My Hunger

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My mouth waters and I am consumed by a hunger only you can fulfill. I need to taste you, need to feel you between my lips. I want to feel you surge and quake with your want of me. I want to taste that liquid desire on my tongue.

You must have seen this in my expression when you looked at me.


One word and I am with you instantly.

You draw me to the living room, gently kissing my lips. Your mouth is slightly firm against my softer one. Briefly, it’s a promise to alleviate my need.

You take both my hands as you walk backwards to the sofa. You look down at me with intensity and a hint of amusement. I tremble as I follow you.

You slowly sit down, still possessing my hands, and draw me to my knees. I kneel on the floor between your parted knees and look at what I desire. The bulge behind your fly taunts me. My mouth waters.

“Please,” was the whisper that escaped my lips, my desire ratcheting up in anticipation. I bite my bottom lip to hold myself back, waiting for your permission.

You nod, your smile slowly leaving your mouth but not your eyes.

I place my hands on top of your bare feet and slide them up the inside of your jeans, then over your knees. I lean in to grip your thighs and feel your strength underneath my hands.

Every part of me wants you, I ache to rub myself all over you, to feel your body against my breasts, thighs. You are steel inside me. I want to feel it now, but I want to taste you even more, and my mouth continues to water in anticipation.

I grasp your belt, the offending barrier to my desire, and swiftly unbuckle it, leaving it open just enough to get to your fly. I smile as I hear you sigh and your cock springs forward from its confines.

I quickly reach out with my tongue to lick your pendik escort swollen tip. Once, twice…I taste your hot skin. A gentle touch is all I allow myself. I raise up to assess your approval as I slide a hand between your legs, grab a handful of your jeans and yank them down. You rise up, startled, then you help with their removal. I see you still gripping the back of the couch.

I pull your jeans down, your belt buckle hits the hardwood floor. I sit back on my heels and look at the beauty of your cock. So large and strong, it tells me what you want next, your heavy breathing is evidence.

I lean forward to taste you again, repeating my small licks with the tip of my tongue, but not stopping this time with just two. I feel like I am licking on candy, you taste so good to me. Soon the small licks are not enough, and I make my tongue wide and flat and wet. My eyes close in delight as I feel you enter my mouth. My hands holding your shaft firmly. I’ve wanted this all morning.

I hear you groan, you are lost to my mouth and my hunger. Looking at you enjoy my mouth increases my pleasure, enjoying your tastes and textures, your hands sliding down tenderly over my face, combing through my hair, moving it back. Smiling and moaning, you watch me suck on you. You know I am enjoying this, you know I enjoy pleasing you. Your legs spread to allow me more access and to get closer.

My hands on your shaft start to slowly rub up and down slightly. I allow moisture from my mouth to slide down your shaft to ease the slide of my hands up and down while my mouth continues to work the head.

I taste your precum. It excites me. My pussy aches, my nipples tighten. I use my tongue to devil into your small slit, looking for more musky precum.

You shift me up higher on maltepe escort my knees to position myself to take you further, my tongue continues to drag downward as I move my mouth further down your shaft. Moving my hands as I take you slowly, deeply, down into my throat.

I lift up, my mouth dragging back up as I raise my head. I suck you hard as I come back up. Enjoying the slide of your cock against my tongue and allowing breathe to rush back in my lungs. I hesitate at the top, allowing only the tip in my mouth, breathing through my nose. My tongue is rolling all over your head again. I run it through your slit at the top and and drag it under your ridge. Feeling the soft texture and how hard you are in my mouth. Enjoying your apparent pleasure.

I am heady with the pleasure of serving you, pleasing you. I can feel you grow harder between my lips.

Then I slide down…down…down…down. Pushing my face into your pelvis and my nose in your pubic hair. I attempt to take you as deep as I can. You can feel the moisture pool around the base of your cock and the heat of my mouth, which helps me slide all around you.

You handle me, grinding harder, hands in my hair, wanting to see how far I will go for you. What I will sacrifice for your pleasure.

I look up through my lashes, my mouth full of your cock, and into your eyes. You see my eyes watering as I take you so deep. Your eyes widen in response, and I feel you pump into my mouth. You hold me there, groaning as you slightly lift your hips.

I gag but make myself still, wanting to please you, wanting to take what you give me.

You groan, grasping me against you, pumping your hips while you push and pull your cock in and out of my warm mouth. Again, I hold myself still, wanting to feel kartal escort your desire and feed your pleasure.

When you pull back I suck you as hard as I can, wanting to tell you I don’t want you to go. You release me and lean back on the couch, your gaze intense. Looking into my eyes, silently telling me how much you want me.

I can tell you are trying to hold yourself back. But I want your mindless release. I bob up and down on your cock, seeking it.

I want you to come in my mouth. I want to swallow you down. It is what I have dreamed of all day. I can tell that you are close.

I place my hands on your hips, gripping you. I push and pull myself off of you, making you feel the pressure of my mouth as I slide down your length yet again.

My tongue rubs against your head and shaft and the wet heat of my mouth surrounds you. I push deep again and as I hit bottom, I gag, my throat closes, and as I lift off I sucked hard as I pulled up.

“Ready?,” you ask but already know the answer. I nod my head that I want you to come in my mouth, on my tongue and down my throat, as I suck you down.

Your hips stiffen, your balls tighten in my grasp, and your groan seems to come up from your toes as you kick in my mouth, again and again.


I press down farther, I gag right at the end as you feel my throat close around you. You moan at the sensation, your hips pump up and I feel your fingers grab my hair and grip my head. You are pushing down on me as you come down my throat, I swallow once, twice.

When there is no more to swallow, I look up to smile through my lashes again. Enjoying the look of contentment on your face, as your hands lessen their grip, and begin to comb my hair back, “Baby, that was so fucking good.”

I can’t keep the smile from my face as I reply, “Thank you – I needed that.”


A huge thank you to my new found editor, The Viking, for your help in improving this story and others. Please vote. Comments and feedback highly encouraged. More updates soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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