My Roommate’s Loving Family Pt. 04

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*This story follows the same characters from the My Roommate’s Loving Family series. Read parts 1-3 first if you haven’t yet!

Brian walked into his dorm after class was over and found Dave on his bed. They had a shitty, cramped dorm room that was essentially a box with two twin beds against each of the two side walls.

“Hey man, your birthday’s coming up this week! Let’s go fucking wild, man!”

Dave was about to celebrate his first birthday in college and Brian was more excited for it than he was.

“Yeah, sure,” Dave said unenthusiastically.

“Dude, what’s up? You’re turning 19! Let’s go turn the fuck up tonight!”

Dave just continued to look down at his phone and shrugged.

“What’s up, man? Why aren’t you excited?”

Dave sighed, his head hanging low. “I don’t know, you might not get it. But you’ve got this amazing, loving family and you all connect and care about each other and you’re so open. I told you my family was a little more closed off, but it’s not even about the sex. They don’t ever care that it’s my birthday, they haven’t reached out at all since I’ve moved into the dorms, we’re just all very disconnected.”

Brian sat on the bed next to him and looked down. “Shit man, I’m sorry. I didn’t know it was that bad, that has to be tough.”

“Yeah, definitely not fun. I don’t know, my birthday just brings up every time they forgot about it, or didn’t care about it, or didn’t call. I’m not expecting much, I just get kinda bummed out.”

“Listen, man,” Brian said as he grabbed Dave by the shoulders. He looked him in the eyes and said, “that sucks, and I’m really sorry to hear that. But you’re my friend, and I’m going to give you something to celebrate.”

Dave smiled. “I really do appreciate it, Brian. You’ve been an awesome friend, I hit the roommate jackpot. But seriously, let’s just forget about it and hang out.”

“Hell no, man! We’re going out tonight, I’m getting you drunk and laid and it will be a blast. Not taking no for an answer, bro.”

Dave’s smile got bigger. Brian’s excitement was infectious. Dave shrugged and slapped his knees. “Ok fuck it, let’s go!”


Brian woke up hungover and looked at Dave’s bed across from him. He saw a cute girl crawling out of Dave’s bed and putting her bra on.

“Oh hello,” Brian said, still slurring his words a bit from the alcohol.

She noticed him looking at her and shouted, “Oh shit!” She quickly put her shirt on backwards and ran out of the room embarrassed.

Her shouts woke up Dave, who looked at Brian and said, “what the fuck just happened!”

“Apparently you got some birthday pussy last night, that’s what the fuck just happened! How do I not remember that?!”

Dave laughed and said, “you were pretty fucking hammered, man.” His smile faded and he looked bummed again. “Nah, we didn’t fuck. I was too drunk, she tried blowing me and I couldn’t get hard. Then we just went to sleep.”

“Ahhh fuck! That sucks man, whatever, happens to the best of us.”

“See, told you no good can come from my birthday,” Dave said in a morbid tone.

Brian looked disappointed. “Nope, we still have tonight to make up for it. Round 2 buddy, I’m not letting you give up that easily.”

Dave looked annoyed now and snapped a bit. “Listen, Brian. I get that you’re trying to be a good friend, and I appreciate it, I really do. But it’s just a shitty weekend and that’s that, I don’t want to keep getting disappointed.”

Brian felt terrible for Dave. “Alright man, well let’s just hang out today and see what happens, no pressure or anything.”

Dave got up and went down the hall to the showers. Brian pulled out his phone and made a quick call.

“Hey Mom, what are you and Dani doing today?”


Dave and Brian took a couple hours to get over their hangovers before they went down to the cafeteria for lunch. They met with some friends who tried to help Brian convince Dave to go out with them that night, but Dave wouldn’t budge. He was in a sulky mood and really wanted to be left alone. Brian said he would stop pushing him to go out, but he definitely wasn’t going to leave him alone on his birthday.

“Thanks, man. I hope you know how much I appreciate what a good friend you are.”

Brian smiled. “You’ve met my family, man. We’re people pleasers. Literally,” he said as he laughed through the end of the sentence. “I’m not about to leave my boy hangin’ on his birthday, we’ll just go watch some movies and get high or something.”

They put away their trays and decided to head back to their dorm. Brian couldn’t wait to see Dave’s face as they walked into the surprise waiting for him. Brian put his key into the lock and opened the door, but he stood outside and held it open. Dave looked inside and his face lit up as he saw Frank, Stacy, Dani, and Tina standing in the middle of their room between the two beds.

“Surprise! Happy birthday!” they all yelled in unison.

Dave was elated. “Oh my God, I can’t believe this! You guys all came for bahis firmaları my birthday!”

“Of course we did! We weren’t about to leave you hanging!” Dani said as she reached forward for a hug. “And I brought Tina, too, she wanted to come celebrate with you!” Tina leaned in for a hug and said, “Happy birthday, Dave!”

“We wouldn’t miss it, honey, we’re very happy to be celebrating with you,” Stacy said with her sweetest, motherly voice. “Happy birthday, son,” Frank said as he reached out to shake Dave’s hand.

Dave was so happy he couldn’t make his smile any smaller if he tried. “Guys, you have no idea how much this means to me.”

Stacy gave him a warm smile and said, “we all wanted to be here for you to make today extra special, Dave. We care a lot about you.”

“Thank you so much, I don’t know what to say. Do you guys want to go to dinner or something?”

“Actually,” Frank said. “We talked about how to make this a memorable birthday for you.”

“We know you’re a bit sour on birthdays, so we wanted this to be the one that makes up for all your old shitty ones,” Dani said, bouncing happily as she said it. Dave smiled and thought, “of course Dani isn’t wearing a bra.”

“Now, you know how we all feel about showing love, and sharing each other with our friends. And we all got to share that love with you separately last time you visited us,” Stacy said as Dave’s ears perked up, eagerly waiting for what she was about to say. “Now we’ve never done this before, and we still have some lines we don’t intend to cross, but we wanted to all show you a good time and share this beautiful celebration with you. Together.”

Dave looked confused. “Do you mean…”

“BIRTHDAY ORGY!!” Dani yelled and pulled her shirt off. They all howled in laughter and Tina joined her as she pulled her shirt up and bounced her tits up and down. “Wooo!”

Brian slapped Dave on the shoulder. “Happy birthday, buddy.” Dave turned around and gave him a hug.

Dave’s eyes got as wide as his smile and he said, “Wow, I cannot believe this. You’re all too much. Thanks so much, guys. I hope you all won’t be uncomfortable with each other?”

“Well, with you and Tina here, I think we have enough for everybody to pass around,” Frank said with a wink.

Tina giggled and said, “Oh I am DEFINITELY ready to get passed around.” They all laughed and Stacy rubbed her back.

“Wow, I really don’t know what to say,” Dave said. “I guess… where do we begin?”

Dani rushed over to him and pushed him back on his bed so he was laying across it sideways on his back. “I know where I’m beginning,” she said as she straddled her knees around his hips on the bed and leaned in to kiss him. He grabbed a handful of her tit and played with her nipple while they kissed passionately.

Frank and Stacy sat on Brian’s bed across from them and began to cuddle as they lovingly watched the kids have fun. Brian leaned against the wall in the doorway and watched as Tina walked up to Dani and Dave.

Tina walked up to Dave’s legs behind Dani’s back as they made out and she unzipped his pants and pulled them down. Dave felt his cock hit fresh air while Dani was grinding her groin into him and exploring his mouth with her tongue.

Tina pushed Dave’s knees apart, sat in between them and put his dick in her mouth. He moaned into Dani’s mouth and Dani lightly bit his lower lip. She turned around and saw Tina sucking Dave. “Ooh, good girl, Tina!” she cheered and Tina laughed.

Dani looked back at the rest of her family watching and said, “come on guys, don’t be lame! If you’re gonna watch at least take your clothes off for Dave!”

Frank and Stacy laughed and shrugged. Frank pulled his pants off and Stacy took her shirt off. Stacy started to fondle Frank’s cock and Frank lifted up Stacy’s large breast and put her nipple in his mouth.

“Yes, Mom and Dad have joined the party!” Dani said, and then she got out of Dave’s way so he could see Mr. and Mrs. Gray in the bed across from them.

Dave looked over at Brian and said, “come on bro, your turn now!”

“Ah I’m good, who am I gonna fuck?”

Tina pulled Dave’s dick out of her mouth and turned around to face Brian. “Uhh, hello! Why do you think I came all the way here?!” She looked back at Dave and said, “well, obviously I came for you too, but…”

Dave laughed and said, “no offense taken.” He patted the space on the bed next to him, motioning for Brian to lay next to him.

“Ah shit, alright,” Brian said. He took his shirt off and walked over to the bed. He laid down next to Dave and pulled his pants to his ankles. Tina took his pants off his ankles and moved from in between Dave’s knees to sit between Dave’s right leg and Brian’s left leg. She put one hand on each cock and started stroking them both.

Dani looked around at everybody and turned back to Dave, who she was still straddling. “Alright, this is what I call a bangin’ birthday party!” She leaned back down and held Dave’s head while she kissed up and down his neck.

On kaçak iddaa the other bed, Frank’s cock grew thick in Stacy’s hand and Stacy’s heart filled as she looked in front of her. She saw her son lying next to his good friend, she saw her daughter’s best friend between them both, and she saw her beautiful daughter on top of Dave, trying to make this as special a day for him as she could. She felt so proud that she raised her kids to be so open and generous and loving. She lifted Frank’s head off her nipple and leaned over and kissed him tenderly as she stroked his cock slowly. “I love you, honey,” she said to him. He smiled at her, “I love you too, baby.”

Dani stopped kissing Dave for a minute and turned around, still straddling him but facing the rest of the room. She saw Tina below her, stroking Dave and sucking her brother. And behind Tina, she saw her parents exchanging “I love you’s” on the other bed. Her heart swelled with love, and she stood up on the bed.

Standing over Dave, she pulled off her pants and let him look up into her pretty pussy under her plump ass cheeks. She bent over and wiggled them in his face and spread her ass open for him. She turned around and kneeled back down on him and sat her pussy right on Dave’s face, and then she leaned over his body to put his cock in her mouth while Tina kept stroking him.

Dave enthusiastically ate Dani’s delicious cunt, dragging his tongue deep from her clit to her taint. She moaned as she sucked his cock to the rhythm that Tina’s hands were following. She looked over to her left and watched Tina suck Brian’s cock like a pornstar, pushing herself down on as many inches of his long dick as she could take. She never admitted it to herself before, but she admired her brother’s body and it really turned her on to watch Tina be so dirty on his impressively big dick. “Damn, girl! Get it!”

Brian laughed and said, “yes please, keep getting after it!”

“You perv,” Dani said to Brian, smirking at him while she licked up the side of Dave’s shaft.

“Pfft, look who’s talking!” Brian said back to her playfully, though he couldn’t help sustaining eye contact with her as she dragged her tongue up and down Dave’s cock.

Tina felt Dani’s spit drooling on to her fingers while she kept jerking off Dave. She moved her hand away and Dani deep-throated his cock. Tina lifted her mouth off of Brian and said, “one sec, birthday boy time.”

She leaned over to Dave and put his full scrotum in her mouth while Dani sucked him. Dave’s legs tensed up and his whole body shuddered as he felt his nuts enter Tina’s warm mouth and as Dani fucked him with her sloppy throat. Dani deep-throated him again and she nuzzled her nose against Tina’s, and they both giggled. Dave felt their hot breath and vibrating mouths against his crotch when they giggled and let out a loud moan.

“Those are my girls, great job, ladies!” Stacy said, cheering them on. Stacy got up from Brian’s bed and walked over to the action happening on Dave’s bed. She rubbed Tina’s back and said, “take care of Frank for a moment, honey, let me say hi to the birthday boy.”

“No problem, Mrs. Gray!” Tina got up off her knees and pulled her pants off. She turned around and struck a pose for Frank so he could see her freshly shaven pussy. She bent over and crawled onto the bed so her perky small tits hung below her and gave Frank a naughty grin. “Hey, Mr. Gray,” she purred to him, and then leaned in to kiss him, leading with her tongue. She dragged her fingers up Frank’s long cock with both her hands as she kissed him.

Frank stopped kissing her and said, “it’s been a while since we’ve had some fun, huh Tina? How old are you now?”

“I’m 21, just a couple months older than Dani, Mr. Gray.”

“Oh that’s right, and last time you and I played was your 18th birthday. Wow, that was three years ago, huh?”

Tina smirked and said, “mmm, feels like it was yesterday, I’ve missed feeling your thick cock inside me.” Frank smiled and leaned in to kiss her again.

While Tina and Frank got reacquainted, Stacy leaned in to take her place at Dave’s balls. Dani was sucking Dave’s cock so hard that her forehead almost banged into Stacy’s.

“Honey, watch out, you’re going to give me a concussion!”

“Oh shoot, sorry Mom! I didn’t realize you took Tina’s place. I should probably get up anyway and let Dave breathe.”

“Oh don’t worry about me, I’m fine!” Dave yelled from under her pussy. They all laughed and Dani got off him. She turned around and kissed him. “Mmm, your tongue felt so good, Dave.” She kissed him one more time and licked around his lips. “Fuck, I taste good, don’t I?” Dave blissfully smiled at her and nodded.

Dave couldn’t believe his luck. He felt so loved as Dani sat next to him and started rubbing his chest while her mom took her turn sucking his cock and balls. He looked over at Brian who had just been stroking his cock since Tina went over to Frank.

“You alright buddy?”

“Yeah, man! Don’t worry about me, we’re all here for you.”

“Oh, kaçak bahis poor baby!” Dani said, watching her lonely brother jerk off while the rest of them had their partners. She hopped away from Dave and moved over to Brian. She sat upright on her knees next to him while he laid on his back, still stroking. She looked down at him and smiled, then reached down to fondle his balls.

Brian shuddered a bit when he felt his sister’s fingers twirl around his scrotum and she giggled.

“This isn’t too weird, is it?” she asked him. “It’s not even that sexual… I just couldn’t leave ya hanging!”

“I don’t know, but feels like it’s worth the potential awkwardness,” he said. She laughed and said, “agreed.”

Stacy peeked over at her kids with Dave’s cock in her mouth and saw Dani’s hand on Brian’s balls. She turned around and looked at Frank, who had also noticed the kids getting close while Tina was blowing him. Frank looked back at Stacy and shrugged. Stacy shrugged back, smiled, and turned back around to continue blowing Dave.

Tina opened her eyes as her mouth hit the bottom of Frank’s shaft and she saw her best friend touching her brother. “Oh fuck, that’s so hot!” she said loudly as she pulled her mouth up. Dani and Brian laughed. “She’s just touching my balls! Nothing crazy yet.”

Tina said, “whatever is going on, it is turning me on so much. I hate to break that up but Brian I’m gonna need you and your dad to fuck me now, watching you and Dani just took me to another level.”

“Ehh, is it weird to tag team you with my dad?” Brian looked over to his bed and saw Tina on all fours with her ass up in the air as she sucked his dad’s cock.

“Ah don’t worry about it, son, just take her from the back. It’s not like we’re fucking, we’re just both fucking her!”

“You sure, dad?”

Tina perked up and turned around, “well I know I’m sure! Come here, Brian,” she said as she wiggled her ass in the air.

Brian shrugged and looked up at Dani. “Well shit, how do you say no to pussy like that, huh?”

Dani laughed and said, “well fine, I guess my hands will just have to play with somebody else then!”

Brian got up and walked over to his bed. He stood up at the side of his bed and faced Tina’s spread open ass. He leaned down and licked her asshole. She started to moan on Frank’s cock and Frank grabbed her hair to hold it up for her. Brian got up and rubbed the head of his cock against her pussy and pushed it in. Tina deep-throated Frank while Brian made her moan so she could make it feel amazing for him, going as far as she could until she gagged on his girthy dick.

“Well shit, now I’m the only one not doing anything!” Dani said, sitting alone while Stacy blew Dave and her dad and brother were spitroasting her best friend.

Stacy spit on Dave’s cock and grabbed it by the base. “Here, honey. Dave could use some pussy, come take care of him for a bit.”

“Good idea, Mom!”

Dani straddled Dave again and Stacy held his cock still while Dani descended onto it. Dani and Dave let out a moan as they felt him penetrate her and Dani’s pussy plopped down Dave’s dick onto Stacy’s fingers. Dani giggled and Stacy moved her hands down to Dave’s balls.

Dani started twerking on Dave’s dick, and Stacy was impressed. “Wow, honey, how do you move your ass like that! That’s really hot.”

“Wooo, Mom is proud of my twerking! Easily the happiest day of my life,” Dani said, cracking up. Dave replied, “definitely the happiest day of mine!” and they all laughed again.

“Give it a spank, Mom! It jiggles even more,” Dani said, looking back at her mom while she kept twerking her ass on Dave’s cock.

“No, honey, I don’t think we should be touching,” Stacy said apprehensively.

“Oh come on, I’m not asking you to finger me, just give it a smack!”

Stacy laughed and said, “ok fine!” She gave Dani’s ass a big smack and everybody cheered.

Stacy got up and walked over to the other bed, where her husband and son were fucking Tina at both ends. She noticed for the first time how Brian thrusts just like Frank does, and his balls hang just as low. She giggled at the realization and smiled at her boys.

Stacy knelt on the ground next to their bed. Frank was kneeling on the foot of the bed, Tina was facing him on her hands and knees getting her face fucked, and Brian was on his knees behind her thrusting into her tight pussy. Stacy leaned forward and started to kiss Tina on the cheek while she got used up by the Gray family men.

“You’re doing such a good job being a slut for my boys, honey,” Stacy whispered to Tina. She reached out and squeezed Tina’s nipple and Tina moaned onto Frank’s cock. She reached down and put her fingers over Tina’s clit and started to rub her. Tina began moaning and clenching her pussy on Brian.

“Fuck, Mom keep doing that, Tina’s pussy’s getting even tighter when you do,” Brian said to Stacy.

Stacy gave her son a devilish grin and said, “of course, honey, I want you two to feel good.” She didn’t want to admit it out loud, but she loved that she could feel her son’s heavy balls hitting her fingers when he thrusted into Tina. She kept rubbing Tina’s clit, knowing it gave her son and husband more pleasure as Tina moaned and clenched.

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