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It was a Friday evening and I didn’t have any specific plans for the night. Apart from some shopping, that is. I’d gone to the fridge to make some dinner and came away empty handed. Ditto the freezer and the pantry. While it’s a good idea to run your stocks down occasionally, making sure things don’t go past their use-by date, it’s an even better idea to make sure you reload your deleted stocks. I’d been meaning to, just hadn’t actually done it.

So I drove down to the mall. First things first, I went to the food court and ate. Then I went shopping for food and other essentials, like beer. Trolley stacked and paid for I headed back to my van.

As per normal for a Friday evening the car-park was a little crowded. I’d had to park down in the bowels of the building and it was quite a walk back to my car. I was a little surprised to see a young lady hanging around where I’d left my car. If the young lady had been walking briskly towards the lifts or, alternatively, walking towards her vehicle, it would have been no surprise, but to just linger around down here? It made no sense.

Getting closer I could see that the young lady was dressed for a night out. Very attractive she looked, definitely not a hooker looking for a score. Her attention was focused on me as I approached, and I think I recognised her.

“Hi, Danny,” she said, smiling happily.

“Hi, yourself, Anne,” I said, memory clicking in. I had seen her around and been introduced to her somewhere but she’d just looked at me and wiped me as not worth knowing. You can understand why she didn’t really stick in my memory.

“Stocking up on your groceries?” she observed.

“I am,” I agreed. “You look as though you’re heading for a night out.”

“I am,” she parroted, smiling, “just as soon as I resolve my current financial embarrassment.”

Really? And exactly how did I fit into her plans? There was no way she was going to proposition me in a car-park. (Or elsewhere, for that matter, I suspected.)

I raised an interrogating eyebrow, an expectant look on my face.

“I thought you might like to lend me fifty. It’s for a good cause. Me,” she said brightly.

“No,” I said thoughtfully. “I don’t think I do.”

“Of course you do,” she said, still smiling. “You will get it back. Sometime.”

“Sometime, like in today, tomorrow, sometime, never?”

“That’s right. But it’s only fifty. You won’t even miss it.”

“Uh-huh, but it’s my fifty,” I said, taking a quick step to the side.

If you’re planning on a mugging don’t stand where your accomplice is reflected in the car windows behind you. I could see another young lady stepping quietly up from behind, reaching for my neck. I don’t know what she intended but I didn’t think I’d like it. Hence the sudden side step.

A hand shot past me, accompanied by a rude word. My hand caught the wrist of my assailant before it could withdraw. She was holding one of those contact stun-guns, the operative word being was. I squeezed her wrist tightly and extracted the gun from her hand.

“How do these work?” I asked Anne, smiling. “Do you just push the button and touch someone, like this?”

From the way Anne gave a choked little sound and flopped to the ground the answer was yes. I turned and smiled at the young lady I was holding and let her go, zapping her at the same time. Not quite the same time. I did get my hand clear before I zapped. I didn’t want to zap myself as well. I now had two zapped girls lying at my feet. What a tragedy.

Fortunately for me the girls had waylaid me right next to my van. I opened the side door and started loading. One should always prioritize. My groceries weren’t going anywhere. The young ladies, however, were quite capable of regaining their senses and bolting. Not wanting to be continually zapping them I chose another method of getting them under control.

I stripped them and tossed their clothes into the van. It didn’t take much doing as all they had on were their party dresses and undies. That done I stared loading my groceries. I did take the time to rearrange some of the groceries so that I had a free bag. I stuffed their clothes into that and tossed it into the front of the van.

I’d been right about the effects of the stun-gun. Both girls were staggering to their feet before I’d finished loading the groceries. It took a few more moments before they were capable of coherent speech, and even more time before they finished swearing at me.

“What the fuck do you think you’re playing at,” Anne finally managed to ask me.

“Putting my groceries in the car and going home,” I said casually.

“Give us out clothes, you perverted bastard,” she shrieked.

“Ah, I’d quieten down a little if I were you,” I advised her. “Do you really want witnesses to your current state?”

Both girls hastily looked around and then moved next to the van, giving themselves some cover.

“All right,” hissed Anne. “Just give us our clothes and we’ll forget about this.”

“Who’s your friend?”

“Her name’s Moira,” snapped Anne. konyaaltı escort “Our clothes!”

“Hullo, Moira,” I said politely. “Sorry to have to meet like this but it is nice to see you. Very nice,” I added, looking her over, while she blushed and tried to hide behind her hands.

“Well, it’s been interesting, but I have to get home,” I observed. “I’ll just leave you two here. Bye.”

I opened the driver’s door to sounds of protest.

“Ah, of course, your clothes and things. I’ll leave them with the security guy at the mall entrance. Just go and ask him for them.”

“What? Wait! You can’t drive off and leave us like this.”

“Actually, I can,” I told them. “You idiots tried to mug me. As far as I’m concerned you have it coming. You’re lucky I don’t just call the cops to come and pick you up. Now there’s an idea.”

I took out my phone and dialled the weather.

“Ah, police, please,” I said as the girls tried to reach for the phone. “Ah, hullo. I’d like to report two naked women running around the car-park.”

The girls were almost hysterical by this stage. I held the phone away from my ear and glared at them.

“Do you mind? I can barely hear the weather forecast with you two yammering away like that.”

Wow. Moira certainly knew some rude words. Anne was so furious she was just speechless.

“I’ll tell you what,” I said. “If you prefer it, you can hop in the back of the van and we’ll go back to my place and discuss this whole thing in more detail. You can sit on the side bench. Don’t forget the seat-belts.”

There was a lot of indignant muttering but both the young women scrambled into the van and took a seat. I saw them eyeing the groceries.

“Sorry, girls, but your clothes are not with the groceries. You’ll just have to wait. You can spend the time hoping I don’t get pulled over by the cops.”

Both girls looked a little uncomfortable at the thought of me being pulled over by the cops while they were in the van. They didn’t seem to like the idea. I thought it would be hilarious. (True, I might have got into some trouble, but the girls had started it.)

There were no problems. I drove straight home and into my garage, pressing the remote control to drop the doors as soon as I was in. I opened the van side-door and grabbed a couple of bags of groceries.

“Bring the rest of those in with you,” I told the girls, heading into the house.

Apart from some standard grumbling the girls did as they were told, following me into the house, groceries in hand. I went straight through to the kitchen and started putting the groceries behind. The girls followed on behind, bitching to each other about me.

“Can’t these things wait?” asked Moira.

“Not really,” I told her. “I don’t want the frozen things to thaw out. It won’t take long.”

It seemed to me that if they were really feeling embarrassed about their lack of attire then they’d at least have darted into a bedroom of bathroom to grab a towel to wrap around themselves. Maybe they were getting used to being nude.

As soon as I’d finished putting my things away Anne turned on me.

“If you don’t mind, now that you’ve finished stuffing around we’d like our things back.”

“Anne,” I said, still smiling, “just because I’ve been smiling and stirring you up doesn’t mean I’m happy about what happened. As far as I’m concerned you two bitches tried to violently mug me, intending to steal my wallet and probably my phone as well. Quite frankly I’m furious. Why the hell I didn’t just call the cops and hand you over I don’t know.

And you seriously expect me to just give you your clothes and wave bye-bye without extracting some retribution. Dream on, bitch. You’re in deep shit.”

As you may have guessed, I might have been smiling but it wasn’t a very nice smile, and there was no semblance of a smile in my tone.

Moira picked up the vibes very fast.

“Ah, what do you intend doing,” she asked nervously, and I could see she was imagining rape.

“What I’d like to do and what I intend to do are two different things. What I’d like to do is to drag the pair of you into my bedroom and demonstrate how an angry man disciplines a woman. What I will have to settle for is putting the pair of you over my knee and warming your bottoms. You may go clubbing afterwards but you’ll be doing it standing up all night.”

Anne snorted a laugh.

“Do you seriously think we’re going to let you do that?” she asked.

“Yes, I seriously do,” I said. “Point one, I can take this stun-gun to the cops and file an official complaint. I’m sure they can trace ownership of it easily enough. Plus your fingerprints are probably on the battery, which would be hard to explain away.

Point two, when I pretended to phone the cops earlier I turned on my phone video camera. I have some lovely film of you two naked. How would you like that to turn up on Facebook, with a commentary about the circumstances?”

Anne looked furious while Moira looked appalled.

“If we agree to the spanking you’ll kültür escort give us our clothes and permit us to leave?” Anne asked, her voice trembling slightly. (That trembling was from rage, not fear.)

“Reluctantly, but yes.”

The two young women looked at each other and then Anne nodded her head once. Moira seemed to sag slightly but nodded hers in return.

“All right,” snapped Anne. “We don’t seem to have much choice. You can spank Moira first.”

“Correct, you don’t have much choice. However, I have already decided to spank you first. I’m afraid you’ll have to humour me.”

I pulled a chair out from the kitchen table and sat on it, smiling. I made a sweeping flourish with my hand, indicating that Anne should take a prominent position.

I was quite certain that Anne should have been arrested for her thoughts but there’s never a cop around when you need one. She did come over and bend over my knee though, her eyes spitting fire at me. Then she was examining the floor and her bottom was very nicely placed for my attentions. Her legs, I noticed were held tightly together. I’m not sure why, I’d already seen everything she had.

I brought my hand down hard on her bottom. I wasn’t mucking about. I was still pissed at the stunt they’d tried to pull and as far as I was concerned she was getting off lightly. She had apparently decided to tough it out, and didn’t let out a peep, apart from a slight gasp.

I settled down to giving her a decent spanking, varying my action enough so that Anne never had time to really brace herself for the next spank, not knowing when or where it would fall. Her stoicism didn’t last. By the fifth spank she was squeaking and by the tenth protesting and wailing that it hurt. I stopped for a moment at that.

“Of course it hurts, you silly bitch,” I snapped at her. “It’s supposed to. It’s a punishment, remember. I’m trying to show you why mugging people is a bad idea. And as far as I’m concerned you’re getting off lightly.”

With that I resumed the spanking, quite happy to turn her bottom a nice bright red. I might point out I was not brutalising her. Redness and a lot of smarting, but no real bruising, was my intention. A good spanking is as much psychological as physical, and Anne was delivering a lot of the punishment on herself via her own imagination. I did manage to reduce her to tears though, and I was amused to see her legs drift apart, trying to entice me away from the spanking.

I finished up by reaching around and cupping Anne’s breast, lifting her. She hastily scrambled up to her feet, backing away from me. She was still angry but she was also somewhat scared now. It takes some people a bit of time to realise that they’re in the shit and there isn’t a lifeboat handy.

“You may, if you wish, get dressed now, while I deal with Moira,” I told Anne, “or you can stand there and give her sympathy and sisterhood, for all I care.”

I looked over at Moira who was looking pale and slightly sick. She already knew that she was in deep shit. She swallowed nervously, edging over to me. I had Anne marked down as being as tough as nails. Moira I wasn’t so sure of. My impression was that Anne had swept her away and she was a little out of her depth and unhappy with it. At least, I’m damn sure she was unhappy about the spanking part of it.

When she bent over my knee she wasn’t send me killer looks, more pleading looks. I gave a little shrug, sort of indicating that she’d brought it on herself. She settled easily over my knee and I noticed one difference between her and Anne right away. Moira’s legs were already parted, her pussy on display.

Anne, I noticed, was wasting no time in getting dressed, while keeping one eye on me. She seemed just a trifle nervous, as though I might suddenly pounce again. I winked at her and she glared.

Turning my attention back to Moira I delivered her first spank. A lot lighter than the first spank that Anne got, but it got a lot more reaction. Moira almost jumped off my knee, squealing. A couple more spanks, slightly harder, and she settled down, still squealing and protesting.

I slid my spare hand from the small of her back to the richness of one full breast, cupping and squeezing slightly. She gave a little jolt and her squealing and protesting shut off as though I’d slapped a gag on her. Observing her mound, I was prepared to swear that it was moving, swelling slightly. Yes, it was. Her labia were getting puffy and parting slightly, being pushed apart by her inner lips also swelling.

I brought my hand down for another spank, but this one landed on her mound, cupping it neatly. Moira jumped a little but didn’t let out a peep. From that point on I spent as much time delivering stinging little slaps to her pussy as I did to her bottom, without a word of protest. I was actually thinking my hand was making a faint splashing sound when it connected with her pussy.

I finally flicked Moira back onto her feet. She was breathing hard, face flushed, breast heaving, nipples pointing, mouth slight open, tongue just showing markantalya escort between her lips.

“You’ve been a bad girl, haven’t you?” I said.

Moira just nodded, looking at me.

“Are you sorry for it?” I asked, speaking softly.

Moira nodded again, not taking her eyes off me. I stood up.

“Then come along with me,” I told her, “and you can show me how sorry you are.”

“Wait a minute,” cried Anne. “You said we could get dressed and go after you spanked us.”

“You can,” I told her. “The door’s over there. No-one’s stopping you from walking through it.”

“But what about Moira?”

“What about her? She’s been a bad girl and wants to apologise in her own fashion. So if you’ll excuse us.”

I turned and strolled down to my bedroom, Moira walking obediently beside me. I opened the door to my bedroom and she didn’t even hesitate, walking straight over to the bed.

Moving over the bed I pulled the covers back, holding up a finger to stop Moira when she would have climbed on. I stripped quickly and got on the bed myself.

“Show me how sorry you are,” I said softly.

Moira was almost glowing as she scrambled onto the bed. I lay there waiting, wondering just what she would do. I wasn’t left wondering long. She knelt next to me, leaned over, and her mouth settled upon me. Ye gods and little fishes, she must have practiced to get that good. Her mouth was wet and warm, her tongue tantalising, her teeth rasping lightly over the head of my cock as she played with me. (It’s nerve-wracking, feeling those teeth. One can’t help but wonder what would happen if she bit down.)

She stirred me up, building on my arousal, my excitement. I was acutely aware of my erection, it felt enormous. When she lifted her head away I almost swore. Not that I was to be disappointed. She moved to straddle me, lying on top of me, her soft breasts pressing against my chest. Then she moved, pushing herself down slightly until the head of my erection was pressing against her pussy.

“I’m sorry,” she said softly, slowly easing herself onto me. “Please forgive me. I’ll never do it again.”

I desperately hoped she was talking about the mugging, not the sex. Her talent was too good not to be encouraged.

A few more wriggles of her bottom and my erection was firmly in place. That’s when Anne came barging into the room.

“You rotten swine,” she hissed at me. “You said you weren’t going to rape us.”

I looked at her and then looked at Moira, on top of me and in full charge of what was going on. I laughed and ignored Anne. Moira didn’t seem to notice Anne was in the room or, if she did, she didn’t care. She knew what she wanted and she was in the process of getting it.

Have you heard of twerking? I’m sure you have. Moira was proving surprisingly adept at it, sliding up and down my pole with magnificent aplomb, taking her pleasure and delivering mine. To this point I hadn’t even had to start moving, happy to let her handle the details.

That quiescence on my part didn’t last. I started driving up to meet Moira as she bounced on me, letting her know how much I appreciated her. We kept going, the speed of our meeting slowly increasing, passion running away with both of us.

I was quite surprised when Moira came first, flinging her head back and yowling as her climax hit her, her vagina clamping around me, desperate to milk me. No problems there, not on my part. The squeeze she gave was all I needed to set me free, my balls feeling liberated as they gave their all.

Moira sagged onto me, holding me. I held her for a few moments, hearing Anne yammering away in the background. Finally I gave Moira a slap on the bottom.

“Go and have a shower and get dressed,” I told her. “Behind that door is the en suite. Now scoot.”

Moira obediently detached herself from me and headed off for her shower. A sweet little natural sub if I’ve ever met one. I wondered if Anne had known that about her. I turned to face Anne.

“What is your problem?” I asked her. “I said I’d let you get dressed and there you are, dressed. Moira had the same option but chose to apologise a little more personally. Her decision, not yours, so just let it go. Anyone would think you were jealous.”

Anne shut up, but her silence shouted a lot of things at me.

“When Moira is dressed,” I said, “you are both free to leave. If you can keep a civil tongue in your head I might even go so far as to drive you back to the mall.”

Anne just could let things lie.

“You tricked her. You made her have sex with you. That’s just the same as rape.”

“Bullshit,” I snapped. “I had no idea that she was a sub and would want to have sex after being spanked. She would have known and she agreed to the spanking anyway. If you knew she was a sub then you should have warned me, not that that would have stopped me.”

“She wasn’t herself,” protested Anne. “You should have backed off. She may have agreed but I still think it was rape.”

“The way she jumped on me you could be right, but I’m not complaining. It seems to me that you’re obsessed with rape. Rape is when I bend you over the end of the bed, pull down your panties, and stick my cock in you while you’re going, ‘No, no, no. Don’t stick that thing in me’. Do you want to try it?”

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