My Roommate…

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I couldn’t believe my eyes. There she stood in nothing but a dark blood red corset fitted perfectly to her voluptuous body and a G-string with a whip in her hands. She looked absolutely amazing, I couldn’t get enough of the sight. She looked at me with a playful smile, and motioned with her finger to come to her.

“Come. I have a surprise for you.” She told me and turned around shaking her hips seductively as she walked. I followed not knowing what to think, watching her hips sway, completely mesmerized by it. She lead me to a room I wasn’t allowed in since I had moved in with her. She paused and looked at me with that playful smile again. She put a key in the door and pushed it open.

I couldn’t believe my eyes, what was before me was a room, the walls painted black, with candles light on each corner of the room, a giant four post bed sitting to one side, a cabinet opened showing many different whips, canes, and even handcuffs. By one wall I latched eyes on the object of my affection, although I had never told him my feelings for him, He was completely naked tied up on a table that was tilted back, his eyes locked on mine with a seductive stare.

She walked over to him and ran her whip down his body. She walked over to the cabinet and delicately ran her hands over a few things before choosing a mask and ball gag. Then walked back over to him, she left the mask near him but shoved the ball gag in his mouth. I stood my mouth agape at the sight. Then shook my head, tryin to clear my mind of the shock and walked into the room and closed the door. I walked over to her and kissed her neck, his eyes light up. She turned and started kissing me deeply and slowly lead me to the bed.

She pushed me onto the bed and was on top of me giving him quite the kurtköy escort show. She slip my shirt off my body and was immediately attached to my nipple. I moaned at the wet warmth. Then she kissed me all the way up to my mouth again, “Lets give him a little show” she said to me, her eyes showing the mischief she was feeling. I nodded my agreement already feeling the wetness on my panties.

She used one finger to slowly slide down my body, pausing to circle my nipples and belly button. Then hooked it on the band of my shorts and slid them down, making me spread my legs to show him a good view of my wet pussy. His eyes were unmoving and his cock had hardened and looked almost painful. She looked back at him.

“be a good boy” she told him her eyes sweeping his body, “and you might get to play with her” she laughed.

She started kissing me again, and I surprised her a bit by pushing her down onto the mattress and climbing on her, kissing her neck and collar bone as I went, I started to slowly kiss my way down. She spread her legs wider giving me a good look at her gushing pussy. Thank goodness she was wearing crotch less undies. I stroke her clit with my middle finger kissing her belly through the corset she was wearing. Making sure he could see what I was doing to her good, I inserted my middle finger into her wet pussy, she gasped. that’s when I bent down and kissed her beautiful pussy, then I slowly stuck my tongue and swept up her clit, making her shiver at the contact, she tasted so good. I began lapping at her, fingering her pussy at the same time. Making her moan when I hit just right, she was getting close to orgasm when I stopped. I made my way back up to her mouth and she gladly licked her pussy juices levent escort off my mouth before we looked over at him, his eyes wide with shock at what he just saw. Then we looked back at each other both thinking the same thing at the same time.

We both walked over to him, and put the mask on him, it covered most his face and made it impossible for him to see. I reached over and grabbed a candle pouring the wax down his stomach. He jumped at the feeling.

“You’ve been a very bad boy” I told him and ran my fingernails up the flesh on his legs, his cock jumped wanting to be touched, but I stopped right by it. She took her whip and smacked his belly with it. He was a good slave and didn’t make a sound, just like she liked. I poured the wax on his legs and belly some more, while she smacked him then I started kissing and sucking his neck. She started kissing his thighs. When she got close to his harden cock he came all over his belly. She stopped a moment looking as if she was thinking. Then put the whip in his cum and spread it all over his body before I licked it off him.

I bit him on the belly leaving swelling red marks. She whipped him on the thighs for cuming without her say. Then I started licking up his thighs to his still hard cock. Using my tongue ring to put a bit more pressure on it I licked all the way up to the tip and licked around the tip. Playfully nipping and licking on his cock so I had him so worked up then shoved the whole thing in my mouth to the brim, I heard him gasp at the feeling. That’s when she moved behind me spreading my pussy lips to get a good taste and playing with herself. When we were all panting almost ready to cum we stopped. She lay the table down, and removed the ball gag from his mahmutbey escort mouth. I greedily kissed him. I had hungered for the feel of his mouth since I first had met him, and I explored everything with my tongue. As I removed my mouth from his she came up from the top of the table and climbed on.

“Sit” she demanded and pointed at his cock. I complied, we both gasped as I sat on his dick. Then she climbed up on his face and sat down “Lick” she commanded, he did as she asked while I started slowly grinding on his cock. I soon got down a rhythm squeezing him with the walls of my pussy as I rode him. I played with her boobs, kissing her as I moved on him. Soon too soon in my opinion we stopped. And removed him from his bounds, taking the mask off him. We moved to the bed. Where she lay on her back, and I dove inbetween her legs for another taste of her pussy. He came up behind me and slowly stuck his dick inside me, grabbing my hips to pull him in further. I gasped into her pussy at the invasion. He began to pounding into me and I began to feel an orgasm burning inside me. that’s when she came, her pussy juices gushing onto my tongue as I lapped greedily up every bit. He soon quickened the pace, his thrusts becoming more erratic as his own orgasm quickly approached. Suddenly I felt his juices filling me up which triggered my own explosive orgasm.

As we all lay in the glow after sex, she got up and looked at me in his arms,

“Happy birthday sweetie” She smiled at me and walked off to her bedroom. I looked up at him and couldn’t believe my luck I had gotten what I wanted for my birthday as I hugged him close to me I thought of how lucky I was to have my best friend be my roommate, she knew exactly what I liked. I was going to have to surprise her on her birthday with the girl she was in love with, but was too afraid to tell, payback for what she did to me.

He nuzzled my neck, “lets get in the shower, I’m kinda sticky” he told me. I laughed and nodded my agreement. I got up grabbed his hand and led him into the bathroom turning on the shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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