My son’s Girlfriend and the Refugees – Chapter 2

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My son’s Girlfriend and the Refugees – Chapter 2
About a week had passed since I saw my son’s girlfriend Lucinda on her knees taking multiple Muslim cocks. The guilt of not telling my son weighed heavy on me but the thrill of seeing her being a total slut was blowing my mind and I decided to keep it to myself, besides my son was happy and telling him would only destroy him.

It was precisely 5pm on Friday and everyone was leaving the office. I kept a look out for her and eventually I spotted Lucinda jumping into her car and heading for the car park exit. I started my car and followed her. After 10 minutes we arrived in a run down part of town, down a side road and headed to a local community centre.

Keeping my distance I waited and watched her go into the centre, approaching cautiously I walked up to the entrance and saw the sign on the door. The centre was temporary accommodation for Syrian refugees whilst they await asylum and rehoming.

Rather than going in, I went around the back of the property and peered through each window until I saw her sat on a desk, legs crossed with her already short dress riding up and providing a glorious view of her legs. I could make out the top of stocking which I sensed was deliberate as the classroom was full of young Syrian men, illegal bahis I counted 14 of them in all and they seemed to be in their late teens at most. Although I could not hear anything, Lucinda was clearly talking to the class whilst they gazed back appearing not to be listening to what she was saying, instead transfixed by the beautiful women sat in front of them.

After a few minutes one of the boys at the front stood up and walked towards Lucinder. As he approached she slowly leant back and parted her legs revealing her stockings and her freshly shaved pussy. She wore no panties and it was clear what her intention was.

The other boys were now restless and loud. They all surged forward over to Lucinder as she climbed off the desk and dropped to her knees. The Muslim students pulled out their cocks and started ramming them into her mouth one after another taking turns to fuck her throat whilst she fingered her pussy.

After 20 minutes all 14 had their cock in her mouth, she stood up before turning around and bending over the desk lifting one leg so her pussy was on full display. The students jostled each out of the way before a tall strong lad fended off the others and slid his fat cock straight into her pussy. The boys then lined up in a queue whilst youwin giriş stroking their hard cocks impatiently waiting for their turn.

My cock was throbbing but I was aching to know what was being said and to hear her moans of pleasure. I sprinted back to the entrance, down a corridor to the classroom where the door was slightly ajar. I had a perfect view and I could now hear everything.

The strong Syrian fucking her turned to his friends and said “this bitch is soaking wet, she is loving that Muslim cock”. The others just cheered and laughed whilst goading their friend to fuck her harder. Before too long he let out a huge groan and released his spunk into Lucinder’s pussy. He pulled out and was quickly replaced by the second Syrian teen, he was small and chubby but his cock was huge and Lucinda was moaning in delight as this young Muslim pounded her white pussy.

After a few minutes he withdrew his cock and grabbed Lucinder by the hair and pushed her to her knees. He wanked his cock furiously whilst clutching her face looking down at her an aggressive manner. He told her to say it, and then repeated it, “say it bitch, you know what we wanna hear”. Without further hesitation she replied. “Give me your Muslim seed, I need it. I am youwin güvenilir mi such a whore for Muslim men, I love how you refugees use me like your white cum dump”. The guy shot his load all over her face and without a moments breath the third guy shoved his cock down her throat. I couldn’t hold my cock back any longer and released it from my trousers.

I continued to watch as each Syrian boy took his turn hammering her pussy before they all came. She was completely covered in their Muslim seed, licking it from her fingers whilst the boys got dressed and congratulating each other. I needed to leave sharpish so I made a dash for my car and drove around the corner to a quiet street. My cock was rock hard and after what I had seen I wanked for no more than 2 minutes before spunking into the napkin retrieved from the glove box.

The next day Lucinder came over to dinner. We sat around the table having the usual discussions and in a civilised manner as if all completely normal. I sat there and could only think about her 24 hours ago being abused by young Muslim men, my cock was rock hard and I tried to put it out of my mind by making polite conversation but it was no good, I made an excuse and went to the bathroom to stroke my cock. After a while I came down and she had left and my son was sat there watching TV. I went to clear the table and saw there was a note on the napkin by my plate. I opened it up and felt my heart stop for second. It read “I saw you watching me your fucking pervert”.

Chapter 3 coming soon….

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