My Cousin Pt. 02

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After my cousin left, I started to check like crazy all the porno sites I knew, trying to find her video. My efforts proved to be futile. Still, I had her promise that we should meet again. With the memories of that night still fresh, I jerked off one more time. The sun was rising when I finally went to sleep.

All the next day I was dreaming about the coming evening. What did she mean when she said that this was going to be my day? Was I supposed to take control and be in charge or did she have already in her mind specific things that she would do, to please me? This question was in my mind the whole day.

I spent most of the day searching for her video, again without success. I watched many porn clips of course and jerked off a lot. The time was almost 8pm when I heard someone knock my door. I didn’t expect her to be so early. There was still daylight. For a moment I got worried. What if she had come to tell me that she couldn’t make it tonight?

What if there was a friend of mine who had come to visit me? How could I get rid of him fast? I heard my cousin’s voice calling me. “Thank God, it’s her voice!” I thought. I went downstairs fast and opened the door.

“Obviously you didn’t expect me!” she said, smiling.

“Come in please!” I said fast.

I noticed that she was carrying a plastic bag.

“What do you have there?” I asked.

“My alibi!” she said and she made her way upstairs.

“Alibi for what?”

“Come on cousin! My parents are still awaken. I had to use this little trick in order to give myself an excuse for visiting you.”

“So, what is it that you have in there?”

“Some old vinyl records. I told them that we’ll spend the whole night listening to them, because I’m planning to sell them. Since I haven’t listened them for a long time, I can’t say which is in good condition and which is not. My parents know that you still have the old record player of yours.”

“Indeed I have it!”

“Well, it’s a very nice excuse that will give us time to be alone without them to suspect anything. Apart from that, it gave me the chance to come here earlier. Each record lasts around an hour and there are eight of them here. But this is not the only reason why I brought them. In here I also have a small surprise for you.”

“What kind of surprise?” I asked in obvious excitement.

“Do you really believe that I look sexy with these?” she asked me and she showed herself with her hand.

Only then I paid attention to her outfit. She was wearing a t-shirt, a pair of jean shorts and sandals on her feet. I also noticed that neither her nails, nor toe nails were painted. She didn’t even have any make up at all. I started to laugh and she did the same.

“Listen my love” she said in a very tender voice, coming closer to me ” I want this night to be special for you, so this is what you should do. Get us something to drink at first, then sit here and relax. I’ll get myself ready for you, so you can enjoy this evening to the maximum. As I promised you, this is your night!” Then she kissed me passionately. I responded to her kiss with the same passion. It was breath-taking. When we finished she told me:

“Go and get the whisky bottle and two glasses. I also need another ash-tray. I’m planning to spend some time in your bathroom, in order to get pretty for you.”

I did as she asked. When I came back I found her smoking.

“In case you want to visit the toilet, do it now” she said. “Once I go in there, you can’t come anymore.”

I told her that I was not in the need. She filled a glass with whisky and then she gave me

a red, transparent scarf of hers, that she took out of the plastic bag.

“While I fix myself, I want you to close the windows. Most probably, this is going to be a very “noisy” night and I do not wish my parents to hear us. As soon as it gets dark, turn the desk lamp on and use this scarf to cover it. Drink, smoke and relax. This will be a night to remember baby!”

My cousin took the plastic bag, her drink, her cigarettes and the ash-tray and she went to the bathroom.

I was very excited and extremely curious about all these. How was she going to look like? How could she know what kind of taste I had? I lit a cigarette and put some whisky in my glass. I was thinking that it is not so difficult really to say what a man likes. Most of men have the same fetishes: transparent underwear or perhaps lacy, if the guy is more romantic. I like strings a lot but nice nylon transparent panties will do the job too. I love fishnets with garter or (even better) a garter belt. High heeled long boots are one of my fetishes but I like high heels too, as an alternative. When it comes to colours, red and black are my absolutely favourites. The first makes the woman look totally slutty and the later makes her mysterious. If a woman wants to turn me on, red lips, red nails and toe nails and red underwear will do the job. I started to get horny. I closed the shutters and the windows and turned the desk lamp on. I put my cousin’s scarf on it. Immediately a red light filled the room. Suddenly ucuz escort I started to feel like a customer in a whorehouse. I went to check some porno again, since I couldn’t find anything better to do while waiting for my cousin to show up.

I can’t say for how long I had been watching, drinking and smoking. All I know is that I had taken my clothes off and was jerking off again, when I heard her voice, behind me, saying:

“Welcome to my brothel dear Sir!”

I turned to look at her and I almost got a stroke! She looked like a professional whore! She had everything that I liked on: transparent panties and bras, garter belt and fishnets and high heels. Everything in red colour. She had also painted her nails red and had put lots of red lipstick.

My jaw must have dropped in amazement because she smiled as soon as she saw the expression on my face. She kept on talking:

“My name is Cunty and I’ll be your sex toy for tonight” she said and came closer to me.

“Please, feel free to ask anything you want from me. As you’ll realize, I am very open minded and completely obedient.”

I was still holding my hard cock in my hand. My cousin pushed my chair a bit further from the desk and knelt in front of me. I kept on watching her, still unable to say a word. She took my hand into hers and moved it away from my cock.

“No need to get tired Sir!” she said. “I can do it for you. Please enjoy your porno movie while I offer you pleasure. If you wish me to go faster or slower, just let me know. You may call me any kind of names you wish, or talk to me as dirty as you want, no matter how degrading or humiliating it may be.”

Then her pretty red lips were wrapped around my hard cock and her mouth started to suck it. She was not aggressive at all, instead she did it very gently and slowly. I got the feeling that my cock was an ancient God and she was a pilgrim, who had travelled for long in order to see it. Now she was worshiping her God, by showing all her affection and respect. Her lipstick left red marks on my hard shaft, something that turned me on very much. Instead of watching the porno, I let my head fall back and closed my eyes. She really knew how to suck a cock with respect and lust. I started to moan as I felt the eruption approaching. My cousin must have realised too, from the first spams of my cock muscles, that cum is on its way and she speeded up her sucking. I emptied my balls in her mouth, while my pelvis was forcing hard ahead, screaming out of pleasure. She took every drop of it and drunk it eagerly. To my surprise, she did not let my cock out of her mouth but she kept on sucking it slowly and tenderly, while her tongue licked gently my cockhead, at the same time.

I started to laugh as I watched her.

“You do enjoy sucking my cock, cousin, don’t you?”

She nodded without letting my cock out of her mouth.

“I must admit that you know very well how to suck cock!”

She just looked at me and kept on sucking. In her eyes I could see that she felt happy for my approval of her skills.

I decided to relax and enjoy her treatment. I lit a cigarette and started to tease her.

“I assume that you have sucked many cocks till now.”

“Mm-hmm” was all my cousin did, in order to show me that I was right.

“I believe you! Practice makes perfect! You are a master cocksucker!”

I took a sip from my drink. I had the feeling that I was a director who was taking advantage of his secretary.

“Do you know more slutty tricks, cousin?”


“Show me then!”

She moved her body backwards and put her hands on the floor. Then she arched her body, lifting her ass upwards. Only then I realised that she was wearing a string. I got very excited, something that she noticed because my cock stiffened immediately in her mouth. She looked at me with shining eyes.

“You, little tart!” I told her and I took my last sip from my cigarette.

“Get up!” I ordered here. “Go on your hands and knees on the bed. Your face here. Don’t take your high heels. I want you to suck me and to watch your ass, at the same time.”

“Yes Sir!”

“Call me cousin!”

“Yes cousin! As you wish cousin!”

She took her position and I stood in front of her. Her buttocks were wonderful, small but completely round.

“Are you happy with the view cousin?”

“Absolutely happy!”

“Would you like me to lift them higher, for you to get a better view?”

“No, just keep on sucking, whore!”

The word whore came out of my mouth spontaneously. I love dirty talking during sex and I have used it always, when I had the chance. But I could not imagine calling my cousin that way. She didn’t seem to bother at all. Instead, she smiled and told me:

“Thank you cousin for reminding me what I am!” and she took my cock in her mouth again.

“Yes!” I told her encouraged by her behaviour. “You are my whore now and you’ll do as I tell you!”


“So shut the fuck up and do your filthy job!”

“Mm- hmm! Mm-hmm!” she did while nodding at ümraniye escort the same time.

My cock was hard again. Her treatment and the view made me crazy.

“Sway your ass, whore!” I ordered her.

My cousin lifted her ass up a bit and then started to move it, slowly and sensually, left and right.

“Very nice! Keep on sucking and moving your ass that way! Be a good bitch! From now on you’ll be my bitch cousin. Do you like it?”

“Yes cousin! I love it. I want to be your bitch cousin!”

She kept on swaying and sucking for a while.

“Take your string down! I want to see your asshole!” I ordered her suddenly.

She lowered her panties until the middle of her thighs. I had a nice view of her asshole now. It was tiny and looked wonderful.

“Grasp your buttocks now and spread them well. I want you to open your asshole as much as you can. Stop swaying and suck me faster. I’m going to cum soon.”

My cousin did as I ordered her. She grasped her buttocks and spread them as much as she could. I got a full view of her glory, since I could see her spread cunt too. She started to suck me faster.

“Oh yes! Keep it like that bitch cousin. Soon your mouth will be full of cum. Make sure that you get everything in your mouth. Don’t drink it, until I tell you.”

It took only a few seconds more before my load was emptied from my balls into her mouth. I took my mobile and started to take a video. My cousin was waiting in the same position patiently.

“Now open your mouth and show me what you’ve got in there.”

She did as I tod her. She showed me the white cum and then, as soon as I ordered her to drink it, she swallowed everything and opened her mouth again, so I could see that it was empty. I turned the camera off, satisfied with the result.

I sat on my chair, lit a cigarette and took a sip from my whisky. She was in her position still, waiting for my next order. She didn’t talk at all.

“I want you to take off your bras now. Then, lay on your back and start masturbating. I want to see how horny you are. Neither lift your panties nor take them off. Give me a good view of your open cunt. And talk dirty. I want to hear you degrading yourself while you jill off.”

My cousin took off her bras. I knew that her tits were small but I was surprised when I realised that her nipples were quite big. In fact, compared to the size of her breasts, they were huge. She was horny and I could see that. Not only from her stiff nipples but also from her wet pussy which was shining as she opened it. She started to rub her clitoris. At the same time she was looking at me.

“This is yours cousin. This is for you to fuck. I’m your bitch cousin and I’m so horny. I crave your cock. For so many years I have been dreaming of you. I want you to fuck me. I want you to treat me like a whore. Use me cousin! Make me feel cheap. Be bad to me. Fuck me from every hole my body has. Please!”

Se put two fingers of her left hand in her pussy, while her right hand kept on rubbing her clitoris. She closed her eyes and started to lick her lips and bite them. I couldn’t really say if this was part of a show or if she was really that horny. I didn’t bother actually. The point is that she made me horny and soon my cock was hard again. I finished with my cigarette and ordered her to stop.

“Take your bitchy position again! This time your ass here. Look in the mirror.”

She seemed disappointed but obeyed me and went on hands and knees. I started to lick her cunt.

“Oh!” she said, obviously surprised. “Mmm…it feels so good cousin.”

It didn’t last long though. I went up to her ass and started to lick her tiny asshole. She responded, by pressing backwards. I licked her well and then I put a finger in there.

“Do you plan to fuck my asshole cousin?” she asked me.

“Yes! Remember that tonight is for my pleasure. Not for yours!”

“You do know how to put a woman in her place cousin!” she said lustfully. She seemed to enjoy it.

I finished my job and took my position behind her. I pressed my cockhead on her tiny asshole. It was quite difficult to get in there but, instead of getting disappointed, I felt more and more excited.

“Slowly cousin please!” she said. “I have never done this before. Oh, it hurts me…please slowly…be gentle cousin…no, no…take it out…it’s too big…no, cousin, please…”

My cockhead was in already. I could feel her ass fighting back the penetration. She wouldn’t loosen her muscles. She even started to move under me, shouting.


I gave a very sharp thrust of my pelvis forward with full power and managed to shove my cock in. She screamed very loudly “AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!” and her body dropped on the bed but I had grasped her waist with my both hands and she couldn’t escape my hold. Her body was small enough for me to control it with ease. I stayed still for a while, enjoying the moment. I couldn’t be sure about all this that she did. Was it üniversiteli öğrenci escort a part of the show again, done in order to add excitement or did she really hurt that much? She was laying under me, her face hidden in the sheet. I started to move slowly. She didn’t react now nor shouted. So I kept on fucking her ass slowly for a while.

“How does it feel whore?” I asked her at some point, when I realised that she was standing completely still, without reacting at all.

She lifted her head and I saw her face in the mirror. She was crying. Her mascara was a mess, making her eyes black and also black tears were going down her cheeks. I realised then that she was not pretending. She was really hurting. She answered me in a crying voice:

“Please forgive me for all this cousin! Don’t bother about me at all. Keep on fucking my asshole. Enjoy it! This is your night and I’m here for your own pleasure, not for mine.”

“Indeed!” I told her.

I was shocked at first when I saw her but not it had gone away. I kept on fucking her asshole slowly. She kept her head up now but her eyes were closed. From the expression on her face I could see that she was still suffering. She was in agony, biting her lips to fight the pain.

“Do you like it?” I asked her.

“Yes cousin! I love it!” she lied to me. “Keep on fucking me!”

“Is this the first time you have anal sex?”

“It is!” she said and I saw her pressing her teeth in pain.

“Open your eyes then and take a good look. I want you to remember this moment. I want you to remember who took your ass’ virginity!”

She opened her eyes. They were still wet.

“Do you see? Do you like it?”

“I love it cousin!”

“Don’t we look great both of us?”

“Yes cousin, we do!”

“Especially you! You look gorgeous!”

“I have never seen myself looking prettier than now!” she admitted.

“This is to remind you who you are!”

“I am your whore cousin. Your bitch cousin!”

“Yes! You are my sex toy.”

“Yes! I’m nothing more but a fuck meat for your pleasure.”

“So, you have learned your place!” I told her and slapped her ass cheek.

Her body thrusted a bit, since she didn’t expect it. But she moved again backwards, pressing her buttocks on my belly and her ass on my cock, by her own.

“My place is under you! You are my Master and I’m your whore slave!” she admitted.

“That’s my slut!” I said in approval.

“Yes Master! I shall be your slut and your bitch and your whore and anything else you want me to be from now on!”

“You are learning fast bitch cousin!”

“I do Sir! I want to be your sex toy and fuck meat. Make me realise how inferior I am!”

“Be sure that I’ll do it! I know that you want it.”

“I humbly crave for it Master! put me as low as you can. This is what I deserve!”

I slapped her ass again.

“Use me as your whore!” she said and I slapped her again.

“Give me to your friends to fuck me! You can make good money by pimping me!”

I slapped her again, harder this time.

“I’ll do anything you wish! Be brutal and cruel!”

She was expecting a new slap but I didn’t give her one.

“Please don’t stop Sir! Slap my ass! Punish me!” she said.

I was clever enough to remember what she had told me the previous night, about the video that the guy had taken, while he was fucking her. She was getting turned on by slapping her ass. I didn’t talk at all. All I had to do was just to slap her ass and she did all the dirty talking. So, since she was asking for it, she got it! I started to slap her cheeks, keeping a rhythm, first the right, then the left, while I was fucking her asshole. At first my slapping rhythm was according to my fucking tempo. I reminded of those guys who hit the huge drum in the boats, the old days, in order slaves to row in rhythm. She put her hand between her legs and started to masturbate again.

“Oh! This is so wonderful! This hurts me so well! Thank you Sir! Fuck me! Hurt me! Tear my asshole with your pretty fat cock. Please hurt me more! Fuck me hard until my fart-hole starts bleeding! Fill my bowels with your sweet cum!”

My fucking and slapping tempo increased. So did her rubbing rhythm.

“YES! YES!” my cousin started to scream. “MORE PLEASE! I NEED MORE!”

I started to go even faster.

“MY COUSIN IS SODOMISING ME! MY OWN BLOOD FUCKS MY ASS!” she started to scream with all her power.

I got a bit worried. What if her parents could hear? Then I thought that it’s not my problem. Since she didn’t bother, why should I?


I was close to cum and I started to fuck her ass like crazy. I also changed the way I slapped her. Now my hands were slapping both her buttocks at the same time. The colour of their skin had turned red. She was speechless but now she took part in the fucking too, by pushing back, forcing my cock to go deeper and deeper in her bowel.

When I finally ejaculated, It felt that I did it for a whole minute. At the same time she got her orgasm and her asshole started to make spasms, pressing my cock, as if it was trying to drain even the last drop of cum that could be in my balls. The biggest surprise though was that my cousin was squirting! The whole bed was wet with her pussy liquids.

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