My secretary wants a better salary

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My secretary wants a better salary
That Tuesday morning I noticed that my sweet secretary Sheila was not dressed in her usual scrubs; but she was clad in a sexy black skirt and a tight fitting white top.
I commented that she looked quite sexy. But then she surprised me; as she bent over and showed me her black string with barely covered her dark tight rosebud.

After the ordinary Tuesday’s meeting, Sheila asked me if she could have a quick word with me. She walked into the ladies room and pointed me to enter there.
As soon as the door was closed, shy Sheila whispered in my ear:
“Would you please fuck my mouth, Boss…?”
Before I could say anything, she took her string thong off and knelt down, unzipping my pants and sliding my hard cock into her mouth. Reaching down, Sheila shoved two fingers up her cunt and began to fuck herself.
She greedily sucked my dick like the slut she had become.

Once she got me hard she knelt on a chair right there and reached back, spreading her firm round ass cheeks for me.
Then she looked at me over her shoulder and whispered softly:
“Please, fuck me, Boss… I want your dick inside of my cunt…”
I jammed my hard cock up her dripping cunt and she had to bite her lip to keep from crying out loud.
For a long while I fucked my shy secretary; jamming my cock in and out of her over and over; making her grunt every time I filled her up.
he felt her orgasm building and then I shoved her moist thong in her soft mouth. It barely muffled her moans and I got worried about someone could hear her, crying as I was pumping that wet cunt.

Sweet Sheila moaned and chewed on her tiny string as she came. As soon as her orgasm was over, she spat it out and begged me to fuck her harder. He wanted me to make cum her again…
Seconds later she came hard again; this time moaning in ecstasy as my hard cock continued to fuck her. Then she begged me:
“Please, Boss… I want you to cum in canlı bahis şirketleri my mouth…”

Then I pulled out of her dripping cunt and she engulfed my cock just as I came, spewing my seed down her throat. She sucked and gulped savoring every bit of my sticky semen…
She told me that she loved the feel of my hard cock in her mouth and continued to suck it, taking it deep in her throat; gagging herself, shoving it very deep…

My dick kept hard as she continued to suck it. Reaching behind her head, I pulled her face deep onto my dick. I could feel her gagging and I held her there as she struggled against me…

“Take it deep, bitch… swallow all my salty semen…” I told her.
Then I released her head and she gasped for air, spitting some semen out of her sweet mouth.
Now kneeling in front of me she looked up; her nice face streaked in my juices, her sweet eyes pleading for sexual release…

“You need my fist up your hungry cunt to make you come…?”
I asked her and she nodded a yes. Then she pulled her mouth off my dick. She sat on the chair again and spread her legs wide.
Her cunt was dripping wet and I needed no lube as I slid my fingers up her stretched cunt in one swift movement. She groaned loudly as her cunt was stretched more and more by my fingers.
But it did not get Sheila satisfied at all. She wanted my fist deep inside of her wet dripping cunt…

She whimpered as I twisted my entire hand around inside her vagina pulled it partially out stretching her; opening her up, opening her up for my full pleasure and her pain.
I loved the way she was being hurt by my fist. She cried out loud in pain and I loved listening to her as she moaned in pain.
I twisted my hand up her cunt and stretched her more; trying to find a place that would hurt her. She loved the pain especially knowing that a wild orgasm would soon follow. She needed this, needed this abuse after several weeks of tipobet güvenilir mi not having sex…

She looked at me in the eye as she felt a sharp pain in her cunt. Then she was pushed over the edge.
I leaned down and whispered in her ear:
“After you come, my fingers are going to stretch out your asshole…”

Sheila looked at me again and she cried she would love to get fucked in the ass. Her orgasm began to build as I told that…
Then I felt her shivering, as her orgasm hit her body. Her sweet cunt had some spasms around my hand as her body shook.

She then cried: “I cannot wait to feel your cock in my asshole…”
She shuddered as she came. I could feel her stretched cunt contracting around my fist. Sheila came over and over as I kept fisting her. I leaned over and kissed her red lips. She moaned…

I finally slid my hand out; dripping with her juices. Bunching three fingers together, I began slowly to push at her tight asshole.
Sheila moaned softly, feeling my fingers passing through her very tight sphincter.
All of a sudden Sheila begged me not to hurt her. I had now three fingers up inside her tight anus and added a fourth. She pulled her legs as wide as she could; hoping to open herself up even more…

Then she turned her head and begged me almost crying:

Fuck me… rip my ass open with your thick cock, please…”

Her eyes locked on mine, as I shoved my hard cock up her rectum.
She screamed in pain. I knew she wanted nothing more than to please me; have me abusing her body, and making her cum…

I saw that as she felt my dick working its way up inside her bowels she began to rub her swollen clit. This would be a huge orgasm. The more pain she could endure, the harder she would come.

I heard Sheila moaning in both pain and pleasure. She reached up and began to twist her hard nipples. Then she felt close to climax.

She asked me if I would allow her to come…
I perabet shook my head and she whimpered in frustration. Then I pushed my dick deeper in her rectum; stretching her again, causing her an intense pain.

She cried like crazy, but I kept sodomizing her deeply, without any regard to her discomfort, pumping her ass in a wild way…

Then Sheila’s body began to shake as her orgasm approached.
I lifted up his head and told her: “Now you can cum for me, babe…”

I pushed even deeper and I fucked her as hard as I could. Then her orgasm exploded along her sweet body. She released a torrent of juices and she screamed like crazy…
She pulled herself as wide open as she could for me; screaming and cursing at me as she came in a very wild way. But I kept thrusting her through her orgasms.
One orgasm ran into another. She yelled that she wanted more…

Sheila again began to shake as if having a huge orgasm coming.
She looked at me and begged to fist her ass.
I took off my dick from her anus. With her nice body coated with sweat, my shy secretary collapsed on the floor.

Breathing hard, Sheila looked up at me and watched as I slowly started to shove my fingers into her anus. She reached behind her ass cheeks and spread herself as wide as she could, hoping to lessen the pain and damage. She shrieked as I slowly and painfully pushed deeper my clenched fist.

She looked at me again and screamed one more time as my fist popped out of her. Then she stood up and sat down on the chair; spreading her long legs wide for me.

Her fingers went to her swollen wet pussy lips and held them open. “Please, Boss…you can take now my hungry pussy…”

My hard cock easily penetrated her loose sloppy cunt.
I pumped her for a long while and finally shot my load deep inside of her womb, as she moaned and cried another intense orgasm…

Sheila was finally spent, having come more than ten times.
I withdrew my dick from her abused cunt and she smiled to me.

A few minutes later we both got dressed and she thanked me by kissing me deeply. Then Sheila smiled again and told me:

“Boss… we need to discuss a raise on my actual salary…”
“Very well, Sheila…I will meet you tomorrow… in this bathroom…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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