My Hot Wife Ch. 02

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My wife, Chris, has a favorite position for me to penetrate her bottom. We have tried several different ones over the years. Doggy style is the most obvious but the angle is not right for her. She is shorter than I am so I end up probing the top of her anal canal rather than deeply penetrating her beautiful ass when we play Rin-tin-tin and Lassie.

I prefer to lay her down on a fluffy but supportive pillow and enter from behind and on top. When I was in college, and my primary sexual outlet was my best friend Charlie, that was the best position. Charlie was very submissive and he really enjoyed being taken in that position. I enjoyed laying on his back after I climaxed until I got soft and slipped out. Chris knows about that because I told her. When I found out about Jennifer, I felt I had to tell her. After Chris found that out, we only did anal sex with her underneath a couple of times. She said it wasn’t comfortable so we stopped. My feeling was that she did bursa escort not want to risk letting my mind drift back to Charlie while I was fucking her. I really did like his asshole but that is another story.

After some experimentation, we settled on a position that exploited the senses of touch and sight. We have a King sized bed. Across the room from the foot of the bed is a walk in closet with a full length mirror on the sliding closet door. If that door is closed the mirror reflects all activity on the bed.

I was fucking Chris in her pussy doggy style when I noticed how stimulated we both got just watching ourselves. I stopped and said, “Why don’t you sit back on me and play with your pussy? I would like to watch.” She said, “Sounds hot to me,” and leaned back. As I said she is smaller, about 4’11”. I am about 5’10”. She settled into my lap and I reached around and held her tummy to me with my right hand. With my left hand I tweaked her nipples. Chris’ bursa escort bayan right hand soon dropped to her cunt and her fingers disappeared inside. To get a better view I lifted her by the hips and watched the show. Her head rolled back against my shoulder and she closed her eyes. As she got closer to cumming, I thought “Why not put a finger in her bottom?”

I spit on my right middle finger and began probing her asshole. Chris groaned. I knew she was close. It was a tough angle but I was able to get almost all of that finger in her ass just as she began to cum. She bucked up away from me. She always does that. I pushed in deeper and held it there. She came for a good thirty seconds. I was watching a great show and my cock was hard as a rock. As she calmed down she opened her eyes and I saw her fingers still in her pussy. Did I tell you she shaves her pussy? It is a smooth as a baby’s bottom. Sometimes I help her but that is also another story.

I escort bursa was twitching in her cunt and she just sat there and smiled. I finally couldn’t take it any longer so I pushed her over on her tummy and rode her home. As I came, my mind did drift back to Charlie’s wonderful ass. It also occurred to me that my penis could have been in Chris’ asshole when she climaxed instead of my finger.

When I regained the ability to speak I said, “The next time I fuck your ass we are going to do it in front of this mirror and you are going to play with your pussy while I do.”

So that is what we do. After some doggy vaginal sex to warm up. Chris gets up on her knees, leans back against my cock and I slide into her bottom. After she gets used to the feeling she begins to play with herself. Of course I can’t move but she can. She goes back and forth while she diddles her clit. And watching while buried in her asshole makes all the difference. She cums and cums and cums. And then I push her over and drill her. Of course it reminds me of Charlie when I cum in her bottom, but Chris says I am on fire when I do. She gets off again. Perhaps I should call his name the next time I cum.

To be continued.

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