My Tuesday Fuck Buddies

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After the costume party at Tom and Gloria’s house, Jennifer, Jerry and I both rested quite well that Sunday afternoon, good weather and all. Monday at work was a grind and I occasionally let my mind wander to the events of Saturday night, eliciting a smile or a grin at times. I decided to skip happy hour Monday evening and headed home from work. I wasn’t in the door five minutes when the phone rang. It was Jennifer and she wanted to drop in for a few minutes to chat. I definitely had no problems with that.

Jennifer entered the kitchen door from the garage just as I had finished putting my brief case in my den. She hadn’t changed out of her office clothes yet. She was dressed in a pair of grey slacks, black heels, and a white blouse with her red tresses pulled up slightly to the side with a hair clip. The slacks accentuated her awesome figure. Jennifer was all smiles when she walked in the door.

She strutted right up to me and planted a kiss on my lips, offering tongue as she draped her arms around my neck and put herself on her tiptoes. “I definitely find that a warm and sultry welcome home, even though you are the neighbor.” I grinned.

“Well, you also happen to be our lover too, so we get a two-fer, so to speak. So, I had a chat with Gloria while at work today. What do you think about playing tomorrow evening, just us three?”

“What about Jerry?” I asked. “Is he in or out tomorrow?”

“This is about you, Gloria and I. Before you came along buster, Gloria and I would have some time to ourselves, girl time. Right now, she really wants to pick up where you two left off Saturday night. She said something about us three playing. She loved the way you went down on her and ate her out after fucking her. Our idea is you have two good fucks in you with heavy deposits of cum and possibly two more if we let you, ahh…rest. This way, you get to work your skills on both of us together, both swordsmanship and the use of that talented tongue of yours and we get to cum a lot.”

Now, she leaned over the kitchen counter facing me, resting her chin in her hands and looking at me with her impish grin. Damn she was always hot. I gulped, “Well, how could I deny two women who want to use me for their sexual pleasure? I know, I know, I get a great deal too.”

“If I walk around that counter, would you bend me over the counter, pull down my slacks and panties and fuck the hell out of me right now?” She licked her lips.

“Only if you are already wet,” I responded.

“My panties aren’t wet, they’re soaked,” She replied and walked around the counter right in front of me and placed her hands on the counter, pushing her ass back toward me, spreading her legs and wiggled her ass. “Yours for the taking,” She said.

I took the two steps forward and wrapped my arms around her cupping her breasts through her blouse as I pressed my hardness against her ass soliciting a soft moan. She ground back against me and I could feel her nipples hardening through the fabric of her blouse and bra.

She leaned further forward pushing her ass back against me. I let my hands drop from her breasts and slide down her waist. I found the zipper and clip and undid them both, teasing her as I slowly slid the zipper down. She closed her legs slightly to let me have an easier time sliding the slacks off her hips and slowly down her legs. As they fell to her feet, she stepped out of one leg, and then the other, showing off her awesome ass, standing there in a pair of white French cut satin and lace underwear and her high heels.

I let my hands slowly venture back up the insides of her thighs, letting my fingers lightly trace their way back up to her pussy lips. I slid a finger along the fabric barely covering her spread pussy lips and she was right, she was soaked. I rubbed her softly, making sure to massage her sensitive clit causing her to begin to move her hips trying to fuck my fingers. After a few minutes, I moved up to place my fingers into her waistband of her panties and slowly slid them down to her ankles. Again, she slowly stepped out of the panties and spread her legs further for access. Her pussy lips were agape.

I stood back and unbuckled, unbuttoned, and unzipped my pants, sliding them and my underwear to the ground releasing my throbbing cock. I slid them off along with my shoes and stepped forward to allow my right hand access to her right breast and my left to slide two fingers into her velvet womanhood. She moaned again and began to cum. Her body shook with her first climax and graced me with her pussy juices gushing out onto my hand and the kitchen floor. “Ooops!” She said. “Give me your cock, now!”

She thrust her ass back with her pussy in search of my hardness. I reached around the front and began to massage her clit as I slide my cock up and into her hot fuck box. Her pussy started milking my cock as I slid in. She didn’t wait for me to slide all the way in before she began to fuck my cock, wiggling her ass and pumping me taking me in as deep as she could. The head of my cock erenköy escort bayan was buried to her cervix as she pounded down on my rod. While rubbing her clit and fucking her, she began to shake again, another gusher of pussy juice squirting out in heavy streams.

Jennifer was very vocal when she came and this was no exception. From, “Oh Fuck, Fuck, Fuck” to loud moans, and “Fuck me with that cock,” she was extremely orgasmic and sensual, in her animalistic mating. She had me close to cumming several times but I would pull out and let the sensation abate before sliding back into her. She came several more times over the course of a 20-minute animalistic fuck session before she begged me to cum.

“Shoot that load in me, oh fuck yeah, now, fuck…” She demanded.

As I began to cum, I slammed my cock deep releasing my load in ropes. I moaned loudly as I came.

“Oh fuck, your cock…I love the hot cum shooting into me. Give me loads of cum!” She said, this time begging me for my load.

I shook as her pussy milked every drop of cum from my cock. “Oh shit Jen! Wow!”

“You aren’t done lover,” She responded as she kept milking my cock. “Now I want you to clean me up, just like you did Gloria and don’t forget to save me some.”

She released the tight pussy grip on my cock and I began to slide out of her, slowly.

“Don’t you let a drop hit the floor. I’ll start draining as soon as your cock falls out of my cunt.”

I pulled my cock out of her pussy, turned her around to face me and picked her up and turned to set her on the kitchen table. She leaned back onto her elbows; spread her legs wide open for my access and of course, she was right. There was a glob of my cum that began oozing from her puffy pussy lips that still were slightly agape. I dove in to her pussy like a kid trying to lick the cream out of Hostess Ding Dong and leave the cake.

Jennifer’s pussy was so sweet, even after having just returned from work, cumming the way she does and full of my cum. I came a ton and did everything I could to lick and suck it all out of her, making her cum again as she grabbed ahold of my head to grind her pussy onto my tongue.

I leaned back from her ever so tasty sweet sex and pulled her up to me to share some of my load and her pussy juices with her. After sharing the deep long kiss and the mixed juices, she sighed, “Baby, you have one hell of a talented tongue and your fucking skills are pretty good too.”

I replied back, “I’m glad you enjoy having me. I am the luckiest guy I know.”

“Oh yes I do enjoy having you and I will enjoy sharing you too. Now, I guess I had better gather my wits and my clothes and go home to make dinner for the kids and Jerry. I’ll have him fuck me tonight as I tell him what we did this evening. He’ll pound the shit out of my pussy tonight knowing you did too.”

With that, she gathered her slacks and pulled them on, stuffing her panties in her pocket. She glanced over her shoulder and said, “Remember, you have a repeat performance tomorrow.” Out the door she went.

I showered and went to the bedroom to relax and check my e-mail and saw a message from Gloria with an attachment. I opened it to be greeted by a picture of Gloria and Jennifer, clad in only stockings and high heels, in a sixty-nine buried in each other’s love tunnels with a note that said, “You will be in the middle of this tomorrow. More to follow…Lots of hugs and kisses, and more!”

I replied, “I am looking forward to it.”

Gloria sent me an e-mail at work that next afternoon. “Thinking of you right here.” I opened the attachment to find a picture of Gloria totally nude, on her back with her legs spread wide and being held open by her own arms, and pussy wide open dripping cum.

I sent her a separate e-mail from my personal account and told her I loved the pics and forwarded this one to my personal account. I was looking forward to both of them this evening.

Minutes passed and I received a response on my personal e-mail. “You don’t check your personal e-mail at work very often, I’m told. Wanted to make sure I had your attention.”

I responded, “If you want me to pleasure you this evening, I have to finish what I am working on. Right now, I’m concentrating on you!”

Her response was short. “Good, finish your work and come fuck me.”

At five thirty, I logged off and was getting ready to lock my office when my office line rang. It was Jennifer. “We are going to Gloria’s this evening. You get home and get a shower. We’ll ride over together.”

My response, “I’m on my way now.”

I pulled into my driveway and into the garage leaving the garage door open so that Jennifer would walk in when she was ready to go. I quickly ran upstairs to take a shower, shave, and get dressed. I was walking down the stairs having just gotten dressed in a pair satin boxer shorts, pair of khaki tan pants, loafers, and a polo shirt when Jennifer walked through the kitchen etiler escort bayan garage door. She was dressed as if she were going to a school function, slacks, blouse, heels, hair pulled back in a ponytail, and just the right shade of lipstick to be sensual, but not go overboard.

“Are you ready lover?” She asked.

“Sure am.” I chimed back.

“Tom just arrived and he and Jerry are going to play some pool in the basement after the kids go to sleep.” She smiled.

“Just like a normal suburban weekday evening. Mom off to a function while dad stays at home and plays with a long stiff cue and some balls with a friend.” I couldn’t get over the fact that I’d actually seen this many times before when she would go out on a Tuesday and they would not go to happy hour at the bar. In the past, I was always there alone with the other regulars. “It just dawned on me what was going on all of those Tuesdays before.”

“And you thought we were just a nice quite suburban couple with two kids.”

She walked over to me and gave me a deep kiss and let her hand drift down to my cock. My cock was already hardening before she even touched me. “Fuck us tonight like you fucked me last night and you will have two horny, but satisfied, women.”

“Lets go.”

The drive to Tom and Gloria’s house was a tease. Jennifer unbuttoned her blouse half way to show off a white plunging lace corset. Her nipples barely covered by the material. “You like?” She asked.

“I do.” I responded. “You could wear a potato sack and you’d make my cock hard.”


She massaged my thigh often grazing my cock the whole way to Gloria’s. When we arrived, we pulled right up to the garage door and parked. When we got to the front door, Jennifer rang the doorbell. A few minutes went by before Gloria opened the door. She answered the door dressed in a blue silk robe with a sash around her waist. She had on heels and hose and her long black hair was pulled into a ponytail similar to Jennifer’s. I couldn’t quite tell what she had on under the robe.

“Let’s go upstairs to the master bedroom. I already have wine up there and mood music, not that we need it.” She gave Jennifer a deep kiss and then me. She patted me on the ass as we broke our kiss. Jennifer led the way up the stairs and I followed, with Gloria watching from behind.

As we walked down the hallway to the master bedroom, Gloria dimmed the hallway lights. Jennifer opened the door and walked in. I followed. The lights were dimmed just like Saturday night, but Gloria had lit several candles that emitted a soft glow in the room. Yanni was playing on the bedroom stereo system and the room’s huge king sized four-poster bed was turned down.

Gloria walked to the nightstand and grabbed the three wine glasses handing Jennifer and I our glass. She had already opened the bottle before we had gotten there and she poured our glasses and topped hers off. The room was as huge as I remembered from the weekend’s escapades, larger than mine or Jennifer and Jerry’s with a larger sitting room area and a massive master bath. This time, Gloria left the bedroom door wide open, unlike our last meeting.

She moved to the bed and climbed up. Gloria was as sultry as she was Saturday night. I was one lucky guy to be with these two gorgeous women. Both Jennifer and I sipped our wine and slid onto the bed. I leaned back to get a great view of the two of them. Gloria curled up at the head of the bed leaning back into the stacked pillows while Jennifer leaned back against the footboard of the bed. I was the cream of an Oreo cookie.

Chatting away, Jennifer described to Gloria what we did the night before in my kitchen. She was erotically graphic describing our fuck session from her perspective and you could tell, both of them were getting hot as Jennifer went on, not to mention me listening to how she described our encounter. Gloria let a hand wander to her thighs, slightly rubbing between her legs. She remarked, “He’s our little pussy eater.”

As Jennifer continued on describing our fuck session, she slid off the bed and began to undress. She removed her blouse looking hot standing there clad in the white plunging lace corset, her slacks and heels. As she described one of her orgasms, she began to slide her slacks off, sliding the down her legs to the floor and stepping out of them. No panties, the corset’s garter straps were attached to white seamed hose with lace tops. She went on as she folded her pants and walked over to the love seat in the sitting room to drape them over the arm.

To accentuate her description of getting fucked from behind, she posed for Gloria, leaning over the arm of the love seat, spreading her legs and made fucking motions with her ass and legs. Yes, just like I remembered it.

She spun around and walked back to the bed and motioned for me to move to the edge of the bed. In doing so, she slipped off my shoes, my socks, and reached up to unbuckle my göztepe escort bayan belt, unbutton my pants, and slide the zipper down. Before she could slide my pants down, I handed her my empty wine glass and wiggled my ass out of my pants just in time for her to pull them off after having set the glass down on the night stand.

Gloria set her glass down on the other side of the bed’s night stand and moved in behind me to help me out of my shirt by pulling it up over my head. Just then, Jennifer leaned in and grabbed the waist band of my satin boxer shorts and slid them off, tossing them over her shoulder. At that point, Gloria untied the sash of blue robe and let the robe fall of her shoulders. She was dressed in what appeared to be the exact same corset that Jennifer was wearing, but in blue and the pair of stockings she wore was nude.

Like Saturday night, Gloria’s wonderful orbs were available as they were barely covered by the lace of the corset. She spoke out to us, although really directed to Jennifer, “Saturday night I told him to take me as I was, right then because I was so soaked from watching the others use him.”

Jennifer slid up onto the bed and pushed me back so that I was directly in the middle of the bed. She spread my legs and proceeded to slowly and gently suck my cock. Gloria moved to face Jennifer and moved to spread her legs right over my mouth to give me a gorgeous view of her velvety smooth mons Venus with her parting pussy lips and dew on the inner folds.

“Ok lover, I’ve been waiting for a repeat performance from Saturday night. My pussy is yours.”

She slowly slid down offering my tongue her velvety sweet sex. Jennifer quit sucking my throbbing hard cock and straddled my waist. She reached between her legs and grabbed my cock to guide it into her womanhood as she began to slowly slide down onto my cock. She was already primed.

Gloria began to slowly rock her hips allowing her pussy to fuck my tongue. She reminded Jennifer, “Now Jen, don’t you let him cum too soon. I want this to be a long fuck session, just like we discussed this afternoon.”

“Don’t worry Glo, he knows. Besides, I am learning his cock…and it does feel pretty damn good. We will work on this fuck fest to make him hold off for as long as we want. We have our tricks.”

Jennifer leaned forward to kiss Gloria and shared tongue. Both women’s hands moved to expose the other’s luscious breasts and hardened nipples. Between the deep kisses, both traded off sucking on the other’s nipples while the other moaned. It didn’t take long before Gloria had her first climax, her body quivering as her pussy pulsed on my tongue and she called out that she was cumming.

Jennifer slowly fucked my cock. She would slowly slide up to where the head was right at the lips and again, very slowly, slide back down to the hilt before her pussy would grip me and restart the whole cycle over. She mumbled, “You had better tell me when you are close so I can stop and let you recover. Fuck! Your cock feels so good in me!”

“I will. Just remember to stop when I tell you to.”

I went back to concentrating on Gloria’s pussy as she leaned forward to change the angle. She also gave me access to her ass. As she leaned forward, Jennifer began to rub her own clit and began moaning loudly. They were both very vocal.

I shifted so that I could slide fingers into Gloria’s pussy to take advantage of her juices to lube her ass. With her pussy juices and my tongue preparation, I knew I would be able to drive her over the edge again by sliding a finger or two, or three into her tight ass while sucking her clit and tongue-fucking her pussy. I was right. One finger elicited a vocal response. When I opened her up further with two fingers in her ass and sucking on her clit, I sent her over the edge again, this time her moans were very loud prompting a response from Jennifer.

“He’s got some great oral talents, doesn’t he Glo?”

“Oh fuck yes, baby!” Gloria said as her climax caused a shot of pussy juice to squirt onto my face.

Gloria’s second climax caused Jennifer to begin cumming. That nearly sent me over the edge and I had to shift Gloria’s pussy off my tongue for a moment to let Jennifer know to be careful or I would cum. Jennifer rose up off my cock sitting back onto my thighs as she came off her climax allowing my cock a few moments to let the sensations ebb. My cock was pulsing like crazy. Just to make sure, Jennifer grabbed the base of my cock and squeezed hard.

I had to concentrate on not cumming. That wasn’t easy, but I was successful. After a few minutes, Jennifer climbed back on and began to slowly fuck me again and deep kissing Gloria as I picked up my pace of sucking and tongue fucking her clit and finger fucking her ass. It didn’t take long for Gloria to cum again, yelling louder as she came. We kept it up for more than thirty minutes during the first session. Gloria and Jennifer climaxed multiple times.

Gloria’s climaxes had increased in intensity. Her first and second orgasms yielded a squirt of pussy juices. Her last couple nearly drowned me from her cum flow. They were powerful and multiple squirts each time and the last one that set off Jennifer’s orgasm had her flooding my cock with her juices. I told her to stop as she slammed my cock into her love tunnel. You could hear the sloppy love juices flowing. That was when Jennifer told me to cum.

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