My Mom is a Star Pt. 02

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As with part 1 this story is drawn from a conversation I had a while back with a lovely lady who I met in chat, and at her request I have withheld her name. Some of this story is what she recounted from real life experiences, other parts I have used ‘artistic licence’ so I do hope I have done part 2 justice.


Julia could hear noises coming from her son’s bedroom and pausing at the door she watched him sitting at his pc slowly working his large erect cock in his hand as he watched a video. Julia smiled to herself as she could see he was watching one of her old porn films which they had converted to dvd a while back. It was the same video that had changed their relationship some months ago and now her son fucked her on a regular basis.

“Oh hi Mom,” said Chris over his shoulder, not stopping his slow stokes as he went on, “any chance of some help here,” nodding down towards his cock not shifting his eyes from the screen. Julia watched a younger version of herself on screen being double penetrated by two very well endowed young black men and the vision bought back some wonderful memories.

Leaning over her son, careful not to obscure his view, Julia started to work his thick cock before leaning over and sucking him into her warm wet mouth. Julia loved how Chris felt and tasted like her departed husband and if she closed her eyes it reminded her of him.

Chris looked down on his mother’s head bobbing up and down in his lap and relaxed, loving the way she worked on his cock, unlike the girls in college who treated it like a poisonous snake. He had been banging his Mom for 6 months since he had caught her performing on web cam, though he had seen her on screen in her porn films from younger days. The three things he knew about his Mom were, she loved anal, she adored black cock and finally she gave the most wonderful head.

Chris could feel his balls tighten and thought about banging his Mom but decided to enjoy her mouth on this occasion. Slipping his hand under her dress he worked his fingers under her panty elastic and pushed them deep into her soaking pussy, thrusting them hard and deep, twisting them as he did so.

Julia groaned with pleasure as she felt her son’s fingers invade her body and she sucked harder as he finger fucked her. She didn’t mind that he wasn’t going to fuck her as she had a date that night with Leroy, her current black lover, who would give both her holes a through work out. As she sucked and gripped her son’s cock she heard Chris say, “wow Mom wish I could have been in your videos, you are so hot and just love the way you take anything in your ass.” Without even looking Julia knew he was at the highlight of the film where she performed double anal and the recollection sent juices flooding from her pussy. fulya escort

As Chris erupted in her mouth Julia swallowed his cum eagerly loving the taste and making sure she got every drop. Working the last few drops out by gripping his cock tightly Julia said, “it’s your 20th birthday next week Chris, I will see if I can get you something special.”

Feeling totally drained, but very contented, Chris smiled at his Mom, “thanks Mom, now you had better get yourself ready for Leroy tonight.”


Chris walked through the door a few weeks later and his Mom met giving him a big kiss and happily said, “Happy Birthday to my special son, I have a treat for you, now close your eyes.” and led him by the hand.

Chris opened his eyes and took in the scene that greeted him in their family lounge. There was Leroy and four other black men all naked and sporting semi erect cocks, each one of them would put Chris’s 9 inches to shame. There was a handheld camera that was connected to the television showing what ever it was pointed at and what Chris smile with joy was the large tube of anal gel sitting on a side table.

Turning to his mother she answered his question before he could verbalise it. “You always said you wanted to be in a movie, and you know how much I love black cock and anal, so when Leroy agreed to help I just had to do it.”

Chris was overjoyed and he quickly stripped until he was naked as his mother, who had stripped while she explained things, and the rest of the guys. As directed Chris leant against the arm of the sofa with his cock pointing upwards. He was a hard as a steel rod and one of the men clicked record on the camera and pointed it at Chris. Two of the guys lifted Julia into position so she was impaled on Chris’s cock with her feet on the arm and her hands round his neck making her ass stick out and easily accessible.

Chris kissed his mother hard and felt her gasp into his mouth, glancing over her shoulder he could see one of the men had smeared his fingers with lube and pushed them into Julia’s ass. Chris could feel his mother get tighter as the man slowly finger fucked her and twisted 2 then 3 fingers inside her anal passage. The tightness though was nothing compared to how tight his mother became when the man inserted his 12 inches of black cock into Julia’s ass making her eyes roll and moans issued from her mouth.

“Oh fuck that feels so good Winston,” Julia moaned as she felt herself being filled.

Chris could feel his cock being squeezed as Winston said, “now don’t you go doing nothing boy do you hear, you just let me do the work.” With that Winston placed a hand on each of Julia’s shoulders and began thrusting up into her ass.

Chris was in seventh heaven as gebze escort he watched the waves of pleasure ripple across his mother’s face and glancing to the side could see a close up of his cock in her pussy and Winston’s black cock sawing into her ass. Winston started to make grunting noises as his thrusts got more intense until finally with a roar he emptied himself into Julia’s bowels. Chris could feel the spurt of cum through the thin walls and when Winston withdrew the screen showed Julia’s open ass with cum starting to just show.

Julia didn’t feel her ass being empty for long as almost as soon as Winston had withdrawn it was replaced with an equally as large cock. Julia grunted with pleasure as the man drove inside in one savage thrust and held it there and whispered in her ear, “it’s me baby, your Jeremy.” Julia had been fucked by Jeremy before and knew that he loved to fuck very fast and deep with no mercy. Gripping hold of her son’s neck Julia braced herself for the anal assault that was about to happen.

Chris felt his mother being mashed against him as the man behind fucked her at breakneck speed, driving in and out like his life depended on it. The words issuing from her mouth were unintelligible in the main, apart from the odd swear words. Chris reached between their bodies so he could twist his mother’s nipple hard and this sent Julia over the top. Chris could feel her juices flood over the base of his cock and balls and it took every ounce of willpower not to shoot his load.

Jeremy had clearly reached the end of his race as he pumped in his seed before pulling out and saying with pride in his voice, “dat ass is now wrecked.” The other guys laughed as Jeremy was often used in their gangbangs to get a white pussy or ass really open and ready. Chris glanced over at the monitor and could see his mother’s ass was still open and seed now trickling freely out.

“Time for some Tyrone cock,” said a deep voice as a huge man moved forward, “best be careful I don’t squeeze that white dick from your Momma’s pussy boy.” Chris looked and was amazed at what he saw, Tyrone’s cock was not only long but as thick as his wrist and he was smearing it well with lube. His mother whimpered in his ear as Tyrone slowly fed his cock into Julia’s ass pausing after a while with the question, “you want some more white girl?”

Chris nearly orgasmed as his mother replied loudly, “yes… yes… fucking hell yes, use my ass, I love your cock.”

Tyrone laughed deep in his belly as he buried his cock to the hilt and Chris felt that maybe Tyrone’s joke about squeezing him out could become real. The pressure was intense on Chris cock as each time Tyrone pushed in, his mother’s pussy gripped his cock. Tyrone grunted with pleasure as he shot gültepe escort deep into Julia’s ass and loved the way she shrieked in orgasm as she came at the same time.

“How you doing boy?” said Leroy into Chris’s face, “you having birthday fun?” Chris just nodded dumbly as Leroy went on, “seems like your momma is nice and ready now,” and with that thrust his hips forward.

Chris realised there was something different as there was no thin wall of skin separating his cock in his mother’s pussy from the cock in her ass. A quick glance at the monitor confirmed it as he saw Leroy slowly feeding his cock into his mother’s pussy alongside his own. The feeling was bizarrely strange yet not repulsive as he felt his own cock being rubbed, added to this was his mother flooding onto the two cocks. Chris couldn’t stop himself and shouting loudly joined Leroy’s thrusts as he emptied his balls into his mother.

Strong hands lifted Julia off Chris and his cock flopped semi hard onto his thighs. The fifth black guy was lying on his back with his cock pointing up and Julia was placed on him with her back to him. Chris could clearly see the black cock sink quickly into his mother’s ass until it came to a rest, with her leaning back with knees wide apart. Chris stared at his mother’s pussy oozing his cum which dripped downwards onto the man’s cock. Chris was relieved to see when he glanced at the screen that the was being captured for future wanking sessions and then his face lit up with pure joy as he realised what was about to happen. Leroy knelt between Julia’s legs as he said, “you had better not be taking up too much room in there Rodney, coz Leroy is coming in.”

Julia was delirious with pleasure and when she heard Leroy’s words and felt another small orgasm shudder through her body. Leroy loomed over her and she felt the pushing sensation as he started to enter her already full ass. Despite the fucking she had already had and the three loads of cum and lots of lube Julia felt her ass burning. Having been ganged a few times by Leroy and his friends she knew they weren’t going to stop whatever she said. Looking over Leroy’s shoulder she was greeted by the most wondrous sight of her son tugging himself to hardness as he watched his mother taking two black cocks in her ass. “I love you” she mouthed and when he mouthed the same back Julia exploded with a huge orgasm.

Leroy and Rodney felt Julia orgasms at the same time as she screamed in our animal pleasure, almost simultaneously the pair erupted spraying her bowels with even more cum. Leroy moved away and Rodney withdrew and lifted Julia’s legs higher so the camera could get a final close up her open ass with cum flowing freely from it.


Later that evening Chris and Julia sat watching a rerun of the afternoons events while Julia had fished out her son’s cock from his shorts and was slowly wanking him. Then as she bent her head into his lap and started sucking him Chris said to his Mom with admiration, “you really know how to handle cock, you truly are a star.”

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