My Lesbian Moms Ch. 01

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When I was merely 12 years old, by parents went through a bitter divorce. My Dad ended up moving to a different country and eventually passed away. My Dad must have been the worst person ever since my Mom Sarah was sworn off men at that point. She would frequent bars for a few years and about the time I turned 16, she brought home Beth.

Beth was a dyke. Five foot eight, short black hair and stocky. She did have one thing going for her though. Beth had a chest to die for, 44FF. Every once in a while when she and Mom would go out, she would wear a bra, but other than that, she didn’t like to wear bras. Instead, she would let her tits hang under her thick flannel shirts or have a smaller shirt tied in the front under her Carhart industrial shirts.

I would think day in and day out about Beth. Sure she had absolutely no interest in men what-so-ever, but checking her out was a major highlight of my days.

Once I was in my junior year of high school, our state legalized gay marriage. My Mom and Beth were one of the first couples to get their license and then get married shortly after.

After their union, things got a little weird. I got to be very awkward at school being the only student that had two married moms. Beth began getting very close to me though, when Mom was at work, we would go shopping for clothes for me, but it was still weird. I would also catch myself staring at her sometimes, which made me feel worse about my wants.

I would get teased at school and forget getting any dates. Who wanted to go out with the guy who had two moms?

Graduation day came, I had my 18th birthday about 3 months earlier and was still a virgin. I didn’t have beylikdüzü escort a job, still was at home, never got anywhere with women and was stuck watching my moms together all the time.

Then one day it happened. I was in the backyard trimming the hedges, as was one of my unemployed duties at home, when Beth came out on the deck.

“Chris?” she called out.

“Yea Mom?”

“Your mother and I need to have a talk with you”

“What’s up?

“Come inside Chris, would you please?”

I put down the hedge trimmers and dusted myself off and walked into the living room. My Mom was sitting on the couch with a half-glass of Merlot.

“Mom? What’s wrong?”

“Have a seat, Chris” said Beth.

“Mom? What’s wrong with Mom?”

Beth looked at me and sighed, “Chris, we have been talking.”

“About what?” I asked confused.

“You, frankly.” shot back Beth.

“Baby, we agreed, we would do this calmly and above all, with a loving hand.” Mom said to Beth.

“Ok, I’m getting freaked out, what is happening?” I started to panic, “Are you two divorcing?”

“oh, no, not at all” they both reassured in unison.

“We have been talking about your luck with ladies.” Mom said.

I laughed, “My luck? You mean my never having gotten any ever?”

“Well,” started Beth, “Your mother and I have been talking about this. In school you were teased about our relationship. So, in an odd way, it is our fault that you never got to have a girlfriend or ever get laid for that matter.”

“Honey, you know that I would love to help you” said Mom.

“But” interrupted Beth, “She is your biological beyoğlu escort mother. That is wrong. Besides, your father scarred her mentally and she can’t be with a man again.”

“Where is this going?” I asked so confused.

Beth kissed Mom and whispered something to her before turning back to me, “Honey, being like a mother to you, I hate to see you going through this kind of pressure and rejection.”

“Mom, what are you talking about?”

“I have seen you checking me out over the years. Even though I raised you for a while, I know that you have been checking me out.”

I started to sweat bullets. I wasn’t trying to make her feel uncomfortable. Much less like I wanted her, she was married to my Mom!

“It’s perfectly natural, honey.” said Beth, “But that is why your mother and I have agreed that since your having so much difficulty with women and getting together with someone. I will help you.”

“Oh, your gonna take me out and help me with women?” I asked.

“No, but I will let you relieve some stress.” offered Beth.

“What?” I asked confused.

Mom looked at me, “Chris, we have agreed that Beth here will help you out sexually. You need some relief, she’ll give it to you.”

“But, Moms, your lesbians?”

“This isn’t about making love, I still am in love with your beautiful mom, she’s the only woman I want to be with and normally I wouldn’t ever let a man touch me. I consider you my son though, and I can’t let my son suffer like you have, and since your now 18… I can help you.”

“How are you gonna help me?”

Beth looked at me and sighed and calmed her tone to a loving caring bomonti escort tone, “If you have a hard-on, I’ll give you head. If you want to be…. intimate, I will spread my legs for you. You can grab me if you like, anywhere, anytime. Just know that this is NOT making love. This is your mom, doing what it takes to make you happy and more able to talk with and be with a woman.”

This was a total shock.

“Why don’t you stand up and I’ll prove it to you Chris.” offered Beth.

I got up and walked over to Beth, she unzipped my pants and looked up, “You wanna see mom’s tits?”

I simply smiled.

Beth pulled apart her top exposing her massive mammories, I reached down and groped them, getting harder and harder, my cock couldn’t get any harder. Beth opened her mouth and took my head between her lips. She expertly swirled her tongue around my head and sucked on it while stroking my rock hard cock. I closed my eyes enjoying the sensation I was feeling from my first blow job. Beth continued to suck my cock, going deeper and deeper. Mom watched as her wife sucked her son’s cock.

“You like how your mom sucks your cock baby?” asked Mom.

“Oh mommy, I absolutely love how Mom sucks my cock.”

“Do you wanna cum? Beth is ready to swallow for you.”

“Oh my GOD YES!” I felt the cum boil up from my balls and flow through my shaft before firing out the tip of my young cock and into my mom’s warm wet mouth. I came at least 5 ropes of my hot sticky cum. All of which Beth swallowed.

Beth moved off my cock and licked it clean. Resting back with her tits still hanging out, she looked accomplished.

“Well honey, do you feel better?” My Mom asked.

“So much better! We can do that whenever?” I asked.

“Whenever you have a hard-on, but your mother will know about everything we do.” said Beth.

“Agreed” I said without hesitation.

That was my first time with my lesbian mom, but there would more FAR more to come!

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