My Story with Cathy Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: In the Bathroom

When I closed the door of my room, I dropped on my bed very tired after that hour of intense excitement with my sister. I closed my eyes trying to recover the picture of my sister’s beautiful naked body. I couldn’t believe what had happened between me and Cathy. I mean for God’s sake, she’s my older sister.

It’s true I have had some sensuous thoughts about her before, which you can’t help it if you see her dirty panties discarded in your bathroom’s hamper carelessly or see her large boobs swinging under the loose shirts she wears everyday, but it never occurred to me I would feel this strong surge of desire and hunger to my own sister’s body. And it never occurred to me I would have the courage to do what I did this night: smothering my face with her soiled panties in front of her, talking with her boldly about her private areas, forcing her to touch herself in front of me, asking her to expose her asshole and taste her dirty finger and worst of all ending it by filling her open pussy with my sticky cum. This last stupid action ruined everything between us and caused her to run furious to her room.

It was three O’clock at night. My parents had been back long ago. I couldn’t sleep. I was so horny with the after image of my naked sister and I needed badly to relive myself. Then, I heard a soft knock on my door. I don’t know why I felt the blood freezing inside my veins. My heart was squeezed with painful fear and helpless anticipation. Then, my door was pushed gently and she entered stealthily my room closing the door behind her.

I was mystified by her beauty when I saw her. Standing at the door with her feet inside her bathroom slippers, she was wearing a transparent grey slip which barely reaches her crotch. I could see very clearly her large brown nipples pressing against the flimsy material of her slip. The high hem of the slip revealed the bottom of a white nylon thong. Her sexy milky legs were going on forever.

“Dam it Tom. I couldn’t sleep the whole night. And I just realized I didn’t relive myself the way you did. “

“You mean you’re not mad at me?”

“Of course, I’m mad at you. Do you think it would be ok when you cover my body with your sticky stuff? I spent one hour in bath trying to clean myself of that yaaaky thing. But, I felt cold and horny after shower. “

She reached the end of my bed and turned around to sit near my feet. She pulled the hem of her slip from behind to prevent her thong showing up while she’s sitting. This caused the thin material of her grey slip to stretch over her bottom, showing the configuration of her lovely ass. I almost cummed inside my shorts when she sat down.

“Now, here’s a deal Tom. I will allow you to watch me doing myself over one condition; you’re not allowed to touch or smirch me with your sticky stuff. Deal? “

“Why do you need me then? I mean you can do masturbation by yourself the way you were doing it earlier?”

She blushed and gave me one of her killer looks;

“For some reason, your presence while I was enjoying myself made it much hotter for me. I was all wet and horny when you were staring at me in the living room.”

“But I can’t sit here and watch my sexy sister masturbate without relieving myself. I will cum all over myself and make a mess just watching you naked. “

I was playing a crazy game. My sister was offering to show herself again and I was asking taksim elit escort for more than watching! Cathy bent her head thinking for a while when she stood up all of a sudden;

“You know what? I have a solution to this problem. Come with me.”

“Where are you going?”

“Stop asking questions and follow me.”

She opened my door quietly and turned her head to our parent’s room. When she made sure that everything was safe and quite, she walked out very quietly. I don’t need to say I followed her very excited and nervous at the same time. What would happen if one of our parents caught me with my huge erection following my older sister in her inappropriate outfit? I pushed these thoughts aside and started to wonder what’s going on in the mind of this horny bitch.

Catherine pushed the door of our bathroom and called for me:

“Hurry up.”

When I entered the bathroom, she locked the door. She switched on the light and turned to face me. The bathroom light was so bright and shining over my sister’s beautiful body. Her brown large nipples were erect with excitement. Her tight slip was showing every curve of her hot body.

“Now, Tom. Take off you clothes and go inside the tub.”

“Why do you need me inside the tub?” “Because I don’t need you outside the tub, silly. I told you stop asking silly questions.”

When she saw the puzzled look in my eyes she added:

“I need a sort of a barrier between us to feel safe. There, you can do what ever you want. Just, don’t move outside the tub. Ok?”

“Sounds good to me.”

I stripped off my shorts and moved inside the tub. My huge erection was pulsing in front of me. I leaned back on the cold wall of the bathroom and stood there shamelessly. Catherine gave me a satisfied smile. She undid the ribbons which were hanging the slip on her shoulders. Then, leaning forward to push the tight slip down, her large breasts were dangling in their magnificence. She struggled to free her ass from the slip causing her breasts to bob into each other.

When the slip reached her ankles, she stepped out of it and kicked it to the corner. Her skimpy thong was only a small triangle of nylon covering her private area and disappearing between her butts. The front panel was soaking wet with her juices. She reached up to her thong giving me her backside and hooked her fingers into the waist band. Slowly, she pulled down her thong, which was caught for a moment between her cheeks, to reappear suddenly with an elastic snap. She pushed her thong down her knees to her ankles. Stepping out of it, she picked it up with two fingers hesitantly and looked inside it with a disgusted face.

“I think this thong needs to be washed.”

She moved to the hamper to toss it there when I cried:

“Can you give it to me? Please.”

She shrugged her naked shoulders and handed her thong to me.

“I don’t understand why guys are interested in girls’ underwear!”

“Well, I don’t know. Because they are sexy, private, warm, touching their forbidden holes? Because they smell like pussies?”

Cathy reached down to her pussy and started rubbing it.

“Does this mean you like the smell of my pussy?”

“Oh My God, Cathy. There’s nothing more delicious than the smell of your puss. I will give anything to burry my nose there and lick all your juices with my tongue.”

My words were taksim escort making a strong effect on her. She put her right foot on the toilet seat opening her pussy to her hungry fingers while pinching her hard nipples with the other hand.

“Well, you have my dirty underwear with you now. Smell it if you really like my smell.”

I didn’t need an encouragement to do that. Checking the inside of her thong, my fingers became sticky wet with her secretions. I covered my nose with its small dirty crotch and took a sniff witch carried me to heaven. As if this was not sufficient to carry me over the edge, Cathy started licking her wet fingers to tease me. I couldn’t take it anymore; I wrapped her thong around my penis and started stroking it. The feeling was incredible when my cum mixed with her sticky secretions.

“Heeeeeey. What’s the fuck are you doing. Put my panty back.”

Cathy pulled her thong from my frozen hand. She threw out the thong inside the hamper, quickly. Then she washed her hands under the sink.

“Oh my God. You’re really dirty. I told you I don’t like your sticky stuff. I can’t wear this thong anymore.”

I was standing inside the tub with my hand frozen around my dick. She was drying her hands with the towel when she turned to see me in this position. Certainly, she felt sorry for me and ashamed of her loose of temper. She reached for my hand and pulled me out of the tub;

“Tom, don’t feel angry. I’m sorry. I have something better for you. Come.”

She pushed me down on the toilet seat.

“Open your legs for me brother.”

I didn’t know what she was having in her mind but I moved my legs apart anyways. Then to my surprise she straddled me with her full thighs. There was only four inches separating her opened pussy from my hard cock. She put her lovely hands on my shoulders for support;

“Now, we can do it while touching each other but, promise me, whenever you feel like cumming, just do it inside the toilet.”

I ran my left hand over her slender back and reached down between her cheeks. When I touched her asshole she jumped back and stiffened her muscles. My other hand was waiting for her and pushed her forward back to me.

“I promise, babe.”

I wrapped my right hand around my cock and started stroking it. Catherine dipped her finger inside her pussy and resumed rubbing herself. She was drenched with sweat and excitement. Her clit was congested and blue. Her juices were running down to her asshole.

“Do you want to know a secret?”

I looked at her blue lustful eyes and asked:

“What’s it babe?”

“Last night when you caught me in the living room, I did it in purpose.”

I couldn’t believe my ears;

“You did what?”

He breathing was labored and her face looked funny. I could tell she was going to cum very soon.

“I threw my clothes all over the place and sat there masturbating hoping you will come and walk on me doing it. If felt so helpless and exposed when you caught me last night. I love that feeling. Ooooh my God, I’m gona cummmmmmm.”

She closed her eyes and sought support over my shoulders. I felt my cock exploding and suddenly we started cuming together. Her soft thighs were contracting over my hairy thighs. Her nails were cutting into the flesh of my shoulders. It needed a great effort to push my cock down to shoot inside the toilet.

When we taksim eve gelen escort finished cuming, we felt very weak and exhausted. Cathy tried to stand up but she couldn’t carry herself. she lied down on the cold bathroom’s floor. Not wanting to let go of me, she pulled me down towards her. I felt a flood of warmth when my body landed over hers. Her breasts were pressed under my naked chest. She surrounded my neck with her hands and pulled my face towards her. Meeting lips with lips, she pushed her tongue inside my mouth and started a long wet kiss.

My penis sprang again to life with all this touching and caressing. She felt it brushing against her pussy because she pushed me down on the floor and straddled me again. She opened her thighs and touched my shaft with her wet pussy. I had great cums previously with all kind of panties and stuff but nothing felt like this wet warm hole she has.

I was dying to thrust my strained cock inside her, but I knew it’s better to leave her in control and enjoy whatever she wanted to give. We were lying there speechless, breathless with our genitalia touching with no movement. Then, after what seemed like ages, she pushed with her hand my prick against her pussy causing her labia to spread against it without allowing its head to enter inside her. Then, in a very slow and careful movement, she started to brush her opened pink pussy against my shaft. The feeling was very intense. Her warm juices started to run down my shaft to fill my asshole.

Cathy was biting her lower lip and breathing heavily. Her breasts were heaving up and down on the rhythm of our excited breathing. All her attention was directed between her thighs; to her pussy. She couldn’t speak. She couldn’t breath. She was only able to savor the pleasure which was building between her thighs. I don’t know if she was trying to drive me nuts with pleasure but certainly she was doing the same thing to herself.

With every brush, she was trying to savor a longer distance of my shaft, without allowing the head to touch her. Her juices made a small lake under me and filled the bath with her strong aroma.

Then suddenly, the head of my penis popped in inside her pussy and was engulfed immediately inside her tight hole. She gasped in pain and pleasure, taken aback by this unplanned accident. I moaned with ecstasy inside this wet hole of warmth and tightness. Oh my God, I was inside my sister’s vagina. As if her hole recognized this intrusion as a forbidden act of taboo, her tight vaginal walls squeezed my penis trying to expel it outside and milking my cum inside her in the same time.

Catherine pushed herself up trying to overcome this sudden feeling of pleasure and fullness. I moved my pelvis with her keeping my penis inside as long as possible. She became terrified and pushed me down with both hands to free herself. I surrounded her back with my legs and pulled her towards me burying my penis deeper inside her vagina. We did both loose control, when she started fighting and crying.

I loosened my grip around her, allowing her pussy to expel my moaning penis out, but it was too late. I came and came and came and came filling her pussy and asshole with my flood of cum. My older sister was standing above me crying, with my cum covering her both holes. It was then when we heard the sound of a key unlocking the door and my father shouting:

“What’s going on?”

To be continued…

(Author notes: Thanks to those who liked my story and sent me a lot of comments asking for a second chapter. And thanks to those who didn’t like certain things in the story and told me about it. I tried to make all happy without failing to give something new and exciting. See you in the third chapter)

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