My Triplets Pt. 03

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It was now mid morning and we had all more or less recovered from our morning family fuck. Julie had showered and was taking a short nap; the boys remained on the den floor sleeping while still totally nude. Jack remained on the couch also taking a nap. I had decided to take a nice hot bath and soak my tender ass and pussy. The boys had really fucked me hard and after over a day of almost constant fucking, my pussy was rather tender. As I soaked in the bath, the thoughts of what had been going on in my family the last day or so was giving me the shivers. I now had four large and almost continuously hard cocks around me all the time and was being fondled at every opportunity. This would make any normal woman a bit horny but for me an already hot to trot female, I was in a constant state of arousal. My pussy was constantly wet and all I thought about was who was going to fuck me next, what hole would be fucked and how many cocks could I get into my hole.

Once I got out of the tub, I got dressed by simply slipping on a short house dress without a bra or panties; this will become my standard way of dressing at home. I need to buy some more simple dresses and find ones with low necklines for showing off my tits to my boys and giving them easy access to their new toys. Wearing no panties will allow me to easily flash my ass and cunt to encourage them to feel me up and enables me to experience having my asshole and pussy easily fondled and penetrated with fingers or whatever. Oh how I love having one of my boys walk up to me and simply reach down and stick a finger in my cunt or ass, it is so naughty and yet feels so good. Or have them just grab a tit and squeeze it or pull it out and suck on it. All this of course keeps my boy’s cocks hard resulting in my pussy and ass being filled with nice hard young cocks.

I went downstairs to get the boys and Jack busy with the many chores that needed to be done. I stood at the entrance of the den seeing all four guys still sawing wood, all with semi hard cocks. Just the sight of the boys lying there with their cocks in plain view made my pussy twitch. Danny was lying on the floor the closest to me, I walked up to where he was sprawled out and used my foot to stir him. He opened his eyes and turned his head my way looking straight up at me. “Hi mom. What time is it?”

“It’s nearly 11 am dear. It’s time to get dressed and do some chores this morning.”

He said, “Oh mom, are you sure we need to do chores?” as he then reached down to stroke his hardening cock saying, “I want to fuck some more.”

“Yes dear I know, but we still need to do some things around here. We can’t be fucking all the time.”

“Oh mom! Hmmm, would you move over a little closer to me?”

“Why, so you can look up my dress?”

“Of course mom, I love to look at your pussy and ass.” He smiled rolling his head towards me with his eyes looking up my dress. I just smiled as I moved over a little so that I was now standing with one leg on each side of his face. I had spread my legs rather wide giving him a good view of my bare crotch.

I pulled the hem of my dress up so that I could see his face which made my cunt even more visible. “Is this what you want to see baby?”

“Yea mom, but I wish your pussy was closer so I could touch it.” I continued looking down at him as he licked his lips. I could not resist him and slowly began to squat over his face. As I bent my legs I pulled my dress higher and higher until it was above my waist and my cunt was now only inches from his mouth.

He then stuck out his tongue, so I lowered my ass a little more until his tongue touched my cunt, I then wiggled my butt back and forth letting his tongue slip in between my cunt lips. “Is this what you want to do to your mother? Lick her pussy?”

“Ummmm yes mom, I love licking your cunt, you taste so good.” He was now moving his tongue in and out of my pussy giving me some great sensations while also using his hands to fondle and squeeze my ass cheeks. I just closed my eyes as I enjoyed the action of my son’s tongue on my pussy, he was gently massaging my clit and I was loving it.

He then used his hands to spread my ass cheeks and with his tongue stuck out as far as he could, he moved my body forward dragging his tongue down my crack until he reached my asshole. He held me there and began to play with my anus trying to get his tongue into the tight opening. “Ohhhhh, yes baby!” He was giving me some great sensations and I love having my asshole played with. “Oh baby, I love what you are doing. I love having my asshole played with, your tongue feels so good on my asshole, oh yes stick it in me. Oh baby, yes, yes tongue fuck my ass. Oh this is so wonderful, I didn’t know you liked momma’s ass so well. Please don’t stop! Please, please I love what you are doing to me.” He didn’t show any signs of stopping as his tongue continued to probe my asshole and I was loving it. In the meantime, I slid a hand down to my crotch to work over my clit as my son licked and probed my ass with his tongue. I was getting really hot and was already approaching an orgasm, all I could do was moan with total pleasure.

I guess my moaning got every bodies attention as I was getting extremely close türbanlı escort to climaxing, I opened my eyes to see my other two sons wide eyed staring at Danny and myself, Jack was awake also and Julie was just walking in the den. When she saw me squatting over Danny’s face with my hand in my crotch with total pleasure written all over my face she said, “Shit, how long has this been going on?”

There was no answer and as she saw Danny’s cock sticking straight up and hard as a rock, she smiled and said, “Sure not going to waste a fucking god dam good hard cosk like that.” She walked over to us, pulled down her shorts and proceeded to squat down over Danny’s cock taking it into her cunt on the first thrust. “Oh fuck me, this feels so good. Oh Danny boy, your cock feels so good inside my cunt. Oh fuck this is good.”

My back was to her and so she reached around me and grabbed both my tits squeezing them as she rode up and down on Danny’s hard cock. Danny was really insistent in getting the tip of his tongue in my ass and was driving me crazy. I was busy masturbating and within seconds I had a wonderful orgasm, I just let out a loud groan as my body experienced a fantastic orgasmic sensation.

Meantime Julie was franticly pumping her cunt up and down on Danny’s cock yelling at him, “SHOOT YOUR CUM UP MY CUNT YOU BIG FUCKER, YOU BIG STUD! Ohhhhh yes Danny, shoot your cum load up my twat, flood my fuck tunnel with your seed, your hot creamy fuck juice, I want to feel you cum deep inside me Danny. Oh baby, fuck me good, cum in me now!” Danny was ramming his cock up her twat as hard as he could and within almost seconds he began to grunt as he shot another load of his hot jizz into his sister’s pussy.

When Julie felt him cuming inside her pussy, she squeezed my tits real hard which added to my orgasmic sensations, I didn’t want this to end as Danny continued probing my ass with his tongue and Julie was working over my tits while I had three fingers shoved up my cunt as far as I could get them. OMG I was loving this, having another great orgasm with my kids.

As Julie slowly raised up to disengage her pussy from her brothers cock, it looked like her cunt lips were trying to hold on to his dick not wanting his cock to get away. Once his dick was free, his semi hard cock flopped down on his belly all coated with his and her cum. Julie spun around and got on all fours to take his cock into her mouth to taste him. She just moaned with pleasure as she shoved her mouth down taking in his entire cock. She just sucked and sucked on his dick like it was going to be the last dick she would ever suck on again.

By now Sammy and Billy were fully awake and sitting on the floor with their hard dicks in their hands taking in all the action of Julie and myself. Billy moved over toward his sister and rubbed her ass a little before slipping his hand down her crack feeling her wet pussy. He said, “Would you mind if I partake in fucking this fine cunt?”

Julie removed her brothers cock from her mouth long enough to say, “Whenever you see my cunt free of a cock, you are welcome to fuck it, in fact I want you to fuck me every chance you get. I want you and your brothers to think of me as your fuck toy, just fuck me silly whenever and wherever you want.” Billy did not waste any time and proceeded to slide his hard cock straight into his sister’s wet cunt.

He immediately responded, “Oh Julie, your cunt feels so good, all wet and juicy and listen to the squishing sound from Danny’s cum in you. Oh I love sloppy seconds, let’s do this often.”

“You got it dude! We can have sloppy seconds, thirds and more. Yes I love the feeling too. Oh yea, fuck me good Billy Boy. Love that the sound and the feeling of all that squishyness.”

By now I had gotten off Danny’s face and was sitting on the floor leaning against our love seat watching Julie with Billy and Danny. I looked over at Jack who was also totally engrossed in the sexual action going on between our kids. Sammy was sitting on the couch across from me entertaining a very nice hard on that he was gently stroking as he watched his brothers fucking his sister. He looked over at me and said, “I need some help here, I need some relief, I need a pussy to fuck! Can I fuck you mom?”

I just smiled at him as I crawled up onto the love seat, spread my legs real wide saying, “Does this answer your question sweetie?” Sammy got up and walked over getting between my legs holding his dick in his hand. I reached up taking his dick saying, “Here, let me guide this beautiful piece of meat into your mommy’s cunt, I love fondling a guy’s hard cock and shoving it inside me. Oh, all you guys have wonderful dicks, can’t wait to get this in me.” He leaned down while I pulled his cock toward my cunt and as he got close, I rubbed the head of his dick up and down my cunt pushing my cunt lips apart slightly. “Does that feel good baby?”

“Oh mom, that is great, I love having sex with you.” I just smiled up at him as I tugged at his cock indicating I wanted him inside me. He gently pushed his cock forward until he had fully penetrated my pussy.

“Now fuck your mother really nice sweetie. Give your mother a big orgasm and fill me up ümraniye escort with your cum, I love feeling cum being pumped into my cunt. Ummm you feel so good.”

I looked over at Jack who was still stroking his nice hard cock that I would also love to have inside me. “Say Jack, do you want to have sloppy seconds with me when Sammy is done?”

Jack said, “Well that would be fine or I’ll take sloppy thirds with Julie when Billy is done fucking her.”

I then reached up and squeezed my own tits looking straight at Sammy and said, “Why don’t you play with these while you fuck me. I love having my tits fondled, sucked and squeezed while my cunt is being fucked.” Sammy’s hands replaced mine as he squeezed my tits and nipples. I told him to pinch and twist my nipples. After a few seconds I said, “Do you know what else I would like?”

“No mom, what else would you like for me to do to you?”

“I would like for you to reach around my butt and stick your finger where Danny had his tongue a little while ago. Could you do that for me?” Sammy just smiled as he began to move one hand around my back slowly inching his way down my crack until he reached my asshole. He now had one of his hands on my tit, another tit was in his mouth, his cock was in my pussy and while he looked up at me with a mouth full of tit, he began to probe my asshole with his finger. Oh fuck that felt so good. “Oh Sammy that is so nice, yes, yes that makes your mommy so happy. Ohhhh, ohhhh, yes, yes, fuck me, suck my tit, finger my ass. Ohhh this is so good. Fuck I don’t want this to end!” I was approaching yet another climax that was as big or bigger than the one Danny gave me just a few minutes ago. Oh fuck, sex with my boys was better than I had ever imagined. I closed my eyes as my orgasm took over, I could feel Sammy begin to cum in my cunt as he rammed me really hard and then just held still as he pumped me full of his juices. Oh I was in hog heaven.

When I came down off my sexual high I thought about Jack and was hoping he was still waiting to slip his hard cock inside me, I now wanted to be ass fucked and he loves to do it. When I opened my eyes I saw Jack down between his daughter’s legs pumping his massive dick into her cunt giving her yet another climax. She had her head back, eyes closed as Jack was giving her a really hard and deep fuck; he was sweating profusely. I was a bit disappointed but glad that Julie was being thoroughly pleasured, I knew that I would get a hard cock up my ass sometime later today.

After Jack broke his nuts in Julie, he rolled off her and just sprawled out on the floor totally exhausted. I could see cum oozing out of Julie’s pussy and couldn’t resist, I crawled over and began to muff dive into Julie’s crotch sucking the cum from her pussy while she was unwinding from getting thoroughly fucked by her dad and brothers. She just relaxed letting me have my way as I used my mouth and tongue to clean out her cunt of as much cum as I could, she was loaded and I loved the taste. I could taste her juices, plus Jack’s and Billy’s juices, she was delicious. When I was done, my face was smeared with cum and went over to Jack and gave him a nice big kiss letting him also get a taste of the cum that had been in Julie’s cunt. I did the same to all the boys giving them all a big sloppy kiss. Billy said, “Mom, you’re so nasty!”

“I know, don’t you love it!”

Billy replied, “Yes I do mom.” The others chimed in with the same sentiment. I noticed that I also had bit of cum oozing out of my cunt and without saying a word, I laid down on my back spreading my legs giving the jester of humping my ass. Julie got the hint and moved over next to me returning the favor and began to eat me. She slipped her tongue between my cunt lips licking up all the cum that was slowly oozing down the inside of my thigh.

She rose up her head saying, “Oh mom, you taste so good, I love eating your pussy.”

I said, “I love it too baby, but most of what you are tasting is Sammy, he pumped into me a nice big load of his juicy semen.”

Julie looked over at Sammy saying, “You taste good too bro. You ALL taste good and I hope I get to eat and taste a lot more of your cum before I go back to college.” She then moved her mouth back over to my cunt and took in a mouth full of pussy, sucking in as much of my cunt lips into her mouth as she could. Oh fuck that felt so good, and as she was sucking on my cunt, she was able to work her tongue in between my cunt lips and began playing with my clit. OMG I wanted to climax again so bad, I then reached down to hold her mouth tight against my cunt while I humped her face. Within minutes I was feeding her some fresh cum as once again, I was experiencing a wonderful orgasm from the action of my kids. My orgasms seem so much more intense when they come from having sex with my own flesh and blood, it was amazing.

Finally we all relaxed as we were totally spent. We have been fucking for over 4 hours not counting what went on during the night. At this rate we may set some kind of record of how much cum is generated in 24 hours if there is such a record. Anyway, we all cleaned up and went our own ways for the rest of the afternoon. I got some acıbadem escort house work done and actually felt a bit of relief by thinking of something other than fucking.

The boys all came home around dinner time and had been out playing some kind of ball. They were all hyped up and full of energy. Julie had called and said she was going to dinner with some friends and Jack said he was going to his office to catch up on some work after his round of golf. Danny was the first one in the door saying, “What’s for dinner mom?”

“Oh I made a casserole and a salad which will be ready in about 20 minutes. Does that satisfy you?”

“Sure mom, whatever you make is just fine with us. We’re going to take showers and get cleaned up for dinner, see you in a few.” They all herded down to their rooms and it was quiet again. I finished up the dinner and was waiting for them when they came into the kitchen. We had a fun dinner, all the boys were chatting and kidding each other, it was the usual except for Jack being gone. He usually is the biggest kidder and would have everyone laughing most the time.

When dinner was over the boys cleared the table and cleaned up the kitchen which is the usual routine. I went into the den to watch some TV and just relax. Sammy was the first to join me, he sat next to me on the couch. I was wearing one of my light house dresses that clearly showed off my shape having a bit of a low neckline. Sammy put his arm around me and I snuggled up to him pressing my tits into the side of his chest. Just a few minutes later Danny and Billy came in with Danny sitting next to Sammy. Billy stood in front of us all saying, “Where the hell am I going to sit?”

I said, “Hey Sammy, why don’t you move over and I’ll sit on your lap.” He did and I sat back down wiggling my ass to see if I could detect any sign of a hard on. The other two boys sat down and I moved my legs over so that they were across their legs. Danny immediately placed his hands on my legs and began to massage them running his hands half way up my thighs. I had put my arm around Sammy’s neck which caused my tit to be right in his face. He rubbed his chin and cheek against my tit in unison of me moving my tits back and forth.

“I like this boys, this is the way to enjoy television.” They all grunted but none were looking at the TV set. Danny started to move his hands higher and higher my thigh pushing my dress up at the same time.

I said to Sammy, “Why don’t you do everybody a favor especially yourself and unbutton my dress and pull out my tits so all of you can play with them.” Sammy did not hesitate and unbuttoned my dress pulling it back exposing both my tits. I reached under the one closest to him and offer it for him to suck on. He knew what to do and had his mouth wide open to receive my tit. Meantime Danny had run his hand all the way up my thigh and was playing with my pussy. I immediately spread my legs giving him total and easy access to my crotch.

I looked over at Billy and said, “Why don’t you come over her and stand next to your mom so I can suck your cock while your brothers play with my tits and pussy.” Billy jumped up, dropped his pants and instantly presented his hard throbbing cock to me. By turning my head I could easily suck his dick while Sammy sucked on my tit and Danny fingered my pussy. We continued this action for quite awhile with all of us moaning with pleasure from time to time.

Finally Sammy said, “Mom you got to get off my lap or lift up your butt so I can stick my dick in you. Your sitting on my lap with me having a hard on is hurting me.”

I responded, “Let’s make this a real foursome with each of you exchanging holes from time to time. Billy you lay down on the carpet and I’ll mount your hard cock, Danny you can have my ass while I suck off Sammy. Then we’ll rotate and Sammy can have my ass, Danny can fuck my cunt and I’ll suck Billy. We’ll switch once more before we try to cum.” I gave Billy one more hard suck before he laid down on his back with his hard cock sticking straight up, I stood and removed all my clothes then straddled Billy as I guided his cock into my wet and juicy cunt. I love to be a little aggressive, to look down between my legs to see and feel a cock slide inside me, to feel the head of a cock slide past my clit and enter the depths of my love tunnel; ohh so nice, so pleasing, so exciting, it makes me tingle all over.

Once I had Billy’s cock fully penetrated into my cunt, I raised and lowered myself up and down his hard shaft feeling the his bulbous dick head slide along the walls of my cunt giving me wonderful sensations. Danny then got down behind me using his hands to spread my ass cheeks as he slowly forced his hard cock into my tight asshole. It hurt at first but once he got the head of his cock inside me, I was OK with it. What a wonderful sensation of having both my ass and cunt full of cock at the same time. Sammy then kneeled in front of me and I opened my mouth wide to take in his cock and once I had all holes filled, they all began to work their magic, sliding their cocks in and out of me with no let up. I just relaxed and went with the flow enjoying every moment of feeling cocks being shoved inside my every hole. The boys were working me pretty hard, Danny was slamming his dick in my ass with lots of enthusiasm, Billy was trying to bang my cunt as hard as he could and Sammy was using my mouth like it was a cunt, he was giving me a great face fuck. After about 10 minutes of this I suggested that we change places.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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