My Big Futa Sister Ch. 01

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It was summer and about 5pm when I hear a knock at my door in my apartment near the college I’m currently attending now in my soon to be Senior year and I go to answer it. “Hey Little Bro!” Allison, my 24 year old older sister yelled as she reached out to give me a hug pressing me against her DDD sized breasts as I hug her back as we walk from the doorway.

“Hey Allison! This is a surprise, when did you get back in state?” Allison had attended college for Biology out of state and stayed there after she graduated for about a couple years.

“A couple weeks ago, I’m moving back here for my new job.” she replied.

“That’s great! It’d be nice having you around here again” Our parents died in a car accident about a year ago and all other relatives lived out of state so it was really lonely without any family here.

“Yeah, that’s why I applied for my new job here so I can move back to see you more often. I know it’s been hard since mom and dad were in that car accident. How have you been holding up Nick?”

“I’ve been fine. Just hanging in there with school, work and such. How about you sis?”

“More or less the same with me. After I graduated, I had a part time job for awhile but it wasn’t enough so I’ve been looking around for awhile and thought to look back home for one.”

“That’s good. I was actually about to have dinner, you wanna stay and catch up some more?” I asked

“Sure, I’d love to!” she answered

As we were eating dinner we talked more about school, friends, family, among other things and then the topic of relationships came up. “So Nick, do you have a girlfriend?”

“I did for about a year before she broke up with me and that was six months ago” I answered

“Aww that’s too bad. What happened?”

“She said she wanted to focus on her schoolwork and she felt the relationship was going too fast for her. I was heartbroken when she broke up with me, I really did love her, I guess I still kinda do today and I was a complete wreck for about a week after it happened. We still talk every now and then but it’s just mainly to see how we’re both doing and we don’t talk very much but even then, we haven’t talked in beşiktaş masöz escort about a month. Funny enough her name was Allyson too with a “Y”.” I don’t know why I said that last part but I guess it was just kind of a way to lighten the mood a bit I guess.

“Hang in there Nick, you’ll find the right girl some day.” she said

“Yeah hopefully. Right now I guess I’m kinda doing the same thing she’s doing and focusing on schoolwork as of right now. So what about you Sis? How’s your luck been with relationships?”

“It’s… been tough. I did have one a few years ago but it didn’t go to well once we were in the bedroom…” she paused.

My sister isn’t like other girls. She actually has a cock in addition to what a girl normally has. Allison is, dare I say very sexy. 5’10, fit, beautiful jet black hair, beautiful blue eyes that sparkled like sapphires in the right light, big breasts, a nice ass and basically any guy would kill to have her as a girlfriend or wife but there was always a concern with the “extras”. She never had a boyfriend in high school despite being one of the hottest if not the hottest girl there, but because of her “extra feature” she never pursued any boys or take up on any of their advances usually saying she had a boyfriend that lived in another state.

Admittedly I used to (and still somewhat today now that she’s back in my life again) have an attraction to her. During the summer after her first year of college and she came home, I accidentally walked in on her completely naked in her room forgetting to knock before entering, I saw her entire naked body, her ass before she turned around to get the pillow off her bed to throw at me for entering her room, her big breasts when she turned towards me to throw the pillow, and just before the pillow hit me in the face, I saw her cock but only for a few milliseconds before the pillow hit me in the face. The whole experience was only about 3 seconds it seemed but it was enough to where I wanted to see more.

“Sorry!” I yelled out of shock as I rushed out closing her door. I knew about her being “different” but never actually seen her naked until beşiktaş otele gelen escort then. I couldn’t help but stare at her sexually around the house when she wasn’t looking and continued to fantasize about her. One day when our parents were out, Allison was about to take a shower when I went into the bathroom closet to hide and see more of her naked through the slits in the door.

I watched her walk in the bathroom and strip all her clothes off and throw them in a nearby hamper. She went to go to the toilet and she sat and peed out of her pussy but she held her 7 inch flaccid cock and her balls the size of kiwis in her hand while she was pissing. She slightly moaned in pleasure as she pissed. She got up and started walking toward the shower. I was watching her walk towards the shower, her previously flaccid cock starting getting erect and I was getting more turned on.

She stepped in the shower not turning on the water yet or closing the curtain yet and she started stroking her cock. My jaw dropped in excitement as I saw her doing that and fully erect it looked to be at least 11 inches maybe hitting 12 and thickness that she couldn’t completely wrap her fingers around it. She was slowly stroking her cock up and down and started going faster, she moaned louder and louder and she screamed in pleasure as she unleashed a huge load on herself giving herself a facial and glistening her big breasts with her cum as she rubbed it all over her breasts and licking what she can off her lips and face savoring each tongue full of cum she could get and using her fingers to get the rest off her face and slowly and sensually into her mouth. She then started the shower and she washed herself and I stayed and watched the whole thing until she was done, got clothed and headed toward the living room.

I quietly snuck out of there and headed back into my room and instantly stroked my own cock fantasizing what it would’ve been like to stroke her cock, deepthroat it, getting a facial from her and licking up and swallowing all of her cum. It was the biggest load I ever had but still fails in comparison to what she unleashed. These beşiktaş rus escort fantasies went on throughout that summer and I got to see her in the shower one additional time until she went back to college then after awhile I kinda grew out of that phase since the inspiration for my fantasies was in another state and would only see her on holidays and she didn’t come home for anymore summers during her last couple years. I did frequent futanari porn sites but seeing a real life futa goddess that was my sister Allison, it was never the same and I just grew out of it.

“I’m sorry I asked Sis. I didn’t mean to upset you.” I said.

“No it’s ok. I’ve been over it awhile now. It’s just hard to find the right guy who’s into women like me. You think with all the dickgirl porn online, there’d be someone for me but after what happened, I’ve been so nervous.”

Her talking about dickgirl porn is getting me turned on so I change the subject. “You’ll find someone Sis. I know you will. So have you been in touch with any of the family recently?” I asked.

“Just Aunt Abbie. She’s actually getting married sometime this year last time I talked to her.” she stated

“Funny you should say that because I got an invite to her wedding a couple weeks ago” I said “I forgot where I put it though. I’ll look for it.”

“I can help you.” So Allison and I looked in my apartment for it and before too long she found it in a pile of mail I had in a drawer. “Oh, the wedding is in a couple days from now.” she said looking at the invite.

“Yeah. I was gonna go since it’s only a state over in Pennsylvania and isn’t too long of a drive. Would you like to go with me?”

“Sure, I’d love to, her invite probably got sent to my old address. I need something to wear.”

“I do too. I was gonna go pick up my rented suit tomorrow and I’m sure they have something you can wear there.”

“Sounds good Nick. Wow it’s getting a bit late, I better head on home and I wrote my address on the notepad near the phone.”

“Ok Allison. Good catching up with you. I’ll see you tomorrow. Love you, bye!”

“Love you too little brother. Bye!”

It was great having my sister back in my life again but I may have to deal with those urges I had when I was younger.


Author’s Note: Hey all, this is my first time writing on here so any helpful tips would greatly be appreciated. I already have Ch 2 thought up and just need to type it out then after that, we’ll see where this goes. Let me know how I did. Thank you.

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