My Dream Come True

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Author’s note: This wish was sent to me by an online male friend, with the hope of someday meeting his fantasy lady. This is his story:

* * * * *

While I was looking through Literotica for something interesting to read, I thought I would scan the writers’ section. About half way down I found a photo of a lovely lady with long wavy hair, a cute smile and very muscular arms. Since only the top half of the photo was showing, I was curious about the bottom half.

I finally got up enough nerve to e-mail her and compliment her pretty face. I didn’t want to be too bold and scare her off. After many e-mails between us, I felt I was getting to know her on a more personal basis. I discovered she was a photographer and a female body builder. This had me very excited! I have always admired women who took the time and effort to physically build themselves.

As time passed we came to be friendlier still. I thought it was time to find out what the rest of her looked like. I asked her if she would send me a nude photo of herself. She was a little shocked and hesitant about the prospect. After I pleaded with her for days, she finally said ok. The next day I opened my mail and there was a message from her with a photo to download. When it popped up on my screen I couldn’t believe my eyes! She was nude with more muscles than any man, large firm breasts with huge nipples that were so lovely and screaming to be sucked dry. As my eyes worked their way down to her precious love nest, I saw she was shaved exposing her sweet lips that were small and tight. Right then I knew I had to have this lovely woman, but how? That, I had to figure out! Now! I had to make plans to get into this beautiful creature!

The time for my vacation had arrived and I was going to have this woman if it killed me. I called the airlines and made a reservation for the next week. I then e-mailed Ann and told her of my flight times. She was so excited and in tears. She told me she would be waiting at the airport for me.

I started to pack early, I was so excited about meeting her. The day finally arrived! I took a taxi to the airport. As usual, I waited for the boarding call. When they announced the flight was now boarding, I jumped from my seat and got in line. After a slight delay, we were off. I would meet the lady I wanted so badly. When we arrived my knees were shaking with anticipation of getting this muscle-bound woman in bed. As I walked down the ramp I looked all around for her, but she was nowhere in sight. So I got my luggage and went outside. I turned my head and saw a white limousine round the corner, which tooted the horn. I walked over and saw it was her. What a surprise I received!

“Don,” she said, “Get in.”

Wow what a doll! Strong muscular arms with a mini skirt pulled up to her panties. What a view! This was going to be the greatest vacation ever!

As I looked at her, she asked, ataşehir escort bayan “How do I look to you?”

I said, “Are you kidding? You’re so lovely I can’t believe this is happening to me!”

She said, “It’s close to dinner time. I have a reservation and I want to get to know you first before we go to bed.”

I said, “That’s fine by me.”

Though I didn’t mean it, I wanted to get her in bed as soon as possible. We got to the restaurant and I got out first to run around and open her door. As she got out her skirt was up all the way and I could see her lovely pussy through her pink panties. My penis started to get hard.

She noticed, smiled and said, “Tonight, Darling, I’m yours.”

Upon entering the restaurant I noticed it was a little dark. Ann said she had been here many times before. The waiter approached and took us to a quiet dark corner table.

“Do you wish a drink?” The waiter said. I said, “A bottle of champagne please.” He replied, “Very good sir.”

Ann and I started to ask questions about the other. I was nervous and didn’t want to say the wrong thing as school kids might do. The waiter returned with the champagne and poured for me to taste. After tasting I said, “Fine.” He then poured for both.

We toasted to love as she smiled and moved closer to me. The waiter took our orders and left us to continue our conversation, which was questions and answers.

When the salad was served Ann said, “I need to go to the ladies room.”

In helping her from the chair, I felt the massive power in her arms. Upon returning she snuggled close and kissed me on the cheek. I knew things were looking up for me. As time passed I placed my hand on her knee which she took hold of and moved to her pussy. To my amazement she had taken off her panties! My fingers explored her tender pussy as I penetrated one finger inside to pleasure her sensitive zone.

She whispered in my ear, “Make me cum for you.”

Searching for just the right area, that I knew would make her squirm, she gently took my fingers to place them………yes! Just the right spot! I moved my fingers slowly up and down as her eyes closed. She squeezed her legs together trapping my hand in her wet pussy. She started to tremble. Faster, deeper I moved my fingers, rubbing her wet pussy and with a moan she came! My hand was soaking wet with her hot juices.

I thought she was going to break my hand as she tightened her vagina muscles. It felt like a vise gripping my hand. She finally relaxed as I slowly pulled my soaked hand free.

We finished our meal and were ready to leave when I noticed where she had been sitting was soaking wet. If she only knew what else I had in store for her.

We left the restaurant feeling the heat of passion. The limousine had gone but Ann had this all arranged. She took my hand and we walked to where she had parked her car, escort kadıöy opened the door for her and after she was in, I quickly loaded myself into the car. I looked at her and she had the biggest grin on her face.

“Don, I’ve never orgasmed so intense from a man’s hand in my life.”

I pulled her to me and gave her the most passionate kiss I ever gave a woman. Our tongues met with such fervor, as I traveled my hand up her leg to again, finger her wet pussy. She was incredibly wet! I buried two fingers deep inside her. Moaning, she pressed her lips harder to mine forcing her tongue deep inside my mouth. Quickly she stopped. “Don please take me home and fuck me hard!”

“Lets go.” I said.

My dick was so hard, I felt I had to unzip to let it out, or my pants would rip. When I did, she grabbed me pumping my hardened cock. I couldn’t hold back!!

“Ann, I’m cumming!”

She pulled the car to the curb and enveloped her mouth over me just as I came. She swallowed every drop of my hot cum sucking thoroughly, making sure she had it all. My legs felt weak as this powerful woman took me over the top.

After recomposing we drove on to her home and parked in the driveway.

With us soaring from the moment, she said, “Don, lets take a shower. My pussy is dripping wet. Tonight I need to be fucked in every way and hard.”

I figured tonight I was going to fuck this powerful woman in every hole she has. I had dreamed about this moment together with her and tonight she was in for a surprise!

When Ann and I walked through the door to her home, I saw she already had a fire in the fireplace.

“Darling, let’s shower we can dry off by the fireplace.”

As I followed her into the bathroom we quickly undressed. I saw muscles on her that I have never seen on any woman. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on her muscular body and her breasts were large, upright and firm. I put my arms around her and held her tight, slipping my hands down to her muscular butt.

What a wonderful feeling! I kissed her with desire, lowering my lips to those lovely nipples, sucking with tenderness and ardor.

“Don, after our shower I want you to suck my pussy until I explode in your mouth.”

Freshly showered, we went to the fireplace to dry off. She then rose to go to the refrigerator for a bottle of champagne. My beautiful Ann handed me the champagne bottle to open as I admired such a lovely muscular body. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her and I wanted tonight to be the best night of our lives. I poured champagne, sitting by the warm fireplace holding and touching each other’s heated bodies.

She lowered her head to my penis taking all of it in her lovely mouth. Slowly I turned making sure her mouth stayed glued to my throbbing cock. I worked my way to her tight pussy forcing my tongue deep inside that sweet tasting cunt. I then started lapping maltepe escort at her as a dog laps at water. I felt her quivering. Her pussy was flowing with her nectar into my mouth. She grabbed me so tight I had trouble breathing! She came in wave after wave! Her love juices were flowing fast as I tried to take it all in my mouth. She was quivering so much her juices were everywhere.

Resting in each other’s arms, gently kissing the other’s bodies, we had decided on going to the bedroom. Laying down resting for a few minutes I was admiring her lovely, muscular body. Placing my head between her open legs to taste the sweet nectar of her love nest, licking slowly, working my tongue in an out, until my sweet Ann couldn’t take anymore. She grabbed me and pulled me on top of her.

“Don, fuck me now I can’t wait any longer!”

I thrust my rock hard cock deep inside her. She wrapped her powerful legs around me, I had no place to go but deeper inside her. Both working up a sweat as I started pumping faster and she was meeting my every movement. She dug her fingernails in my back.

Panting, she cried out, “I’m cumming, fuck me harder please!!”

Thrusting with everything I had, I exploded in her. Wildly she came, digging her nails in my back drawing blood. It was amazing!!! I couldn’t believe the force of how we came! We were exhausted!

She looked at me with tears in her eyes, “Oh Don, my feelings for you are so deep, please stay with me. I need you to be by my side forever, My Darling.”

Laying in each other’s arms so satisfied with our romantic encounter we explored the other’s bodies. I still was aroused! She laid there in all her beauty and I began to taste those huge breasts sucking on her nipples while fingering her VERY wet pussy. She started to rhythmically move, meeting my fingers as I stroked her clit. Her breathing became faster as she was getting hotter. Her snatch was tightening on every stroke of my cum soaked fingers. I slowly lowered my fingers to her tight ass hole. Inserting one finger as far as it would go.

She said, “Honey put in more fingers.”

With two fingers probing her ass, she whispered to me, “Please fuck my ass.”

When I heard that, I gently rolled her on her stomach and placed my cock at her opening. With my pre-cum and her juices, I was able to gently slide my cock in as far as it would go. I placed my hands under her large breasts and lightly squeezed her nipples. I started pumping in and out faster with each stroke. I felt my energy somewhat draining but continued to pump her lovely ass as fast as I could. Hearing her moan and whimper made me more determined to cum. At the last moment, I shot my hot load in her waiting ass. She was flooded with cum, as I tried to pull out she tightened her butt muscles trapping my cock in her ass.

She wouldn’t let go!

Rolling on her side taking me with her she said softly, “Darling I’m going to hold your penis in me until morning.”

I laid trapped inside this powerful woman and felt completely satisfied…at last! We fell asleep together and I wondered what tomorrow would bring for this lovely woman and myself. But that’s another story.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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