My cocksucker wife

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My cocksucker wife
My cocksucker wife.

“Come in here, I want to Fuck your face”!

A simple command shouted from the bedroom. She responds by simply turning off the TV or putting down her tablet. She also takes a minute or two usually before entering the room, maybe she’s mentally preparing herself or maybe she’s thinking about what an asshole I am for just demanding a blowjob, regardless she always enters the room without a word and prepares. Grabbing a pillow and tossing it to the middle of the bed, she slumps down and looks to me for further instructions. I think I married her for this very submissive nature.

It’s the power of it all that gets me the most high, her simple submission to my desire is so hot to me. I’ve trained her well. Unzipping my jeans and pulling my boxers down below my balls, I lay down with my dick in her face and she gets to work. Bobbing that head up and down to get me hard, sucking hard to pull the blood to my cock. She does all the work for the first few minutes until I’m ready for the main event, the face-Fuck. I look down at the top of her head with some measure bahis siteleri of pity, I’m going to be ruthless today.

I grab her small head hard with both hands, take a deep breath and grin within myself, like some lion or b**st has just entered my body. With some sort of kindness I move slowly at first, however pushing as deep as she can handle, hitting that gagging point with each thrust. She was born for this very reason, to serve men, we’ve got the cocks, we are the true alpha leaders, she knows her place here. She is a cocksucker in the truest sense, my little bitch.

As I speed up the thrusts and hold her head fiercely with both hands her body grows more and more limp, her eyes are closed and she releases all the fight she might have had in her and allows me to take full control. My heart races with excitement to more she submits, the more she begins to just drool all over my cock, the more she relaxes her throat for my cock. She’s my bitch now. From somewhere within me the utterances begin to flow, the vocal growls, “that’s it you cocksucker, take that fucking cock”! “Eat my bahis şirketleri fucking dick, bitch”! “Yourre going to swallow my load like the little bitch you are”! She only moans in response, as I don’t give her the chance to take my dick out of her mouth.

She may be free to do as she pleases for most of the day, but not now, right now she’s my absolute cocksucking slave bitch, my servant! We both want this for some reason, I guess it allows her to let go of the worries of her day, and maybe it fulfills my need for control, regardless it’s hot. Sometimes I leave the balcony door open so passers by our apartment on the first floor might get a glimpse or hear some of the action. I’m certain some of the neighbors have enjoyed a show every now and then.

I look down at her limp body being shaken by waves of hard thrusts into her into her fuck-mouth and grin again! I see her as someone’s daughter and wonder what her parents would think of her now? Was her mom just as much of a slut? Would her dad get hard watching his little princess swallowing fat cock? Would her brother get hard watching illegal bahis her now? All this turns me on more and I push so hard and fast into her submissive head I wonder if she’s going to pass out due to lack of oxygen? Riding the high of these thoughts and her hot slobbery mouth all over my engorged cock, I return to the dominant vocal growls! “Get ready to swallow a fat load you little cunt”!

I always take about 20 or 30 minutes to fully cum into her, not because I couldn’t release earlier, but because I want to make her suffer in her submission. I want her to understand her place here as the cocksucker born with a cunt. Thrusting into her with brutal strength, I take the utmost of pleasure from this! She is getting fully and brutally facefucked, where every slut dreams to be. I never warn her before I shoot my load down her throat! I just grab her head fiercely and force her down to the hilt, down to my balls and shoot off, holding her head down until every last drop of cum has been deposited into her belly as I growl and grunt! Only when I’m done does she get the use of her own head back as I release my grip from her hair. “Oh god that was good”
“You’re such a great wife” “fuck”!

As I lay there in ecstatic post orgasam release, she cleans the corners of her mouth from the drool and slobber. My wife is a great cocksucker.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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