My Lover’s First Woman

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Hi sweetheart, I would like to introduce you to someone. This is Brenda. Brenda shakes your hand nervously. You notice her long flowing brown hair that compliments her big beautiful brown eyes with long dark eyelashes. She smiles shyly at you and compliments your smile. You see my love; Brenda is engaged to be married. Her fiancé’ is a great guy, but a bit old fashioned and not very open when it comes to sex. Before she gets married, Brenda wanted to explore something she has always been curious about. She is not a lesbian, or even bi. But she always wanted to know what it would be like to be touched by and to touch and feel another woman. She also always wanted to know what it would be like to have sex with two people at the same time.

I can see by your blush that you are a little timid about this proposition, yet a little curious yourself. I take your hand and kiss your cheek. It’s ok; I will be there every step of the way. Let’s just lie down over here. Brenda nervously sits down on the end of the king sized bed. I think that the first thing we should do is just to get comfortable and get used to each other. I slowly remove my clothes. Go ahead, it’s ok.

You and Brenda begin to undress. You try to avoid looking at her, but cannot resist catching a glimpse of petite body as her soft white skin is revealed. I take both of your hands and have you face each other….each of you admiring each other’s bodies and using your imaginations as to what lies beneath your bras and panties.

I put an arm around each of your backs and pull you both in close so you are not only pressed against my chest, but also you feel the warmth and softness of Brenda against your own skin. I take your hand and hold it to Brenda’s left breast and take her hand to hold it to your own breast. She gently squeezes it while you marvel how firm and different hers feels. You feel her nipple press against the palm of your hand through her bra as you feel your own nipples begin to harden

Brenda asks you if you would like to lick her breasts. I look at you and give a reassuring smile. You nod and Brenda removes her bra revealing small, but firm round breasts with very enticing areolas and nipples that were standing fully erect. You reach out to touch them and feel a little twinge between your legs as you feel the soft skin and delight in the nipple poking into your hand. You trace the nipple and areola with your fingertip. Brenda lets out a gasp. ataşehir escort She pulls you closer and sits on the bed. Kneeling down you move your face toward her chest and tentatively extend your tongue.

You lick the side of her breast and begin to lick and taste all around, exploring every millimeter. Finally, you suck her left nipple into your mouth and let your tongue play with it. Brenda holds the back of your head and presses it closer to her when you feel my hands reach around to caress your own breasts. You feel my penis against your back while I continue to fondle you and kiss the back of your neck,

Brenda lies down on the bed. You and I climb onto the bed on our knees. Kneeling on either side of her, we embrace and kiss, pressing our chests together. I remove your bra and lick each nipple to attention. Then I guide your mouth down to her right breast. You resume licking, tasting, and sucking her right breast while I begin to lick and suck her left breast while squeezing and caressing your breasts. My lips travel to yours while you suck her nipple. I slip my tongue into your mouth so both of our tongues can play with her nipple. Brenda lets out a loud moan and begins to squirm.

Brenda reaches up and runs her hands up and down your back. Her hands have such a soft touch.

You notice that Brenda has begun to rub her panty-covered crotch. Looking at me, as if to say, “I don’t know if I can,” I give you a reassuring wink and nod. I help Brenda out of her panties while you lean over her chest, not sure what you should do next. You are looking back at me when you feel a warm tongue exploring your right breast and nipple. You let out a timid moan and press your breast down closer to Brenda. I slowly spread Brenda’s legs and you see how cleanly shaved she is. I take your hand and guide it to my lips. After sucking on each finger, I guide your hand to Brenda’s waiting pussy. You catch your breath when you feel how smooth the lips are and begin to explore. It feels similar yet different compared to exploring your own pussy. The slippery slickness IS delightful. Brenda sighs and begins to move her hips to your caresses. I lick the backs of your now very wet fingers and my tongue follows where your fingers go.

Brenda sucks harder at your swollen breasts as you begin to swirl your fingers around her clit. Brenda cries for us to stop because she is afraid she will avcılar escort cum too soon. We stop and Brenda rolls you on your back. It is your turn darling. Brenda begins to kiss and suck one breast while I suck the other. Both of our hands caress down your stomach and then our fingers begin to explore your vagina. Slowly, we run our fingertips outlining your labia. Brenda looks you deep in the eye and tells you how silky and wet your pussy feels. She then begins to kiss and lick your stomach. You gasp when we both slide a finger into you. She then begins to slide her finger in deeper while I slide mine our. Then we reverse….a finger sliding in while another sliding out at the same time. You being to move your hips back and forth and close your eyes.

You then feel a tongue on your clit. “Jake?” You ask and open your eyes to see me looking down into your eyes while fingering you deeply. You see and feel Brenda kneeling between your legs, with her ass up, licking you frantically. You pull me close and whisper, ‘I want to taste her too, but am not sure, what if I don’t like it. I do not want to start then stop if I do not like it.’

Smiling, I tell you not to worry, I have a solution. You had been stroking me to full erection, so I instructed you to just enjoy what Brenda was giving you right now.

I move behind Brenda and begin licking and kissing her ass, reaching between her legs to massage her clit. You feel her breathe harder against your throbbing clit. You wish that you could see my cock as it was rubbing against Brenda’s bare pussy lips. A gush of hot breath on your own wet pussy let you know that I had slid deep inside of her. Brenda’s lips start to rhythmically press into your wet pussy while I begin to slide in and out of her. You can see her pressing her hips back toward me. She begins to moan and stops licking momentarily…..good thing too as you were so close to cumming.

Brenda grabs your breasts and squeezes tight as she buries her face in between your labia, sinking her tongue deep inside. You begin to gyrate your hips. Brenda stiffens as she cums. I pull out my very slick cock and crawl over to you. “Here is a taste, my beloved.” You tentatively lick the tip. It tastes a little salty, but erotically good. Brenda lies down catching her breath and watches as you begin to take my penis into your mouth, licking off and savoring her juices. “How do I taste?” avrupa yakası escort she inquires. Pulling me out of your mouth, you smile and say, “Delicious… a moment, I want to taste more!” You then continue to suck me deep into your mouth. Brenda crawls over and runs a finger between your legs while she begins to lick my balls. You both suck on the head while she licks up and down my shaft. You feel the head throb against your tongue.

I pull my cock out of your mouth and shake my head. Not yet honey. Brenda lies down spreading her legs…. her pussy is still glistening wet and you can see her clit emerging from its hood. You kneel between her legs and slowly lower your face. You breathe in her aroma. It is similar, yet different than yours. You then begin to taste and explore her, licking her and feeling her smooth lips beneath your tongue. While you begin to lick and explore her erect clit, I slide my still fully erect penis between your legs and rub the shaft back and forth along your lips, allowing the head to rub against your aching clit. You spread wider and reach under to grab my cock firmly and guide it to your gaping vagina. I slooowwwy push just the head in and stop causing you to whimper and stop licking Brenda who grabs your head to push it back down. Then I slowly begin to enter a centimeter at a time until I am all the way inside you…you can feel my thickness throbbing.

I begin to slowly move in and out as your hips back up to meet mine and you begin to feel my balls slap against you. I grab and hold onto each of your breasts while your lick and suck Brenda’s pussy like a woman out of control. Brenda begins to buck her hips and moan when you reach your hands up to grip her breasts and squeeze them tightly. I am sliding in and out of you so fast and hard that you are having trouble keeping your tongue inside Brenda’s pussy. You feel me begin to throb so deep inside of you that you know I am about to cum, as are you, and from the way Brenda’ pussy is clamping around the finger that you just slipped in, she is also close. Brenda grips the back of your head and thrusts her hips at you while beginning to scream euphorically. You feel me so deep inside as I bring a finger to your clit and quickly begin to finger it just as you feel me erupt deep inside of you. Brenda clamps her legs around your head and begins to shake uncontrollably as you clamp your pussy around my cock and I feel your contractions build until you too begin to shutter and scream.

Out of breath, none of us move for a moment. Brenda’s legs release you head, you gently kiss her swollen lips. You feel me still inside you as I kiss the back of your neck. You twitch when I slowly remove myself from you. We all lie back down, heads still reeling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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