My Ex-Wife , I Ch. 5

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The next week, there were problems with my ex-wife’s computer. She called and asked if I could come up some evening soon and fix it. I readily agreed, wondering if my ex and I would have an opportunity to share our passion again.

I arrived at my ex’s home and was disappointed to find that my daughter and granddaughter were there. I quickly solved the problem. My granddaughter played around on the computer for a while as I talked with my ex and my daughter. Shortly, my daughter asked if I would take them home. They lived less than ten minutes away, so I said that would be no problem. I could drop them off on my way home.

As we were leaving, I turned back toward my ex and mouthed, “I’ll be back.”

At the same time, she was whispering, “Please come back.”

When I returned, I barely was inside the door when she ran into my arms. We kissed and groped each other with passionate desire. I guess hunger is a better word for it, or maybe just pure lust. She took my hand and led us toward her bedroom.

I said, “We don’t have much time.”

“The way I feel, we won’t need much,” she responded.

We fell down on her bed. With our arms, legs, and lips locked together, we fumbled with each other’s clothing. We stopped long enough to quickly remove all of our clothing. Standing a moment, we admired each other’s body. Though we both were grandparents, she escort ataşehir still had the body that would be the envy of a twenty-something. I had kept myself in pretty good shape as well, jogging three times a week.

I reached for her and pulled her down on the bed next to me. We turned toward each other, holding each other tightly. My entire body tingled at the touch of her bare skin against mine. We tried to begin slowly, not wanting to hurry the moment, but desire and lust took over. At nearly the same moment, our passion overwhelmed us. Our kisses became more intense. Our hands began moving as if they had minds of their own.

I turned on my back and pulled her on top of me. As she rolled over me she parted her legs, my penis fitting perfectly between her thighs and pressing against her clitoris. We abandoned ourselves to our hunger, kissing, nibbling, and rolling from one end of the bed to the other. Not once did we allow my penis to slip from between her legs.

She turned my on my back and climbed on top of me. She adjusted our position so that my erection was pushing directly against her wet opening, yet not inside. We both began a back and forth movement. We rocked faster and faster.

Remembering our vow to stop short of intercourse, I rolled her off of me and turned around so that my mouth had access to her sex-lips. I slid my tongue kadıköy escort between her outer lips. She pushed her hips, forcing my tongue into her opening. I twirled my tongue, reaching in as deeply as I could, pulled it nearly out, then plunged it in again.

She turned me on my back again and lay on top of me, placing her outstretched body on top of mine. Sitting up, she pressed her opening with greater force against my probing tongue. She leaned forward and I felt her hands wrap around my penis, her tongue licking its tip. Desire surged through my body. I continued thrusting my tongue in and out of her. She wrapped her lips around my penis and began matching my rhythm. She took my shaft deeper into her mouth with each movement until I could feel the back of her throat. I spread her legs wider and removed my tongue. I found her clit with my mouth and began strongly sucking it into my mouth as I pushed one finger, then another, between her inner lips. I felt her body shake, she pressed harder against my mouth and fingers, and came with a shout. She collapsed beside me.

I quickly turned on my side and pulled one of her legs across my shoulder, opening her once again to my mouth and tongue. I reached for her clitoris and began fingering it furiously, my tongue licking whatever it could reach. Suddenly, she screamed, “I’m coming again!!” I looked at her face maltepe escort bayan and saw her grimacing with another orgasm.

She turned and climbed on top of me once again, placing my burgeoning penis against the wetness of her clit and began to hump her hips as fast as she could. I explored her back moving down until I could grasp her cheeks and pull them apart. A finger found her anus. I wet my finger with her come and, pressing it inside, brought her to another screaming orgasm. She continued riding me while I continued fingering her anus as she came time after time. I lost track of her orgasms. Finally, she was finished, her last orgasm barely a shudder.

I expected her to take a while to recover, but before I knew it, her mouth was greedily on my penis sucking it like she had never sucked me before. I felt as if my penis was being taken in by a vacuum cleaner. She pulled back with a loud slurp, and took me back into her mouth even more strongly. She continued her pace until I was sure she was going to swallow me.

I couldn’t last long at this rate and I didn’t. Sensing I was about to come, she sucked my penis into her mouth and held it there, her tongue flicking its tip. One hand grabbed my scrotum; a finger from the other inserted its way deep into my anus. I exploded, sending wave after wave of semen into her mouth. She literally sucked me dry, swallowing every last drop she could draw out of my penis, and then licked what was left off my shaft.

We held each other for a few moments, amazed and overcome by our passion.

When I left, we wondered if we could ever top this moment.

But, of course, we did.

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