My Personal Alarm Clock Ch. 06

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While I knew that Chapter 5 would not be for everyone, I was very glad to see it was relatively well received. As more of my ManyFetishes shine through in my writings, I hope everyone continues to enjoy and appreciate the story itself. This chapter provides a little family background. Next chapter will be focused on a new fetish, so stay tuned.


After I shower and dress, I head down to the kitchen where the rest of the family is already gathered for breakfast before we head to Mom’s parents for the day. They live just far enough away that we don’t see them often, but it’s close enough that we can do a day trip on occasion and visit with them. Today is Grandma’s 70th birthday so it’ll be nice to see the whole family.

As I enter the kitchen, I’m smiling and say good morning to everyone.

Susan, my soon to be 18 year old sister sneers at me and says “I hate morning people. You’re always so happy in the mornings.”

“Well Sis, when I’m awakened by my personal alarm clock, my first thought is ‘It’s going to be a good day.’ And I simply go from there.”

“Maybe I need a new alarm clock, mine buzzes and I want to throw it against the wall.”

“Maybe I’ll do something about that and come up with a new alarm clock for your birthday…” I say with a slight smirk.

Mom and Dad just smile and continue about their business preparing eggs, bacon and toast for us all. Then Dad says “Good work team, we’re all on schedule so we can head out to Grandma and Grandpa’s on time. It’s a beautiful day for Grandma’s birthday party.”

Mom says “Your Aunt Elaine and I have had fun planning and getting ready for the party, it should be fun and will make Mom very happy. Nothing extravagant, heck it’s only for the 10 of us. Us 4, Elaine’s family and Mom and Dad. Grill out, laugh, tell some stories, open a couple of gifts and we’ll be home at a reasonable hour this evening.”

We load up and hit the road and 90 minutes later we arrive at Grandma and Grandpa’s. A nice, little, simple home on about 10 acres. Grandpa likes to garden a little. Well I think he just likes to complain a little about everything that goes wrong every time he plants his garden. It’s too wet, it’s too dry, it’s too cold… Yet he always ends up with a bumper crop of tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers and whatever else he decides to plant in the spring.

Grandma greets us as we pull up, always looking happy, prim and proper. Everyone hugs and we head in with armloads of food and gifts. The whole time Grandma says “You really shouldn’t have gone to all this trouble!”

Grandpa is in the den with the TV on, the final round of the Masters is today “I can’t believe your parents poor planning Rose, giving birth to you the week of the Masters and of course this year it falls on the final day! We’re going to move your birthday up a week from now on.” Grandma and Mom both punch him in an arm and Grandpa laughs… “She gets so riled up when I joke around like that.”

Grandpa turns off the TV, stands up and Mom, his baby girl, hugs him and gives him a kiss. I’d never noticed before, but the kiss lasts a little longer than the usual family peck most people give. I must just be imagining things… Grandpa is very fit for his 68 years. He’s always active and keeping busy and it shows. I hope I look half as good in 50 years.

Everyone gathers in the kağıthane escort kitchen and then we hear another vehicle arrive and it’s Elaine and her brood. Lots of chatter, hugs, kisses and laughter as this is the first time we’ve all been together since Christmas.

My cousins Laura and Keith are looking good as usual. Healthy, happy and smiling. Laura is 1 year younger than me, 19 and Keith is the same age as Susan, 17. We don’t see each other often, but we all get along well and enjoy the times we do get to share. And since we’re so close in ages we always have plenty to talk about.

So, here we are, the ten of us milling around, prepping and moving around like a small army of ants getting things setup for our barbeque cookout. It’s nice enough to set up outside and enjoy the day.

A lot of chit-chat, a lot of yelled out instructions to take this out there, or go find this and take it to your Dad… no way to keep track of everyone. I hear someone yell out “Matt, go into the basement and grab the 2 extra lawn chairs.” I don’t even know who said it, but I acknowledge and head to the house.

I go in and head down the basement stairs. The light is already on, probably left on by someone else that’s already come down to get something earlier.

I make my way down the carpeted stairs and when I hit the landing, I see something that stops me in my tracks… at the far end of the basement, Grandpa is standing there with his hands wrapped in my Mom’s hair as she’s on her knees sucking him off. HOLY CRAP!

It’s not like I’m offended or anything, I just had no idea that Mom’s ‘family loving’ stretched back a generation… Wow… Impressive… Way to go Grandpa!

Although I don’t make a sound, Grandpa must have sensed my presence. He looks over, smiles and with a nod of his head directs me over to them.

As I timidly walk over he says “I know you know how good this is… you don’t mind sharing do you Son? I don’t get the pleasure of a wake up call every day any more.”

“Not at all Gramps. I had no idea you knew about our routine.”

“Where do you think your Mom learned this?” as he chuckles

Mom hasn’t stopped, not that she’s had a choice since Grandpa has held on to her head and has been working it back and forth at a steady pace.

“Why don’t you get a piece of this, let your mother jerk you off while she sucks me.”

I oblige and unzip. I pull out my cock and Gramps just nods his approval “Not bad there my boy.”

Mom reaches up and starts stroking me as she continues to be force fed her father’s good sized piece of meat.

Not at all what I was expecting when I heard a couple of months ago we’d be going to a 70th birthday party… but hey, I’m not one to complain.

While Grandpa continues to face fuck Mom, I just watch and enjoy the stroking action on my own cock.

Finally, a groan, a grunt and my Mom’s head is pulled tight up against Grandpa’s belly and he’s exploding down her throat. Mom is relaxed and holding still as she takes it all down.

Once finished, he relaxes the hold on Mom’s head and she slowly backs up as I see inch by inch of my Grandpa’s cock come sliding out all slick.

Mom smiles, licks her lips, looks up and says “I’ve missed you Dad.”

“I’ve missed you too Princess… so very much… Now don’t leave poor Matt kartal escort there hanging. Be a good mother and finish him off.”

Mom turns and still on her knees ‘walks’ over to me and takes me straight down her throat in one motion… her throat already being opened by her own father. She grabs my balls, tugs on them, pulling them straight down with even pressure and starts sucking me hard and fast. She knows she’s going to have to give it a little extra effort since she’d just sucked me off earlier that morning. She knows how I love having my balls stretched… that always gets me.

Whereas Grandpa held on to Mom’s head, I don’t, I just let her work her magic and do what she wants and boy does she want… Sometimes she simply can’t get enough cum.

I don’t last long and I’m grunting and final grab Mom’s head and pull her against my belly and cum down her throat as she pulls my balls straight down… Holy fuck that sensation is unreal.

As Grandpa and I zip up and gather ourselves, Mom gets up, dusts off her knees and kisses us both “I love both my men… the one that gave me life and the one I gave life to… I’m a very lucky woman.”

“We’re the lucky ones sweetheart.” Grandpa says and I nod and smile in agreement.

“Mom, you’ve got an awful lot to tell me at some point.” I chuckle.

“You can ask all the questions you want. Later. I’ll be happy to tell you everything.” She smiles and we all head upstairs. I turn back though and grab the lawn chairs I was sent to get.

The rest of the day goes wonderfully and we have a marvelous family day. Grandma hates being the center of attention but you can tell she thoroughly enjoyed herself.

As dusk approaches, everyone loads up their caravans and all head out. Susan sometimes doesn’t do well on car trips after eating a big meal, so she sits up front with Dad driving. Mom and I settle in the backseat.

Within 3 miles Susan is asleep and very lightly snoring. I shift over to Mom a little in the backseat and talk in a quiet voice… “You and Grandpa? I had no idea.”

“Yes, your Grandfather made me what I am today… a cock and cum whore.” She laughs, a little too loud and she claps her hand over her mouth not wanting to wake up my sister.

“Shortly after my 18th birthday your Grandfather and I just sort of ‘happened’… I won’t bore you with the details, just suffice it to say that it’s thanks to him that you get to enjoy everything you do. I would wake him up the same way, although he had to come to my room every morning rather than me going to him. He’d come in, poke his beautiful cock through the opening in his pajamas and rest it on my lips until I woke up as he stood there next to my bed. I loved that… He tasted so good in the mornings.”

“Did Grandma know?”

“I’m actually not sure. She may have suspected but she never said anything to me and I never asked.”

“Did you drink his pee in the morning like you did me this morning?”

“Not at first, but eventually yes I did and that’s how I acquired a taste for it. Now I do that for your father every morning.”

“Every morning???” I ask, raising my voice a little too loud.

“Here’s a little secret Matt… Your father has not peed in a single toilet in our house.”


That’s right, in the 14 years we’ve lived in that house, I’ve always küçükçekmece escort been his receptacle, if you will. Any time he has to pee when he’s at home, he signals me in some way and we go off somewhere and I drink from him.”

“Wow, that’s pretty amazing Mom.”

“I’m happy to do the same for you if you’d like. It’s totally up to you. You think about it and let me know. Any time.” And Mom leans over and kisses my cheek.

“So, let me get this straight… You used to suck Grandpa off every morning… then you met Dad and started doing the same for him AND drink his pee… then when I turned 18 you started sucking me off every morning, and now you’re offering to drink from me…”

“When you put it that way Matt, it sounds somewhat naughty, doesn’t it?” She giggles at herself.

All is quiet as we continue down the highway, my head trying to wrap around everything I’ve learned in the past 14 hours. Quite the day. As I close my eyes and relax, I feel Mom lightly running her fingernails along the top of my thigh as I’m wearing shorts. She continues tracing in circles, up and down. I moan lightly, it feels so good. With each pass, Mom’s fingers snake a fraction of an inch higher on my thigh. My legs relax and open a little wider involuntarily. The loose fitting shorts allow her to get higher and higher. I absolutely love that feeling. My cock is hardening as I enjoy the light touch and teasing.

She finally works her way up to my cock and lightly brushes it as her fingers work under my shorts and boxers. Susan is still lightly snoring and next thing I feel is Mom reaching over, unzipping and unbuttoning my shorts. Really? In the car, with the family? Seeing Grandpa today must have really worked Mom up.

Mom slowly lowers her head and lays it in my lap as she stretches out on the backseat of the car. I see Dad looking back via the rearview mirror and smiling.

Her head on my stomach, she takes my now raging hard-on in her mouth, just the head and suckles it. Holds it right there and simply sucks the head as she lightly and gently fondles my balls. I lightly run the fingers of my right hand through her hair, slowly, sensually as she just holds me in her mouth… She knows how much I love this and I could stay like this for hours…

As Mom lightly sucks my cock, my right hand leaves her hair and works down her back as she’s laid out on the seat next to me. Her own pair of shorts are gapping a bit at the back and I slide my hand slowly inside them, inside her panties to the crack of her ass… Damn, how I love Mom’s sexy ass… I trace my finger down the crack, she moans on my cock as I stretch over a little and am able to reach down further until I find her little rosebud and I tease it with my fingertip.

I reach down a little further and as usual, she’s dripping wet. I wet my middle finger from her gushing cunt and move it back and slide it into her sweet asshole. As I slowly penetrate her, she starts sucking me harder. As I start moving my finger in and out slowly, she sucks me even harder. Our little session, in the car, with the entire family goes slowly and quietly until I can’t hold back and for the 3rd time today I flood my mother’s mouth with my cum. At the same time I feel her body shiver and I know she’s cum with me. She swallows a couple of times, unlatches from me, sits up and kisses me hard. Sharing the taste of my cum with me.

“Thank you Mom.”

“Any time Sweetheart… Any time.”

“And soon I’ll tell you what else your Grandpa taught me…”

“Give me a hint?”

“Hmmmm, a hint… Now you see it… now you don’t? and with that she winks at me and we pull into our driveway.

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