My Brother’s Invasion Ch. 02

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After what happened in the library, I became addicted to Eric, my brother and a thief who stole my virginity. He made me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. He has always said to me, “You are my sister and my lover.” He gave me the care a brother would have given a sister, and the burning passion shared by lovers.

Things were not the same any more as the relationship between Eric and me changed from brother and sister to lovers. After all, he was still the naughty brother that I’d known for eighteen years. He would slap my ass when mom and dad were not watching. He would remind me that we were lovers by kissing me passionately and sneaking inside my bedroom when mom and dad were asleep.

It was a warm and sunny day. I came out of shower and wrapped a towel around myself. As I was about to blow dry my hair, I heard the voice of my crush.

“Hey!” My brother always took me by surprise. He knew my habit of not closing the bathroom door. “You are driving me nuts!” I playfully hit him on the chest and he wrapped his big hand around my small fist. According to his friends, Eric liked to catch his girls by surprise. I somehow loved his unexpected invasions.

“Your pussy tastes the best when you are right out of shower.” He made me feel very happy when he told me I tasted fresh and how much he wanted every bit of my teenage body. My cheeks turned red as he slowly slipped his hand under my towel. My towel suddenly fell off, exposing my fully naked body. He squeezed my boobs, released them and let them bounce back and forth. My body vibrated slightly, showing my lack of sexual experience.

Eric seemed to like the fact that I was an innocent sister. He loved to take advantage of my innocence and show his dominance over me in our lovemaking. I looked at the red marks on my boobs and started to accept my new role as my brother’s lover and toy girl.

My original plan was to take a nap after shower. I didn’t have the slightest expectation of my brother coming into the bathroom. To be honest, I was not ready even though I already had my first time with him in the library. I have always tried to give my brother the best. I was not confident that I could give my brother what he wanted now. And I would have used his favourite perfume from Hugo Boss if I knew he wanted to have sex with me after my shower.

“Sorry, Eric, I am not ready.” I pushed him away and walked towards the door.

He put his left arm around my waist and pushed my body towards his while he stretched his right arm and locked the bathroom door swiftly. I was trapped and I could never escape.

He bit my ear and whispered softly, “I don’t need you to be fully ready. I want you to drop all your pretense and be true to me. Selina, you know I love you the way you are.” That was probably the reason for his unexpected invasions.

Eric’s ex-girlfriend cheated on him once. She broke his heart and he never wanted to be deceived sarıyer escort any more. All he needed was the true love from a girl. He chose me because I was pure, innocent, and truthful to him.

I was convinced by his warm words. My body softened and began to drop its natural defense against contact of the opposite sex. I was fully ready to receive the sexy body of the person I crave day and night.

Eric kissed my lips and fingers. He wildly licked my nose, cheeks, lips, and chin. He stroked my pubic hair and curled it into tiny circles. I closed my eyes while my heart rejoiced in the sensation of his gentle brotherly touch. He suddenly pulled my pubic hair hard.


He pressed a finger on my pink lips. “Quiet baby. Mom and dad are in the living room.”

“Eric, why do we always have to do it quiet?” I regretted saying this when I saw the frown on his face and the frustration in his clear green eyes. My brother, who was only one year older than me, was battling against his inner self as much as I did. In this world we live in, we always have to follow moral values and do the right things. We could only unleash our wild fantasies and be our true selves in front of our loved ones.

“Sorry brother. I understand.” I stroked his hair gently and he kissed my arm. He dipped three fingers into my vagina, twisting and pinching the layers of my pussy.

“Oh this feels so good…Fuck! I’m dying…” I could hardly speak.

As his fingers moved more rapidly in my pussy, my heart beat faster and I felt short of breath. I could not stand the arousal on my clitoris and pee hole.

“Stop! I can’t take this anymore. I have to pee.” I gasped.

“Oh gosh Selina!” He let go unwillingly and I sat on the toilet. He stared at me with anger and disappointment. He hated to be stopped whenever he was about to fuck me.

“Forgive me, dear brother. I won’t let you wait long.” I pleaded.

When I finished peeing I saw the naughty look on my brother’s face, the look he put on whenever he pulled a prank. I wondered what he was about to do this time.

As I stood up and reached the toilet paper he grabbed my hand and said in a serious tone, “Protect the environment. Use less paper and save more trees.” So my brother was educating me about preserving our lovely forest and avoiding global warming and all that shit.

“I didn’t know you are an environmentalist,” I smirked. “How can I clean without wiping my ass with toilet paper?”

Without saying a word, he pushed me to the toilet once more. He kneeled down in front of me and separated my thighs. His lips embraced my pussy and began to suck up my pee. I was startled by the idea of having my brother lick me clean.

“No honey…it’s dirty.” He said he didn’t care and then he surrounded my whole pussy with his large mouth.

Eric savoured my pee as if it was the best red wine in the sefaköy escort world. I gave him a joyful smile as I stroked his hair. I noticed from that moment onwards I would do anything for him. Because no guys on this earth except for my brother would love me so deeply, love every single part of my body and see my urine as the most divine liquid.

As his warm and moist tongue hit the sensitive skin of my vagina, I groaned loudly in pleasure. He grabbed a bunch of toilet paper and stuffed it inside my mouth. So this was how he intended to use toilet paper.

“Sorry baby. You don’t want mom and dad to hear us right?” My mind was filled with love and hate for my brother. How could he do this to me? But I understood that I had to obey his unreasonable demand.

The feeling of secretly and silently offering my body to my brother turned me on even more. It reminded me of how I stole lip gloss from a makeup store once. The possibility of getting caught and punished made the whole act more thrilling.

The tip of his tongue was putting more pressure on my pussy lips, swirling around the centre of my love hole. My ass jerked back and forth on the toilet as his tongue drove deeper and deeper in search of my cunt. I held on to the edge of the toilet and leaned closer and closer to my brother’s head, encouraging him to dig deeper inside me.

“Deeper! Deeper!” I was yelling in my heart and I communicated my thoughts through my piercing gaze at the male body in front of me. The drive of adrenaline in his youthful body made me fly high up in the clear blue sky, surrounded by fluffy clouds. Memories came back at this joyous moment. On my eighth birthday I had asked my brother to give me a pair of wings. He kept his promise of the gift and endowed me with wings as he made love with my eighteen year old body.

Five minutes later, I couldn’t stand all the tickling and the pressure exerted by his tongue. Hot flame burned inside my whole body and burst into a stream of urine and hot cum. The mixture boiled my brother’s lips, tongue and ran down to his throat.

He pulled out the paper towel from my mouth. After breathing through my nose for the entire process, I could finally talk but the first words I said was a complaint, “I hate you!”

He knew it was a joke but he would not approve that. “Don’t you ever say that.” He bit my bottom lip hard as a punishment. I let out a cry. My brother patted my head and licked the blood dripping down from my bottom lip.

Even though he loved to physically tease and punish me, my brother still looked really cute and continued to be my crush. When we were having small fights, he would always climb on top of me, squeeze my boobs, pinch my nipples, and smack my ass. Love with my brother was not easy at all. He showed his passion for me through the manipulation of my body. I didn’t want to lose him and I had chosen to bear the physical silivri escort pain.

He gave a final kiss on my pussy. I went to the sink and sprinkled water on my red and swollen vagina. I was dying in the sensation of pain and pleasure.

I thought we were done for the day because I could not take any more. However, my brother said, “I don’t want you to leave.”

He reached inside his boxers and masturbated his hard and erected penis rapidly, signaling his need. I was exhausted but how could I ever reject my brother?

I bravely accepted the challenge and crawled on Eric as fast as I could. We had never tried this position before. He was always the dominant figure riding me like a horse.

Eric was speechless at the sight of me on top of him. He stared at my big white boobs dancing in his face and he greedily swallowed each of them, left first and then right. My swollen pussy had recovered, awaiting his hungry cock.

He spread my pussy lips with two fingers and pushed me down. He forced his dick halfway in my vagina and stopped.

“Eric, why do you stop?”

“Apologize for what you said and say you love me.” He was still mad over me saying I hate him. We both fully understood I didn’t mean it.

“Sorry sweetie. I love you more than anyone in the world. I’m dying now Eric. Give me your cock.”

I felt like I was struck by lightning when the full-length of his eight-inch cock penetrated my vagina and hit my clit.

As each thrust of his cock went deeper and deeper, I hugged him tighter and tighter. I bit his shoulder really hard and he moaned in pleasure. “Fuck me harder, please! I want you brother.”

Our bodies mingled and I savoured each shot of his sperm inside my pussy. The air was filled with the smell of sweat and semen. We almost lost track of time.

Eric looked at the clock and said, “It’s seven. Dinner is ready. Let’s go wash ourselves. We’ve been in the bathroom for way too long. I really don’t want mum and dad to suspect.”

“Oh no, no way! Shut up Eric!” I grabbed his muscular ass and sank my pussy deeper into his body. “I still want you inside me, Eric.”

He nodded his head in approval and carefully pushed his dick inside my pussy as deep as possible till they were locked tightly together. His hard pubic hair met my soft and fluffy pussy hair. No other creatures on earth could be as intimate as we were.

We went in the shower and washed ourselves while we kissed and sucked each other crazily. Showering with my sexy brother, something I dreamed about almost every single night, had finally come true. I was bathed in the warmth of his burning passion.

After we washed off the loads of sweat and cum, Eric dried me with a towel and helped me into my bra and shirt. I let him rub my thighs and tickle my pussy as he helped me into my underpants. We held hands and walked down the stairs.

“Did I do it right? You enjoy having sex with me right?”

“Yes, it was awesome! But you have much more to learn, baby sister.” He squeezed my hand playfully and I leaned closer to him, rubbing my boobs against his chest. I kissed him on the cheek and gave him a promising smile, “I would definitely work harder on it, brother.”

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