My Beginnings

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I’m 19 now, and this happened some while ago. Its pretty hard core so just a warning, it involves a father/son consenting sexual relationship. Please turn away if this offends you.

This is the short version… if people find it exciting, I will post the full details.

When I was growing up, not too long ago, I discovered a stash of gay porn in my dad’s room. Mom had left us some years before so it was just us two in the house.

I was shocked at first. I was about 15 at the time. To think that dad was gay or bi sort of disgusted me at first, or at least I tried to convince myself of that. The truth was, it started me thinking about guys and I started getting excited about it…

Fast forward about 4 years to shortly after I turned 18. Over the course of the years I began to explore and chat with guys online, including guys that would tell me to act like a girl for them… I started realizing that the net is full of posers and quickly adapted my chatting to being a girl online all the time.

I soon discovered panties and stockings that mom left beşiktaş escort behind – and a lot more stuff that dad had bagged and thrown into the attic (convenient for me).

Some more time passed and I met my first guy from online. An older guy who took me WAY beyond my expectations of acting on my fantasies… Real cock was more amazing than any imaginable thing I could think of. And he loved that I wore stockings and garter belt under my clothes for him. He took my virginity and I was once and for all, locked into lusting and addiction for cock, balls and cum.

Time passed and my second time getting up the courage was a disaster. It was a pretty nasty guy. I was so discouraged and it scared me from trying again for a while.

But I did… But before that, I was starting to fantasize about being my dad’s daughter instead of son. I loved the thought of being showered with so much frilly stuff if I was a girl, all from my loving Daddy! But as I got more into hot chatting, I soon began to cross and blur lines and it wasn’t long before beşiktaş eve gelen escort I was fantasizing about my own dad fucking me. I had no intention of EVER doing this. I thought he would not be into it, but also thought it was just too wrong for real. But it was such a thrill to think of such dirty things!

Well as I said, my urge for cock and sex with older men only grew and I eventually overcame my discouragement from my bad meeting and agreed to meet a guy who said he would play my dad for a long period of time during chat. I finally agreed to meet him in a mall parking lot. Without thinking about things, I saw the car he described park in the agreed on parking area and nervously and excitedly hopped in right away – very naively as I look back.

I got the shock of my life as I looked into the eyes of my dad’s best friend!!! I quickly held my head down and actually teared up. I naively never thought it would be possible to run into someone I knew in this manner, but it was very naive since my chatting was beşiktaş grup yapan escort with locals… However, it was just by chance. But I thought the worse – somehow, I thought, my dad must have caught on to what I was doing and sent his friend to confront me! I felt so ashamed.

To my shock, he just let out a “Oh FUCK!!! I looked up half way at him and he was clearly turned on… his hand found my closest thigh and caressed it for a bit as I squirmed and he spoke lightly to me, “I can’t wait for the hotel room… go on and just give Daddy a preview, honey… get those sweet slutty lips around my cock, honey… do it… daddy can’t wait!!!”

I went into motion immediately… I suck his cock on the way to a hotel while he drove and continued to groan and moan with lust and role play as my daddy and me as his sissy son (soon to be revealed by my sexy underwear as his role playing daughter slut)!!

As time went on, getting to a hotel room, he did as we had planned, playing the role of my dad and me of his little slutty son, “forced” to be his daughter slut! It was mind blowing! Later, we talked seriously and he told me that I would soon have the very cock that gave me life inside me!! I felt faint from the thought of it, yet, it also made me hot enough to blow my load just thinking about it while rubbing myself as he told me the details of how he would arrange it!

To be continued…

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