My Sister’s Fiance

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So today was the day… I would be meeting my sister’s mysterious fiancé. Eden and Graham had been dating for a couple of years while living in Africa, working as RNs for a nonprofit hospital there. Yes, my sister had her halo and angel wings and was the pride and joy of our family.

Me, on the other hand, was the kid that you shook your head at and gave indulgent eye rolls about. It’s not that I’m wasting my life, per se… I’m just not Saint Eden. I try to tell my parents that you can’t create magic twice, so it’s only my duty to be the disappointment of the family. I’m a typical artist, carefree and in my own little world most of the time. I don’t think that my parents would have such a problem if my art was a little less racy… But it’s not and I like it that way.

I am a photographer and my specialty is shooting nudes. I love the human form. I think everything is sexy about males and females alike. I’m very comfortable in my own skin and my own body and like to show it off too, so I’m often naked along with the people I’m shooting. It makes for a very sexy and arousing work environment. My first photography show last year was comprised of pictures of myself… close ups of the arch of my back, the swell of my ass, the curve of my breasts, my long protruding nipples, my pussy… nothing was off limits. It was amazing having people looking at my body and even more amazing that every piece sold.

As much as I love my photography, it’s not enough to support myself at this time. My parents built me a little studio in our backyard… the downstairs was where I did my indoor photography and the upstairs was a bedroom, bathroom, sitting area and a small kitchenette. It worked for me for now, but the lack of privacy was majorly cramping my style. I lived and breathed sex all day everyday and that can be a little awkward in your parents’ backyard. If I wasn’t shooting nudes, I was looking at pictures, editing them, getting turned on. I lived in a constant state of arousal. You would think that I would get desensitized to sex at some point, but nope….not me. I have sex with almost all of my models and I have another rotation of other men/women who I regularly have sex with. And if no one is available, I masturbate. I love that my own hands have the power and ability to make me come. I have an almost insatiable libido and I like it that way.

Back to today: so I was meeting Graham for the first time and seeing my sister for the first time in three years. My parents had been to see her several times, but I never wanted to go. I can’t be around Saint Eden too long. I always felt like I was not good enough to be in the same room as her and I hated feeling inferior. I’m sure Graham is some snotty trust fund baby who has an equally snotty attitude. I had promised myself that I was going to be me and if they didn’t like it, then on well. I’m not going to change for them…not anymore.

I put on a flowy navy skirt with light gray/blue polka dots and a cropped top in the same gray/blue, which made my ocean colored eyes pop. The skirt was made out of a parachute like material, was thin and silly and came to mid thigh and rode low on my hips. The tank accentuated my flat tummy and curved waist and pulled against my D-cup breasts. It was low cut enough to show some cleavage and as I pulled it on, I played with my nipples, twisting and tugging them into hardness so they would strain against my shirt. Part of my resolve to be myself was to wear what I would normally wear and the skirt and tank was it. I loved not wearing panties or bras.. It was such a turn on. I braided my long thick white-blonde hair and pulled some pieces down to give it a slightly messy look.

After putting on a pair of strappy sandals, I went downstairs to do a little work before being summoned to the main house. I went to my light box and started looking at some of my shots from last night. I had one of my favorite models, Lyric, over. She was beautiful in a very exotic way. I started looking at my proofs and they were good…really good. I was getting turned on from looking at them and remembering the amazing tonguing she gave my pussy. I pulled my tank off and with one hand, tugged at my nipples. The pleasure shot to my pussy, making it wet and me moan just a little. After looking at a few more shots, I came across one shot with two of my fingers in Lyric’s pussy. It was a black and white shot, full of shadows but you could clearly see her body opening for my fingers and you could even see her wetness. By now, my pussy was begging to be touched…for something to fill it as my fingers filled Lyric’s pussy.

One of my male models made me a special stool that had a Sybian sex machine mounted on it. I dragged it over, hiked up my skirt and straddled it, sighing with pleasure as I sank down on the dildo. I turned the machine on medium and jumped as I felt the vibrations against my very sensitive pussy. I moaned and rocked on the stool, feeling the vibrations work their magic and the dildo etiler ucuz escort swirl around inside me. I could feel my pussy juices leaking out and coating the plastic dildo.

Just then, as my luck would have it, my dad popped his head in to tell me that Eden and Graham were there.

“Rae, Eden and Graham are here—” Erik’s voice broke off as he took in my state of undress and what I was doing. Instead of turning around, he walked in and over to me.

I could feel my orgasm building, especially when my father stood there watching me fuck myself on the stool. “Hey dad…I’ll be there in a sec.” My voice was husky and breathy with my arousal.

Dad leaned against the light box so he could look more closely. My gaze dropped down to his dick, which I could see outlined against his khakis. His scrutiny of me caused my nipples to tighten and me to speed up my movements on the dildo and the vibrator.

“Do you have any idea how hot you are?” he asked me. He hesitantly reached out and touched one of my nipples before snapping his hand back like he was burned. He looked to me to see if I would have any objections to him touching me. I didn’t. My dad was a good looking guy and we had always had a flirty type relationship, always touching and snuggling. Things had always skated on the line of inappropriate, especially after my photography show last year. I hadn’t told my parents of the subject matter so to say they were surprised to see my body so publicly displayed was an understatement. Ever since then, though, my dad had treated me differently. Those light teasing touches were becoming something more and I delighted in it.

Dad took my silence to mean that he was free to do what he wanted, so he reached back out and grabbed my bare breast. He kneaded the soft flesh and plucked at my nipple. Being that my nipples are extremely sensitive and the fact that my father was feeling them up was almost my undoing. I sped up my rhythm in hopes to get off before we had to go.

No such luck. My father leaned in and took my nipple in his mouth, sucking for all he was worth. I moaned and tried to hold his head to my breast but he moved back. He lightly slapped my wet nipple before standing and walking to the door. “Time to go. We’ve been gone too long.” He leaned against the doorway to wait for me.

I reluctantly turned the machine off and gingerly maneuvered off the dildo. My pussy leaked juices and they ran down my legs. I grabbed some tissues to clean up but dad stopped me. “No. Just like you are. I want to smell you all night.”

God that was hot. I quickly threw on my shirt, arranged my breasts so my cleavage was noticeable and my nipples were distended. I smoothed down my skirt as I walked towards dad and gave him a sexy smile as I passed him in the doorway, palming his dick through his pants. “We’ll continue this later,” I said confidently. Now that I knew he wanted me, all bets were off.

On the way to the main house, my dad put a hand on my bare ass under my skirt. It was hot knowing that anyone could be looking out the window and seeing this.

Dad opened the door for me and we walked in. I could see Graham from behind and already I had a tingling feeling come over me. He was tall and had a muscular back that led to a trim waist and down to a great ass and strong legs. He was dressed casually in khaki shorts and a green polo shirt with SPerrys and no socks. I could feel myself holding my breath as he turned around in what seemed to be in slow motion.

When he did turn around I was captivated by his eyes – they were a perfect shade of green and his shirt made them appear bright and warm. An extra bit of heat flared in his eyes as soon as he saw me and I swear my pussy clenched in response. I managed to tear my gaze from his perfectly chiseled face to glance at my sister with a small smile. “Hey Eden, long time no see.” I walked over and gave her a hug, making sure to exaggerate the natural sway of my hips for dad and Graham’s benefit.

Eden barely put her arms around me, her blatant dismissal of me no longer hurtful. It was just how it was. She had decided long ago that I wasn’t worth her time and effort and I was just an obligation she had to fulfill. That was fine by me. Sure, I missed having a sister, but I had long since stopped trying to gain her approval. “Raegan, meet Graham. Graham, my little sister, the artist.” She used finger quotes when she said artist and that really pissed me off. I was no less of an artist than she was an RN – it’s just that she didn’t want to see that.

I turned to Graham, a slightly seductive smile turning my mouth up. Extending my hand, I murmured, “Nice to finally meet you.”

When his hand connected with mine, I felt a jolt of electricity and an instant warmth start from my hand and spread through my whole body. I could see by the flare of heat in his eyes that he was affected too. I was caught off guard when the hand holding mine etiler üniversiteli escort suddenly tugged and I stumbled into his hard chest. I could hear a low rumble under my head and knew he was chuckling. I blushed, partially from the sexy spicy citrus scent that invaded my senses and made my core pulse with wanting and partially because he was laughing at me. “Sorry about that. I’m more of a hugger than a hand shaker,” Graham explained, wrapping his arms around me.

The hug lasted a beat longer than it should have. I was totally thrown off… not only had my dad finally crossed that invisible line he always seemed to toe, but Eden’s boyfriend was stunningly hot and ignited things in me that I have never felt before.

When Graham released me and I pulled back, I went to stand by my father, who put an arm around my waist. His thumb drew patterns against the bare skin above my skirt waistband and it only fueled the desire coursing through me. “Did you have a nice flight?” I directed my question to Graham, as if Eden didn’t exist.

“We sure did,” Graham said. “I’m glad to be back in the States for a while.”

My mom, Amelia, bustled in with a handful of beers for everyone. “We are glad to have you both! I cooked Eden’s favorite meal, lamb chops, potatoes au gratin and Parmesan crusted asparagus. For dessert we have a homemade apple pie.” Mom beamed at Eden, then hugged her tight. “I’ve missed my girl so much!”

While the attention was on Eden and Graham, my dad moved his hand to my bare ass again and squeezed. He lowered his head and whispered in my ear, “I can smell you and it’s driving me crazy.”

I nodded that I felt the same way and snuggled closer into his side, pressing a nipple into his arm. Through the next half hour, we all made polite small talk, Eden and I pretty much ignoring each other. I would glance at Graham occasionally and see him looking at me with an intensity that sent shivers down my spine.

Finally dinner was ready and my mom called us all to the dining room. My dad and I were behind everyone else and he moved his hand from my ass to my pussy, getting in a quick touch, enough to ignite the flames simmering inside me and causing a rush of wetness to pour out of me. Dad smirked at me and removed his hand before joining everyone in the dining room.

We had a large round table and my designated place was beside dad and Graham. Graham, ever the gentleman, pulled out my chair and scooted it in when I sat down. I made sure to flash a lot of leg with my short skirt and based on his sharp intake of breath, he noticed. Both men sat down and once everyone had their food, the games began.

I put a hand on Graham’s thigh the same time I felt my father slowly pulling my skirt up. His fingers flicked the inside of my thighs, signaling me to open my legs. I obliged and when I did, my skirt rode all the way up my thighs. I looked down and my pussy was in full view. When I glanced over at Graham, he was looking too and when he caught me watching him, he winked at me. I moved my hand higher up his thigh until I could feel the bulge in his pants. I cupped him discreetly rubbed him through his pants.

My dad put his hand back in my lap, his fingers finding my pussy for the first time. When his big fingers touched my sensitive lips, I gasped but quickly covered it with a cough. Dad’s fingers were unrelenting, exploring my pussy inch by inch but avoiding my clit. When he finally touched my clit, I tightened my hand on Graham’s dick as my eyes fluttered closed in pleasure. When I opened them, I saw dad carrying on a conversation with Eden, like his hand wasn’t rubbing my clit. Graham, however, was staring transfixed at my pussy and watching dad’s fingers move against my clit. His cock was growing harder under my hand and I squeezed it again until he looked up at me. He nodded to my lap and raised a questioning eyebrow. I shrugged and put a finger to my lips to tell him to keep quiet about what he was seeing. I looked deep into his beautiful green eyes to see if he was repulsed at seeing a father finger his little girl, but I didn’t see anything but heat.

Dad chose that moment to part my lips and work a finger deep into my pussy. I must have gasped or squirmed or something because my mom asked if I was okay.

“Yep! Just listening to everything… Glad to have my sister back.” My mom was in denial and wouldn’t accept that Eden and I would never be close, so this brought a smile to her face. Dad withdrew his fingers giving me a small smile.

I felt empty without him in my pussy. Silly, I know, what with that being the first time my dad touched my pussy. There were nights where we would snuggle on the couch, laying longwise on the couch, my back to his front with his arms wrapped around me. His thumb would stroke over my nipple through the sleep shirt I wore and I would wiggle against his hardon until we were both close to exploding. While I would wiggle my shirt fatih escort would rise up, exposing my pussy. He didn’t ever touch it, just played with my nipples mainly. There we’re several times where he would come in his pants from my ass rubbing against him.

Graham saw my sad look and reached over, putting his hand in my lap. He quickly found my clit and rubbed it until I got a smile back on my face. Then he slowly inserted a finger into my pussy and discretely fucked it in and out. He did this for a few minutes before shoving another finger in my pussy. Before he could really get started with two fingers, my mom and sister stood up. “Time for dessert!” they announced. They started walking around and taking plates away so Graham pulled his fingers out and pulled my skirt down.

After the dishes were collected mom and Eden went to fix the dessert plates, the boys attacked. My skirt was yanked up and both boys attacked my pussy. They both wanted in and after a little hand knocking, both guys inserted a finger into my pussy and started pounding them in and out. I groaned softly and threw my head back, my head spinning from the immense pleasure of getting fingered by my dad and sister’s fiancé. My hands automatically shoved my shirt up and played with my exposed nipples. The sensations rolling through my body were unlike any I had ever felt. My dad tugged me over for a kiss, a hot melding of lips and tongues. Then it was Graham’s turn..his kiss more ferocious and passionate. The kisses, combined with the fingers slamming into my body caused me to crash over the edge and I cried out my release in Graham’s mouth. Their fingers didn’t soften or slow as I was orgasming, which only fueled my desire further. As great as that release was, I wanted more… I demanded more.

Before I could get that more though, we heard Eden and mom coming back to the dining room. Fingers were hastily ripped out of my pussy, my skirt and shirt were righted and my glass of water put in my hand. I was still blissed out from my orgasm so I was glad my guys took care of me. I felt some soothing light touches to my pussy and I knew it was dad. I looked over and smiled at him in thanks.

We are our dessert and I offered to do the dishes so I wouldn’t have to spend more sexually charged minutes with dad and Graham. I didn’t want anyone suspecting anything and with all the electricity cackling in the air between us, I was sure we would be found out.

I was rinsing off the dinner plates so they could be loaded in the dishwasher when I felt arms wrap around me and grab both of my breasts. I knew immediately it was dad. He kissed my neck and kneaded the soft flesh of my breasts. He worked my shirt up and I groaned when I felt his hands on my bare breasts. His fingers immediately went to work tugging on my nipples. I arched my back to push my breasts into his hands and my ass into his dick. I could feel him already hard for me and that caused my pussy to clench. Dad kissed down the side of my neck and whispered in my ear, “I’m going to fuck you now. It’s going to be hard and fast, so hold on.”

I groaned at that, my pussy getting even wetter knowing that my dad was going to be fucking me in mere moments. I could hear him pulling down his zipper and after a few seconds, I felt his dick at my entrance. I had never seen my dad’s cock before, so I wasn’t sure size or girth but at this point, I didn’t care. He roughly shoved in one thrust and my legs almost collapsed at the feel of him. He stretched my pussy tight and I could feel him all throughout my body. Dad didn’t give me much time to adjust to his size, he pulled out and pushed back in again, hard and fast, just like he promised.

It was a brutal onslaught, dad ramming his cock into me over and over and over. I had never felt so good in my life. I never wanted him to stop. I wanted to feel him inside of me forever. I don’t know if it was our bond as father/daughter that made this more special, but it was. I know part of it was a fear of being caught and ruining our family but I couldn’t care about that – not now, not with dad ramming into me.

“God, you feel so good baby. I’m so close. You got me worked up good, baby girl. You ready to come with me? You ready to feel me come in your pussy?” dad whispered roughly in my ear.

It was all I could do to nod and groan softly with pleasure. I clenched my pussy around him and put one hand on my clit, my fingers working it to give myself a bit more stimulation. It was just what I needed.

Dad’s fingers dug into my waist and I knew I’d have bruises there the next day, but I didn’t care. He bit down on my shoulder to muffle his groan as he stiffened and came, his cum shooting into my pussy. I came hard too – my fingers gripping my clit hard and my other hand gripping the sink to make sure I don’t fall. My knees buckled with the force of my orgasm and it was all I could do not to scream out my father’s name. As it was, I whimpered, “Daddy!”

Dad stayed inside me, slowly stroking in and out, soothing my battered pussy. He finally softened and put himself away. He turned me around to face him and with two hands kneading my bare breasts, he kissed me. It was a beautiful kiss, full of love and passion and it juxtaposed against the hard fucking we just had. “I love you, baby girl. Any regrets?”

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