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“How about a ten minute warning?” she said, as my wife and her husband decided it was time to jump in the shower together.

“Well, we’re going to shower, you don’t have to start now!” her husband said with a grin.

He and my wife departed to the bathroom. I followed Her outside to finish our drinks. She pulled my chair directly next to hers, and sat with one leg crossed, the other leg up with her knee towards her chin. We chatted a little, I could tell she was nervous. Hell, so was I… I always am when I’m with a different woman than my wife.

We kissed briefly, it was sweet. Her lips soft, giving… her tongue, still a little reserved from activity. She picked up her pipe for another puff of courage, and I reached under her dress, quickly finding her wet sex. She was nervous, yes… but also excited. What a relief!

I slipped a finger just into her sweet wet opening, rubbing slow circles. She locked eyes with me, with an expression of “That’s not fair” combined with “Don’t you dare stop that!” And, I didn’t.

Soon, one finger was two. I worked them in slight circles, moving very slowly, deeper and deeper. Her arm came to rest on me, pulling me closer. I began the “come here” motion inside her, and embraced her with my other arm. She is silent when she comes, but I can feel the muscles push (I still don’t know if that’s voluntary or not, but I know what it means when that happens.)

After a short while, I ask, “Was that enough of a ten minute warning?”

She smiled and nodded, her eyes looking just a bit glazed over.


We moved inside to the bathroom. She leaves the light on. I let her prepare for a moment as I shed my clothes in the bedroom, then enter the bathroom naked. She likes what she sees, and I feel unusually proud of myself for a moment. She removed her dress, and I can see in her expression a fear about her appearance. “I can’t believe I’m letting you see me like this.” she says. She has such low confidence about her beauty, it saddens me for a moment.

“I want to see you like this!” I say, moving closer to touch her sweet body, and kiss her; offering every passionate reassurance I can. Her smile is reassuring.

The water is warm (by a woman’s standards, a sauna level heat for me.)

We step into the shower, and she begins washing herself. We kiss, we grope, there’s the brief sensation of desperation in both of us, so excited to finally be in this moment together. She turns, continuing her shower duties, and I can’t help but zero in on her cute little ass. I kneel, and begin kissing and slightly biting her butt. I decide to test a limit that I had been curious about. My mouth moves closer and closer to that spot between her cheeks that I desperately want to lick and kiss. I reach that place, and she lets out a moan! I’m in heaven! I lick and explore that sensitive rosebud, slightly tongue fucking her most guarded of places.

I am instantly rock-hard!

I stand, and she turns to me, she looks excited and happy, and I’m thrilled about the entire moment. “Shall I do something with that?”


“Well, my soap is a girly smell, sorry about that.”

“I don’t care!”

She pours a liberal amount of her body wash into her hands and begins massaging my rock hard cock, and my balls.

“I so want to feel that in me, now!”

I move forward and grab the base of my cock, using the head to rub her clit with the soap. “Sorry, that’s as close as we can get right now.” I say, with a shit-eating grin on my face. I’m making every effort to build up florya escort more desire in her, and it seems to be working well.

We switch places in the shower, me facing the water. I catch her behind my back, shaving her armpits. It’s awkward for her. She expresses her desire for a little privacy for the “not-so-hot” shower activities, so I exit the shower. I want her to stay excited, not embarrassed about anything.


I wait in the bedroom for a few minutes, stroking my cock to keep it ready. She enters the room finally, and we embrace for a moment, kissing, groping. I enjoy knowing that she won’t be able to use those hands soon. I break the moment, look her in the eye, and say only, “Shoes.”

“Yes sir.” she replies, and takes her shoes off the bed to put them on.

I then pick up the restraints that I have laid out on the bed, and she offers me each wrist, willingly, without my asking. I then place restraints on each ankle. She looks amazing in her black pumps and restraints. Then, I instruct her to hold up her hair as I place the collar on her neck. The woman is transformed into a gorgeous sub in mere moments, and I’m taken aback at how beautiful this moment is. It takes a lot for me to continue in a dominant role, instead of just ravishing her proper!

I grab her first wrist, and clip it to her collar.

“Oh!” She says, completely not realizing that this was one of the bondage options.

I clip the other wrist, leaving her hands helpless. I lean in close, and ask her with a quiet deepened voice, “Are you ok?”

“Yes!” She replied enthusiastically.

I begin tracing my hands over her body, stopping to kiss her lips from time to time. I stop on her nipples, caressing at first, then squeezing lightly, and then harder. “Does that hurt?”

“I like it.”

I turn to the drawer and retrieve the chained nipple clamps. I have difficulty attaching the first one, and can see the expression of pain as each attempt fails. But, no protest whatsoever. I manage to attach the first clamp, but can’t get the second one on correctly. I abandon the clamps, having no desire to cause such pain, or to take her out of the moment. As a form of apology, I kiss and lick each nipple to sooth them, and bring her back completely.

I kiss her again, and instruct her to take her place beneath the chain attached to the ceiling. Each wrist is unclasped from her collar, and attached to the chain, leaving just enough space to allow her legs to spread comfortably in her heels. I lean in, and ask again, “Are you ok?”

“Yes sir.” she replied softly.

I then grab the blindfold, and place it on her, A strand of hair is caught in the front side of the mask, which somehow amplified the excitement of seeing her this way. I stand back for a moment to take in the moment. This adorable woman has now allowed me to bind her to the ceiling, and deprive her of seeing anything else that is about to happen. I’m amazed, and excited!

My first tool of choice is the ‘car-wash’ whip. I traced the soft rubber strands over her body, and she reflexively leaned forward, trusting the restraints to keep her upright. Her ass is now begging for attention, and abuse. She takes the first light cracks of the whip with soft moans. I increased intensity, and alternate between dragging the strands against her, and quick snaps at her body.

I stand close to her, and ask, “Are you ok?”

“Yes sir!” she replies. She’s really loving this.

I return the first tool to the drawer, and göztepe escort retrieve the riding crop. Slowly I traced the soft leather tip up her legs, front and back. Then, from her chin, down her neck to each breast. Every touch elicits sweet sounds from her, and I’m both amazed and very pleased. I then traced up the back of a leg, and crack the crop on her ass. This elicits a surprised yelp. I know I’m not hurting her, but know the potential for me to do so is known. I can sense that change in her mind where pleasure is crossing over into uncertainty, and that is exactly where I want her.

I continue to alternate between tracing the contours of her body, and snapping the tip of the crop. Each snap slowly increasing in intensity… and she’s still in that level of excitement and uncertainty. It’s perfect!

I drop to my knees behind her, and quickly start tonguing her ass. She leans forward as far as the restraints will allow, giving me the freedom to alternate from her wet sex, and her ass. As her moans begin to build, I stop abruptly, and crack the crop on her as a few times; then proceed directly to oral worship of her bound body again. It’s the perfect mix of pleasure, pain, and the unexpected… exactly what I wanted her to experience.

I then stand, moving in front of her, and quickly insert two fingers into her (which, by her expression, was obviously unexpected.) She has a small orgasm on my fingers as I kiss her roughly. I own her! She is giving herself to me completely, and I feel a great responsibility in the moment. This isn’t a gift to ever take lightly from someone willing to give their submission to me, and I’m almost beside myself with her passion and trust.


Pleased with her performance in this position, I unclasped her wrists from the chain. I wrap my arms around her, and she holds me tight for a passionate kiss. I guide her carefully to the foot of the bed, turn her towards me, and push her back. I instruct her to move up the bed a bit, and remove her heels. Each wrist is then attached to an ankle, forcing her to hold herself open for whatever else comes next.

I go down on her, eagerly, so excited to finally have full access to her sweet pussy. I lick lightly at her clit, make small circles at her entrance, and give her ass an occasional rimming. She moans, and I know she is still good. I grab a condom, and fumble to put it on as quickly as possible. Then, I continue to go down on her and stroke my cock in the condom until it’s at full mast.

I say nothing, I give no warning. She is wet, so I know I can do this… I thrust into her quickly, and deeply. Her mouth opens in shock, and bliss! It’s amazing! I fuck her slowly, and can actually feel my movements in her despite the latex cage. I lick at her nipples, and increase my pace. Still hard! YEAH!

Within a few minutes, I’m pushing her head into the pillows, eventually burying her blindfolded face under them. After feeling her muscular contractions of orgasm several times, I finally remove the blindfold, and unclip the restraints. Her first act of freedom is to throw the pillows on the floor. She looks at me with an expression of bliss, and is grateful to finally touch my body again. I keep giving her slow thrusts, kissing her, making eye contact now. It’s a gorgeous moment in time.

When I soften, and withdraw, she sits up and we hold each other for a while. She plays with my cock for a while as we embrace, and kiss.

“Can I suck this?” she asks.

“No, not yet.” I reply. halkalı escort

I move beside her, and again start fingering her. She asks, “Would it be weird to just have your fingers in me like this all the time?”

I reply, “It might be odd in some neighborhoods.” She laughs, and it’s a relieving moment of reality.

We kiss and hold each other a little longer, and I’m rock hard again. I tell her, “On all fours!”

She quickly moves into position, thrusting her sweet ass towards me in invitation.

Unable to resist the sight, I again start licking her ass and pussy from behind, exciting her, and making my cock strong enough to break diamond! Then, I enter her from behind.

This is the strongest my cock has been all night, and she can feel it! The moans start immediately, and they don’t stop. I feel her body go through several orgasmic convulsions as I literally pound into her from behind. She looks over at the mirrored closet door, and remarks at the wonderful view. And, I’m glad at this point that I removed the blindfold when I did.

I then raise up, and tell her, “Flat on your stomach, legs together.” She complies instantly. Now, I feel able to thrust as deeply as possible… Long slow strokes that let the ridge of my cockhead to drag across her g-spot with every thrust. In spite of the condom, this feels awesome! Her contractions with each orgasm are becoming so strong, they almost push me completely out of her; but they are the strongest of the entire evening.

I withdraw after softening a bit. She turns so we can hold each other again, and to play with my cock. “Can I suck it now?”


I went to the bathroom to remove the condom, and used a washcloth to remove as much of the latex taste as I could. Then I took a seat in the “naughty chair.” She moved into kneeling position in front of me, and began giving me the slowest head I’ve ever had. SLOWWW… Almost excruciating, as I was feeling the need for more rapid actions. It was obvious, she was turning the table just a bit, and I was completely fine with allowing that.

She alternated between sucking, and stroking; licking my balls and sucking them lightly while stroking. It was nice.

“I would love to taste your cum.” she says.

“That’s going to take time.” I replied.

She let go of my cock, and began licking my balls again. I decided, “why not try?” and began stroking my cock. As I did this, her tongue began to wander further south of my balls to my ass. Not a feeling I am used to at all! But, DAMN! It felt so amazing. She licked, and rubbed on the outside with her fingers, and I’m stroking my cock like a madman, wishing desperately that I could cum for her right then.

I leaned forward, a bit frustrated, and grabbed her by the ring on her collar. I kissed her passionately. “Would you prefer to be called Slave, Pet or Sub?”

“Mmmm… I like pet!”

I nodded my acceptance.

She asked, “Do I call you Master, or Sir…”

“Sir is good.” I reply quickly, liking the informal D/S term.

I moved to the floor in front of her, and we kissed and held each other. It was a sweet embrace. The desperation had faded, the pretenses were complete for the evening. We simply wanted to embrace, kiss, feel each others bodies. As we kissed, I again couldn’t resist the chance to finger her one more time. We held that embrace of each other, kissed, she played with my nipples and cock, and just touched my body. I gave her one more orgasm this way, and then we looked at each other and smiled.

“Is there anything I can do for you?” she asked.

“You have done everything for me! You don’t understand what pleasure I get from pleasing you!” I glanced down and grabbed my cock. “This? This will cum in time. If you’re patient, we’ll get there.”

We then kissed, got dressed, and joined her husband and my wife outside…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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