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Single living in north central Ohio and dateless. I’d been with a lot of women, more FWB than dating, but was in a dry spell and needed some company. I joined a couple dating sites and started answering some ads. A gal from Columbus seemed interested, we chatted online several times. Very pretty, blonde, about 10 years younger than I and I was in my early 40’s. She had a son and worked as a paralegal.

After talking for about a month we decided she would come to my home for a cookout and swim (had in ground pool and hot tub). She stopped and picked up some tuna steaks I think as she was a vegetarian. She was wearing like a sun dress, we sat next to the pool and I casually noticed she was wearing light blue panties. It was late afternoon, we cooked out, then decided later to go to a bar a friend of mine owned and listen to music.

We arrived and I went to find us a table leaving her at the door, when I came back, a guy about my age was already hitting on her, which she loved and i didn’t but he back away as soon as I grabbed her hand. I found out while sitting enjoying the music with konyaaltı escort her that she was actually married to a divorce attorney in Columbus, but hadn’t slept with him for years, ok that was kind of a surprise.

So we drank some beers, then went back to the house to relax in the hot tub. I grabbed some wine, glasses and we both undressed at the hot tub which was outside and go in.

She, as I said is a very pretty girl, medium sized tits, very nice mouthful size. She settled in the hot tub and I sat in front of her with my hands on her knees as we kissed. She sat up slightly so that I could play with one tit and suck on the other nipple, she had very large nipples and I love sucking and playing. She reached between my legs to feel my hard 7.5″ cut cock and started gliding me toward her pussy. I could see her trimmed pussy pubic hair as I entered my cock into her slowly, it felt so good. I had never fucked before in a hot tub, did later with other girls, but this was my first. I didn’t know what to expect, how it would feel, actually it was just like regular fucking, maybe a kültür escort little easier to slide in.

She loved it as her tongue went into my mouth as I entered her pussy. We slowly fucked, she liked to feel my whole 7.5″ in and out, almost having my cock fall out of her pussy. She said that she loved feeling it all for every stroke. She liked feeling it on the outside trying to get in everytime. We had been drinking and when I drank, I could fuck for hours. After awhile the alcohol and heat from the hot tub were getting to me, so I told her I wanted to go to the bedroom.

We entered the sliding doors to the bedroom right from the hot tub. She wanted me to lie on my back so she could climb on top, I did as I was told. She slid right down on my cock and started again on the full length of my cock up and down, over and over. She asked me when I was going to cum, I told her I could last forever, that I just enjoyed making love to her that I could go on and on. I’m know she got off a few times from her breathing faster, soft moaning, but soon she was getting sore, so she stopped and lay markantalya escort down beside me and we fell asleep.

I awoke in the morning around 6AM to her sucking my cock under the sheets, never had that happen before. And boy was she going to town, hadn’t had a good blow job for a long time. It didn’t take long for me to cum as I hadn’t the night before. I told her I was going to cum, but she didn’t stop and I came in her mouth. She let the cum go down the shaft of my cock to my balls, I could feel the warmth of my cum, so she took it in her mouth but let it roll out onto me, it was very hot. I think she would have kept sucking my cock, but as most of you know once you cum, your cock gets very sensitive to friction, so I had to tell her to stop. OMG it was probably the best blow job I ever received as I woke up to her sucking me.

That was back in the mid nineties and we are still friends today, talking via facebook and email. That was our only sexual encounter, but she told me that I was one of the best lovers she ever had as I took my time and made sure she was satisfied before I was. She said no other guys did that, usually slam, bam, thank you mam. She has since had a breast enlargement, they look great as she still does. I’m going to be in Columbus this summer, maybe try to get with her again, at least just to talk.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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