My Mom, My Love Ch. 03

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When I arrived in the lobby, I asked the doorman if he could recommend somewhere close to eat. He pointed me down the street to a small pub, saying they had good burgers and beer. Yeah, I could use a beer. I made my way down two blocks and finally found the place. ‘McCally’s’ the sign read. Hum? That name sounded familiar. Maybe I had been there before.

I walked in, it was somewhat smoky, but not too bad, the music of the live band sounded good, and I looked around to find an open spot at the bar, making my way, and waved the bartender over, “What’ll be?”

“Coldest draft you got and your finest burger.” I threw a twenty on the bar and he cashed me out, handing me back seven bucks, then drew my beer.

“You aren’t from around here are you?”

“No sir, Mississippi.”

“Here on pleasure or business?”

“My pleasure is at home waiting on my return, so, I guess I’m here on business.”

He laughed hardily, “She must be something.”

“Yes sir, she is that and more.” I smiled thinking about her.

“What you here for?”

“Convention. Guest speaker.” I silently patted myself on the back.

“Law enforcement huh?” I shook my head yes, as I took a drink, he continued, “Next one’s on the house.” he pointed at my glass, I nodded. Another customer brought his attention away from me and I looked around to see if there was a small table or somewhere else to sit besides the bar. Off in the corner, past the pool tables was a nice quiet spot, so I motioned to him I would be over there, he nodded.

I walked over and sat down, watching the crowd and listening to the band. I hadn’t seen any familiar faces, but who knew, I’m not sure if anyone knew I was actually going to be attending.

My burger and fries came up and one of the waitresses brought them too me, along with another draft. I thanked her and she walked away. I saw her a bit later chatting with her co-workers and someone else. They kept looking at me, pointing and giggling.

I ate my food in peace, thinking about mom, and how much fun we had the last time we had gone out to the bar, and then not quite making it through the door before we had our clothes off and were making out on the couch.

She was all over me, wild and free, sitting astride of my lap, holding on to the back of the couch, her breast in my face. She pushed me into a sitting position on the sofa, and was on my shaft at once, gripping claws in to my shoulders, bouncing up and down on my rock hardness, kissing me like a mad woman!

I held her hips, trying to keep a rhythm with her, but it was no use, she was riding me like I was a bronco. I did manage to get a luscious tit into my mouth and suck it until she screamed and came all over me, pulling away and pushing down as hard as she could, forcing me deeper within her body.

“Come for me Bowen, shoot your load into me, fuck me so hard that you blow my mind!”

Yes, she was a bit drunk. I know better than to let her get that way, but after seeing her and Jose’ together, I wondered what it would feel like if she took on the tequila again, and what she would do to me if I let her have her way. I will never regret it!

I held her down to me as she ground her hips into my lap, throwing her head back and growling with pleasure, allowing me to nibble at her breast, kiss her body, and hold her as she thrust herself deeper on me. Her hair spilling about her naked body, her eyes, sparkling with lust and heated emotion, her lips, parted just slightly as she sucked in air and licked them with lustful intent.

“Let go Bowen, let me feel your love,” her eyes slightly closed, her facial expression that of an animal in heat. She pushed against my chest, her face within inches of mine, her tongue teasing my lips as she clamped around me.

No longer could I hold back, no longer did I want to. I groaned with pleasing assent and unloaded my seed deep with in her body. She pumped at me, and came as I did, releasing pent up animalistic rage and energy.

She collapsed against me, and I wrapped my arms around her, both of us grasping for air to recover from our intensity. She kissed me lightly, faint little kisses across my chest where she had dug her nails into istanbul escort my flesh.

I ran my hands up into her hair, holding her close at the back of her head, entangling myself in her more. Neither of us could move, for the lack of energy had overtaken us, and I lay my head back against the couch while she rested against me.

Slowly, we collected ourselves and made our way to the bedroom. Not once did we wake until the day had become the afternoon.

I was distracted from my memories by the same waitress when she came back over and sat down, making herself friendly, “Hi, I know you don’t know me, but I was wondering if you might be related to the McCally’s?”

I smiled at her, “No ma’am, can’t say that I am.” my southern accent clashed with her mid-west one.

“Well, my girlfriend over there thinks that you resemble one of the family, and I thought, maybe you might be related to James or Ron.”

My mind screamed out! “Who?” I calmly asked her, my heart racing at the thought of…

“Well, you see, she thought you may have been Mike or one of the others. She seems to think that you look like the younger brother.” she shrugged her shoulders.

“McCally? You said Ron McCally?” I tired not to sound to shocked.

“Yes, they own this pub, well, the family anyway.”

“Hey, can I get another draft please?” I was trying to distract my runaway thoughts.

“Sure, I’ll be right back.” She picked up my empty glass and hurried away.

Was it true, was I sitting in the… no way? She came back and sat my beer down, I offer her the cash and she pushed it back at me, “it’s on me.” She brushed my hand, looking at me. I felt very uncomfortable all of the sudden.

“Hey, are there any photographs around this joint of the McCally’s?” I asked, drinking down the last of my other beer.

“Yeah, there over there,” she pointed to the wall close to the door. “I swear, up close like this, you look like Ron.” she almost whispered, her eyes cutting through me.

I stood up and made my way back to the door, trying to make out the photographs in the darkened room. I glanced back over to the table where she stood with the other girl now, and looked back at the wall. What the fuck! Was that my dad?

I could see my reflection in the glass thanks to the neon light that lit the doorway. I squinted a bit, adjusting my eyes to the light, looking at myself, and him, looking like me.

“They say everyone has a twin. If you’re Ron’s, you’re just as hot as he is.” She brushed against me, I just looked at her. I saw the look in her eyes, I knew that look, I had seen it in too many women.

“My wife thinks so too.” I quickly added, hinting at my uneasiness of her approach, hoping that knocked her down a few notches.

“Where’s your wife? Back in Mississippi?” her fingers grazed my open shirt.

“Yes. Yes she is.” I took her hand from my chest, pushing it down to her side.

“Maybe what she won’t know won’t hurt her.” the seductress pouted, her eyes full of fire.

“So,” I instinctively cleared my throat, “do you know if Ron is around?”

“No, he only comes in on the weekends.” she ran her hand up and down my arm stopping to put it on my waist. I pulled away, drinking the last of my beer.

“Perhaps I should stop in and see how much I do look like him then, tomorrow,” I turned back to the bar, walking over to put my glass down, straightening out my jacket, and tipping the keep.

“A man alone in such a big city is surely in need of company for the night?” she stopped me as I turned around, heading back toward the door.

“No darling, my wife is all the company I need. But thank you for the interesting conversation, and the information about the McCally’s.” I pushed past her and stopped at the door to zip up my jacket. As I did, I overheard the other girl talking just behind me.

“I’m telling you, that’s Ron’s spitting image. There’s no way he’s not related to my uncle! You saw his eyes, and his reaction. Daddy always said I had an older cousin. My god, could that be him?”

“I don’t know, but he’s not easily tempted by a hot girl in short pants.”

I walked out the door into kabataş escort the cool night, it was almost two a.m.

My hotel room was stuffy after the brisk morning jaunt. I was glad my presentation wasn’t until eleven, I was hoping to get some sleep before then. I looked at the clock again, it was four. My mind wouldn’t relax with the realization that I came so close to meeting my father, and obviously, my cousin.

I wanted to call mom and talk to her so much, tell her what had happened, but then I remembered the look on her face when I told her I had been invited to come here. Now, I understood why. But what were the chances of this happening, I wasn’t even going to begin to guess.

I decided that I wouldn’t say anything to her, and that I would walk into that bar again on the pretense of meeting my father. If nothing else, to see just how much we looked alike, and understand why mom, no, she loves me for me, not just because I look like my dad. She told me that. Besides, she admitted that she still loved him, but… as I tried to make sense of my thoughts, I drifted off to sleep.


The room’s phone woke me after nine. I was glad because I knew I wasn’t getting up.

“Your cell is off Scott, we’re supposed to meet at ten, remember!” the voice came from the other end.

“Yeah, shit!” I rolled, looking at the clock, “I’ll be down in twenty.”

“You better hurry, Sarge is waiting on us.”

“I’ll be down there, just wait on me. I’ll meet you in the lobby.” I hung the phone up and fished my cell out of my jeans pocket, not remembering turning it off. I tossed it on the counter in the bathroom and got in the shower.

This was one morning when it wouldn’t be the long, heated moments making love to Angel. Her soft body, glistening with water, pressed against the cool wall while I took full advantage of her willingness.

Her wet long hair, wrapping around her body, wanting eyes staring at me as I looked up from between her legs, smiling at what she was allowing me to give her. My stiffness grew in my hand at the thought of loving her, and it wasn’t long before the shower wall was covered in my come.

I dressed and made sure that I had everything in order before heading to the lobby. I looked at my phone again, wondering why she hadn’t called, but then, I hadn’t called her either. She knew that today was my presentation, maybe she thought that it was best she didn’t disturb me. I decided to call her once we got to the convention hall.

I stood adjacent of the stage, in a quiet place a half hour before my appearance, and called home.

“Hello?” came the squeaky voice.

“Hey lil’ bro, mom around?”

“Uh, yeah, I think she’s still outside. Mr. Dan stopped by; they are out in the back yard.”

Dan! What the fuck! I had to collect myself. “Can you go get her? I don’t have much time to talk.”

“Sure, hold on.” I heard the back door open and he yelled for mom. There were garbled voices in the background and some rustling before the phone was answered.

“Hello baby.”

“Hi mom.” I said gruffly.

“What’s wrong?”

“You haven’t called all day, and you… and I’m getting ready to go on, and…”

“Bowen? Don’t you remember, you told me you would call me when you woke up this morning?” she said something to Arron about getting her drink, “You told me that when you called me at four-thirty this morning, after we talked a little while.”

“I called you this morning?”

“Yes baby, mumbling something about your father.”

her voice changed, “Bowen, did you see Ron?”

I felt my pulse race, what the hell was I supposed to tell her when I didn’t even remember talking to her? “No mom, I didn’t. But the reason I asked was because… I called you this morning?”

“Yes baby, hold on,” ‘Dan can you hang this up for me, I need to go check on something in the other room, I’ll use the phone in there, thanks.’ I heard the phone and her voice again as she picked it up, telling Dan to hang the other up. “Bowen, you still there baby.”

“Yes mom.” I know she heard the displeasure in my voice.

“What’s wrong baby?”

“Nothing. What’s Dan doing there?” kadıköy escort

“He has invited us out for the day, I thought it would be nice to spend the day with him, he is a very close friend of mine.” she must have sensed my angst, “Bo, you know I love you, and there is no other man I love more. Danny and I have always been friends, since you two started working together, you know that.”

“I know mom. I know.” I fell silent.

She changed the subject, “You called me this morning and talked about your father. I still am not certain what you said, you were so tired. But after that, you seemed satisfied and told me you would call me today.”

“I’m sorry mom, I just didn’t remember calling you.”

“It’s ok baby.” her next words brought life back into me, helping me get over my jealously. “The bed was so lonely without you this morning. I had to take care of things alone. But the sheer thought of your body entwined with mine brought a pleasure to me that I can never explain. I miss you baby.” her voice was so seductive, I could feel myself swell.

“I miss you too Angel.”

“Hey Scott!” Sarge came around the curtain, tapping his watch.

“Angel, I have to go, it’s almost time for my speech.”

“Good luck baby. I’ll have the cell phone on. Danny is taking us to the beach, I’m sure to come home sun burnt!” she giggled.

“Be careful mom.” I heard my name called again. “I have to go. I’ll call you when I get finished.”

“Do that, and don’t worry about us. You and the boys have a good time after you’re done. I know you will all be going out tonight!”

“Scott!” Sarge echoed.

“I love you Angel, bye.”

“Bye baby, I love you too.”

Dan! Fucking Dan! I was her lover, I was her man! And WHO the fuck was he! But I knew she has always considered him her friend. How could I explain to him I was more to her then just her son. How could she? She wouldn’t, would she? So much for having my speech down pat, now all of my thoughts were about her.

She called me several times during the afternoon, leaving messages, which made me feel better. We finally got to talk a bit and she told me she was tired, she wished that I was home to rub down her sunburn, that Arron had tried, but was impatient with her, and Dan, well, he was kind enough to help out and spread the aloe on her back and shoulders, making her back glisten. It looked nice when she put on her halter dress before they went out to dinner. Dan couldn’t stop complementing her on her beauty.

“Mom, why are you telling me all of this?”

“Because I want you to know. I don’t want you to worry about me. I love you.”

“You’re just making me jealous.”

“Are you not getting hit on by lovely girls there in Chicago?”

“Well, yes.” I thought about the girl at the bar, and a few other that had eyed me at the


When she spoke, confidence came in her words, “And I’m not jealous. I know where your heart lies Bowen.” she took a deep breath, “Baby, I miss you. I miss you in our bed, I miss you touching me, holding me. I love you.” OK, she made her point.

Angel softly whispered, “If I wasn’t so tired, and didn’t have company, I would be laid back in the bed with my legs spread, my fingers gently caressing my lips that are longing for your attention. I miss you so much baby.” She was quiet, allowing her words to sink in.

I felt myself, my hardness through my jeans, god how much I wanted to hold her, slip between her legs and have sex with her, make love to her. She distracted my thoughts, “You mentioned something earlier about you and the boys going out?”

“Yes, were going to a small pub just down from the hotel. McCally’s.”

I heard her draw in a quick breath, “McCally’s? Oh Bowen.” her voice was lost, now she understood our conversation earlier that morning had been about. The one that I didn’t remember having with her.

I heard a knock echo from her bedroom door, “Jeana, do you have any…” Dan’s voice trailed off in the background, “Jeana, are you feeling all right, you look pale.”

“I’m fine Danny, I…I’ll just be a few more minutes.” she turned her conversation back to me, “Bowen, if you see him, if he asks about me, tell him, tell him I never stopped loving him.”

“Jeana?” Dan’s voice was closer to the phone now. I knew he was sitting next to her.

“Bo, I, I’ll call you back in a little while baby. I love you,” she voice cracked with tears.

“I love you too mom.” the phone went silent.

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