My Slut’s Needs Ch. 02

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L returned to her teasing, blowing on my balls, licking the head of my cock, sliding down to kiss my hole and getting me more and more excited. I tried to catch her head and really wanted to face-fuck her deep and hard or roll on top of her and skull-fuck her mercilessly but she wasn’t having any of that just yet. She’d got me fully hard again when she suddenly moved away and stepped into her bedroom returning with a wrap. I still lay there my erection standing hard. She smiled,

“Get up and clean of that table. You might need a quick shower you’re lying in a puddle of god knows what, I still have it running down my thighs.”

She headed out of the room towards the kitchen saying she would get a snack and be right back. I sat up and realised just how wet the table, floor and I were. I got up and cleaned up the room then headed into the en-suite to clean up. As I did I heard L chatting to S, laughing dirtily.

I had a quick shower and came back out, my strapped cock still leading the way into the room.

“Oh god, put it away!”

S was sitting on the lounge with L both had snacks. I jumped and stepped back into the bedroom looking for something to cover up.

“Grab cihangir escort a robe in the wardrobe, the blue one will suit you.” L volunteered.

The gown was a thigh length silk electric blue and highly patterned affair, very feminine like most of Ls clothing and only just covering my arse and cock.

I returned to the room and carefully sat down beside L, S was on the other end of the lounge and laughing. We ate the snacks, had another drink and I opened the champagne which L doesn’t really like but which I intended to fuck her with. S had a glass of the champagne and after a while left to watch a movie leaving us to,

“Have fun. Don’t break anything!”

L told her to close the door and then turned to me.

“We’ll get that off, I’m still horny.”

I stood and slipped off the gown to stand before her, naked and ready. L dropped her gown and lent forward to suck on my knob while pulling my balls and beginning to finger my arsehole.

I took her hair in my hands and forced her to look up at me,

“I’m going to choke you slut.”

She bit down lightly but I pushed forward and into her throat, çapa escort her tongue lashing the underside and opening her experienced throat. I felt the soft palate and then the entrance to her gullet, I shoved forward and she gagged but stayed in place and I was balls deep and enjoying her throat trying to swallow me and drag my cock into her guts.

L firmly held my balls and used them as a handle to ensure she could breathe as she actively got face-fucked. Her other hand was between my thighs and she began to slip fingers into my hole. At first just two but quickly four were inserted and my prostate stimulated so I could feel her milking it straight down into her guts.

It was so lovely having her serve me so passively and I really enjoyed stuffing her face as she slid deeper into my arse. She looked up at me, holding me still, balls deep, she smiled past the cock buried in her face and nodded slowly. Then she fisted me, curled her thumb into her hand and pushed it up into my rectum. I was getting very excited and L knew how to stop me cumming in her mouth, she bit down even as she twisted her fist to mash my prostate and start my arse erenköy escort cumming.

I stood and trembled as she suckled and controlled it all by squeezing my balls tightly.

She kept this up for a few minutes before pulling back and looking up at me, “Momma wants cock.” And she ripped her hand out before turning around and lying across the table. She parted her thighs and then reached back and parted her buttocks to expose her arsehole.

L loves sodomy, giving or taking and she wanted to be butt-fucked.

I knelt behind her and placed the head of my cock against her still tight, well tight for L pucker. Her saliva and what was still running from her cunt the only but copious lube made entry easy and I held her hips and ploughed in quickly, deeply and full length. L squealed in delight and with some slight discomfort. I knew S would hear and slammed in and out hoping L would scream loud enough for S to get off on her mother’s anal. L loves anal and she began to pant approaching orgasm which would just go on until I pulled out of her rectum.

We ploughed L for nearly 15 minutes, L squealing as she came, getting vocal and talking as dirty as she always did, she’s loose anyway and all the lube was getting frothy and her arse sloppy when I approached orgasm. I told L,

“I’m going to cum in your fucking arse woman.”


I came, rammed into her and held it full depth as my balls contracted and I pumped my load into her, again.

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