My Sister in Law Jean Pt. 02

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This is a true story. The names have been changed but the facts have not. A sordid tale of sister and brother in laws.


I got things all arranged for Saturday night. My excuse? Going out with my buddies to watch sports at the bar. Jeans excuse? To go to the bar with her friends. Instead we met at a hotel.

I walked in and talked with the hotel person at the counter.

“I need a room. King bed if possible and away from people if possible. Me and the missus want some privacy.” I said with a wink.

“Sure mister. I understand. That will be $225.99.”

“What the hell? The sign says $89.99!” I growled.

“Well that’s the price for me keeping my mouth shut for you 2 non married people. You wouldn’t want your spouses to find out, would you?”

“Fucking robbery.” I paid.

We got our key and went to our room. 35th floor, view of the city, even a bottle of champagne.

“This is nice!” Jean commented.

I was still steamed about the room cost. Little fucker.

“Come on, forget about the money. I will pay half, and all will be good. Besides, I wanna get fucked by someone who is happy, not pissed off.” Jean teased.

“You are right. I am sorry.”

“I am going to get ready” and she walked in the bathroom. I undressed and flopped onto the bed. I was already hard in anticipation of the night. Before Jean came out, I took 100mg of Viagra. “Can’t hurt.”

She emerged from the bathroom wearing absolutely nothing. She looked really hot.

“You like?” She asked.

“Just wow. You are stunning!” I stammered.

“I am not too fat for you? Or too hairy?”

“God, no!” I was almost drooling.

“I was worried my tummy was too big or my hairiness too much for you.”

“Again, Jean. No. You are perfect!”

“I am so happy! My husband doesn’t like the hair but I prefer the natural look.” She said.

“Natural look?” I inquired.

“I don’t shave my pits either. I hope that’s ok?” She said sheepishly as though that was a deal breaker.

“Really?! Show me!”

She lifted her arms and showed me her arm pits. Thick dark black hair, just like her cunt. I do not know what came over me, but I got off the bed and buried my face in her arm pit, breathing deeply and licking her pit.

“What are you doing? No one has done that şişli rus escort before!” Jean said, breathing heavily.

“I don’t know why Jean, but I felt I needed to do that. It was so erotic to see that. I love it. The way you smelled, the way you tasted. I may want to cum on your arm pit hair one day.”

I pulled her to me and kissed her. She melted into my arms. I lowered her onto the bed and removed my underwear. I pushed her thighs apart getting my first good look at her wonderful pussy. It was neatly trimmed but very thick. It was a nice black V Shape.

“Eat me Tim. Taste my fruit!” Jean moaned.

I spread her lips and slid a finger in. I licked her from top to bottom and concentrated on her clit. I found her G spot with my fingers and nibbled her clit. She tasted so good. Smelled like fruit.

“Oh God, eat my pussy Tim, suck my clit. Don’t stop, make me cum. EAT ME!!”

She started to cum, her legs straightened and all her muscled clenched. All she could say was, “unggggggggggggg” over and over. Once she stopped cumming she relaxed instantly.

“I needed that. Masturbating doesn’t do that to me. I needed the real thing.” Jean cooed.

“Glad to help. You tasted wonderful.” I complimented.

“Not too hairy? Not too wet?”

“Fuck no. Neither is a bad thing. In fact, I prefer more hair. No trimming. You know, the natural look.”

“I will never shave my pussy or arm pits again. Just for you!! Now…I need to get fucked like the fucking whore I am. Don’t be gentle.” She ordered.

I crawled between her legs and she guided my cock into her wet cunt. The slurping noises were almost obscene. In and out I worked my cock. Sometimes slow, sometimes fast. Finally, I just went into overdrive and fucked like a machine. I pounded her pussy.

Her first orgasm was intense. She tightened as before but also squeezed her pussy like a vice grip. It was all I could do to stay inside.

“Fucking fuck me. I am your whore, treat me like one. I need to be dominated!!” She roared.

I pulled her nipples and stretched them until she had a look of pain on her face and then I twisted them.

“Ouch!” She wailed.

“Shut up cunt. Quit your fucking whining.” I scolded.


“SHUT THE FUCK UP! WHORE! You fucking şişli türbanlı escort 2 bit slut. How many guys are you fucking? 3 or 4 a day? Whores like you need cock all the time. Who else you fucking?” I demanded.

“Just you. I only have eyes for you. Just your cock. No one else. Please don’t stop fucking me.” She was in a state of lust she had never felt.

I pulled out of her and rolled her over. Her ass was up in the air and her chest on the bed. I spit on her ass and poised my cock at her asshole. I stated to push in.

“NO! Please. I have never had a cock in my ass.”

“Shut up slut. I am fucking your ass!”

She pulled away. “I really never have. Maybe we can later but I am not ready for that in my ass now.” Jean said, almost crying.

“Shit, I am so sorry. I was just acting. Glad you told me. We will do that when you are ready and not until then.” I apologized.

“If you want doggie and to wear out my pussy, I am more than ready for that!”

With the crisis averted. I pushed into her wet pussy. I grabbed her ample hips and started fucking her hard. My hips were slapping her ass and my heavy balls banging her pussy.

She was really enjoying mu cock as I was her pussy.

Her body tensed and her pussy spasmed. She was cumming. She pushed me from her spasming pussy and fell on the bed panting.

“Put it back in. Put it back in. Keep going!” She panted.

I pushed her cheeks apart and pushed my cock back in. I rode her ass making her cum 4 or 5 more times.

Finally I sputtered, “I need to cum Jean!”

Again, she said not in her pussy. She flipped over and opened her mouth. I masturbated my cock and came on her tits and face.

“Just like a porn slut! I love to get cum on. You sure do cum a lot. I like it!!” Jean said.

“I am glad you like it. Why won’t you let me cum in you? Your hubby?”

“Nothing to do with him. I just like it in my mouth or on my body. Makes me feel like a sex addict.” She said matter of factly.

“Now, lets shower! I wanna get fucked in the shower.”

Both of us giggled as we entered the shower. My cock was hard again and ready to go. The shower was huge. Complete with a bench. I sat down and Jean got the water as hot as we could stand. She turned and straddled şişli ucuz escort my cock and slid down on me. She rode me gently for an eternity. We kissed passionately. I put my hands on her lovely meaty ass and pulled her to me. He hard nipples sticking into my chest. I pushed her away and cupped her heavy breast in my hand and took the nipple to my mouth. She moaned quietly. I licked and sucked her nipples. They were not big nipples, but damn they were stiff.

Once again, she tightened around my cock as an orgasm flowed through her.

“Oh God, this is a big one. Fuck, oh Fuck oh fuck!! I am going to let go! I may get really wet!”

She shook and quivered then tightened again. I felt a wetness on my balls. She had squirted. The juiced dripped from her. Not like her peeing but just a wet thick fluid. Warm and wet.

She crawled off me and look at my lap. I was covered in her cum.

“I am sorry. I rarely do that!”

“It is fine. Just means you were relaxed and enjoying the ride. I love it! Now get back on. I need to finish!”

She slid back on and rode me. She rode me hard and had another orgasm. Not as big as the last but still enough to make her pant.

“Cum in me Tim. I want your cum this time. Fill me up. Make a baby with me!”

I was lost in the moment. I fucked her back. I filled her pussy with cum. It was dripping from her.

Again, she crawled off and this time turned to the shower and was washing. I sat there replaying what had just happened. He ass was mesmerizing. Then it hit me. “MAKE A BABY IN ME.”

“Jean…are you not protected? Should I have been wearing a condom?”

She turned and looked me in the eye. “Look, I want you to fuck me all the time. But I really want to have another baby. My husband is not a fertile person. The odds with him are 10-15% of me getting knocked up. I want another baby. I need another baby. If I show any signs of being pregnant, I will go to the dr. If I am, I will mount him every chance I get. He will think its his. In the meantime. I want you. I can’t leave him nor can you leave your wife. We are both stuck. But that means we can’t have fun and care about each other. I think I may be falling in love with you. I have felt that way for a while. There is not better person to father my child. Please say you won’t stop. I will do anything.” Jean pleaded.

“This is all too much Jean. I need to process this. This is a huge thing you are asking me to do.”

“Just look at it as you will just me my personal sperm bank.” She said rather jokingly.

“Let’s get cleaned up. It is time for both of us to go.”

To be continued…

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