My Abandon Ch. 02

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***Note: As in the first chapter, this story also contains elements of nonconsent and reluctance. If you’re uncomfortable with that, please don’t read it.***


I woke up the next morning and immediately sat up in bed. I flushed as memories of the night before came flooding back. A draft of air hit my skin and I looked down, realizing I was still naked.

My nipples hardened and I unconsciously stroked one while I looked around my room, slightly dazed. There was no sign of Devon, though he’d been there when I fell asleep. There was no sign at all of what had happened.

My right nipple tingled and tightened even more and I realized I was still rubbing it as the tingling sensation shot down to my pussy. I thought about the things Devon said to me, the things we had done.

I became immediately wet and had to stop myself from reaching between my legs to relieve the tension. I felt out of control, more turned on than I’d ever been in my life thinking about Devon thrusting his cock into me over and over. The look in his eyes when he called me “Mine” was burned in my memory. Some part of me was still scared of his intensity and confused, feeling there were elements of his attachment to me I didn’t yet understand.

More than anything, I felt overwhelmed…overwhelmed by the sudden urgency to see him, feel him put his arms around me, feel him inside me. With sudden clarity I realized he had somehow awoken something in me that must’ve been there all along. While I’d always thought of myself as conservative, suddenly there was nothing I wanted or needed more than Devon controlling me, using me, possessing me.

As if I’d called his name, he appeared in my doorway, casually leaning against the frame. His hair was wet from the shower and his tanned chest was bare. A pair of jeans hung low on his hips. I thought he looked beautiful.

His eyes met mine without either of us speaking and his look was guarded. His eyes showed no emotion and I was suddenly self-conscious. At eighteen, I hadn’t had much experience with guys, and certainly not with the level of intensity we’d shared. I tugged the sheet up and hugged my knees to my chest, casting my eyes down.

Without looking up, I sensed him moving silently towards me. I was suddenly scared of looking at him, scared I had somehow disappointed him. He reached out and traced a finger down my face slowly, stopping under my chin and tilting my head up to meet his eyes. They were no longer flat but were instead swirling with emotion, too much emotion. I was at a loss to decipher what he was thinking.

“I know you’re confused,” he said softly. I let out a shaky breath I didn’t realize I’d been holding, relieved he’d at least spoken. He stroked my cheek softly and I unconsciously leaned into his touch.

“I’ve waited so long for you. I know it won’t make sense to you but I’ve always known you’d be mine, ever since we were little…” he stopped suddenly and I realized I must’ve looked alarmed because he rushed to continue. “I know that sounds strange, it’s hard to explain. That’s why they sent me away. Our…our dad, more than mom. I was so possessive of you. He thought it was strange, he used to yell at me to leave you alone, he…” He trailed off, an angry look flashing in his eyes. Then it was gone and he took a deep breath before continuing.

“He didn’t want me around you, said my ‘attachment’ to you was unnatural. But don’t you see, Lizzie? You felt it, too, I knew you did. Even when I was in Texas, it’s like I could still feel you, all these years. And when Mom finally called and said he was gone for good, I couldn’t stay away anymore. Waiting for you to grow up, waiting to be able to come back to you…it’s been agony.” His voice trailed off and my face flushed again.

His words seemed disconnected to me, like he was speaking a different language. I understood what he was saying but it didn’t make any sense. I searched my memories for something, anything, some frame of reference for what he was saying.

Pictures, fleeting images of my childhood came back and I tried to remember how it was before Devon left. I could see us in my mind, playing in the backyard, laughing when he chased me. I could feel the wind in my hair and his hands on my back when he pushed me on the swing.

Other fragments of memories seemed to return as well…Devon, watching me brush my hair. Rubbing my back while I fell asleep. Holding my hand while we watched tv. Those memories felt pure to me; he’d never done anything to me that seemed inappropriate or wrong. But in some corner of my mind I did remember the other looks, the ones my dad had given him…the disgust, the suspicion, the anger. Six years had passed since Devon was sent away…I’d been twelve when he left. He would’ve been seventeen. Surely he hadn’t been thinking about me this way back then…

My stomach turned over suddenly and I had the urge to yabancı escort run from him, to put some distance between us. He seemed to read my mind and scooted closer to me, grasping my upper arms so I couldn’t pull away.

“Lizzie, please look at me,” he said softly. My eyes reluctantly rose to meet his and my immediate thought was that he looked like he might break.

“I never…NEVER…would’ve hurt you, or done anything to you. Even if he had let me stay, I wouldn’t have touched you. The way I felt about you then, I loved you so much it consumed me. It’s still consuming me. I didn’t even fully understand it at the time. But you have to believe me, it wasn’t…it wasn’t dirty. I never would have tried anything…sexual. Not back then. I never even thought about it. He was wrong about me. I would’ve protected you, waited for you to grow up…please say something…say you believe me.”

His breath was suddenly coming out in gasps and he abruptly let go of my arms and moved away, sitting on the edge of the bed. He put his head in his hands, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees. He didn’t say anything and I couldn’t seem to speak. I was too confused by the conflicting emotions swirling through my head to even form a coherent thought. And then his shoulders started to shake.

I didn’t think, I simply moved to the floor in front of him, still clutching the sheet around me. Seeing him this way tore something in my heart and I knew he was telling the truth.

I knelt in front of him and reached up to touch his face. His hands still covered his eyes and I traced a single teardrop as it snaked its way down his cheek.

“I believe you,” I whispered, my own voice sounding shaky with emotion. He finally drew his hands away and his eyes were red when he looked at me. He looked so much older than his 23 years, like he’d already suffered so much. He looked…tortured.

That look pulled me in and I didn’t think about what I was doing. I pressed my lips against his, desperate to ease his pain, to heal whatever part of him had been broken. I pushed closer, wanting to press my body against his and fold myself into him.

He seemed to break suddenly. His mouth opened and his tongue thrust against mine, drinking me in. His hands were all over me – the sheet dropped and forgotten – and we were desperate for one another. He moaned against me as his tongue thrust into my mouth over and over, his hands moving over my body too frantically to be gentle. I was pulling at his jeans, popping the button open and freeing his hard cock as he pushed me onto my back and pulled my thighs apart. In one move he buried his shaft inside me, too desperate to go slowly. It hurt for a second as my body tried to adjust but I was too frantic to care. I pulled his hips against mine, trying to drive him even deeper.

“Please,” I panted, moaning and gasping, my nails raking down his back. “Please fuck me, please…I need you.” I was rocking against him with abandon, aware of nothing but how his cock felt driving into my tight, wet pussy. He seemed to get harder and harder and I shifted my pelvis instinctively so he slammed against my swollen clit every time he thrust into me. I could hear him moaning, “Mine…mine” as my orgasm built steadily and then crashed over me without warning. I spasmed against him over and over but he didn’t stop, he seemed to have lost control as he continued to thrust his cock into me.

“Oh, God, you feel so good…I’m going to cum inside you, have to cum inside you,” he panted.

“Yes, please…Devon, fill me up. I want to feel you cum in me, need you to fill my pussy,” I moaned as I rocked against him, a second orgasm building inside. He suddenly arched his back, slamming his cock inside me and I could feel his cum burst into me, setting off another orgasm. It seemed to last several minutes, neither of us able to do anything but shudder against one another.

Finally, he pulled back enough to look at me, cupping my face in his hand. The intensity was back in his eyes as he stared into mine.

“You belong to me, and only to me. I can’t ever let you go,” he said softly. I felt that familiar tingle, some instinct telling me I should be scared but somehow I knew he was right. I would never belong to anyone but him.

“Yes,” I agreed softly, knowing there was no going back.

He pulled back gently, standing up slowly, still looking at me. I rose to my knees in front of him and began to lick him clean, never looking away from his eyes. He twisted a hand into my hair, guiding me to take his softening cock all the way into my mouth, gently sucking the last of our juices from him. I felt my pussy clench again at the feel of his hand on my head, the feel of kneeling in front of him, submitting to him.

“Good girl,” he said softly, his eyes warming. He gently pulled me to my feet and kissed me, pulling me into his arms. With his arms holding me tightly, I felt yeni escort like I was finally home.


I ventured downstairs after showering and getting dressed to find Devon sitting in the kitchen with our mom and Charlie, who had returned from their overnight party. Devon’s eyes met mine and I saw him look me up and down hungrily. I hoped they didn’t notice.

I sat at the table with them in the empty chair next to Devon, suddenly nervous. I wasn’t sure how to act in front of them, afraid they would sense something.

“So, what do you have planned today, sweetie?” my mom asked.

“Not much,” I responded, “I’m supposed to be going shopping with Katie in a little while.” I picked up a piece of toast from the plate in the middle of the table and occupied myself spreading butter on it.

“Are you guys still looking for your dresses for the Andrews’ 4th of July party?” she asked.

“Yeah, it’s only three days away and I still haven’t found anything,” I commented absently. I paused taking a bite of my toast when I felt Devon’s hand on my knee, under the table. Recovering quickly, I took a bite and chewed slowly, wishing he would move his hand. I was uncomfortable enough already.

“Maybe I’ll go with you,” he suggested casually, “I need to pick up a few things, too.” He took a sip of coffee, raising an eyebrow at me over his cup.

“Umm…well, sure. I mean…I guess. It might be kind of boring, though,” I stammered, not meeting his eyes. I wasn’t sure at all how I felt about taking him around Katie. She’d been my best friend all through high school and she would immediately sense the tension, I was sure.

“Oh, don’t be silly, honey, Devon should get to know your friends and you guys have so much catching up to do,” my mom said as she began to clear dishes from the table. “You’ll be leaving for college in a month and a half, you should try to spend this time getting to know each other again.” Devon gave me a little smirk at this and I had the sudden urge to kick him under the table. Charlie had finally looked up from his paper and glanced back and forth between us with an odd expression.

“Well, sure, of course,” I agreed hastily, ready to end the conversation.

“And I know Shirley would love for Devon to come to the party. Some of David’s brother’s friends will be there…you remember Skip, don’t you, Devon? He was in your grade before…” she trailed off and began busying herself wiping off the countertops.

“Sure, I remember him. I’d love to go,” Devon agreed, smiling. His hand rubbed my knee and I noticed Charlie glance at his arm where it disappeared under the table. I shifted and rose abruptly from the table, before he did something to give us away. Placing my plate in the sink, I turned to my mom.

“I’m going to go finish getting ready,” I murmured and escaped back up the stairs. I heard Devon following behind me and tried to shut my bedroom door but he caught up too quickly and pushed in behind me, closing the door.

I crossed my arms and faced him, a little pissed off. His eyes were blank again and I involuntarily shuddered as he moved closer to stand right in front of me.

“What was that down there?” I whispered angrily, “Are you trying to get us caught?” He didn’t answer me right away, but uncrossed my arms and put them at my sides.

I took a step back and then another, but he followed until I was backed up against the wall. I started to put my hands up to push him back but he just held them, putting them back at my sides. Then he reached up and pulled the straps of my tank top down, exposing my breasts. He brushed my left nipple with his thumb, watching it harden and then pinched it gently, licking his lips.

“Devon? What are you doing?” I whispered shakily. “They’re right downstairs. Charlie was giving us weird looks already. We can’t do this right now.” I started to push him away again but he ignored me, leaning down to flick his tongue over my nipple. I inhaled sharply, unable to stop the involuntary twinge of arousal but still angry at him. He sucked my nipple fully into his mouth, flicking his tongue back and forth. He moved to my other breast, sucking the nipple hard.

He stopped abruptly and pressed me into the wall, trapping me there between his arms. “You’re mine,” he said softly, staring into my eyes, as if that explained everything. I could feel his hard-on pressing against me and I felt myself get wet against my will.

“Tell me you want me,” he said suddenly, lifting my thighs so he was pressing me into the wall with his hard-on wedged against my crotch. He squeezed my nipples and traced my lower lip with his tongue before forcing my mouth open and kissing me hungrily.

“Please, Devon, I do want you but you’re scaring me a little. I don’t want to get caught,” I whispered when he broke away. I could see anger flash in his eyes.

“It shouldn’t matter,” yenibosna escort he insisted, his voice low, “I love you. You’re eighteen, what does it matter if they know?” My mouth dropped open and I could only stare at him for a moment.

“Because you’re my brother, in case you forgot. This isn’t exactly normal. Of course I don’t want them to know,” I whispered furiously. “I don’t want anyone to know!”

He looked at me like I’d slapped him. I could see his expression cloud over and he began to grind his hard-on against me ever so slightly. I wasn’t even sure he knew he was doing it and as mad as I was, I could feel myself responding to him.

“So, what are you saying? Are you ashamed of me?” he asked, looking at me intensely. He was still squeezing my nipples just hard enough to keep me aroused, rocking against my pussy. I could feel the wetness seeping through my panties and my clit tingled every time he pressed against me.

“No,” I whispered shakily, having a hard time keeping my thoughts together, “it’s not that I’m ashamed of you, I just…I don’t know what they would think. No one would understand. Not…not because of you, just because you’re my brother.” My breathing was uneven and I still had to fight back a cringe when I said the word “brother.”

Abruptly, he stopped moving and gave me enough room to lower my feet to the floor again. I felt like I could barely stand, my legs were shaking so badly. I felt strangely empty, almost disappointed he had stopped. For a minute, I had thought he was going to take me right then, fuck me hard against the wall. With a flush of shame and arousal, I realized I had wanted him to. Some part of me needed him to take control, to make the decisions for me, to fuck me like I wanted without consciously having to choose it. To choose him. If I didn’t consciously choose, I was somehow less to blame.

He took my hand and pulled me over to the bed. I stood facing him, unsure what to expect. He no longer looked angry, but I couldn’t tell what he was thinking.

“Take of your clothes,” he said softly. He didn’t sound mad, but his tone didn’t invite argument either. I knew I would obey him even before I reached for the snap of my jeans shorts.

I stepped out of my shorts and pulled my tank top over my head, standing before him in only my panties. I shivered, but knew it wasn’t because I was cold.

“Turn around and bend over the bed,” he said in the same soft tone. I did what he asked, leaning forward to rest my hands on he bed but keeping my legs straight. I could feel him looking at my panties and knew the crotch was soaked through. I could smell my arousal, feel the juices seeping out of me. He paused for a minute, letting me feel his control and my humiliation. And I did feel humiliated, but with it came arousal. I wanted him to pull my panties down and fuck me like this, drive his cock into me until I came.

Instead he traced his finger softly along my wet slit, over my soaked panties. “You’re so wet for me,” he said. I couldn’t respond, I simply tried to keep my breathing steady. My legs were starting to shake again.

“Who makes you feel like this?” he asked softly. Confused, I tried to answer, my voice unsteady.

“You do.”

“And who am I?”

“My…my brother,” I responded in a whisper, my face flushed. I felt him hook his fingers in the waistband of my panties and pull them down, slowly, until they were at my feet. He was crouched behind me and I stepped out of my panties, feeling his hot breath on my cunt. He stood again, not moving any closer. His finger traced my slit, back and forth, not quite reaching my clit and not deep enough to penetrate me. I felt a trickle of wetness slide down the inside of my thigh as he spread my legs even farther apart. I felt my pussy lips open and knew he was looking at my open cunt, wet and ready for him.

“So what do you want from your brother?” he asked softly.

“Please,” I whispered, in agony, “I want you to fuck me. I need my brother to make me cum. I want your cock in me, filling me up. You make me so wet.”

“Whose pussy is this?” he asked, suddenly pushing a finger inside me. I almost came right then, the relief of having something inside my aching cunt was so great. I couldn’t stop myself, I started rocking back against his finger, trying to drive it deeper inside.

“It’s yours,” I panted, “it’s my brother’s pussy to use and fuck. Please let me cum…I’ll do anything you want…”

“Yes, that’s right…you will,” he whispered, chuckling softly. I knew I was acting like a wanton slut but I was too far gone to care.

He withdrew his finger suddenly and I couldn’t help the small whimper that escaped my lips. And then suddenly I could feel his tongue pressing against my clit. He licked me hard, all the way up my slit to my rosebud. I thought I would die with the relief.

He went lower again and started running his tongue in circles around my clit while he shoved three fingers into my pussy. I exploded almost immediately, burying my face in the covers to muffle the scream I couldn’t contain. I could feel the juices flowing out of me as he covered my pussy with his mouth while I came, licking and sucking me while I continued to spasm.

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