My Cousin Jo and I Pt. 09

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“I’m getting spoiled having a pool so close. There is no comparison to a pond.” Says Jo.

Mom laughs, “I guess I can understand that.”

“It’s great to have someone as good as Jo to go with too.” I say.

“Well supper is almost ready.”

“I’ll set the table.” Jo says.

It seemed like the next few days, dad was trying to keep me busy. As I could not find a minute for Jo. Even seemed bedtime was messed up. I wanted to sneak into her room but dad and mom were up real late both nights. That plus my dick is so sore I’d swear it’s going to fall off. Hell it hurt to touch it to pee.

I did manage to sneak into her room last night. Hoping for a little even if it hurt. Jo just tells me I might as well go back to bed. It’s that time of the month.


“It’s my period.” Jo says.

I’m stupid I guess I just don’t get it. Just looking at her like why again.

“I’ll explain later. it’s just impossible right now. Besides I’m still sore from the other day.”

“Well crap. Can I play with your tits anyway?”

“Fuck no they are hurting too. I’m sorry, maybe in a couple of days or so. Maybe you should go see Christy, she’s got a thing for you anyway.”

“She does?”

“Boy you are stupid. Do you think she would have had sex with us both if she didn’t.”

“OK, She’s cute but she’s not you.”

“Your sweet cuz, go see her she will take care of you. We can make it up later. Now kiss me and go to bed.”

I kiss her goodnight and begin to think of Christy.

She does have a fine set of tits, that and her super tight pussy. I drift off thinking of her and Jo. Next morning I wake of course with morning wood. I head for the bathroom but Jo is already in there. She emerges finally.

“Morning.” she says, wearing just a pair of white panties. Her huge tits sticking out. She is rubbing her nipples. “Too sore to wear a bra.”

“OK by me I like that view.” She removes her hands, god her nipples seem swollen allot bigger than normal. “I swear you nipples are bigger.”

“They are swollen. I told you they hurt.”

“Want me to kiss them and make them better?”

“You can kiss them but I don’t think it will make them any better.”

Hell, I’ll never topkapı escort pass up the chance to kiss her boobs. I lean in kissing the left one. Then the right one only I suck it into my mouth and flick the nipple with my tongue.

“Ouch, Dammit! That hurts.”

“Sorry I couldn’t help it. I had to taste that huge nipple.”

“Well next time the head of your cock is sore. I’ll treat it the same way.”

“Fuck Jo my dick could be a raw piece of meat, but you sucking and running your tongue on it would still feel great.”

She looks at me just shaking her head. Then heads to her room.

It’s almost noon, I ask dad if he needs me today. He tells me no, so I go in to ask mom if she needs me for anything. Inside mom and Jo are cleaning.

“Dad said to ask if you need my help. I would like to go to the pool for a while.”

Mom says, “No go ahead. Jo would you like to go to?”

“I can’t aunt Nita It’s the wrong time of the month. Besides you need the help here.”

“Oh OK, being a woman sucks sometimes. Huh.”

“Yea, sometimes I wish the boys would have this problem.”

Mom laughs “Isn’t that the truth.”

I’m standing there looking stupid having no idea what they are talking about.

“Get out of here go have fun.” Mom says.

“Have fun for me too.” Jo says smiling, knowing what I’m really going that way for.

I grab my trunks and a towel. Then head out, I nearly run all the way to Christys place. I knock on the door. No answer, I try again. Crap no one’s home. Giving up I head for the pool.

I get there change then head for the pool. Just as I’m ready to dive in Christy comes swimming up.

“Hey where you been?”

“Dads been keeping me busy last couple days and couldn’t get away.”

“Where’s Jo?”

“She said something about that time of the month. I don’t know.”

“Your such a dumb ass.”

“That’s what Jo said too. What the Hell?”

Get in I’ll explain it to you. I dive in checking her out under water. She is wearing a new red bikini. It just meets the pools bare minimum for suits. Three small pieces of clothe that cover almost nothing. My cock starts to swell just looking at her. I surface she is türbanlı escort smiling knowing I was checking her out.

Still smiling says, “Like my new bikini?”

“Yea but it what is filling it out that makes it better.”

She laughs “Thank You!”

“OK, What’s with this time of the month thing?”

She comes close to me whispering in my ear.

“When a girl becomes a woman, she gets her period. Meaning she bleeds from her pussy for a few days to expel the eggs that can make her pregnant. Then new ones form, so she can’t swim or anything till it is over. After she has had it, it is safe to have sex for a few days.”

“Holy crap does that happen to you to?”

“Well yes dummy.”

“How come you can be here then?”

“It’s not my time of the month.”

I look at her stupid again.

“Dumb ass, We don’t all get it at the same time.”

Fuck I am a dumb ass. Christy is laughing at me.

“Cool want to go have some fun?”

“I just got here. Besides I’m with Susie.”

“OK, maybe later?”

She smiles and nods then swims away. I’m disappointed to say the least. But the cool water makes my sore dick feel better.

I decide to go dive for a while, seeing how I can’t get a break. I’m at the boards when I see Susie watching. (Susie is cute short maybe 5′ but a great body. Huge tits like Jo maybe bigger. She has light brown short hair, Dutch boy cut, hazel eyes, nice smile. Nice big ass too. Only she has a boyfriend already.) I decide to show off some anyway. I do several difficult dives, then look her way again. She is gone. Looking around I see her talking to Christy and looking my way. They see me looking then smile and wave.

I dive a few more times. The girls have gotten out to lie beside the pool sunning. I swim up under water. Then splash them both. They squeal as the cool water hits them, cursing me.

“Come back in.” I beg Christy

“Not right now I’m talking to Susie. In a bit maybe.”

Dishearten I swim off. Then I see Calvin’s older sister Jane. I sneak up on her dive under then pull her feet out from under her. (Jane’s is like 24, not bad looking just kind of plain, smallish breasts, tall I’d say almost tüyap escort 6′, long legs, long brown hair almost to her ass. Nice smile, good personality, not a bit shy. I figure if Calvin’s fucking her why can’t I.) Anyway she comes up gasping for air.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

“Just thought you looked like you needed to get wet.”

Quickly she grabs me in a headlock and drags me under. I don’t have time to take a breath. I come up choking.

“Well how do you like it?”

Catching my breath, “Bet you can’t do that again.”

She grabs me we struggle for leverage. I kind of grab her ass close to her pussy, with one hand the other her waist. Then sweep her feet out from under her. We both go under me on top. She loses her top and her right breast is almost poking me in the eye, pressed right against my face. She lets go pulling her top back on. I emerge as she straightens her bikini top.

“Well did you enjoy that?”

“Not as much as I’d like.”

“Oh you think your man enough to handle it.”

I’m hard from rubbing on her tits. Getting closer I grab her hand and put it on my dick.

“If you can handle this?”

Her eyes get big, pulling her hand back.

“What the fuck have you got in your trunks?”

“Me.” I say proudly.

“No way that is just you.”

“Check it out yourself.”

She goes under I feel her hands grabbing my cock through my trunks. Then her hand is in the leg of my trunks grabbing my bare cock. Shortly she comes up.

“Jesus your big.”

“Well what say we go somewhere for some fun?”

“Dam Richard I can’t I’m babysitting the neighbors two kids. If it weren’t for that I’d be more than willing. Maybe tomorrow?”

I frown and say maybe, I don’t know. She just looks at me, in kind of disbelief.

Swimming away I’m thinking, shit this day sucks. I might as well go home. Just as I start to get out to leave. Christy comes up asking where I’m going.

“Home I guess.”

She gives me a sad look.

“If you can wait a bit. I was planning on going too. I just need to let Susie know.”


I’m thinking hell yea finally something is going my way. I go get dressed and wait out side.

Then realizing it’s already 3:30. I know Christy’s mom and dad get home about 5 so what’s the point. She comes out, just a towel around her.

I tell her, “I think I’m going home anyway.”


“It’s too late to do anything. Your mom and dad will be home soon.”

Part 10 to follow.

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