My Indian Mother Ch. 04

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Sunday morning woke up to my phone ringing, who could be calling me up at 7am on a fucking Sunday I thought as I picked up my phone. My neighbor Amar the only guy I know in the building, “bro your mom’s giving half the building a hard on jogging around the building, when did she come into town?” Sounding super excited. “A couple of days ago Amar, I’m sleeping man will call you back.” As I hung up the phone.

I obviously couldn’t go back to sleep thinking about what the fuck was my dearest mother up to now!

Just then I heard the bell, too lazy to get up I thought Suresh will get it, after hearing the bell a couple of times I got up abusing Suresh when I suddenly realised that Sunday’s is his day off.

Opening the door groggy eyed saw my mother entering the house, “so sorry baby forgot the keys, so had to wake you up.” Saying that she gave me a big sweaty hug and a kiss then went to the kitchen to get herself water. “I was up mom, got a call from a neighbor friend saying how excited you had made all the men in the building with your jogging.” I said jokingly.

She was wearing a purple coloured sports bra that barely could contain her balloon like breast with her nipples standing out proudly and showing ample cleavage. Below she had white coloured biker shorts that just about covered her ass with her camel tow and ass clearly on display thanks to the thin material and white thong she wore under it.

“So what was your friend saying.” She said while wiping off the sweat from her face, neck and cleavage with a towel. “Nothing much mom just that all the morning walkers in the building had a hard on thanks to you.” Laughing mom said, “poor guys.” And went in for a shower.

Contemplating between having a shower or going back to sleep it suddenly hit me with Suresh not around it was an apt day to have Amar over too see what mischief mom would get into with him especially after the morning phone call where he sounded super excited.

I immediately called him, “bro sorry for cutting of the call in the morning, why don’t you drop in for beers this afternoon.” I could hear the excitement in his voice, “dude would love to.” Then with his excitement fading, “oh shit man I’d promised a friend I’ll meet him for lunch this afternoon, but don’t worry I’ll make some excuse and ditch him.” The excitement was back in his voice. “You don’t have to ditch him bro bring him along.” I said. “Thanks a lot dude, see you later.” He said as we hung up.

Although I had never met his friend and Amar and I had only recently met, I thought more the merrier.

After finishing my morning coffee I entered moms room only to find her lying naked in bed after her shower with the curtains drawn closed and her eyes shut. She was obviously resting after her morning jog. As I went closer she looked at me and opened her arms for a hug, kneeling down on her bed I went to hug her but instead she planted a sloppy kiss on my lips kissing her back I spanked her ass and told her I had a friend coming over this afternoon and was going to get ready and she should do the same.

“What’s your hurry, sit relax let’s chat”, pointing on the bed where she lay naked.

I could feel the tent forming in my boxer shorts as I sat next to her.

“Are you going to introduce me as your mom or girlfriend?” She asked.

I could hear the naughtiness in her voice and see it on her face.

“Mom, it’s Amar the friend who called me this morning he has already seen our photo in my room and knows you are my mom and thinks you are a complete milf.” I replied.

“What if I get frisky with him won’t that be humiliating for you?” She asked sounding turned on.

“Mom it’s humiliating for me every time I see you fucking anyone but to be honest it really turns me on too.” Taking a deep breath I continued “Friend’s! Mom he is coming with a buddy of his, who I have never met.”

Giving me a hug she said, “ah so it’s two of them, that should be interesting, so I can do what I want right?” She sounded so horny and excited.

Spanking her ass, “you are such a slut! Mom.”

“Yes baby I am a slut, but just not yours.” She said with a wicked smile.

“Just not mine yet!” I replied being cocky.

Then squeezing her ass cheek I said, “get that hot ass of the bed and lets see how slutty you get with your son’s friends.” As I got up to leave.

Seeing the huge tent in my boxers as I stood up, mom in a sultry voice said,”it’s turning me on to see my own son so turned on, by my slutty ways.”

“Everything about you turns me on mom.” Saying, I left her room.

At 11am I heard the door bell ring. Fuck they were early .

Getting ready quickly I opened the door to meet Amar and his friend Sam.

Amar was an inch or so shorter than me at 5.9′, slim and fit like most 20 year olds. But Sam was way shorter he couldn’t have been over 5.6′ thin with narrow shoulders.

As we settled down in the living room with our beers I heard mom’s door open, I was already getting excited about seeing my friends reaction when they meet her.

She beşiktaş türbanlı escort entered the living room wearing a half cupped lacy bra which could hardly contain her big breasts and a matching thong saying, “baby see what I bought…..oh shit! You have friends over.” She behaved like a complete bimbo, acting all shocked and standing there and showing us her body for way more time than necessary eventually running back to her room.

“Dude your mom, don’t mind me saying this but she’s fucking hot.” Amar said while adjusting the bulge forming in his pants as he continued, “she actually hangs around the house in lingerie like that in front of you?”

“Bro all the time and not only in front of me in front of Suresh too.” I answered.

“Who is Suresh?” First time Sam spoke since he had entered.

“My cook.” I answered.

“Lucky bastard.” They both said simultaneously, as we all started to laugh.

That’s when mom walked in saying, “which of you boys is going to pour me a drink?”

Amar was up in a second, “what can I get you ma’am?” Acting all chivalrous.

“I’m not ma’am call me Priya and fix me a vodka tonic.” She said as she went and sat next to Sam.

She was still wearing the lingerie she came in displaying before, which was still on display due to the sheer see through short white summer dress she wore with white 4 inch heels.

After about 10 minutes of small talk and 2 vodkas down, mom looked at me saying, “switch on some music babes let’s have some fun.”

As the music came on jumping up like a kid she said, “who’s ready to dance?” And before Amar could stand up she offered her hand to Sam asking him to get up while gulping her drink with the other.

She looked a bit tipsy too me or was it just the heels she was wearing because as soon as Sam stood up she held on to him like she was about to fall. She was a good inch taller than Sam in those heels and was immediately grinding herself against a shocked Sam.

Sam initially was holding mom by the waist but with all her grinding and rubbing he got bolder and soon had one hand squeezing her ass.

“What the fuck is going on dude?” Amar asked me softly, “Are you okay with this?”

“Bro she’s a grown ass single woman, if she wants to have some fun who am I to stop her.” I answered.

“Fuck man if I’d known this would happen and you were so cool about it I would have never gotten Sam here.” Amar said sulking softly.

By now Sam and mom were more like dry humping each other rather than dancing, Sam couldn’t keep his hands of her now exposed ass.

Amar without realising watching them started playing with his trousers clad cock.

I on the other hand I decided to light a joint and enjoy the show knowing I’ll anyway get some action once these jokers leave, when suddenly Amar looking more shocked than before asked me, “bro you smoking up in front of aunty?”

I just nodded and smiled, didn’t have the heart tell him that she’s fucking everyone she’s met in Bangalore till date that too in front of me! Smoking a joint was really not a big deal.

By now mom and Sam were really getting comfortable with each other with Sam sucking on her tits through her thin dress as her boobs had popped out of her half cupped bra and had both his hands under her dress squeezing her ass.

As mom tried to take his T-shirt off he held her hand, “baby is shy in front of his friends.” Saying that mom looking at me gave me a wink as she led him to her bedroom.

“Seriously dude what the hells going on?” Amar was completely losing it. “Is Sam going to get lucky?”

“I don’t know man why don’t you go take a peek for yourself.” Before I could complete my sentence Amar was out of the living room.

I had just stubbed my joint and was opening another beer when a giggling Amar came back saying, “dude aunty didn’t shut the door, she’d taken of her dress got down on her knees and had just opened his trousers when his small cock sprang out, as it disappeared into her mouth Sam started shaking and came .” Still laughing Amar continued, “poor guy didn’t last a minute.”

“Give him a break bro must be his first time.” I said smiling.

Next thing was a embarrassed looking Sam walking towards the main door saying, “guys my mom just called I’m needed home.” And literally ran out.

Amar and I burst out laughing when my mom came out without her dress only in her thong and bra with her tits still hanging out and sat on Amar’s lap.

Before Amar could react she shoved her tongue into his mouth and starts kissing him. I could see some cum dripping from the side of her lips as she keeps smooching Amar.

I knew exactly what she was doing but it took a shocked and aroused Amar a few minutes to understand what was happening. As he suddenly stopped kissing her moved his head back and seeing the cum trickling from moms mouth he said, “aunty did you just make me swallow Sam’s cum,” licking the cum of the side of her lips he said, “I’ll swallow anything you give me.” And beşiktaş ucuz escort started kissing her again.

I don’t know why, was it the joint I’d smoked or the beers but seeing mom making out with Amar I suddenly started to feel jealous more than turned on. I’d seen her fucking around but had never felt jealous, it was like I was suddenly insecure about mom, like I might loose her to him.

That’s when I saw both of them get up and leave for her room with Amar grinning like a jack ass walking behind her saying, “I know you’ve been really naughty.” While squeezing her ass to which mom replied, “and are you going to punish me?”

I knew she wouldn’t shut the door but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to see.

Then I suddenly heard a spank, in this small apartment it was loud and clear enough to know it was a spank, then another one this seemed louder and then another, that’s when I heard mom scream. I had to get up and see walking towards the room I heard Amar, “you’ve been very naughty haven’t you?” Saying that he gave her another spank. I heard mom say, “yessss” screaming.

What I saw was Amar sitting on the edge of the bed with mom lying down on her stomach across his lap with her boobs and head dangling on one side and her ass pointing towards the ceiling getting spanked.

Spanking her again he said, “all the workers in the building from the guard to the sweeper are talking about you fucking your servant Suresh, I think he’s been bragging to all of them.”

Mom sounding horny, “oh really and what do they think they’ll all get lucky.” Spanking her again Amar said, “fuck you are really naughty, aunty are you actually fucking Suresh.” “That’s for you to find out.” Saying that she got up from his lap and went down on her knees in front of him.

She whipped out his cock and said, “not bad,” and started licking it from base to tip. Soon she had wrapped her lips around his cock and was blowing him with her head bobbing up and down his lap. Not even a couple minutes of this and I noticed Amar freezing and grabbing her head started shaking really hard, he was ejaculating.

Mom immediately let go of his cock from her mouth and ended up with streams of his cum all over her face with a streak of cum coming out of her mouth too which she spat out.

I immediately went and sat back in the living room, I really didn’t want him to see me watching.

A few minutes later he came out sat down grabbed his beer and said, “bro sorry about this but your mom’s too bloody hot.”

“That was quick” I said smiling at him, to which he replied smiling back, “dude I’m surprised I didn’t cum while spanking her.” Taking a deep breath, “I don’t blame Sam her mouths really magic.”

“Bro what was the spanking about?” I asked inquisitively.

“Don’t ask dude when I asked her about the rumours in the building , she answered back by saying she’d been extremely naughty and needed a spanking, I just did what I was told.” Gulping his beer, “your mom’s seriously wild.”

Then getting all serious, “dude before she comes out is it true about her fucking Suresh?”he asked.

“I have no idea.” I replied.

“That asshole has been spreading this rumour and the workers all think they can get lucky with her.” He said sounding all concerned.

Poor guy just wasn’t ready to believe she could fuck the cook.

He continued, “but it’s hilarious to see the uncle’s of the building trying to flirt with her, your mom’s always sweet to them and they think they’ve earned some serious browny points.”

I on the other hand was getting turned on by the fact that the building workers knew and wanted to get in on the action, all the jealousy had disappeared by this dirty horny thought of her with the workers. That’s when I realised that I had no insecurities with these guys fucking her as I was confident it would only be a fuck and nothing more, there was no chance of a real relationship.

While I was in my stoned thoughts I heard Amar saying, “thanks aunty, I’ll take that.” As he got up and took the box of pizza she was carrying from the kitchen. Saying “You boys must be starving.” Mom sat down opposite us.

She came out wearing the same transparent white dress, only this time her 36C breasts were back in the half cupped lacy bra. As she sat down her dress rode up showing her smooth white thighs all the way to the white triangle of her thong, through which her pussy lips were clearly visible.

As I sat there checking her out while we ate our pizza, all I wanted to do was dive between those milky white legs head first and eat her pussy out. Only if Amar wasn’t here.

He on the other hand was acting like a teenager in front of his first crush. From running into the kitchen to get napkins for her to refilling her drink before she could finish it.

“Baby be a dear and roll one for me too.” Mom said looking at me after finishing her pizza.

“But mom you don’t smoke!” I replied surprised.

“I used to in college, please roll one for me babes.” With a slight beşiktaş üniversiteli escort slur in her voice. The afternoon of vodkas had actually gotten to her.

I rolled a joint lit it and as soon as I passed it to mom, Amar’s phone rang, he got out of the living room to answer it, came back sulking about how his dad wants him to be back home immediately.

I was so relieved to see him go, then mom got up gave him a kiss on his lips and a tap on his ass telling him, “until next time.” He left with a stupid grin on his face.

As mom sat back with a joint in one hand and a drink in the other she asked me, “so what’s the plan now babes?”

Without saying a word I walked up to her got down on my knees in front of her parted her legs and started kissing her inner thighs all the way up to her thong clad pussy.

Mom spreading her legs wider slid her ass down to the edge of the sofa giving me better access to her pussy, as she said, “great plan babes.”

I started licking her pussy lips through the thin material of her thong, licking up and down her full length and circling my tongue around her clit, not even 2 minutes of this and mom was moaning softly while lifting her ass signalling me to take of her panties.

As I slid her thong of I went back down and started licking her clean shaven pussy and softly kissing her pussy lips with my lips. Mom’s eyes were shut and was moaning softly in between taking a puff on her joint and a sip of her drink as I carried on licking and kissing her.

Then I went back to circling her clit with my tongue and eventually I put her clit between my lips and gently started sucking on it and licking it simultaneously, that’s when mom really started moaning as she put down her glass and put her hand on my head pressing down very gently.

Then I put two fingers into her soaking wet pussy very slowly and kept licking and sucking on her clit, as her moans got louder she started pressing down on my head a little harder. I could feel her pussy get tighter around my fingers as I started fingering her all the while licking and sucking on her clit.

By now she had stubbed her smoke out and had both her hands on my head pushing me down on her pussy moaning loud and telling me “don’t you dare stop…….” As I kept fingering her at a steady pace while licking at her clit, in rhythm of her hips movement and moans.

By the end of it she was shaking uncontrollably while holding my head so tight against her pussy it was hard to breath, but I carried on fingering her and licking her clit.

By the time her orgasm subsided my hand and face were soaking wet by her juices as she let go of my head. I removed my fingers from her pussy but carried on licking her clit and her pussy while simultaneously taking turns sucking on her clit with my lips and kissing her pussy lips too as I lapped up the pussy juice still flowing out of her.

Mom then lifted my head of her pussy, looking directly at me still breathing heavily she said, “baby that was amazing,” taking a deep breath, “where did you learn how to do that?”

“There’s a lot I can do mom, only if you let me.” I said with a wink.

She got up and started walking towards my bedroom while taking of her dress and bra and throwing it on the floor, just before entering my room stark naked I heard her say, “are you coming or not.”

I ran towards my room almost tripping while taking of my shorts, as I entered the room butt naked.

Seeing my hard dick standing erect she said, “someone’s in the mood.”

“I’m always in the mood mom when you’re around.” I replied and went to kiss her but she pushed me on the bed went down on her knees and started licking my cock up and down, eventually taking it in her mouth and started giving me a blowjob in her usual way with her lips wrapped tightly around my cock as her head bobbed up and down with her tongue licking around the cock head as she always does.

I laid back on the bed closed my eyes enjoying the blowjob I was receiving when she suddenly stopped and got on top of me, I opened my eyes to see my moms face inches from my face saying “are you ready baby?” That’s when I felt her pussy lips rubbing against my cock head.

I looked down and saw her slowly taking my cock up her pussy , looking back up I saw mom had her eyes closed and a soft moan escaped her mouth as she took my whole 7 inches inside.

“Oh fuck that feels perfect.” Saying that mom gave me a kiss and started riding me slowly by moving her hips up and down as she lay on top of me. I had cupped both her ass cheeks with my hands pushing her down on my cock with her every hip movement.

As her movement got faster and moaning got louder she got up with both her hands on my chest as she started riding and grinding on me in a cowgirl position. Her 36C firm breasts squeezed between her arms looked amazing as she rode me.

Remembering how sensitive her clit was I started rubbing her clit with my thumb as she kept riding me.

Soon she was grinding on me hard and fast screaming.

“Fuck….fuck….fuck….this…is…what…I…was…afraid…of…” as I kept fingering her clit with my thumb and was now squeezing her boobs with my other hand as she kept grinding and screaming. I could feel her pussy tighten around my cock with every flick of my thumb on her clit and I could feel my balls were soaking wet with all the juice flowing out of her.

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