My Daughter, My Slave Ch. 03

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I went downstairs while you cleaned up. I downloaded the photos I had taken and began to edit them. After a few minutes, I logged onto the cam site. I yelled upstairs at you.

“I am online. Get your ass on cam, whore.”

I continued my editing and in a few minutes more I saw your nick appear on the cam list. I clicked on it and your camera came on. You were sitting there with the camera aimed at your legs under your desk.

You swung your legs apart a few times and I could see your light colored panties. Then you raised your short skirt up over your crotch. I could see your mound full and meaty stretching the fabric.

I know your cunt lips were still swollen from the mistreatment I had given them earlier.

You slid your panties over and rubbed your bare slick pussy. The lips hung open and the pinkness of your slit shined in the lights.

Your fingers rubbed and pulled your lips apart more until your clit was obvious above your open vagina. I sat and watched as I knew many others were around the world.

It is a strange feeling to watch you show her pussy on camera to unknown viewers. It is even stranger to be watching you do it at my insistance.

I loved the feeling of power I had over you then and I relished the fact that you were enjoying being a slut for me. My cock was hard and straining against my jeans.

You continued your play and soon stood and bend over, showing your perfect round ass. Your panties between your legs were damp and tight over your slit. Your meaty flaps caused a crease in the fabric.

I loved that view and sat watching as you continued to play. You were born to do this and were ideal for the slutty role that excited me so much.

I went up stairs and watched out of cam range as you teased.

“Take your panties off now and show them your pussy baby.”

You looked at me with an impudent expression as you slid them down off your legs and spread your legs as you rubbed your cunt for me.

I moved closer and could hear your breathing, which was rapid and heavy. You were getting more excited with every minute.

I moved closer and pulled my cock out. It leapt and throbbed in my hand as I stroked it. You tuned to face me and bent your ass to the cam. I moved to you and pushed my cock to your mouth.

You sucked my cock back against your throat and you sucked it hard, like you needed my cum to survive.

You waved your cunt at the cam as you gulped at my cock. I knew your exhibitionism was making you more excited. I was glad to confirm that for my future plans for you.

I held your head as I pumped my cock into your mouth harder and harder, now obsessed with fucking your helpless face as hard and abusively as I could. You gasped as bakırköy escort my cock slammed against your throat.

Your lips were stretched over my shaft as it thrust into you on and on. I felt my balls tighten and feel warm and I knew my cum would soon shoot into your mouth. You felt my cock twitching too and sucked harder, begging for my cum.

My cum flowed up through my cock and shot into your mouth, spurt after spurt hitting the back of your throat. I pulled back and shot more cum on your beautiful face then rubbed the cum all over your cheeks.

I wanted to see you as I wanted you to be…a cum covered cocksucking whore. You rubbed your hot cunt frantically, aroused so much from my use of you. You went back to the cam and fingered your cunt off to an other climax and then again and again.

The fans were wild, posting messages asking you where you wanted their cum and asking to see your asshole and tits and even your feet. The cam count mounted and I was shocked to see over 1500 viewers were watching you.

“Imagine all that cum being shot for you. You could bathe in that much cum. Think about that, whore. Those cocks would be spraying cum on you non-stop for an hour. Your mouth would be sore and your cunt and ass on fire after that much fucking.”

Your fingers still flew against and into your cunt. I wondered how you could maintain that pace, but you bucked against your hand as if you had not cum for weeks.

Your cunt lips were red and swollen and I knew you would have trouble walking tomorrow. I sat at the side and watched as you rubbed your cunt with one hand while typing to your fans with the other.

You played on for a few minutes more and then you finally sat down, exhausted and worn out. I shut the cam off and sat down again.

“You made me very proud of you baby.”

You looked at me and smiled a little smile. I knew you were tired and sore. I took your hands and picked you up and carried you in my arms to your bed.

I laid you down and covered you with a blanket and turned the light off. Your eyes were closed before I closed the door.

I went back downstairs and continued editing and posting your pics to the site. I was now more determined than ever to turn you out and make you fuck other men and women.

You were an animal that needed that harsh treatment. Your cunt was made to be used by many men and your mind needed to be captive to my control. You are a slut and had found your calling in life.

After a few hours, I went to your room to see how you were. You were asleep and had turned and kicked most of your covers off. Your naked ass and legs were splayed apart and I could see your pink lips in the hall light.

I moved başakşehir escort closer and leaned down to rub your lips. A soft moan escaped your lips as I touched you. I didn’t plan to wake you, but when I saw you laying there in that position, so accessible to my cock, I changed my mind.

I unzipped my jeans again and dropped them to the floor. I stroked my cock and soon it was hard again. I leaned down and pressed my fingers against your cunt lips.

They were hot and swollen and I pushed harder until my finger was forced inside. You groaned and your eyes suddenly flew open.

“Owwwww. That hurts. Don’t.”

“Is your baby cunt raw and sore, sweetie?” I mocked you.

“Yes Daddy. It is. You really fucked it hard today. Can you wait until tomorrow?”

I shoved your legs apart and grabbed your ankles and spun you to the edge of the bed.

“No whore, I can’t. That’s my pussy and I will have it when I want it and right now this hard cock wants it.”

I held my cock up for you to see it and slapped it against my palm so you could hear the slapping sound of the hard meat which would soon be invading your tender orifice. Slap, slap, slap. I slapped it again a few times for effect.

“Get on your knees, bitch.”

“Please Daddy, can I suck you instead? I am too sore for your big hard cock. It will ruin me if you fuck me in this condition. Please…please.”

“On your knees, goddamn it.”

You slowly moved and crawled over on your knees. I was impatient and I shoved you down your your belly and face.

I grabbed your ankles and pulled them out from under you causing you to fall flat on the bed. I spread your legs and pulled them up, almost suspending you in the air.

You screamed and screamed and I raised you higher until only your hands and head were on the bed.

I shoved you backwards and you tumbled down on the bed. I grabbed you again by your arms this time and drug you to the edge of the bed. I flipped you onto your back and I leaned down near your face and spit on your face.

“You fucking slut. Don’t you ever refuse me again. I will make you regret it.”

I was full of rage and you quivered in fear as my grip held you tight and helpless to move. Dread filled your eyes as you lay there crying. I laughed at your misery. I was very excited as I taunted you and enjoyed your panic.

I jerked you off of the bed and you fell to the floor. You scooted back to the bed, but I grabbed you by your wrists and drug you to the door.

You fought against me for a moment, but I shoved you down and crawled on top of you. I sat on your chest and held you down as I held your head in my hands. My eyes bored into yours.

You tried to bebek escort look away, but I turned your face back to me. I spit on your face again and again. You closed your eyes as if that would make me disappear or stop.

It only served to excite me more. I pushed your hands back to the floor and held you down for a minute or more. I finally felt the energy drain from your body and you lay limp and still. I let go of your hands and they lay where they were.

“Do not move, slut.”

I got up and turned your bed on its’ side, then tore the covers off and carried them to the laundry.

I returned with a couple of baskets and emptied your drawers into them. I made a few more trips as I removed your clothing from the bureaus and closets. I left the desk and computer, but no other furniture.

“What are your passwords? Get up and write the names of the sites you belong to and your passwords. ALL OF THEM.”

You got up and listed the sites and entered the passwords beside each.

“Is that all of them?


“If you lie to me, I will beat you and punish you worse than you can ever imagine. Now, I will ask you again. Are there any others?”

You wrote the names of two other sites and the passwords for them and set the pen down, sobbing.

I looked at you and squeezed your head in my hands. I released you and started to turn away. I saw you breathe a sigh of relief out of the corner of my eye and I turned to you and slapped your face.

I knocked the saliva out of your mouth and your lip bled. I slapped you again and you screamed loudly and cried pitifully. I slapped you again and again. My hand hurt from the blows against your cheekbone. Your eyes were puffed and your lip bled. Your cheeks were red from the slaps.

“Sit in the corner and be quiet.”

You crawled to the corner and sat with your knees drawn up with your arms and head resting on them. I sat at your desk and went into the sites one by one and changed the passwords in each, effectively cutting you off from all of them.

“Are you cold?”


“I will get something for you to sleep on then.”

You stared at your bed but didn’t ask if you could sleep in it. I left the room and soon returned with a stack of old newspapers. I threw them on you. They fell scattered on the floor.

“You may sleep on them and use them for covers if you must, whore. I am no longer interested in your cunt, so go to sleep. Tomorrow we will start a new life for you, my pathetic whore.”

“If you please me, I will allow you some of your pleasures again, but if you displease me, I will take more from you and make your life more of a hell than you can ever imagine.”

I got up and turned the light off and left you there. I didn’t even turn at look at you. I heard you whimpering as I went to my room down the hall.

After an hour or so, I looked into your room, to see you lying in the fetal position on the newspapers, with a few papers over your wracked body.

I left you alone then for the night.

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