My First Sex Scene

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I couldn’t believe it. I had over-slept on the worst possible day. I’d planned it all so carefully, as today we were shooting with Emily, and that meant special precautions needed to be put in place. The plan was to get up, have some breakfast, hit the shower, then blast my load down the drain. The last place I wanted it was sitting inside me, egging me on, aiding my arousal. I couldn’t be around Emily at the best of times without losing control, but today was going to be an epic shoot, and I needed my wits about me. In the end I only had time to quickly throw some clothes on before darting out the door.

This wasn’t what I had in mind when I was at film school. I had grand plans to work on sophisticated productions, make a name for myself and be somebody. When I got out and into the real world, it was clear that was never an option. I worked in the local supermarket for a while before stumbling across an ad in the local newspaper. I should have realized from the name ‘Totally Blu Productions’ that something was up, but I went along, blissfully unaware. I felt a sinking embarrassment when I realized the type of film this team specialized in, until I saw the money involved. I started off as a runner, getting coffee, food, costumes, towels and paper towels.

Quickly I worked my way into the creative side of things as a sound engineer. I was fortunate that I was working for a company that cared about these sorts of things. Of course I had seen porn before, and the sound was always appalling, you could never watch it quietly due to the sound levels. One moment the dialogue (if you wanted to hear it) was inaudible, followed by the female cast members howling horrible, shrill cries. I took my job seriously, and started to be given all the best shoots. We mostly worked out of a trendy apartment in the city that we used to house guests, attend to admin and shoot films. It was good for me as it was across from my apartment building, making it all the more embarrassing that this morning, I was rolling in late.

When I arrived Rob yelled at me “Zack where the fuck have you been?”

It didn’t matter that they weren’t ready for me, I was late and he wanted someone to shout at. I took it like I usually do and apologized, then got on with setting up my equipment. As I quietly prepared, Suzie strolled over to me causing one thought to flash through my mind, “not her as well.”

“Boss is pissed with you again then?” Suzie chirped at me, she had an incredible bounce in her step that jiggled her wonderful, yet homely chest.

“Yeah I over-slept; I don’t know why it happened.”

“I know why, you were up all night thinking about Emily.”

“Be quiet!” I snapped. Although it didn’t matter much if anyone knew this, if you were into women at all, you were into Emily.

“I must admit, I was kind of thinking about her too” Suzie replied, causing an image of the two of them together to flash through my mind. Noticing my discomfort she laughed and whispered at me “Oh baby I’m sorry, didn’t mean to tease you,” then she paused, “hold on, you did get your wank in this morning didn’t you?”

I looked sheepish, how the fuck did she know? I didn’t say anything, but she knew anyway, causing her to roar with laughter, “oh seriously? You’re full to the brim? If you get the chance you have to get rid of it, because Emily is looking especially lovely today.”

With that Suzie bounced away, her pretty blonde hair swaying with her; I couldn’t help myself as I scanned over her tight ass, imprisoned in a pair of skinny jeans.

“Eyes up boy,” grumbled Dean, snapping me out of my daydream. Dean was a huge black guy with a deep gravelly voice. He was a pro in the industry, his manhood stood at a proud 9 inches and with a terrifying girth. He also had incredible self control, no man could take the sort of workouts that he could, and that was precisely why he was working with Emily today. This also explained why Suzie was here. It was obvious he found her irresistible; no other fluffer had that effect on him. I quickly got on with setting up my mic, trying not to incur his wrath, Suzie was by no means his, but she certainly didn’t belong to anyone else.

Soon everyone apart from Emily was on set. Rob stood up and hushed the room then announced her arrival. “Ladies and gentlemen, our star for the day, Miss Emily Rose.”

The small team applauded as Emily emerged from her make-shift dressing room wearing a black dressing gown. Her natural red hair flowed down over her shoulders and back. I had always felt that Emily had the cutest face. She had big brown eyes (rare for a redhead), a small nose, full red lips and the sexist dimples imaginable. There was a collective sigh as she demurely waltzed into the room, opening up her gown to show Rob the outfit that snuggled up against her tight body. I feasted my eyes on the red cherries that were scattered over her white panties, then my gaze moved to the matching bra, holding in her tremendous bosom. My pendik escort cock was stirring, I definitely had a problem.

Rob gave a brief overview of the scene, telling everyone his vision, before having a quiet word with Emily and then taking his seat in his custom made ‘directors chair.’ I cleared my throat then raised my mic into the air; it suddenly occurred that with my arms raised, there would be no hiding any erection. It also clicked that I would have to listen out for my own breathing if I couldn’t control myself.

The room went quiet again. Emily pretended to sleep on the sofa; she faced down, her pert ass raised slightly, with a small amount of her panties slipping between the folds of her ass. As she lay there Dean walked over, dressed only in a pair of boxers. Sleepily she opened her eyes, then sat up as he slipped down next to her. They spent a few minutes kissing; it was gorgeous, sensual yet deeply sexy. Soon Emily slipped between Deans legs and pulled down his boxers. His magnificent penis fell before her, even at only half mast, it was a monster. She played with his cock for a bit, then with a glint in her eye, took him into her mouth. The sound of her bobbing up and down on his erection was incredible, and before I knew it, I had an obvious hard on. I had a quick look around to see who had noticed, it seemed I’d got away with it, until I spied Suzie. She stood in the corner, stifling a laugh and looking straight at my crotch, it was horrible.

The blow-job continued for about 10 minutes as Rob got all his angles, at that point Dean called a time-out. I tried to work out how long I had before we resumed shooting, could I get in a quick shuffle? I spied the runner, he hadn’t been sent for coffee, this would be a short break.

Suzie had now removed her skinny jeans and tight top, and sat in her pink underwear, gently massaging Dean’s penis. They were chatting away as if nothing was different, it was an odd sight that I could not get used to, this big black guy talking to a small skinny blonde girl, who just so happened to be rubbing his giant cock. Rob was quietly talking to Emily, Dean would enter her in the next scene and they were discussing the angles. I managed to will away my erection, just in time for shooting to resume.

Dean slipped from Suzie’s grip then got ready to lift Emily onto the sofa and descend between her legs. Emily lay on her back and removed her bra, then she raised her ass into the air as Dean slipped his fingers into the tight fabric of her knickers and pulled them off. I could not get used to how beautiful her body was, it was a revelation, from her gorgeous red locks, to her pretty face, her large breasts, tight stomach, full hips, long yet thick legs, even her toes were sexy. I couldn’t help it, my hard on returned before Dean had even entered her.

Dean went down on Emily for a few minutes before moving to penetrate her cunt. She spread her legs as he lined himself up, Rob moved the camera close as Dean’s cock softly slipped into her pussy, making the slightest squishing sound that only I could hear. I longed to know what it would feel like to have my manhood wrapped in her sex. Dean knew how it felt, and he was struggling. I couldn’t help notice he was taking things slower than usual, it looked sexy, but it needed to pick up. After a few minutes Dean called another time out.

Dean apologized to Rob, “sorry boss, I’m having problems, getting too close.” Rob was understandably worried, getting Emily back for another shoot was a huge coup and he needed to make this work. Dean sat in the corner breathing heavily as Emily softly rubbed her pussy, making sure the juices were still flowing. She didn’t need a fluffer, she knew her body.

Rob sent the runner off to fetch some desensitizing lube, then went back to talking to Emily. He didn’t notice that Dean had started to go soft, but Suzie had.

“You want me to take these off?” Suzie asked, referring to her underwear. Dean nodded and stared as her naked body was revealed to him. He had seen it all before, but every time he saw her, all he wanted to do was take her there and then. Suzie knew this, she loved the way his body reacted to her, she felt so powerful.

“Come here babe” Dean grunted. Suzie smiled again and began lightly licking his cock. Dean closed his eyes, I noticed he was sweating. Suzie was really teasing him, loving the control. It was pretty hot, and a few others had noticed the scene that was playing out, including the behind the scenes camera crew. Suzie let out a giggle and sucked the head of his cock, making a popping sound. She laughed again but didn’t notice as he lunged towards her. He took her head in his hands, and forced his cock into her mouth, she didn’t have much control now, but neither did he. Someone quickly called out for Rob but it was too late, he was gone. A huge roar lifted up into the room as Dean slipped out of her mouth, then blasted his precious load all over her face. Stream maltepe escort after stream of the expensive cargo shot from his member. Rob had to refrain from screaming in anger as he at least needed the behind the scenes footage. It was a huge load, there was no way he was cumming again today. When the flow turned to a dribble Dean quickly realized what he had done. Suzie was quiet now, very different from a few moments before. Now Rob could explode. A stream of expletives roared from his mouth, he was furious, both with Dean and Suzie. Suzie quickly ran off crying, locking herself in the bathroom.

Emily quietly returned to her dressing room as Rob ordered everyone out of the room. We stood quietly, trying not to listen to Rob as he tore into Dean, promising to tarnish his reputation. It was bullshit, but Rob meant it at the time. I was amazed Dean kept his cool; it would only take one swing for him to knock Rob out cold. But he took it, and soon Rob was worn out. I think Rob was partially annoyed at himself. He broke the bank getting Emily back, so he couldn’t afford a stand in male actor. After her last film Emily’s stock had risen and she could charge a lot more. Now Rob had paid for her, but didn’t have a cock to put inside her, and although he could probably get Suzie to do a lesbian scene, he knew that wouldn’t be half as popular.

Rob called us back in; he was genuinely at a loss and needed ideas. We managed to get Suzie out of the bathroom, but she was in no state to be in front of a camera today.

Finally Rob spoke, “I’m not sure what I’m going to do, we don’t have a back up, and due to fucking company policy, no man here is holding a full load.”

Suddenly I felt very self conscious, and before I could even look at Suzie, let alone stop her, she choked out, “Zack has.” The room turned to look at me. “He didn’t get time to knock one out this morning, he told me so himself.” I stood in silence.

“Zack is this true?” Rob asked, “How many days you got in there?”

I didn’t say anything before Rob quickly led me into an adjoining room. “Come on buddy, what have you got for me?”

“I’m not sure, two maybe three days, I don’t know?”

“What about length, staying power, force?”

“It’s around six to seven inches, I can cum pretty hard, but I’m not sure how long I’ll last. I’m already pretty wound up, and Emily is so beautiful.”

“Don’t worry about that,” Rob smiled, “we’ll pad it out with an extended masturbation scene, then we’ll get her to suck your cock after you’ve cum. You can get it up again right?”

“If you give me 10-20 minutes.”

Before I knew it the plan was set. I was the stand in; today I was going to fuck Emily Rose.

“Take a shower kid, relax, just don’t blow it!” Those were my orders; Rob looked me in the eye, then headed off to get Emily up to speed.

My heart was racing and I was physically shaking. As I climbed into the shower my head was all over the place and I started to feel dizzy. I’d had a few satisfied girlfriends in the past, a couple of nights I’d been really proud of, but the thought of fucking a pro made me nervous as hell. I shut off the shower and dried off, then put on the robe that had been left for me and went to speak with Emily in her room.

I quietly knocked on the door and Rob called me in. I hesitantly stepped into the room, Rob was stressed as fuck, but Emily was quite sweet to me. I was worried she might be a diva about it, but she was great.

“Don’t worry honey, let me just see what you’ve got first,” she asked. As I disrobed, I couldn’t help feel weird as I stood naked in front of a woman that I had masturbated over on several occasions. She looked me up and down, “got a natural look going on, shame you’re not shaved, but there’s some trimming going on there isn’t there?” I nodded, “I don’t see any problem with this, and you say he’s been checked recently?”

“All staff need a clean bill of health to work for us,” Rob chipped in. “If it’s okay with you Emily, we’ve got Suzie tidying herself up right now. We’ll have her work on Zack until he’s ready, then we’ll shoot the cum shot. I think if we keep it simple, take him in your pussy then have him shoot on your belly; it can’t really go wrong that way.”

“That’s fine with me” Emily replied, “that okay with you honey? Suzie gets you all worked up, then you ride my pussy for a bit and blow on my tits?”

I tried to keep cool but it didn’t work. I spluttered something, but the only reply they needed was between my legs, as my dick stood to attention.

We returned to the set, it felt like all eyes were on me. Rob and Emily set about shooting her masturbation scene as I was led to one side. Suzie had fixed herself up well, her eyes were a little pink and puffy, but she seemed to have completely forgotten about the earlier incident and was relishing the chance to get her hands on my cock. She lubed up her hands then gave me a sultry smile, one she had never aimed kartal escort at me before, but I was glad to be getting it now.

“Let me know if you’re getting too close,” she purred up at me, then wrapped her pretty little hands around my dick.

Suddenly I understood why Dean had lost control, it felt heavenly, she certainly had some skills. Her slippery fingers worked their magic on me, all the while judging whether I was getting too close to the edge. I was glad they had started shooting Emily’s scene in the next room, as I couldn’t take this for much longer.

I was really starting to enjoy it when Suzie stopped, making me groan out loud.

“Oh no no no, I learnt my lesson, you boys need to learn you’re not allowed to cum until I say so,” she laughed.

“Shit Suzie, I know it’s your job and all, but that feels wonderful.”

“Even better when I’m allowed to finish, maybe one day,” she teased.

I let out another groan as she took me back into her grasp and continued getting me worked up. I was feeling dizzy again and I was really horny now. I could really feel the three days of pent up spunk bubbling in my loins. Suzie could sense I was close and stopped again, there was no talk this time, my arousal was too intense. Suzie motioned to Rob that I was ready and her timing couldn’t have been better. She gave me another quick burst then I was led over to Emily.

Emily was sprawled sideways on the cream sofa. My cock lurched when I saw her pretty pussy, open and waiting for me. Emily smiled at me, I tried to smile back. Rob was giving us last minute instructions, but I was far too aroused to concentrate on what he was saying.

Emily grabbed my face and looked me straight in the eye, “listen sweetie, remember, when its time, pull out and cum all over me.” I nodded and tried to speak, but my throat was dry, Emily giggled and asked a runner to get me some water. I took a deep breath, downed the glass of water then Rob called action.

I had to pretend I had been fucking Emily for 10 minutes, so I grabbed her thighs and pulled her towards me. The head of my penis bobbled around her opening for a moment, then I quickly slipped inside. Time seemed to stop as I was engulfed by her warm sex, I looked into Emily’s eyes and she looked right back at me. I quickly realized I had never fucked a girl bareback before, the sensation was wonderful. I started thrusting into her with abandon, marveling at the beauty that had wrapped herself around my cock. Emily was intermittently letting out sexy little yelps, but still kept watching me as I probed her body.

It was wonderful, it was intense, but soon her feminine wiles pushed me over the edge. As much as I tried to hold back, a thought suddenly popped into my head, ‘Emily Rose’s pussy is making you cum,’ and with that thought, I took one last thrust, then slipped out of her pussy. Rob’s camera came in close as I pulled back my foreskin then exploded all over her pretty body. Even I was shocked at the load that rocketed from my loins. Rope after rope rattled up my shaft and burst forth, coating Emily’s perfect form. I had splattered everywhere, my seed dripped from her pussy to her face. I noticed a couple of shots had landed in her hair, forcing another intense spasm through my body.

No one expected it, but my orgasm gave the very best a run for their money. As the flow turned to a dribble I shifted my body so I could lean back against the sofa, then Emily leaned forward and sucked what was left from my shrinking cock. I was sensitive, but it still felt great as she worked her tongue over my spent member, then she leaned back and smiled at me as she played with the huge load I had deposited on her chest. Unexpectedly she leaned in and kissed me, it took me by surprise, but I went with it anyway.

After about 20 seconds Rob yelled cut and applause broke out. Emily leaned in and whispered “you did well, that was hot!”

“Zack, where the fuck did that come from?” Rob chirped at me. I shrugged my shoulders and smiled. “Go get cleaned up and we’ll shoot the start,” Rob added.

I had another quick shower, and so did Emily, then we set about shooting the start. Emily shot further masturbation scenes whilst I recuperated. Suzie got me hard again, we were supposed to let me go flaccid for the start, but there was no way I could lose this erection. I had to pretend I had walked in on Emily just after her orgasm. She had a look in her eye as she grabbed me by the waistband and pulled down my jeans. My cock crudely jutted out beneath my boxers, Emily looked up at me again and smiled at my obvious arousal, then she slipped her fingers into my underwear and released me to the world. Although we had already shot the ending, this would be my first reveal on film. With a wicked smile she licked the tip of my erection, then took me into her mouth.

Despite my earlier deposit I was starting to worry, I tried to hint at Emily that she was getting me close but she didn’t seem to notice. Just as I was reaching the point of no return she stopped and pressed the base of my cock. I pulsed once and cried out, but I didn’t cum. She looked up at me and whispered “good boy,” then she giggled and gave my cock a playful slap.

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