My Sweet Slave Sara Ch. 2

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Note: Thank you very much to those who sent comments on the first part of this story. I have continued that story here with no introduction, so, if you haven’t read the first part, this one won’t make a lot of sense to start. I have written back to all who sent me comments and an email address and have every intention of continuing that practice. Please let me know what you good and bad. beth Claire

Chapter 5

I padded down the stairs, thinking of the changes in our lives. I knew that this would be the right thing for Sara, knew that I could bring her to a state of pleasure and need that her future husband and she would rely on through tough times. From our previous play I could tell that Sara had some experience with boys and I definitely needed to show her that being a slut with a lot of partners was unacceptable and not necessary. I was eager to show her the other side of sexuality. I was also eager to feel the contentment of owning a slave again – of having my needs met eagerly, of having a bitch to fuck or use as I wished. I thought of Angela and our poker games, having her under the table sucking the winner of each hand. I knew that it would be awhile before Sara was ready for such nasty play, but knew eventually my poker buddies would enjoy her a great deal.

I continued down to the basement, ready to start strict training of Sara. I happily released the hidden lock on the south wall to open the door to our dungeon. I wasn’t surprised to find it a bit dusty in the room. It had been several months since I had last been in there, however, I knew Sara would put it to rights later. I stood in the room, looking around, wondering which apparatus would be best for our first play. The St. Andrews cross was nice, but not very humiliating. The stocks would show off that delicious ass, but limit the amount of tit play. I considered using the winch to pull her off the ground, but really needed to make sure the cuffs were the right size – Angela’s would probably be a little big. Then I saw the exam table. Perfect. Easy for her to climb up on and with the additional straps, would easily hold her in place for several hours. I left the room and retrieved a damp rag and to check on Sara. I didn’t want her to discover my plans before they were ready. I headed back up the two flights of stairs to my room and was delighted to see Sara just starting to wake up.

“Hi Daddy” her sleep roughed voice called out.

“Hi baby, I want you to take a shower and then come downstairs. I want you kneeling on the floor in the kitchen in 15 minutes. Do you understand?

“Yes, Daddy, should I get dressed?’

“No. You will not be wearing clothes in the house any more. You will always get dressed and undressed in the garage. Slaves do not wear clothes in their Master’s house.”

I leaned over the bed and gave her a quick kiss, lessening the sharpness in my message, but still leaving the point uncontested. Sara stretched her arms out to pull me closer, but I moved back a bit.

“Are you horny, little one?’

“Yes, Daddy, will you play with me again?” Sara blushed a little, but her body also arched under the sheet. The expressions on her face changed a bit, the flush of desire replacing the softness of sleep.

“Not now, baby, and you have only 14 minutes left.” With that, I walked over to the chest at the foot of my bed. Another treasure chest, I needed a good blindfold for our play and an enema bag to clean out my slut. Sara climbed out of bed and tried to peak in the chest.

“What is in there, Daddy?’

I pulled a hard paddle out of the chest and swung around to Sara. She tried to jump out of the way, but I caught her by her hair. I pulled her to the floor on her knees. Trapping her hair under my foot, I stood back up.

“What did I tell you to do?’

“Take a shower” Sara’s voice was muffled by the carpet, but I heard the fear.

“Beg me to punish you.”

“Please, Daddy, I am sorry, please don’t hit me. I won’t do it again, please.”

I swung back my hand and let the paddle firmly connect with her ass cheek. The sound awoke my cock, loving the redness and the screech that followed the spank.

“Beg me.”

I swung again. I hit the other cheek of her ass, loving the repeated squeak. This time, Sara tried to pull her hair free.

“Slut, you had better beg me for your punishment. Each spank will be repeated 5 times after you beg. You are up to 10 now. Will you need more after you beg?’

Sara whimpered, ‘Please punish me, Daddy.”

It was enough for now. I really wanted to get things moving. There would be time later to teach her how to beg, how to ask for a slut’s punishment. I swung back my hand and quickly slammed the paddle into her right cheek 3 times. After the third swing, Sara moved her hands down to cover her ass.

“Move your hands, bitch.”

Sara froze for a second, then slowly pulled her hands away. I heard her sniveling against the carpet. Her ass also showed the pain she was feeling. It was a beautiful bright red, no lines, just redness. I moved the paddle back and quickly gave her left ass cheek the same treatment. This time taksim rus escort she didn’t try to stop me. I alternated with the last four, quickly finishing the punishment. I had other things on my mind.

As soon as the last stroke hit her butt I lifted my foot off her hair and moved back to the chest. Sara scrambled to her feet and ran to the bathroom.

I pulled a few more things from the chest then shut the lid. I considered locking it, not wanting my little slave to look into it, but realized she wouldn’t have enough time. Just seeing it unlocked would be torment enough when she came out. I gathered up the items I would need and headed back downstairs. I decided to clean her out in the hall bathroom and then put the butt plug back in her ass to keep any residual liquid trapped there. I didn’t want to deal with that mess this time. It was also my intention to be fucking her delicious cunt this time anyway.

I hummed as I filled the bag with nice warm water. Her first enema shouldn’t be too difficult; I had time to show her the delights of temperature and additives in the not so distant future. I love watching my slave wiggle on the floor, cramping, whimpering with the fullness. I put a bit of lube on the tip and then some on the plug. I closed the bathroom door on my way out and hung the blindfold on the doorknob. I knew she would see it as she went in to the kitchen. Looking at my watch, I realized I had 5 minutes until she came down.

I detoured into the kitchen for the cleaning rag, then carried the rest of my supplies downstairs. Smiling, I thought of being able to send Sara down with the things in the future, having her doing the cleaning, seeing the fear and excitement on her face as she held the items of her intended torment.

I quickly cleaned off the exam table, then set up a folding tray next to it. I spread the clamps, riding crop and whipping belt out on the table. Closing my eyes, I imagined her screams and stroked my cock, enjoying the knowledge of her desire, her needs, and her anguish.

Hearing her come down to the first floor, I slowly went up the basement steps. I wanted her to be in position when I got up to the kitchen. Sara’s naked body flashed by the door on her way to her appointed place and I took the last few steps quickly. I turned the corner to find her in the middle of the kitchen floor. Her hair was still slightly damp, but flowed midway down her back. She knelt on the floor, but her body fidgeted in place.

“Do you want to know how to kneel, little one?’

Sara looked up at me and nodded.

“Your shins should be fully touching the ground, your feet tucked under your bum. Rest your ass on your heels. Spread your knees wide open and put your hands behind your head. Look down at the ground, but do not lower your head.”

Sara adjusted her body as I mentioned each position. Her breasts now stood out in delicious splendor. I ached to take a picture of her like this. Ready, open, tits begging to be played with, cunt open and I was sure with a bit of play, it would be dripping onto the ground. But another time.

I moved back to the hallway and plucked the blindfold off the door. I stepped behind my luscious slut and covered her eyes with the blindfold. Moving her hands a bit lower, I buckled the strap, tightly covering her face, completely blocking her sight.


Sara rose, quite gracefully, leaving her hands behind her head. I moved in front of her and lowered my head to her chest. I stuck out my tongue and slowly lapped at her left nipple. She arched her back, trying to push into me. I laughed a bit and stood back. She stood up straight again and waited. I enjoyed just looking at her. She was so perfectly made. Her hair glowed with vibrant health, soft, long, shimmering with her soft breaths. Her breasts, still high on her chest, lifted with her hands behind head. Her waist curving in so sweetly and then curving out to soft hips. Her lightly downed bush nestled above her shapely thighs, followed so gracefully with strong calves and tiny feet. And she was mine.

Chapter 6

“Follow me” I finally said, breaking the silence of the room. I pulled one of her hands from behind her head and placed it on my shoulder. Heading to the bathroom, I opened the door and led sweet Sara inside, happy to feel my little puppy tagging along behind. I led Sara over to the bathtub.

“Lift your foot and step into the tub.” As Sara lifted her foot, I bent over to guide her into the tub. I pushed her down onto her hands and knees in the tub floor. Sara shivered a bit as the cold porcelain chilled her. I shifted the curtain aside and grabbed the enema nozzle from its perch. Kneeling on the floor outside the tub, I spread her luscious bottom cheeks with one hand and put the tip of the nozzle against her puckered hole. Moving slowly, I eased the nozzle deeply into her ass, then moved my hand to the clamp. I stroked the soft skin at the base of her back as I released the clamp on the tube. Sara shifted again in the tub, feeling new sensations and I suspected a bit of embarrassment. As the water emptied taksim türbanlı escort into her, I moved my strokes from her back to her tummy, rubbing it to ease the cramps. I wanted her to be full, not in pain.

“Daddy, I have to go, please let me up.” Sara voice sounded scared.

“Wait baby, just a little more and then I will help you with that sensation.” I watched as the last of the two quarts of water emptied from the hanging bag. I felt the fullness in Sara’s soft tummy, felt her muscles shifting the water inside her. Sara continued to squirm and whimper. I was nearly purring myself. I loved seeing her wiggle like this and made a note to enjoy this with her again soon.

“Hold it in baby, concentrate.” As Sara’s little bum tightened up a bit, I pulled the nozzle free. I quickly grabbed the waiting butt plug and as her ass spasmed, pushed it in. I had chosen a moderate sized plug. It would fill her, allow her to hold in most of the water, but she would also feel it stretch her. With each spasm of her ass, I pushed the plug in deeper. Sara’s whimpers changed. She was gasping with each pulse. She wanted to refuse but something had held her back from asking to have the plug removed. Her concentration was evident by the set of her jaw.

“Baby, are you okay? Tell me what you feel.” I asked gently.

“Daddy, please don’t hurt me down there, please let me get up. I feel like I am going to poop, please.” Her voice cracked with emotion. Her breathing matched the pulsing of her little anus, in out, in out. The plug was more than halfway in. I need to get the bulb in place before I let her move. I knew that an accident at this point would be too much humiliation for her to deal with. I also wanted to see her stand while she was so full.

“Relax, baby. I won’t let any poop come out yet. You are safe. Just relax a bit, so this doesn’t hurt. Good girl.” With my last two words, her bottom eased enough to let the soft plastic finish its entry. Her muscles closed tight over the bulb, locking it in place. My cock jumped thinking about those same muscles closing on it.

“Stand up, slave.” I let my voice change, adding a cold strength to it. I knew the next part would be difficult for her. I remembered Angela bending over, whimpering with the fullness fighting the cramps. She learned over a period of time how to use the cramps for pleasure, and I was eager to teach Sara.

Sara stood slowly. When she was about halfway up, she obviously felt the plug shift and reached back to catch it, to push it back into place.

“Good girl.” She looked beautiful standing in front of me. Her eyes were covered with the blindfold and her cheeks with an embarrassed blush. She was cramping, chilled, and yet her submission to me grew with each breath. She seemed to stand taller, prouder and appeared happy to accept my will.

I took her hand and helped her from the tub. She stepped so gracefully from the tub, as though she was a queen accepting the throne. My thoughts of further tormenting her in this room fled. I decided to save some of this new area for another time. I led her to the toilet.

“Sit down, angel. When I leave the room, remove the plug and your bowels will start to empty. I am setting the timer for 2 minutes. When it rings, I want you to lie down on this towel and do 20 sit-ups. Then sit back on the toilet until you are finished. You have 5 minutes until I open this door again. Do you understand?’

“Yes, Daddy.” Sara blushed even further.

I set the timer then left the room. I stood outside until I heard the first splash, then looked at my watch. It would be a long five minutes for both of us.

I walked around the main floor of the house. I marveled at the future before me. I wouldn’t have Sara long. 6 months minimum and then perhaps through college, but it still seemed too short a time. I had owned Angela for 20 years and it wasn’t long enough. I heard the timer go off followed by a thump and then a regular thrushing beat of Sara’s skin against the towel on the floor. I was eager for the time when I stood at her feet, daring her to have an accident (that was almost certain to happen). I pictured her breasts bobbing up and down, the look of concentration strengthening her beautiful face and her cunt leaking from the excitement of the humiliation. Were it not for my telling her I would wait 5 minutes, I would have opened the door right then. However, she needed to know my words would be her safety, and that they were to be trusted. The sit-ups completed, Sara returned to the toilet. I pictured her straining to empty the last of the water. I knew she would be unable to get all the water out, hence the reinsertion of the plug. Eventually it would be her concern, but tonight she would be unable to move, much less clean.

I decided to do one final check on the basement room while I waited for the last 2 minutes to expire. The room had warmed slightly although still was a bit chilly. Once we got started, the chill wouldn’t be noticed. Everything was in place. My watch showed only 30 seconds remaining as I bounded up the stairs. taksim ucuz escort I grabbed a Pepsi from the fridge and as the clock ticked away the remaining time, I opened the bathroom door. Sara still sat on her throne, not quite as proud. The room held its expected odor well.

“Get on your hands and knees facing the tub, slave.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

Sara had put the plug into the bathtub once she removed it from her ass. I turned on the water and washed the shit off it. Since I had already taken the lube back downstairs, I improvised, squirting a bit of shower gel onto it. Sara was kneeling on the bathmat; her little bottom was wiggling like a puppy trying to hide his tail. I stroked her back for a bit, softly touching her, quieting her nerves. Kneeling beside her, I spread the cheeks of her ass with my left hand and then lined up the butt plug with her quivering anus.

“Relax and this won’t hurt, angel.” Sara sighed and some of the tension seemed to drain from her back. She was still on edge, but I was eager to continue. I pushed the plug in half way and again met with her body’s attempt to reject insertion. I paused for a moment. Did I want to force it, to start the scene up here? Or did I want to be gentle, to ease the plug in. It had already been in place once today. Now Sara was fighting me, fighting the invasion. She had to learn that fighting wasn’t going to work. I pushed harder and when she tightened even further, I plunged the plug in the rest of the way.

Sara cried out in pain and tried to move away from me. I grabbed her hair with my left hand and pulled her to her knees.

“You fought me – you paid the price. If you would have obeyed and relaxed it wouldn’t have hurt.”

I stood up and pulled Sara with me. Her hands lifted up to her hair, trying to stop the pain. I yanked harder on her hair.

“Hands DOWN, slave.” Hesitating only a moment, Sara let her hands fall to her sides. Her head was tipped back, the blindfold starting to fall off and expose her eyes. She had them tightly shut.

Once her hands were at her side, I released her hair and then straightened the blindfold. I started out of the room, putting her hand on my shoulder again and led her out.

“We are going into the basement. I will go slowly, but the blindfold will remain in place. Just move slowly and trust me.”

I stepped down the first step then said to Sara, ‘Step.” Her dainty little foot came forward to find the edge of the stair, and then she started to move forward. I was pleased that she wasn’t fighting this new adventure. I moved down to the second step and repeated the pattern. It took a bit, but finally we reached the bottom of the stairs, Sara was panting as if she had just climbed a dozen stairs, nerves I thought.

I moved ahead to the secret room, I knew it threw off Sara when I walked through what she assumed was a concrete wall. Her breathing had calmed in those few steps, but I heard her taking in a deep breath. The scent was different in this room, leather, sweat; excitement blended into the fragrance only a well-used dungeon carried. I assumed she wouldn’t recognize the scent, but hoped it would become addictive.

“This is a special room. In this room, I am only your Master and you are only my slave. But in this room you will find gratification and will learn valuable lessons of obedience and pleasure-giving.” As I talked, I heard a difference in my voice, extreme excitement, desire and strength. This was my place. I owned each thing in this room, now including my beautiful daughter.

Chapter 7

I led Sara over to the exam table and positioned her at the end. I easily lifted her naked body onto it, then pushed her chest to have her lie down the rest of the way. Her hands grabbed at me, reacting to the cold vinyl and the very unfamiliar circumstances. I held onto her left hand as I moved to the right side of the table. I pulled it over her head and strapped her wrist firmly with the wide leather belt there designed for that purpose. I smiled when she lifted her right hand over her head of her own accord. She wiggled like a happy puppy as I tightly cuffed the other hand in place. I returned to the end of the table and lifted Sara’s left leg into the stirrup. It too was belted into place.

Sara did not lift her right leg, I suspected because it would have left her so completely vulnerable. Her breathing changed as I pulled her right leg into place. Her nipples stood up straighter and her hips shifted on the table. I stood back when her ankle was held in place. Her beautiful body glimmered with a bit of nervous sweat; her breasts still stood up tall, topped by cherry points. Her knees moved back and forth, straining to close, but I had set the stirrups much too far apart for her to completely hide her cunt from me. Moving between her legs, I let my legs push her legs further apart. Sara seemed to relax slightly as she felt me touching her again. I bent over her and pulled the waist strap over her hips. Putting my hands under her hips, I lifted her off the table slightly, then jerked her to the end. Her arms extended fully as I moved her bottom to the very edge of the table. I quickly tightened the waist strap, trapping her in this slightly precarious position. She really couldn’t move anywhere, but I knew that having her bottom so much off the edge had to feel like she was going to slip off. Her legs were able finally to close when I stepped out from between them.

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