My Only Daughter Ch. 01

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The end of summer was coming too quickly, and that meant she would be going back to college and I would be alone again in that big house at the beach.

We’d been there all summer, just my daughter and me and a steady stream of our friends, guys from back home coming down for fishing weekends away from their wives, couples from the beach club where we played golf and swam in the pool, and of course her college friends who seemed to come and go daily, their names changing but everyone of them somehow the same person, young, tanned, pretty and smart.

It was a never-ending party.

Or at least I wanted it to never end.

Charlotte was 21, and somehow she was the same girl to me as the kid I coached in Little League, an athletic marvel who refused to play softball with the girls and insisted I let her play on my boys’ teams. She more than held her own. She was the best second-basemen in the league.

That seemed like yesterday as I watched her with her friends as they all made their way from the back bedrooms to the rear foyer.

“Daddy! We’re going to the water!”

The guys all had surfboards leaning against the house. The girls all had chairs and beach bags filled with Coppertone and books and water bottles. One of the guys pulled a cooler behind him, filled with beer and ice.

I watched them parade out the back deck toward the water. The tide was coming in. The sun was still high in the air. My daughter’s ass moved in synch with the others, their long tanned legs in unison as they walked onto the sand.

I was smiling as my cock started to swell inside my shorts. I walked out onto the deck, opened a beer and slipped out of my shorts.

And then I heard a voice behind me.

“Um, Mr. B, you seem to have lost your pants.”

It was Kennedy, halkalı escort my daughter’s best friend and a little flirt from college. She was a perky little blonde with a dark tan and blue eyes and a smirky little smile on her face that suggested she was always up to no good.

“Is this what you do when we all leave?” she asked as I stood and grabbed a towel and quickly covered myself.

“I didn’t know you were still here,” I said.

She laughed as she walked toward me on her way to the walkway.

“You should be more careful around the little girls,” she said as she walked past, putting on pair of sunglasses and bouncing down the boardwalk.

Then she turned and stopped, her head tilted to one side and her hand on her hip.

“Nice cock, Mr. B,” she said, raising her sunglasses and winking.

She licked her lips and kissed the air.

“Very nice cock.”

She could see the rise in the towel as she turned away and skipped down the walkway.

Her tight ass bounced as she waved over her back. She knew I was still watching. I let the towel drop and shook my head. I took a long sip of beer and exhaled.

I wanted the summer to last forever.

I must have dozed off at some point but a sound woke me from a short slumber. I instinctively reached for the towel as a group of her friends came walking back up from the water. All girls. Charlotte was with them. Kennedy was doing most of the talking as they laughed and joked and waved to me as I crouched down and put my shorts back on, draping the towel around my neck as they approached.

Charlotte kissed me on the cheek as they sashayed past me. Kennedy reached out and let her hand run across my stomach, winking again and licking her lips. No one else noticed.

“We’re harbiye escort having a party tonight Daddy!”

Charlotte was opening and closing cabinet drawers and the refrigerator, gathering items and placing them around the counter. The rest of the girls had gone to the bedrooms. I watched Charlotte move around the kitchen and thought again how much she looked like Sally, my ex-wife.

They were both dirty blondes with perfect bodies, long legs and rounded breasts that seemed to stand at attention, big hazel eyes and always perfectly manicured, not a hair out of place.

“How does a low-country boil sound, Daddy?”

“Sounds great, honey. Not sure I’ll be here though.”

“You have a date?” she looked at me with a wide smile. “Please tell me you have a date.”

I shook my head.

“Sorry babe. Just a poker game at the club. I’ll be home late.”

Charlotte had been trying to fix me up with her friends’ moms for the past three summers since Sally and I split. She even brought them to stay with us for long weekends, making no pretense about the situation, literally parading them for me to size up.

And the moms were all in. They were all divorced, all in their 40s, all still sexy and horny and looking for men. I saw a few of them from time to time, even became close to Kennedy’s mom the summer before. But she was a lot like her daughter, and I had no intention of spending the rest of my life with her.

She lived about an hour inland and was known to drop in from time to time. But we kept it to a friends-only relationship. With benefits, of course.

I took a shower as they continued to set up the party downstairs. The guys had come back, and they were all in the kitchen making lists and slicing vegetables and boiling water ikitelli escort with stacks of shrimp and corn and clams and mussels scattered on newspaper. The house smelled like fish and spices, suntan lotion and beer.

I stepped out of the shower and noticed my door was slightly ajar. I went to close it but then stuck my head out the door. I heard loud noises coming from the upstairs guest bedroom. No one was staying in that room, so I went to see what was going on. Outside the door, I realized it was Kennedy. Her boyfriend has just arrived. She wasn’t happy about it.

I was standing in my boxers when I heard Kennedy’s voice.

“I think you should leave,” she said, and I heard her bare feet coming toward the door.

“I don’t want to see you again.”

The door opened. She was crying. No words were spoken. She saw me there and collapsed into my arms sobbing. The guy didn’t say a word. He slipped behind us, down the stairs and out the front door. I never saw him again.

Kennedy’s tears ran down my chest.

“I’m sorry, Mr. B. I’m sorry you had to see that.”

She was wearing her bikini inside a football jersey. She held me tighter and I stroked her hair.

“You’re OK,” said. “He’s gone now.”

She looked up into my eyes and let one hand slide down my back to the elastic band of my boxers.

“You seem to have lost your pants again,” she said, a sly smile on her face. My cock was pressed into her stomach.

Her other hand slid up my back and into my hair. She pulled my head down to meet hers, and we kissed. It was a slow, sensual kiss, her tongue sliding into my mouth as she breathed out and moaned, never taking her eyes off mine. She bit my lower lip, pulling it out just slightly as she let her other hand slide down onto my ass.

“My mom told me you were great in bed,” she said, popping me on the ass and laughing.

Can I have a kleenex? I must look like a wreck.”

“You look beautiful,” said turning away and walking back toward my room.

“Nice ass, Mr. B,” she said, following behind me. “Very nice ass.”

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