My Hot New Boyfriend Ch. 02

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Big Cock

NOTES: This can be read aloud by text-to-speech programs such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking or TextAssist. This story contains sexually explicit scenes. If that would offend you or if you are not an adult, DON’T READ IT.

RECAP of chapter one: ‘My Hot New Boyfriend’

My former boyfriends had become boring so I had wanted a sexy adventure. I knew that Michael is the hottest man around here. But he is seeing Melonie, a beautiful model. Relying on her beauty, she is not giving him much sex. When I discovered an opportunity to seduce him, I took it. I had arrived at his place well after midnight while he was sleeping. Then I had used the key he had left for Melonie. The street light near his windows lets me see without turning on any lights. In order to get Michael, I boldly initiated sex with him. This had just been a sexy adventure beginning a relationship with a hot new boyfriend. I had left two pair of my panties behind for Melonie to find. On a pair now hidden in his couch, I had written “to Michael with love”. Michael wasn’t ready to do anything with me, but when he woke up, I had already captured his erection. Then he couldn’t stop me from making him come inside me. He didn’t even see my clothes until later. My bold sex with him had excited him. So he made passionate love to me again. Allowing me to stay over, he made love to me in the morning. Afterward to intrigue him, I had shown off my nude body to him. And I suggested that soon we will spend the day together making love. He wants more hot sex with me, so before leaving, I promised that we will do special things together.


Chapter two:

Now I need more than just excitement with him. I find myself wanting him too much. He doesn’t desire me seriously enough for my commitment. So now I need to reinforce his need for me.

First I will build a solid relationship with him. Doing more and better sex than Melonie makes me much hotter than her. But it would be a disaster if he changes his mind. He really liked my surprise that first time, so I will start with another one. Then we will go on from there for hours like I had promised him.

When my early alarm goes off, I get ready for my return visit. At his door, his key is under the doormat, so he is alone. To test my secret copy, I use it instead. I could leave his there in hopes of a confrontation, but I’m not confident of the outcome. Every time I think of his repeated lovemaking, I get moist. If he begged her to stay with him, she could make him throw me out. But when he knows that I’m always hot with him, I will be safe. So I take both keys inside with me.

Closing his outer door, I leave all of my clothes just inside. Checking his couch for my autographed panties, I find them still tucked in it. Walking softly nude into his bedroom, I see that he is sound asleep. He is on his back like our first time except that his covers have fallen on the floor. At the sight of his handsome nude body, I strongly need him again. Carefully, I straddle him without touching his body but my hair falls in his face. As I am putting my hair back, I accidentally brush my firm nipples against his chest. Without touching him elsewhere, I gently stroke his penis until it gets hard. Getting very moist with desire, I easily take it completely inside me. Now we are in contact only at the core of his maleness. This is most of what he needs because men’s desires are localized to their cocks. Holding him captive inside me feels wonderful, but I want more than this. Satisfying his physical needs without satisfying my emotional ones will blunt my need for him. Needing consummation, I start moving on him while avoiding other contact. Anticipation of getting his loving more than once is making me hotter as I move.

Soon I feel him ejaculating so I bear down, taking him in to the hilt. Feeling him come, I know that I have succeeded again. He finishes and gets soft before he is completely awake.

His eyes finally open. Smiling broadly, he says; “At first, I thought I was just having a sexy dream, but then I came!” “I haven’t had a wet dream in years, so I knew that it was really you.”

My first time with him, I had kept him inside me afterward. But to keep my own feelings under control, I quickly lift off. As we are lying side-by-side, he rests his hand on my breast. Now I really need his touch; I need his loving.

He says; “That first time, I wasn’t ready for consummation with you.” “Now I’m glad that I couldn’t stop you from taking it from me.” Then he says; “You did a naughty thing, leaving your panties behind.” “I discovered them under my bed in time.” “Otherwise pendik escort Melonie might have found them on her next visit.

Saying nothing, I caress his chest and feel his ridged abs. Responding, he fingers my nipples, making them get firm. As he caresses slowly down to my bush, his member rises again. Seeing that he is ready for more, I become weak with desire. Needing his active sex, I say; “I need you inside me again.” As I spread my legs for him, he moves on top of me, pinning me to his bed. Quickly, he enters me so I wrap my legs around his. As he is thrusting, I get a good climax but he keeps going. With his continued strokes, my passion rises again to new heights. Feeling his weight on me adds to my passion. As his thrusts become faster, I hug him firmly. With a strong final thrust, he ejaculates deep inside me. Feeling this, I climax with him for my best-ever clenching orgasm! Hugging him even tighter, I gasp; “Yes, YES!”

Breathing hard, he responds; “I felt you come. You are the hottest!” With his weight fully on me, I feel deeply satisfied. He had made me come twice for the first time in my life!

I had wanted his commitment to me, but now the tables have turned. I’m not ready to have such strong feelings for him. Over-committed by my unexpected bondage to him, I suddenly panic!

When he rolls off, I abruptly get out of his bed. As I rush out of his bedroom, he says; “Please don’t leave.”

To reassure him, I respond; “I’ll be back again soon for more.” He follows me, so as I am hurriedly dressing, I remind him; “We will spend a whole day together without clothes.” “I promise you that you will get all the sex that you deserve.” “I will want you to try things that Melonie won’t do.” “You can then do everything with me.” He almost follows me as I run to my car, but he is still naked.

At home, I calm down. His words about wanting me to stay mean that he needs me. So I feel better, knowing that I still have the upper hand. My new commitment is a growing need to give him pleasure. If I satiate myself with sex, I can control my new feelings for him. Also, my hot copious lovemaking will increase his need for me. He could never get that from Melonie. By evening I get up my nerve to continue our relationship. More than two after-midnight visits would no longer surprise him.

When I reach his door, his key is gone from the doormat. Then, through the door, I hear Melonie arguing with him. She must have found my autographed panties in his couch. Hearing their loud words, I leave and watch from my car. Soon I see her storming out, so I drive off. I’ll come back another time, but I shouldn’t wait too long. Waiting a day will let Michael cool off. This is Thursday evening, so Saturday morning will be ideal. With Melonie gone, I can safely spend the whole day with him. She would never do that much sex with him. Make-up sex is always more passionate, but it will be with me instead of with her.

This time, I’ll keep him guessing. He’ll never take me for granted the way he did with Melonie. Instead of a night visit, I’ll arrive early in the morning. He may be upset that I eliminated Melonie. So I’ll make everything up with better sex. We will spend the whole day together without clothes, making love.

Early Saturday morning, I find his key under the doormat, so I use it. There is a new coat-rack just inside his door. On it is a novelty sign: ‘No Clothes Beyond This Point’. He must have noticed that I was always completely nude before he saw me. This sign is for me because Melonie would never allow such a restriction. Clothes are very important to a fashion model. She probably always wears makeup and a negligee to bed. Removing my shoes and clothes, I leave everything on his coat-rack.

There are sounds in his kitchen, so I walk softly in. He is wearing his robe, making breakfast. In anticipation of our impending lovemaking, I am getting very excited. Slipping up behind him, I wrap my arms around him. Putting my hands inside his robe, I find him naked underneath.

Michael is very happy that I am here. I thought he might be upset that I had caused Melonie to leave him. He says; “I’m glad that you came over today.” “When you ran out, I wanted you all the more.” “Now you are back like you promised.”

When he turns around, his robe opens. Putting both arms under his robe, I give him a full-length hug. Returning my intimate hug, he says; “I’m glad that you surprised me this way.” Then he adds; “You have enhanced my sex life.” “Anytime you want to make love, I’m ready.”

So I say; “On our first night together, I promised to maltepe escort spend a day with you without clothes.”

He says; “I had other plans, but I’m changing them right now.”

As he is hugging me, I say; “Today, I want you to take the lead in sex.”

He responds; “I love your sexy attitude.”

I just remembered what my mother told me that boys used to say to girls to get sex. So I say it to him; “Prove to me that you love me.” His erection rises between my legs, so I brush his robe off his shoulders.

Then I add; “Make love to me all day, as many times as you can.” As he kisses me passionately, I feel myself getting very moist. Responding, he backs me against the wall, so I raise one leg above his hip. I am immediately rewarded by feeling his now very hard member penetrating me. Then as I kiss him deeply, he moves rapidly until he comes. It felt good, and I feel relieved that I didn’t come. With my commitment feelings under control, I say; “Lets have some of that breakfast you were making.”

As I sit at the table, he finishes fixing breakfast for us. Setting two full plates on the table, he sits down beside me.

While we are eating breakfast, he requests; “Next time, do me my way.”

Happy for his enthusiasm, I respond; “I’ll do it any way that you want.” Having finished eating, he puts one hand on my back. After caressing my arm, he cups a breast with his other hand. Closing his eyes, he then kisses me firmly on the lips.

Squeezing my breast gently, he says; “I want you on top while I am wide awake.” Standing up, he spreads his fallen robe out on the floor. Taking my hand, he lays down on the robe, so I kneel beside him. Starting to get an erection, he says; “Kiss my dick.” When I kiss his weak erection, it stands up, so I put my hands on his firm abs. Straddling him, I move over his straining member without touching it. Positioning my moist entrance around its tip, I take him in to the hilt. His big stiff prick feels very good inside me. As I start moving, he places his hands firmly on my hips. When I have moved him nearly out and in several times, he holds me from lifting. He insists; “Don’t make me come yet.” He states; “I want this to last so you will get more out of it.” After holding me motionless for a while, he lets me continue. Obviously his intention is to make me come. So, to avoid my orgasm, I decide that I will fake it. But I’ll have to continue for a while first. I’m about to fake an orgasm when he makes me stop again. Now, with the interruption, I’m feeling frustrated. Frustration is good; it will prevent my over-commitment.

But as he has me continue, my body needs our consummation. By his expression, I see that his body also needs completion. With his increasing passion, he transfers his hands to my breasts. I could easily make him come now, but that might trigger my own climax. So I obey each of his commands to stop. While I have him almost out, he again says; “Hold it.” Unable to stop myself, I compulsively take him in to the hilt and come. My final erratic motions set off his climax, taking him with me. As I then lay on top of him, his member shrinks, pulling out. Breathing hard, he says; “You were great! You must have come.”

Complementing him, I respond; “Your skill got me.” I don’t tell him that I had been trying to avoid my climax. Fortunately my orgasm doesn’t cause feelings of over-commitment.

Then putting his arms around me, he takes a short nap. Men’s sleepiness after sex used to bother me, but I have learned that it is part of the male nature. Now that I have Michael to myself, I’m enjoying this intimacy. So I just rest there, lying on top of him in his arms.

He finally opens his eyes, so I suggest; “Let’s take a shower together.” “We can wash off the perspiration we have built up.”

Smiling mysteriously, he says; “OK,” so I stand up. I follow him as he carries his robe into his bathroom and hangs it up. Setting the shower temperature warm, I step under the water. Following me in, he slides the stall door closed. Unexpectedly, he puts his arms around me. I feel him intimately against me as he lathers up my front from my neck to my crotch. The different feel of his soapy hands on my breasts is very exciting. Deliberately he bends me over and enters my ready vagina from the rear. Holding my hips firmly, he bangs me until he comes. Feeling him get soft inside me, I stand up and turn around. Then I transfer soap to his chest by rubbing myself against him. After hugging, we rinse off the soap and shut off the water.

As we are drying each other off he says; “Your willingness kartal escort for that gave me a feeling of power.” He adds; “I usually watch the morning news from the couch.” -;:-

As I am following him nude into the living room, I say; “Nice ass.” Walking silently up behind him, I hug him, pressing my hips against his bare bottom. Then I run my hands down his chest over his hardening abs. His penis starts to erect again, so I grasp it by the base. As it gets very hard, he abruptly turns around. He quickly picks me up but I don’t let go of it. I put my other arm around his neck as he carries me to the couch. Spreading my legs, I pull him down on top, guiding his member inside me. Excited beyond stopping, he bangs me rapidly as I hug him tightly. His forceful passion feels marvelous! Now I have completely seduced him. Inspired by his extreme passion, I rapidly finish with him.

Still on top of me in my arms, he takes another nap. The couch is too narrow for him to roll off. This time, it is more than just sex for him: He can’t help needing me.

Now that I have Michael to myself, I’m enjoying this intimacy.

When He wakes up Michael says; “We missed the news.” Getting up, he offers; “It’s noon already, I’ll fix us some lunch.”

So I follow him into the kitchen and sit at the table. After preparing our lunch, he sits down beside me.

When we finish eating, he says; “I’m sorry I don’t have any desert for you.”

So I say; “I’ll provide your desert.” “Tell me how you want it.”

Pushing his armless chair back, he says; “Sit on my lap.” He is starting to get another erection from my offer. Straddling him, I sit on his knees. As he puts his hands on my breasts, I take hold of his penis. Moving forward, I put the tip between my neither lips. When I sink down on it, he hugs me so tightly that I can’t move. So kissing him passionately, I savor the fullness of his firm erection in my vagina.

After extended mutual hugging and kissing, he gets soft again. So I tell him; “You did more sex with me in one day than I thought possible.”

He replies; “You inspired me to do more than I have ever done before.” “When I asked you to sit on my lap, I had meant across it.” “I was just going to hold you in my arms.” “But I’m glad that you misunderstood me.”

Then he adds; “I was tired from making love to you.” “Just being inside you felt great.” “I feel comfortable with you and don’t want to lose you.” “But I don’t want to miss the news again.”

Getting up, I follow him into the living room, where he turns on the TV. After the news he falls asleep, so I watch a romantic movie.

When he wakes up, he says; “Melonie was very upset when she found your panties in my couch.” “You must have left them the second time you surprised me while I was sleeping.” Then he asks; “Did you mean what you wrote on them?”

So I tell him; “I meant it. I love being with you.” But I don’t tell him that I had left those panties on my first surprise visit. At the time, the words were just to get rid of Melonie.

Unexpectedly, Michael tells me; “Now I have two sexy girlfriends.” “You are very hot and Melonie is very beautiful.” “Melonie stormed out, but she returned for make-up sex.” “Because of you, Melonie now does things that she wouldn’t even consider before.” “So, for the first time, I got repeat sex from her.” “She was so afraid that I would leave her for you, that she couldn’t refuse.” “Afterward she grudgingly admitted that I had become a better lover.” “She was better than ever before but she will never be as sexy as you.” Firmly, he states; “You have become number one with me.” “I have to thank you for Melonie’s increased passion.” “But your unconditional loving makes you more beautiful to me.” “So I will send her away if you need my exclusive loving.” “But, of course, I will first need your commitment to me.”

Realizing that if I make him give up Melonie, he might later resent it, I tell him; “I already feel so committed to you that I won’t make you give up sex with her.” I can’t tell him that I actually need his exclusive love, so I just say; “Melonie needs clothes and makeup to support her beauty.” “But I want your naked passion with me, unlimited by any conditions.” For now, I will have to share him with Melonie. But she will leave him rather than share him with me. Soon I will boldly confront her here in person. That way, he will blame only her when she leaves him. Then I tell him; “If I am still number one with you on my next visit, I will tell you anything you want to know.”

Nodding, he states; “I’m too tired for more sex right now.”

“If you stay over, I can make love to you again in the morning.”

So I tell him; “OK, lets go to bed and just spoon.”

** ** To be continued to chapter 3. ** **

Copyright © 2007 Lee Mesenhimer All Rights Reserved

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