Musings on The Kinneret

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By way of introduction…

Annikki and I met a few years ago on an Internet forum named Speculum Pages. I had posted my first and only entry to a discussion and Annikki sent the only reply. Over the course of a few weeks and dozens of emails, we discovered we had a lot more in common than anal eroticism. Annikki is an American born and raised Israeli that went to a kibbutz summer after high school and stayed. I am a Southerner that answers proudly to the term “Redneck.” I realize that doesn’t sound like we could have anything in common, but we discovered so many connections that it was spooky. By the end of the first month, she invited me to come to Israel. By the end of the second month I accepted. The first meeting was amazing. I arrived in Tel Aviv on Shabbat evening and she could not come until Sunday morning. I left a note with an extra key at the hotel’s front desk, and was awakened by a naked goddess sliding under the covers beside me.

We both have adult children and grandchildren. So, no, Annikki and Seth are not our real names. When our love exploded on us we were both married. My wife, who supported and encouraged our relationship and became very close to Annikki, has since died. Annikki remains in a love filled 30+-year marriage. We spend a week together twice each year if at all possible. In between, we “talk” daily in Messenger, send e-cards for any reason at all, and exchange erotic writings.

Even though Annikki is an accomplished professional, has two degrees, and edits professional journal articles, when she writes erotica she adopts a stream of consciousness style devoid of punctuation, capitalization, and paragraphing. I edited her emailed note to conform to Literotica style constraints.

Annikki is only, but always, submissive in the bedroom. I am only, but always, in charge in the bedroom. Rigshee is Yiddish for laying a guilt trip on someone. The Kinneret is the Sea of Galilee. Safed is a magical mystical village in northern Israel. Pupik is Yiddish for the belly button. Cous is Hebrew and Arabic for the female genitalia. And, going “to Ireland” is not anti-Gaelic. It is our euphemism for using the toilet and comes from our second trip together. We spent a week in a small three-room cabin in an Orange grove near Nahariya. Whenever, genteel and somewhat shy, Annikki went into the bathroom; she would play a CD of Irish folk music to cover any embarrassing sounds.

Musings on The Kinneret

She wrote…

He had just opened one eye-and said in his growly morning voice, “Get back here into bed darling. I want to wake up with you beside me.”

More than willingly she curled up next to him, settled her tummy on his tush, and enjoyed snuggling in the chilly November morning. She had been up for a while and already had thoughts about how they would spend the day. So she whispered in his ear, “Are we going to see the Kinneret today? Or mosey around Safed and pick up some mystic karma in its ancient alleyways?”

“We might, and we might not.” he answered.

“Ok…” was hers. Not totally understanding the cryptic reply, she knew he was full of surprises. Some of them were whimsical, and others dark.

“You go over there to the closet and bring me my small black bag. Then get back here in bed.”

The timbre of his voice left no question about obeying or not, so she padded over to the closet in her t-shirt and bare feet and set the bag down on his side of the bed. When she saw what he took out-her face clouded over and all she could muster was, “You can’t be serious!”

“Sugar, when have I been anything BUT serious?”

He was holding a huge foil wrapped object and yes, a disposable adult diaper.

“Now,” he continued in his fully awake voice, “You have been keeping something from me and you know that is not allowed. I know you have not been “to Ireland” as you like to call it since we got here. And I know, and you know, this is not good for you so we are going to have to do something about that. Get over my knees and, no fussing.”

“Honey,” she started to say. But he put his finger to her lips and shook his head.

“Do I need to remind you who is the Boss here?”

“But,” he continued, “I will give you a choice. And this is how it goes. In either case you are going to have this suppository that I made for you up your back door. And, if it comes out before its time, its going right back in. So, don’t even think about objecting. After I am sufficiently convinced it is doing its job, you can either chose to have me put this diaper on you and stay here in bed with it on until it has done its job. Or, you can chose to stay here over my knee and take a spanking until you are ready to go to the ladies room.”

“THESE are choices?” she asked in a quaking voice.

His fingers were already busy unwrapping the sticky intruder. So his answer was just a nod and a raised eyebrow indicating she should make her choice.

A rush of air escaped konyaaltı escort her lips, which again was only answered by a raised eyebrow.

“I am waiting…”

“But Honey!”


“Ok, ok. That diaper scares me, but so does the prospect of being spanked…is there a third option perhaps?”

Try as he could, he gave a small chuckle but the stern face quickly returned and he shook his head to indicate not.

She hesitated one moment more and then raised her long white t-shirt up over her quivering ass and said that she hoped he wouldn’t be TOO hard on her. A smile was his answer as the big gooey object was inserted and his hand came down hard on her waiting flesh.

She wasn’t sure how long the whole thing went on, but at some point she stopped biting her lip to ask “Can I please, please use the ladies room NOW.”

One more swat came down hard and then his long awaited “Yes”, could be heard in the silent room in the golden glow of the November morning.

“When you’re ready…come back here and we will see what the rest of the day holds in store for us. And, by the way, I love you.”

He wrote…

Annikki minced back into the bedroom. Sneaking a peek from her lowered face, she couldn’t stop her smile when she saw Seth sitting at the bed head. He was patting the space beside his hip in invitation to sit and snuggle. As she curled into him her breasts brushed his chest and side, sending a pleasant twinge from her nipples to her damp cous. She blushed a little at how turned on she had become during her treatment.

“I love you.” he said and cupped her chin to raise her lips to his. The kiss was long, tender and said everything else that needed to be said. When he broke the kiss, Seth hugged her to him and nuzzled her neck…hummingbird kisses from nape to lobe. Annikki sighed as another drop of moisture slid teasingly from her blossoming love lips. His hands stroked down her back and when he cupped her tush she stiffened into him.

“Ah. Ok, turn over here and let me see.”

With just a little apprehension, Annikki turned to lounge across his out-stretched legs. Her glowing tush was centered over his languid, but thickening, cock and he could feel the hollow of her pupik on one thigh and a little smear of moisture from her cous on the other. Gently he smoothed a hand across her pink hills, just stroking.

“You are beautiful in pink. Too bad it’s already starting to fade. I can’t even make out the handprints anymore. Should I do a little touch up, just to bring the glow back to high?”

“Yes… uh, no, no!” Annikki shivered and felt another droplet escape as she tried to take back her first, instinctive, primal answer.

Smack, smack. With just a flick of his wrist, Seth delivered two light, but sharp, spanks-one to each globe. Annikki’s hissed intake was barely more audible than the sigh that followed. And she began to moan as Seth peppered her behind with rapid fire little pops. Never raising his hand more than an inch or two, he covered both cheeks as the popping sound played counterpoint to her moans. Her lustful ass wriggled with a rhythm of its own rising to each pop and ebbing with her moans. With his hand cupped and little force, the blows had more voice than sting. But, the effect on her arousal was pronounced. Like a gentle breath blown on a once dark ember, the teasingly gentle spanks brought the glow of her cheeks back to bright and the heat in her cous to high. Pop pop pop pop pop……

Annikki began to intersperse “yes” with her moans and her wriggles became squirms. Seth reached his left arm across the narrow of her back to secure her in place. Even though he knew the answer, he sent his hand questioning under her writhing tummy, to the confluence of her thighs. Yes, the stream was there, wetting his intruding fingers. One strum on her emerging clit and Annikki’s thighs parted, closed and parted again. As her ass rose to meet his hand and her legs parted to welcome his fingers, her cheeks opened to display the valley between. Seth was drawn to the pink ring of her rear opening. Its tight dark center grew slightly larger each time his fingers stroked her clit. Like the iris of the eye; from a pinpoint in bright sun to an open seeker at midnight.

As the seductive aroma of Annikki’s arousal wafted from between her thighs, past the crinkled focus of his attention, and invaded his nostrils, Seth realized he was now stone hard. That was a conflict. It had been a while since Annikki’s early morning stirrings had awakened him and he had not yet peed. Distracted by his attentions to his love, he had ignored his bladder’s early grumbling. Now, however, the jealous bladder was becoming insistent.

He stopped the popping spanks and stroked her ass cheeks lightly for a moment, then withdrew his wet fingers. This brought a groan of surprised disappointment. Bending to kiss her warmed tush Seth whispered “Not to worry Sugar. We’re not finished. But, kültür escort someone started this lovely game before I peed. And now there is no putting it off.”

Seth pulled her back up beside him and hugged her for just a bit. When her fingers drifted to grasp his rampant cock, he cautioned her. “Uh, uh. Not now. That has to go down some so I can pee!

Come here. I’ll give you a little diversion while I let it subside.”

He led her around to the foot of the bed and directed Annikki to kneel just on the folded covers. He had to stop and admire her beauty. Kneeling upright, her back straight, she was almost classical. Her marvelous breasts perch just above her rounded tummy and her generous buttocks pose as the counterbalance behind. Yes, she was a bit better cushioned than was in favor now. But he drew his ideal from a time when desired women were femininely soft, robust, and lustful.

His softening cock and consequently insistent bladder snatched him from the reverie and he quietly reached into his case for a blindfold and the crop. Laying the crop out of sight, he secured the blindfold over Annikki’s eyes and then crossed her hands in front, just above her glistening cunt.

“No, those fingers may not go any lower.”

“Do you remember the naughty little rigshee you did on me? Back in July? About my not writing? Even to the point of writing a very erotic little scenario, to trigger me.”

“That wasn’t a rigshee! It was one of my fantasy scenes. I only wanted…”

“Shush. I’ll allow that it was both and you only have to pay for one.”

With three whistling cuts through the air with the crop Seth announced, “I’ll be back.”

Annikki knelt in silent darkness. The blindfold was very complete. She could feel, hear, smell and taste. But, not see. She could feel the soft thick covers folded under her knees, and she could feel her still racing heartbeat with her hand resting on her lower tummy. And, now that she was upright instead of laying horizontal, she could feel her juices of arousal slowly trickling down her inner thighs. She was oddly thrilled and embarrassed at the same time. She also smelled her arousal. The aroma was erotic as it mixed with the scent of her sweat. Sex sweat was much different than heat sweat or gym sweat she decided. It added to and complimented the scent emanating from her cous. And because she could smell it; she could also taste it. The combination; cous juice and sex sweat, and smell and taste, was an aphrodisiac. Her engine was still running at a high rate and the smell / taste duo kept tapping the fuel pedal. She could hear Seth emptying his bladder in the bathroom. It seemed to go on forever. Then she heard the water running as he washed. The water ran for a while. He must have chosen to brush his teeth, too. And…she could hear those three whistling cuts of the crop. That sound had found the dark corners in her head, and echoed repeatedly.

Barefooted and using his silent “stealth-mode” steps, Seth slipped behind Annikki to the other side of the bed undetected.

“Now young lady, I’m ready to deal with you.”

“Ooooof!!!” Annikki nearly yelped in surprise.

“I can be sneaky, too when it serves my purpose.” he said through a grin.

“It seems we have a disagreement about the note you sent me back in July. Sooooo, I’ll let you decide which is the final answer. I told you, you would only be punished for one and I’ll let you choose. Each one has an appropriate punishment.”

Seth held the crop in his hand again, poised to slam down on the bed with a whistle and a loud whomp.

“Was it rigshee?” Whomp

“Or was it an erotic scenario” WHOMP! WHOMP! WHOMP!

“Give me your answer now.”

Annikki was trembling. The crop frightened and intrigued her at the same time. And she really didn’t know which was making her tremble; the strange desire to feel the crop on her already sensitive ass, or the fear of three strikes with the crop, if she insisted the note was not a guilt trigger. That was the truth. Almost one hundred percent. At least ninety-five percent, anyway.

When she thought about the crop striping her bottom cheeks, there was an electric charge that ran through her; from the imagined point of impact straight to her clit. When she thought about three stripes; she felt the same charge…three times. And a little flip in her tummy from fear adrenaline.

Seth was enthralled watching Annikki wrestle with this question. He watched her breasts bob and wobble as her breath grew rapid, and there as a slight quiver that ran across her tummy. And he breathed in deep, reveling in her aroma. Her inner thighs were slick almost to the knee and the scent filled the room.

He knew the note was an erotic scenario that she enjoyed and found exciting. If it pushed a button on his conscience for not having written anything in too long; so much the better. The question was; for one stroke instead of three, would she falsely markantalya escort admit to the rigshee?

“Annikki, I need your answer.”

“Oh, Seth…this is too hard. It’s actually both! Almost all me sharing one of my scenarios with you, but a little bit rigshee because you hadn’t written anything in so long… Can I have two or four?”

“Two or Four? Ah…an average or the sum. I see.”

Seth was a bit stunned. He would not have been surprised if Annikki had stuck to the truth and accepted three strokes on principle. Nor would it have been a character flaw to admit to rigshee and take the lighter punishment. But, to ask for more than the minimum and perhaps more than the previous maximum, was…revealing. She was seduced by the thought of the crop striping her gorgeous ass…and knew one stroke would not satisfy.

“Very well then, two or four it is. And you get points for honesty…even when being naughty or sneaky or both. Now let me get you ready.”

“Seth…which is it? Two or four?” she asked, her voice touched with a little fear and a little desire.

“I’ll let you know… by the time I get to three.”


Seth pulled three pillows from the bed and piled them in front of Annikki.

“Lean forward Sugar. I’ve put some pillows down that I want you laid over. We need your bottom nice and high. No, you can’t remove the blindfold. Just reach out, and when you feel the bed… just stretch out…move your hands to the edges and your ankles to the corners.”

Annikki did as she was told. The result was exactly as he had envisioned. Her bottom was the pinnacle and her legs sloped off to the bottom corners, spread widely. Her back sloped down to the bed with her face turned to him at about the mid point in the length of the bed.

Seth retrieved the crop and stood close to the side of the bed, level with her upturned bottom.

“I think you’re ready now. Are you? “

“Y y yes, Sir. I I I’m ready.”

“Good. You know, I think you had a great idea…about four, that is. I could do two right across here…” Seth tapped the crop on the roundest, highest point on Annikki’s tush. “And, I could do the other two from the end of the bed…right in the middle, here.” Seth teased the crop end into the valley between her bottom cheeks, tickling at the crinkled center.

“No, no. Please, Sir. That’s too much.” Even as she said this, she could feel another surge of moisture escaping to dampen the pillow under her.

“Who’s in charge here?”

“You are, Sir.”

“Then I make the correction decisions, right?”

“Yes, sa Sir…please, Sir.”

“I think all four in one direction, is what I’ll do.”

Tapping the crop on the bed as he went, Seth stepped around to the foot of the bed, between her splayed legs. Now he leaned forward, parted her cheeks with thumb and forefinger, and lashed her pink ring four times… with his tongue.

The effect on Annikki was electric. Her head shot up and she reflexively stiffened as she squeezed down onto the pillows. Then she relaxed, completely…her back arched deeper and she coiled back on to her haunches, spreading her bottom cheeks in an undisguised desire for more.

He could not resist probing the center between tongue strokes, or encircling the crinkled star with his lips. And, when he reached under for her engorged cous, his hand was drenched. He found it easy to slide two fingers into her streaming cavern. As his thumb stroked and pressed her erect clit, as his fingers curled insider her. There, on the roof of her other mouth, he found the ribbed little knot of tissue he was seeking. Seth curled and released his fingers, rhythmically, in the “come” hand signal. And that’s what Annikki did.

Annikki was panting. All the tension broke at once. She softly moaned between pants. Her thighs were trembling and there was a small puddle in the indentations her knees made in the bed. Annikki’s tight pink ring opened and closed on Seth’s tongue…like a hungry babe’s mouth on a nourishing nipple. She was thrusting her bottom back onto Seth’s tongue and her cunt tried to swallow his hand.

“Ahhhhh, oh, yes, yes Seth…yes, mmmmmm, yessssssh.”

Seth rose from Annikki’s bottom and moved to the bedside. He took her hand and placed the crop in it. Leaning into her ear he whispered, “This is yours now. When you want it, bring it to me and just say a number. One or Two or Three or Four.” And he kissed her deeply.

“Now I have a love chore for you”

Annikki’s pulse was just beginning to recede as she felt his weight shift the bed. He was in front of her…close…she could smell the masculine musk rising from his crotch. Then she felt the bed sink right in front of her blindfolded eyes and his legs come to rest over each of her outstretched arms.

“Just so you don’t try to remove the blindfold. And…this is a no-hands chore.”

She felt a soft, fleshy, touch on her nose that trailed down to her mouth. When his semi-erect cock reached Annikki’s lips, her tongue darted out to taste a viscous drop of his pre-cum. She rolled the taste around in her mind for a moment. Not sweet. Not salty. Definitely male. She sucked lightly, hoping for more, and he entered her mouth.

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