting home but it wasn’t him. Ben…Ben saw us. Fuck he saw us Kate, I know it!”

“Calm down darling, you don’t know that for sure. Perhaps Ben was outside taking a run…you said he is on the track team yes?”

“He is but…I don’t know Kate I think he saw us. What am I going to do?”

“The first thing you do is relax. If he didn’t see anything he’s going to wonder why you’re a nervous wreck.”

“I am…oh god Kate, he would have saw what Nick was doing, his mother’s legs wide open…”

“Details will only arouse me darling. You know that.”

“Not now Kate. Tell me what to do!”

“Would you like me to come over tomorrow or sometime this week? I am a good reader of people and young men in particular. He might reveal it to me.”

“Oh Kate I don’t know… that could complicate things.”

“It’s already complicated and you know it. Let me handle it darling, it’s why you called me isn’t it? This isn’t the first time I’ve had to talk one of my friends out of trouble.”

Mrs. Anderson sighed deeply. “Thank you Kate. I appreciate it truly.”

“See you tomorrow.”

She hung up and went into the bathroom. She changed into her nightgown and smoothed her hair. She felt fuzzy…the wine was working on her for sure. Mrs. Anderson knew she should go downstairs, she could hear Harold and Ben laughing and the sound of the TV but she was nervous, so very nervous.

Instead she sat back on the bed and picked up her book. Awhile later she heard footsteps on the stairs and in the hall. Her eyes were heavy and she put her head back against the headboard and heard water come on in the other bathroom. She drifted off and then came a tap to the door.


She opened her eyes. “Come in. I’m just reading.”

Ben pushed open the door with a towel wrapped around his waist. The sight of his him lean and hard with the hem of the towel stopping mid thigh took the words from her mouth.

Don’t look, don’t look … her mind screamed.

“Are you okay mom?”

She swallowed and plastered on a smile. “Yes sweetie I am, just tired. To much wine.”

He came into the room. “Are you happy I am home?”

“Yes I am, we can spent time together, as much as you want.”

“I would like that mom.”

He stared at her for a moment and she realized she was staring back.

“Oh Kate is going to come over tomorrow. You remember my friend Kate right?”

He smiled. “Oh yea Kate. It would be cool to see her.”

Playing it cool my boy? Mrs. Anderson thought.

“Run on to bed Ben, it’s late.”

“Dad’s asleep on the couch like always. If I call someone will it disturb you?”

“Just keep it down okay?”

He nodded. “Nite mom.”


He shut the door and Mrs. Anderson exhaled sharply. Complicated indeed.


It was three am and she was awake, staring at the moon splaying across the floor and Harold snoring next to her. She felt tense and anxious, and overwhelmed with the desire for Nick to ease her body with pleasure. Mrs. Anderson got up and went out into the hallway, thinking some herbal tea might help when she heard some rustling and heavy breathing come from Ben’s room.

Oh no. She knew what that meant. She also knew she needed to walk by and pretend that she didn’t know what it was and Mrs. Anderson forced herself past his room. The door was slightly ajar.

Don’t look… don’t look.

A grunt of pleasure shook her and she trembled. No, no… she wasn’t going to look and yet she took several steps back and paused at the crack in the door. It was enough space for her to put her eye against, and even then it was dark. Underneath her nightgown her nipples tightened with heady excitement, and her hand shook as she pushed on the door ever so slightly.

Ben was stretched out on his bed… the one Nick slept in and fucked her on…with his cock in one hand haramidere escort slowly stroking. His eyes were closed and the moonlight played over his body. His cock was long with a bulbous type head… she hadn’t seen it since he was a child and now he was so unlike his father. He groaned softly and she wondered what he was imagining…

What the hell am I doing? She suddenly asked herself. I can’t be doing this!

Her legs felt like jelly and she was mesmerized. He groaned softly and started stroking faster. He picked up the lotion next to him and squeezed some on and then began again. Mrs. Anderson pressed her hand against the wall and leaned in further, unable to stop staring at her son getting himself off. Her clit was tight and hard and she opened her legs wider and her hand moved towards her pussy…

“No…no!” her mind screamed. “You can’t do this!”

Her clit was throbbing now and her fingers slid over her mound and she felt the wet spot in her panties. Ben was breathing hard now, his hand sliding on his slick cock faster and faster and Mrs. Anderson held back a whimper as she put her hand inside her panties to touch herself. Her clit was a little nub and she rubbed her fingers over it and willed him to cum.

“Show me…show me Ben…” Her mind begged, helpless to pull away. “Show mom your cum.”

She slipped her finger inside her soaking pussy, plunging it deeply as he she watched him. He was close she thought, and already her orgasm was edging and suddenly he cried out.

“Fuck…fuck…” he groaned and he spurted great gobs of cum that splattered across his sheet.

Fuck indeed. Mrs. Anderson clapped her hand over mouth as she too became overwhelmed. The orgasm nearly dropped her to her knees and she gripped the door for support as the pleasure fell over her body. After a few moments Ben stood and she turned abruptly and silently ran back into the bedroom.

In the morning Mrs. Anderson found her son gulping some juice in the kitchen. A flood of guilt rushed over her and she tied her robe tightly and went cautiously into the room.

“Morning Ben. Did you make coffee?”

“Sure did. I’m going for a run and should be gone awhile. What time was Kate coming over?”

“Sometime this afternoon before dad gets home. You know they’ve never gotten along.”

“Yea I know.” He put the glass down and started stretching. Mrs. Anderson averted her eyes and went over to the coffeepot. With a shaky hand she poured a cup and turned back around to find Ben staring at her strangely.

“What… what is it?” she said hesitantly.

“Are you being careful mom?”

“What do you mean?”

“I thought we should talk alone…” he began, but suddenly he turned and grabbed his headphones. “I’ll be back later.”

“Damn,” she thought to herself. Something is definitely on his mind.

After some breakfast she showered and tidied up and sometime in the afternoon Kate showed up. When Mrs. Anderson opened the door Kate looked especially gorgeous in a knee length skirt and fitted tank top. Her hair was loose around her shoulder and eyes covered by her favorite vintage sunglasses.

“Seeing someone today?” Mrs. Anderson asked pointedly as she led her in the house.

“Don’t take that tone Lola,” she said calmly. “Do you have some wine open?”

“I drank quite a bit last night-“”

“Do what you like darling I’m asking for me.”

Mrs. Anderson opened the bottle of wine and got two glasses. She poured some in each and sat in the chair across from Kate.

“He knows something Kate, I swear it.”

“Even if he does he isn’t going to hurt his dad. He might be pissed at you but he’ll keep his mouth shut. Drink Lola, it will calm your nerves.”

“God, I really shouldn’t after last night,” Mrs. Anderson said.

“Are you still angry with me?”

“No I guess not. I think part of me always suspected something. That one night during the summer party I came upstairs to change and saw you in his doorway. Do you remember that?”

Kate smiled. “Of course I do. I found him in there masturbating. He said the women in their low cut dresses were driving him crazy. Watching him jerk off was so arousing to me.”

Mrs. Anderson flushed and took a gulp of wine.

“Nothing happened that night Lola. I watched him and then I went home and imagined the rest. I wanted him badly. You understand…I know you do.”

“You told me he was sick. I went to check him but you said he was already asleep. You lied.”

“Of course I did. You weren’t ready to hear me say that I was watching your son stroke his cock and that it made my pussy wet.”

Mrs. Anderson shot her a look and drank the rest of her wine.

“Have another Lola and more for me.”

“Did he…want it to?”

“You have to ask? You know how these young boys are…they’re ready to burst every fifteen minutes. Yes darling he wanted it.”

“How long did you wait before he…you know…fucked you?”

Kate smiled. “It’s far to late to play shy now Lola. I told you in the car…I tried to behave out of respect for our friendship but I had give in I mean well, look at him! You and Harold made one gorgeous boy.”

“He’s looking quite handsome isn’t he?”

“Very much so. Of course he was back then also. It was the night you and Harold were away and he came over to work on my yard.”

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