My Sister, My Lover Ch. 01

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My baby sister was the host for the annual family reunion. I had tried my best to avoid this annual family rite. But she wouldn’t hear of it. She whined, threatened and called until I relented.

Helen was to pick me up from the airport. It was incredibly hot and muggy in this gulf coast town. I was still in a suit from my last business stop. The sun beat down mercilessly as I stood in Arrivals waiting for her.

The beep, beep, beep of a car horn and the frantic waving of a full figured woman identified her. As I struggled through traffic to get to her car, I was dripping with sweat. She, on the other hand, looked cool and calm. She wore white mid-thigh Bermuda shorts and a grey diaphanous blouse. Under that was a matching bra.

At 25 she was a medium height full figured woman. She stood 5′ 5″, about 145 lbs. or so. Her breasts were about 36C and firm. They bounced deliciously as she jumped up and down waving at me across the traffic lanes. We hadn’t seen each other in nearly 5 years.

She plastered her lush body against me. She kissed me full on my mouth. I was surprised to detect a little tongue. We broke our embrace. I tossed my bag into the trunk and jumped into comforting cool of the air conditioned car. She bubbled with local gossip as she maneuvered the sedan in traffic with all the skill of a NASCAR driver.

I had preferred a hotel but she had insisted on me staying with her and her husband, Al. I had met Al when they got married five years before. He was a genial guy. He stood more than 6′ and weighed about 230. He owned a construction company. Business was good and they lived a comfortable life. He wrung my hand enthusiastically and clapped me on the back when we entered the house. Both my back and hand were worst for the enthusiasm of his welcome.

While Al carried my bag to my room, Helen bounced behind the bar and offered to fix me a drink. As I sat at their bar, I noticed the chill of the air conditioning had made her nipples stand up hard and prominent under her sheer blouse. She caught me staring and shook them at me.

“Like what you see?” she teased.

“You are an incorrigible show off!” I laughed.

“Make it Jack and coke.” I said, pointing at the bottle behind the bar.

While she fixed my drink, I recalled that she had always been the more adventurous of us. It was she who had initiated our first tentative explorations of each other’s bodies when we were pre-teens. As a teenager, she teased and bullied me into skinny dipping in the creek that ran through the woods behind our home. And it was she who introduced us both to the mysteries of mutual masturbation. I recall with affection her howls of surprise and indignation kurtuluş escort when I came that first time. I shot jiss all over her hands and dress. My reminiscing had reached her first orgasm, the dreamy look on her face as her young body shook when I was drawn back to the real world by her fingers snapping in my face.

“Earth to Vincent, earth to Vincent! Is there anybody home?” she laughed.

I snapped out of my reverie.

“Sorry, I am a little tired.”

“I don’t know about tired, but you were looking at me like I was something good to eat!” she opined.

Al blew back into the room. He had changed into an olive drab matching pants and shirt construction outfit. He wore brown Brogans and carried a hard hat.

“I’ll see you guys’ tomorrow.” he announced.

He turned to me and explained that he had a project starting in the next town tomorrow morning. It was a 5 hour drive and he was going to spend the night there so he could get an early start. He strode behind the bar, grabbed my sister in a bear like embrace. They kissed passionately. He smacked her on the butt. He clapped me on the back. We both watched as walked out the door.

“Look, I said, I need a shower and a change of clothes!”

My sister pointed down the hall.

“Your room is down the hall. I’ll put something on the grill while you change.”

I made my way to the room. I shucked off my clothes. Naked, I opened my suitcase and laid out some shorts and a tee shirt. The hot shower washed away the sweat and part of the fatigue I was beginning to feel. I felt human again. I was toweling my hair dry when Helen breezed in.

“Hey, I cried, A little privacy please!”

“Look, she said, I have seen everything you have! Let’s not have any false modesty!”

She glanced at my crotch.

“But you have grown!” she tittered.

I snapped the towel at her retreating butt.

After dinner we sat on the screen enclosed porch. In the quickly gathering dark, we could hear the sounds of crickets. An evening breeze had lifted the repressive heat some. Helen had changed into some loose jersey shorts and a matching tee shirt. I couldn’t help but notice the sensuous roll of her hips and the delectable bounce of her breasts as she moved about the porch, setting up our chairs.

We were into our second Jack and coke. We were discussing the plans for the next few days. Out of the blue, Helen said:

“Seeing you have brought back the memories of our childhood sexual fumbling.”

” I wish we had tried oral sex!”

I squirmed in my chair. The conversation had taken a decidedly incestuous turn

“We were too young to know levent escort about that.” I said.

“My husband and I rarely have oral sex. He doesn’t like doing it. But the few times we have, it felt something I never felt”

I was feeling very uncomfortable discussing her sex life. She was a very desirable woman with full breasts, a nice ass and long legs.

“I’ve always wanted to explore more of my sexual side but I would never cheat on my husband and living in this small town, if I did it would be a scandal!” she gushed

We both laughed at the thought. My sister was prominent in our hometown. She was on the town counsel. She was known for a quick temper and a hot word. If her political enemies could discover a scandal, they would use it mercilessly.

She grabbed my glass and went for refills. She took a little longer than I expected but did return with the drinks. While she was gone, darkness falls like it can only fall in the rural south.

“Sorry to be so long. I had to pee and those shorts were chaffing me. I took them off.”

I was taken aback. It occurred to me that her bare pussy was on display! I shook myself. It was dark and the only person who might see her pussy was me! I felt a stirring in my shorts.

“Bed time!” I said

I weaved a little as I stood. She grabbed my hand and said stay for one more drink. I agreed. When she returned she had turn out the lights in the house. We sat in complete darkness except for the faint light of the half moon. She turned her chair to face me. She was just a faint outline in the complete darkness.

“If there was more light you could see my pussy”

“If there were more light, you could see how hard I am hearing you say that.”

We sat quietly for a while. The oppressive heat of the day was being replaced by a pleasantly warm night. I saw her out line as she rose, and covered the few steps between us. She knelt in front of me. I felt more than saw her unzip my shorts. I could feel her warm moist hands as she slowly pulled on my cock.

“We’ve had more to drink then we should. You’d better stop”

“No, just like when we were kids, I’ll do you and you’ll do me.” she said.

My cock was rock hard. I could hear the crickets chirping as she pulled on my cock. Then I saw the outline of her head move toward me. I felt the warmth of her mouth as she took me in her mouth. I groaned as her head bobbed up and down. Then she stopped!

“You do me.” she said.

I could see her move to her chair. I followed. I knelt between her legs. I smelled that familiar warm sweaty aroma of a hot pussy. I licked her clit. It was engorged. I moved my tongue downward, maçka escort gently separating her labia. I probed inward. Her back was arched and she was bucking against my face. A steady moan came from her. I took her clit in my mouth and sucked on it. She grabbed my head and pushed my face hard into her steaming pussy. I could feel a wetness running down my chin onto my chest. I pulled away. She was breathing heavily.

“Why did you stop?”

“I had a choice, either get smothered or drown in your pussy juice”

We both laughed.

“Sorry, but I’ve never cum so quickly and so intensely.”

Still kneeling on the floor, I stroked her pussy. She was a wet sticky mess! I told her.

“I’ve never been this wet. I thought I was going to pee all over you!” she giggled.

I licked her wetness. She shivered. I took her clit in my mouth and sucked it greedily. She arched her back. Her ass rose off the chair. She balanced herself with one hand while she ground her pussy into my face. I eased a finger in her pussy. She was making a constant, low moaning sound. She sounded like an old car trying to start.

“uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh!”

I found her G-spot. I rubbed it while I took her clit in my teeth. I gently nibbled on her clit. She exploded! Her cum hit me in the face with all of the force of a fire hose. It was hard full stream, pushing me back. She collapsed in the chair. Her breath came in quick, raspy gasps. Her chest heaved as she tried to recover.

I was drenched in her pussy juices. My hair, face and shirt were covered. I wiped my face with my hand. I my nose was filled with her incredible aroma. My dick throbbed, aching. She was slowly recovering.

“What happened?” she cried

“You came!” I laughed.

“I have never, never cum like that! I thought I was going to die. I felt this pressure building inside me. It was almost like an overwhelming urge to pee, but different. Then my pussy started to spasm and I think I blacked out.”

“You didn’t black out. But you did let out the hardest fullest stream of female cum I’ve ever felt. I thought you were going to drown me.”

In the dark, she reached out and touched my face and shirt.

“You are wet!”

“Yes, I am!”

“I did that?” she exclaimed.

“Yes, you did!”

She stammered, tried to apologize. I explained she had squirted. She had heard about it but assumed it was the stuff of legend.

I stripped off my wet shirt and headed inside.

“Where are you going?”

“To clean up and go to bed.”

“But I didn’t do you.”

“Next time.” I yawned.

The fatigue of my long day was catching up with me. Also I needed time to digest what had just happened. This was my sister, for god’s sake! My sister had just sucked my dick. I had licked her to an earth shaking orgasm. We weren’t kids anymore. We had crossed from childhood exploration to incest.

“Promise I can suck you later?” she said

“Promise” I said.

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