My Very Personal Maid Ch. 5

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There on the bed lay the lovely ladies caught in the act. Faces buried in each others spread intimate flesh. Beautifully nude. They both shot bolt upright, lips and chins shiny with intimate juices. Betsy grabbed the sheet and pulled it in front of her. Sue swung her legs around put them together and sat on the edge of the bed.

“What! What is going on?” I stammered ‘shocked and speechless’ at what I beheld. “I never! Daisy, what is the meaning of this. Mrs. Mason, what are you doing here?”

“I’m sorry we didn’t expect you till later.” Betsy said with a convincing sob in her voice. What an actress.

“Mrs. Mason, what is this about? I shall have to tell Auntie, and your husband. I entrusted my dearest friend into your care. This is disgraceful! Two women, obviously making love. How long has this been going on?” I asked ‘shocked’ at their behavior.

Sue remained calm, though she blushed from her pretty head to her beautiful toes. Her hand came to her lips wiping the slick sheen of Betsy’s pussy juice from her lips. She recovered quickly. She stood up regally, giving me a view of her breathtaking body.

Knowing her ploy, I gave careful attention to her nude body. My eyes dwelled on her erotic breasts, the nipples taut and erect, and down her softly curved stomach to her blonde cunny hair, now wet with Betsy’s saliva and her own juices. I continued down her slender perfectly shaped legs to her small well formed feet. She was truly a splendid woman, and well knew it. My long glances were not lost on her.

“I am truly sorry, Diana. I would not have this happen for the world. I beg you not to tell your aunt, or my husband.” Sue said regaining her composure. “Your friend Betsy is such a lovely woman, in spirit, face and body. I have been having trouble at home with my husband, and she has been such a dear to comfort me. I am afraid it was all my fault. I seduced the dear girl. Do not think harshly of her. We came here because I cannot make love to her at my home. I admit I took advantage of her. Do not think unkindly of her. She is so beautiful, I wanted to make love to her. Who knows how better to make love to a women, than another woman. ” she said convincingly.

“It was such a shock. Of course I have known of the works of Sappho, and have even read some of her poems. I just never expected this from either of you.” I said in a softer tone, leaving Sue an opening which she took immediately.

“Did you find Sappho’s poems offensive?” she asked moving gracefully closer. I shook my head. “Did they excite you?”

“I imagine every women wonders what it would be like to make love with another woman. I cannot fault you for wanting to make love to Betsy. I have seen her nude many times, and wondered what it would be like to make love to her.” I said my eyes wandering over her beautiful body.

“And me? Have you wondered what I would look like nude?” She asked moving still closer.

“No, I truly never imagined you nude. You are a married woman and have a husband. I know you are a beautiful woman, but seeing you nude, I know you are as lovely as a woman could possible be.” I answered truthfully.

“Thank you for the complement. Are you quite as shocked as you were before?” she asked.

“I truly do not know, It was just seeing you two together. I never really thought just how two women could make love to each other. I can see how what you were doing would satisfy both of you at the same time. ” I said slowly as if thinking of the act.

Betsy slipped off the bed and came to me. She put her hand on my arm. “Please forgive me. I would never do anything to hurt you. I never knew you looked at my body, and wondered what it would be like to make love to me. I have looked at you with the same thoughts.” Betsy said convincingly.

“I, am so confused. Let me think.” I said touching Betsy’s bare shoulder. I let my eyes travel over her lovely body. My looks were not lost on Sue.

“I know this is new to you. Would you like to watch Betsy and I make love? I think you will see the beauty of it. It is truly lovely. Not like the mating of a man and women, so crude and messy. Would you like to watch? You can leave at any time and if you do, I will leave and never see Betsy outside of the office. Is that fair?” Sue asked, placing her hand softly on mine. Her touch was so warm and almost electric to me.

“That seems fair. Betsy? Do you agree?” I said turning to Betsy. She hugged me and kissed my cheek lightly.

I moved to pull my dresser stool beside the bed, and sat on it. They stood before me and moved together. They stood so close to me I could smell Sue’s faint perfume and the scent of their aroused sex at the same time. Slowly they kissed and caressed, Sue positioning Betsy so I could see her kisses and caresses on her beautiful breasts. She brought Betsy’s nipples back to stiff erectness, then moved down to kiss her belly. She laved Betsy’s stomach with her tongue, then down to her thighs. Betsy closed her eyes as Sue casino şirketleri moved her head upward to run her pointed tongue up and down her furrow. Sue stood up and Betsy kissed Sue’s superb body.

My own cunny was dripping as I watched. I squirmed on the bench as Betsy kissed and licked Sue’s perfect breasts. Her tongue moved around and around the swollen aureoles till the gleamed with her saliva. She sucked the breasts, letting her mouth open wide to take in the most she could, then sucked hard on the nipples. She caught the nipples with her teeth and pulled gently on them, nipping them slightly. Sue groaned. They moved to the bed and lay down. They continued to stroke and kiss till they were both panting with desire.

“This is called soixante neuf or a 69 by the French. It is very pleasurable to both of us. We can give and receive the greatest pleasure at the same time.” Sue said as they swung around in the bed. They lay on their sides and resumed the position I had so rudely interrupted.

I let them play out their game. I played out mine. I let my thighs spread as I watched and reached down and pulled my dress up. I pulled my thin underdrawers aside. I slid my hand down and worked it to my dripping cunny. Finally I slipped a finger up and down my cunny and rolled my painfully erect clitty. I watched my best friend and lover make love to the beautiful Sue. I timed my climax to come just after theirs. They heard my sobs of joy as I watched them. Sue’s head came up and she watched me climax. Her face lit up.

She let me recover and pull my dress down. “I see you were excited by our lovemaking, Dearest Diana. Now you see how lovely it is. Betsy is such a beautiful women, and such a good lover. I have been teaching her, and she is a quick learner.” Sue said sitting up and helping Betsy to a sitting position.

Betsy came to me and got on her knees and buried her head between my breasts. “Oh, Diana, I have wanted to tell you how I felt. You were excited watching us weren’t you? Would you like to join us.? Please say yes! You are my dearest friend and I would like to make love to you and make you happy. Will you?” Daisy pleaded .

I put my arms around her and kissed her upturned lips softly. “I think I would like that. It excited me terribly to watch you two. Yes. Is that all right with you Sue? I asked turning to her.

She moved to me and hugged both of us. Sue kissed me so softly my heart melted. Her tongue flicked against my lips and I sobbed it felt so good. I let her tongue slip feather light into my mouth, and play over my tongue. Her perfume smelled so wonderful. I felt Betsy’s lips on my neck. The two kissed my lips and face for a long time, then I felt Betsy’s hands begin to unbutton my dress Sue pulled it open as Betsy unfastened it and kissed my breasts above my brassiere. They slowly undressed me, kissing bare skin as it was exposed.

“Oh, your breasts are even more beautiful than I imagined. Betsy told me how beautiful you are nude, but words cannot describe your beautiful body.” Sue cooed as she moved to kiss my breasts and nipples. She licked and sucked them while her skillful hands kneaded them to aching fullness. Watching her enflamed me still more, her lovely face close to my breasts, her lips sucking at my nipples. I stroked her long hair. Betsy slid my skirt then my underpants off.

“Look how wet her knickers are.” Betsy said as she showed them to Sue.

“You really did get excited watching us didn’t you, Love?” Sue asked looking up at me. She slid her hand and touched my cunny. “Betsy, she is soaked. Her thighs are even wet. I think this lovely young lady wants to join us very much. Am I right?” I nodded down at her. If only she knew.

They both kissed my body front and rear as I stood. Then they led me to the bed and positioned themselves on each side of me. Sue kissed my lips softly again, I tongued her sweet mouth as I reached out and fondled her breasts for the first time. Her skin was velvet smooth, her breasts firm, and swollen with passion. I rolled her nipples till the were hard jutting nubs. Sue moved down and kissed and nibbled on my breasts again, sending waves of pleasure through me. Betsy kissed my lips and I pulled her close and tongued her sweet mouth, tasting Sue’s cunny juices on her lips.

Sue moved down my body slowly, licking my skin and slipping her tongue into my navel. Her hands stroked my belly, then slid down to stroke my thighs. I let my thighs spread and she cupped my sex, pressing in against it. My clitty felt as if it would explode. She kissed and licked my thighs, then moved inward and licked my thighs at the sensitive juncture of my body. I moaned in approval.

I looked down and she was positioned between my thighs, looking up at me, Her incredible lovely face aglow. She kept eye contact and slid her pink tongue out and moved her head forward. I cried out as her tongue slid between my cunny lips and an electric current seemed to emanate from her tongue. Her fingers casino firmaları delicately spread my lips further and she began to lick from bottom to top, eyes still holding mine. Betsy’s hands stroked and kneaded my swollen breasts as she kissed my neck and nibbled on my earlobe.

Sue looked down as my cunny and her fingers pulled out and up to expose my swollen clitty. She bent forward and sucked it, her tongue laving it. I screamed my pleasure and her mouth went wild against my most sensitive spot.

Betsy licked one breast, and sucked my nipple, while her hands cupped and kneaded the other. I cried out in passion as these two incredible women brought me to a climax. My hips thrust upward of their own volition as I came. Sue and Betsy would not let me come down, and I climaxed at least four times before I pushed Sue’s lovely head away from my cunny, and covered it with my hands.

“No more, Please. You will kill me. Please. Enough! Please!” I pleaded. They moved to my side and kissed and stroked me softly. Betsy got up and Sue kissed my lips softly. I tasted my juices on her lips and licked then tasting myself on her.

She chuckled softly. “I think you liked that, My Love.”

“Oh, Yes, it was fantastic. Is it always so good?” I asked looking into her deep blue eyes.

“I can not guarantee it. You did have two women making love to you at the same time. Betsy is very good. She gave your breasts pleasure while I gave your sweet, tasty pussy my full and undivided attention. It is hard to give much more pleasure then that, unless there are more women to make love to you.” She said stroking my body gently.

Betsy came back with three wine glasses and poured us each a glass. The wine was very good, and I needed it. I drank two glasses quickly. Sue sipped her wine and looked back and forth from Betsy to me

“You are truly two lovely women. It is too bad you had not discovered the joys of Sappho before now. Think of what you have missed. “

I pulled Betsy to me and kissed her deeply, cupping her lovely breasts. “You are so correct. I did not want to risk alienating a wonderful friend. I am sure we shall make up for lost time. True Betsy?” I asked my friend who nodded her approval, and cupped my breasts gently.

“Would you like to make love to me, or Betsy now? You do not have to feel obligated to do it. We have both climaxed with each other.” Sue asked softly.

“Yes, I would like to make love to you. Betsy and I have all the time in the world living together. You made love to my cunny, and now it is my turn to repay the pleasure you gave to me. Is that all right with you Betsy?” I asked, knowing the answer

“Oh, yes, I would like to see you two make love. You are both so beautiful. I want to watch you two.” Betsy kissed me. Behind my back where Sue cold not see, she squeezed my flesh and pushed me toward Sue.

My hand actually shook as I reached out to caress the side of Sue’s face. She chuckled lightly and kissed my hand. I kissed her softly, savoring the moment. I finally was going to make love to this incredible beauty. I slipped one hand behind her head and pressed her gently against me. Her tongue slid out to lick and probe my lips. I opened my lips and our tongues fenced. I slid a hand to her breast and cupped it, then stroked her soft skin. She pushed her chest out to meet my hand.

For the next fifteen minutes I stroked, kissed and licked her splendid body, savoring every moment. I moved slowly down until I was between her soft firm thighs, looking at her golden haired cunny. I kissed and licked my way upward, teasing her till she moaned and begged me to kiss her ‘pussy.’ I loved that term.

Her pussy was beautiful, a deep furrow, that hid her inner lips completely. I parted her pubic hair and slid my tongue between her outer lips. She gasped. I parted her pussy with my fingers and looked at her lovely pink core. It gleamed with her juices, and the center was a velvet red rose. I licked up and down with my tongue flat. I laved it for a long time, then slid my pointed tongue into her center, and sucked her sweet juices.

I pulled back and looked down at her small anus, tiny and perfect like her whole body. I flicked my tongue over it several times, then slid the tip of my tongue inside momentarily. She groaned aloud. Moving upward, I licked her pussy again from bottom to top. I pulled at the top, and her clitty slid out, a small pink nubbin. I licked it and sucked softly with my lips. She cried out her pleasure. I looked upward and she was holding Betsy, her eyes closed. I licked again and again. She tasted delicious.

Her hips thrust upward. I ran my fingers over her wet core, then slowly inserted two inside her and crossing my fingers slowly rotated them in and out. I concentrated on her clitty, I moved my other hand to the top of her cunny and wetting two fingers ran them up and down the hidden shaft of her clitty stimulating it. I licked and sucked her clitty while I finger fucked her güvenilir casino sweet pussy.

She came crying out my name. My hand was a blur as I slid it in and out, hand rotating. I brought her to at least four climaxes quickly. Then I slipped my fingers from her core and slowly licked her pussy. I watched her inner lips contract after my fingers slid out. I licked slowly, then slid up and softly licked her clitty. She gave a shudder and came again quickly. I moved up her body kissing it softly. I held her and kissed her cheek while she regained her breath. Betsy was on the other side stroking her skin.

“Oh, God, that was wonderful. I don’t know when I have been so thoroughly loved by a women. Diana, you are truly a goddess here on earth. Thank you.” Sue said kissing me fervently.

We sat up and Betsy filled out wine glasses. Sue kept looking at me. I smiled and bent forward and kissed her lips gently. Suddenly she began to laugh. She had to put her wine glass down to keep from spilling it. Tears came to her eyes. Betsy and I just looked at each other blankly.

“You are good. Very Good. You had me totally fooled. This was a planned affair, wasn’t it?” Sue laughed.

“What are you talking about Sue? I caught you making love to my best friend. I watched you two and it made me very eager to try it. Planned? No. ” I said looking her right in the eye.

“Betsy is the actress of the century. She had me completely fooled. Betsy, you are a real actress. You were epitome of innocence. Unless you truly are an innocent and you friend Diana is not telling the truth.”

“What do you mean?” I asked her, a puzzled look on my face.

“You coming in at the exact moment we were in a 69, the shocked behavior, then joining us so willingly. Your knickers were literally soaked. That did not take the several minutes you watched us for you slipped them aside and fingered yourself. No, you lovely woman. You were watching us before this. The door was slightly ajar. But there was one thing that gave you away, you Sweet Dear.” She said as she kissed me, a smile on her lovely face.

I was totally puzzled. I thought we both had done a very credible job of playing the innocents. “What, what are you talking about?” I asked.

” It struck me after you had done it, and I had such wonderful ,explosive, fantastic orgasms.” She paused for effect. I still was at a loss. “No novice crosses her fingers and finger fucks a woman, and rotates her hand at the same time. That is a learned, or acquired thing that one knowledgeable woman passes on to another. And you licked, then slid your sweet tongue into my nether hole. Something few women would ever do unless they had had a great deal of experience. So come clean, my lovely new friends. You can tell me. You planned this didn’t you?” She said smiling at us. “Really, I do not mind. I too love intrigue and can take a joke played on me. I am glad it happened. Tell the truth now.” She chided us.

Betsy and I looked at each other, and began to laugh. Sue joined us. The room rang with our unrestrained laughter.

“Yes, we planned it. When Betsy came home and told me you had kissed her, we decided to let you play out your seduction. Night before last I watched from inside the closet. I could see through the louvers. I was nude and I fingered myself to four of five wonderful climaxes. It is a wonder you did not hear me. ‘We had planned on letting you and Betsy continue for several days before I ‘accidentally’ came in and caught you two in a compromising position. Betsy is a real actress isn’t she? She was superb as the ‘innocent’.”

Sue kissed Betsy. “Yes, she is a superb actress, and I thought a very quick study. Betsy, you had me completely fooled.” She turned to me. “You said you intended to wait a few days. Why did you move the ‘accidental’ arrival up to tonight.”

” Because,” I said kissing her lips softly, and letting my hand drop to caress her warm soft breast. “I watched you two last night and could not wait another day, or night, to make love to one of the most beautiful and desirable women I have ever seen in my life.

“Today I was wet all day thinking about what would happen tonight. When I was in your office I wanted to kiss you then and there. I was frantic to make love to you. That is why my knickers were so wet, and I had changed them after I came home and had a bath. I had thought of nothing but you all day.”

Sue pulled both of us close and looked from one to the other. “That is the sweetest, most wonderful thing anyone has ever said to me. Diana, I have wanted you from the first time I saw you. You were a beautiful young girl of fifteen at the time your aunt brought you to our house. I wanted you so much I could hardly keep my hands or eyes off of you.

“You, my dear, are one of the loveliest women I have ever known. I had to make myself not look at you too much. Thank you two for these two very special nights! There will be many more won’t there?” She said looking deep in my eyes.

“I certainly hope so. I would be devastated if I thought otherwise. ” I said.

“Oh, yes. I too hope there are many more nights. I meant what I said about wanting you in the office.” Betsy said kissing Sue.

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