My Fantasy Helen Cums True!

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I have always had an attraction to Helen, a friend and work colleague who I have known for over twenty years. Nothing much had ever happened over those years, except for mutual flirting with the exception of an isolated moment in a car park. During a rain storm one dark evening Helen had offered me a lift from the office to the car park. Helen was at least ten years younger than myself and had always attracted me sexually. Having reached the car park I reached over to kiss her on the cheek and for whatever reason our lips met and what had started as the intention to give a quick peck on the cheek turned into a slow passionate, long lingering kiss which sent shivers throughout my body. I also recall that as her tongue explored my mouth, my cock hardened into what I can only describe as the most painfully pleasurable hard on I have ever had! I got out of the car and we went our ways, a rock hard bulge and large wet patch in my pants! Oh how I wish I had stayed and fucked her senseless in that car park!

Instead, I have wanked myself dizzy over Helen ever since, fantasizing over her, recalling the passion of her kiss , wishing I had taken the chance to undo her blouse, fondle her lovely tits, finger fuck her tight lush wet pussy and then pound into her until we were both exhausted and she was full of my hot cum.

Despite this fantasy of mine we have always remained friends and watch out for each other as well as having continued to flirt outrageously on occasion. My trust in Helen is such that I was able to confide in her that I have always enjoyed wearing women’s clothing and was in fact bisexual. I was never worried about telling her and in fact it was a weight off my mind, a burden shared so to speak. Helen responded to this sensational disclosure by buying me a netball skirt and offering me the chance to catch up on lost time! She has also provided me with countless items of female clothing, wigs and my false boobs, which are a god send to any part time woman wannabee! Thanks’ to Helen and only to Helen I have flowered into the part time transvestite persona of Amanda, but that’s another story!

A couple of weeks ago Helen was house sitting a friend’s place, who was away for the weekend. The washing machine had stopped working and as I was an electrician she had decided to call on my services in the first instance. I pulled up outside of the house and walked towards the front door with my tools in hand. Little was I to know that she would have my tool in her hand a little later! Helen opened the door and greeted me with a smile and offer of the customary coffee as I was shown into the kitchen. She looked as delicious as she had twenty years ago and I couldn’t help but gaze at her gorgeous arse covered in the denim escort ataşehir of her tight jeans as she filled the kettle.

As is always the case when I see Helen, I recall that moment of passion in the car park and am affected by a horny twinge between my legs and an ache in my balls that reminds me of our unfinished business.

“Remember that kiss Helen?,” I said,

“Definitely,” she replied.

“Want to try another,” I said, nervously, expecting to thrown out, or scolded at the very least!

“Come here,” she said.

I moved towards her and placed my hands on her hips, drawing her closer to me. She looked up as her hands extended around my waist, our lips meeting t for the second time in two decades. As they met the sheer volume of sexual energy exploded throughout my body, shivers shot down my spine and nervous system triggering a sudden rush of blood to my cock leaving me light headed due to the intensity. Her tongue gently entered my mouth and probed slowly and thoughtfully as I moaned in a bottled up release of sexual fantasy over this woman. My hands were running over her hips slowly enjoying her body just as I had countless times previously whilst wanking in fantasy, only now it was real. Our tongues entangled deep within each other’s mouths as my cock throbbed hard and painfully in the confines of my trousers. By now, my hands were wandering all over her in sheer want, up and down her sides, over her hips and over her gorgeous arse for which I had craved for so long. She bit my lip lightly and moaned, sending a spasm down through my body and causing the ache in my full balls to intensify to an unbearable need to empty them into her. Hands running all over each other, kissing passionately I moved my attention to her tits, my hands now touching her warm bare skin under her tee shirt. Moving up slowly over her sides I stopped when I reached the materiel of her bra. I hadn’t even imagined this would have been possible as I had wanked over her on countless occasions over the years, in what must surely have resulted in at least a whole bucket of wasted cum.

All of a sudden my hands were exploring the soft mounds of her tits over her bra, rubbing, exploring and cupping them. Kissing and tongue fucking each other’s mouths, I bit her lip softly before pulling her tee shirt up over her head exposing a pretty white bra and her soft upper body. Discarding her tee shirt I kissed her again, my heart racing. My cock now in agony as I kissed her neck, moving slowly along her shoulder as one hand groped a tit through her bra, the other moving slowly down over her soft tummy towards the waist band of her jeans.

Pulling off my sweatshirt we held each other close. I could feel the heat kadıköy escort of her body against mine as my hand slowly moved over the top of her jeans, curving down over the popper and over the zip towards her pussy, which I had only ever wanked off over. My hand was now between Helen’s legs, feeling her pussy through the material, exploring up and down around and over the ridge of her slit. Slowly my knees buckled as I kissed down her neck and over her tits. Now on my knees in front of her my hands reached for, and released her bra clasp. It fell to the floor as I nuzzled into her warm breasts kissing them all over before taking her right nipple into my mouth. Sucking softly on it I was now in total heaven, my left hand running over her bottom, my right over with her left tit.

Helen moaned softly as I her sucked on her nipple, biting it gently as she shivered in pleasure giving a restrained moan. I still could not believe I was lucky enough to have this woman topless in front of me and have had my hand between her legs. I had a raging hard on, and have now as I recall the moment. Kissing her tits now alternatively I slowly kissed down over her tummy, enjoying every moment of her female form, biting gently and kissing down over every inch of her towards her pussy. My hands on her hips and moving over her gorgeous arse I was now kissing down over the zip of her jeans, her legs slightly open to allow me access as my mouth found its way to her pussy, all that separated it now was her jeans and knickers.

Nuzzling and kissing her pussy through the materiel, she squirmed in ecstasy in response to my moving lips. I tugged at the popper of her jeans, undoing it and gently pulled down the zip exposing the top of her white knickers. Still on my knees in front of her I pulled down her jeans until she stood there in just her knickers. I kissed all over her lush tummy as she slowly sat down and opened her legs, inviting me to please her. I slowly pulled off her knickers exposing her perfectly formed pussy. With her hand on the back of my head she guided me towards her clit and soaking wet pussy.

Kissing and licking her clit as my tongue ran up and down her pussy, probing deep inside her lush hole I lapped up her wet taste. I can’t believe how long I had waited to kiss this girl’s pussy and here she was in front of me allowing me to eat and pleasure her at her leisure. I must have enjoyed this for about thirty minutes or more as she whimpered and moaned in response to my wicked work. Suddenly she pushed me back slowly, laying me down on the floor as she straddled my face. Pushing her pussy into my mouth I tongue fucked her as deeply as I could, taking care to ensure I pleased her to the best of my ability. I was maltepe escort bayan rewarded appropriately as her juices flowed generously into and over my more than willing mouth.

I could now feel Helen undoing my trousers and her hand rubbing all over my swollen bulge. In the 69 position, girl on top, her pussy was firmly where I had always wanted it, in my mouth. I licked and kissed her furiously as she squirmed into my face. My only desire was to please her after so many years. By now she had her warm soft hand around my cock, slowly wanking it, as she rewarded my pussy licking. Soon I felt her squeezing my swollen ball bag as she licked up and down the hard shaft, occasionally taking the head of my swollen knob in her mouth and swishing her tongue around it as she wanked me in time to her squirming body sat upon my mouth. I have never licked a woman for so long as I did that day and it is true to say I could have still been there now if she hadn’t have got off me and laid down on her back.

Opening her legs she whispered,

“Fuck me”

Now throbbing in Olympic Gold Medal winning style with the biggest hard on I have ever experienced I moved between her legs. She took hold of my cock and as I moved towards her she guided it into her hot, wet and well and truly tongue fucked hole. She moaned as my hard cock slowly and gently entered her. Moving back and forward slowly, her hot wet pussy gripped my tool. We bumped and ground our bodies towards each other, building up a perfect rhythm. Helen’s heels were now in the cheeks of my arse as I fucked her, pounding her into the floor, my hands over her tits as my tongue probed her mouth as we kissed. This woman was definitely the best fuck I had yet experienced. But she had always been the best in fantasy too.

Rolling over she was now on top riding me like a furious cowgirl, ensuring she took every inch of my numb well worked cock, her tits bouncing as we fucked for what seemed like hours and hours before she climbed off and invited me to finish her off doggy style. I had already fucked this woman in fantasy in every position possible but had never dreamed it would have been so incredible. Holding her hips from behind I was able to bang this girl for about another twenty minutes as she moaned and groaned in response to my 7 inches of meat, her gorgeous arse slapping off my cock. Finally she exploded in orgasm just as I shot what must have been twenty years worth of cum into her tight hole! Exhausted we both collapsed into a giggling heap on the floor before she allowed me to lick her clean for quarter of an hour or so. Finally we both got dressed, but before I left she passed me her knickers to wear for the next time I decided to let Amanda out of the closet. Fantasies can come true, even if you have to wait twenty years. Helen is a truly remarkable woman and I can only thank her for standing by me and encouraging my alter ego Amanda along the way. I wank off over her regularly and every time is like the first. Thanks Helen xxx

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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