My Whipping Ch. 03

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[This story will make more sense if you start with the first chapter. As it deals with incest, humiliation, whipping, and bodily functions, please read no further if any of those offends you. All characters are 18 or over.]


I was surprised at how well our new living arrangements were working. When my mother died, I inherited not only the house but her whole estate. I did promise to give my brother Dennis his fair share when he became 21, but otherwise, it all went to me. Dennis and I, who had moved out of the house after my mother subjected me to a severe whipping, were happy to move back; this time, I took the master bedroom and he was pleased to move back into his old room.

Our Aunt Kathryn wanted to move in with us and I agreed to this, but made her consent to being disciplined by Dennis and me whenever we felt she needed it. Kathy, as we know called her, had participated with my mother in the nasty whipping I had received, so I still felt she had much to repay me in psychic terms. As it happened, she was a true submissive who had previously been under my mother’s thumb. My mother had been several years older than Kathy.

My work and my boyfriend, Brad, occupied much of my time. Brad and I both had managed to secure good starting jobs with financial concerns. Thus we were well paid for our ages, but were expected to put in a lot of hours. I found that people at the office behaved as you would want—it appeared that the #metoo movement had damped down the worst excesses of male privilege in the financial world.

I grew to like having Kathy living with us. She tried to be helpful in arranging for anything that needed to be done at the house, and after I saw that she got on well with the two employees we had working for us, I put her in charge of supervising them on a day-to-day basis. They had to see me about major matters, such as taking vacation, their pay, and any problems that arose. But I encouraged them to deal with Kathy when possible, and I backed her up if there were issues, which were quite few.

Kathy actually liked me to be assertive with her. I do not consider myself a sadistic dominant, which is how I would have described my late mother. I did get something of a kick out of disciplining Kathy. I didn’t spank her in front of the employees and usually waited until they were off duty. I found that occasionally supervising her in the toilet maintained a good submissive attitude on her part.

Kathy was almost 15 years older than I was, and was thus in her mid-30s. She was petite, however, and looked younger than her age. I would sometimes tell her that if she needed to use the toilet, she needed to get permission from either Dennis or myself, and we might supervise her use should we feel the need.

One day, I was feeling a bit edgy and had put her on toilet notice. This meant she needed to ask Dennis or me for permission to even go into the bathroom. When she came to me, I asked her what she needed to do. She always blushed but said she needed to pee and to change her tampon. Then she managed to add that she thought she might ortaköy escort need to make a doody, too.

I admit that I was being bitchy but I told her she could go to the bathroom with me and could both pee and change her tampon. Then I said that because she had been hesitant in asking, I would make her wait to have a bowel movement. (I would make her use the childish term “doody” but I would use bowel movement or


She didn’t seem happy about that and when we got to the bathroom, she did remember that she had to ask permission then to pull her panties down. Sometimes I would check them for stains. This time she asked permission, which was granted. She pulled them down and I bent over to check out the crotch.

I noticed that there was a thin brown stain in the back of her panty crotch. I told Kathy that she had failed panty inspection. She knew that this meant I might make her wait for a good while before allowing her to defecate. She whimpered and said she wasn’t sure she could hold it in. I told her to go ahead and pee, and then to change her tampon.

I heard her loud pee stream and I watched as she removed the tampon by its string. She blushed when she showed me the soiled tampon, which was very soaked in dark menstrual fluid. Then, her face reddened, and she said hurriedly, “I’m sorry, Susan, but…it’s coming down…the doody! I can’t hold it in!”

I decided to warn her about not waiting but before she could respond, we both heard the loud plop as a large bowel movement fell into the toilet bowl. I asked her if she were finished. She nodded yes and apologized for not being able to wait. I told her she would be disciplined for her failure.

I told her she should report to my bedroom at 7:30 P.M., which was about two hours ahead. When Dennis arrived home, I told him I was going to discipline Kathy for not holding her bowel movement in until she received permission to shit.

“Aren’t you being a bit stern with her?” Dennis asked with a grin.

“No,” I answered. “If we expect her to behave submissively, she will have to accustom herself to behaving as she is ordered. Remember, she actually craves this kind of embarrassment.”

“How do you plan to punish her, Sue?” Dennis then inquired.

“I’m going to whip her,” I said.

Dennis gave me a strange look. “Are you getting back at her for her role in your whipping, sweetie?” he suggested.

“Probably yes,” I responded. “But I think we need to get past this so I will whip her this time, and not the way I was whipped, and then it will be over.”

“Your call, m’dear,” he commented, without indicating that he was not in accord with my decision.

When Kathy came to my room at 7:30 P.M., Dennis was sitting in a straight chair in my bedroom, next to me. Kathy was quaking with fear I hadn’t yet seen her display.

“Kathy,” I asked gently, “are you worried about my telling you that you would be whipped?”

I could see she was barely holding back from crying but she managed to murmur, “Yes, Susan. I’m so afraid pendik escort that you will whip me the way your mother whipped you that time.”

“You need not fret so much, my dear,” I said magnanimously, “I don’t intend to whip your pussy the way my mother did so cruelly with me.”

I could see that she seemed reassured by that. So I resumed my careful preparation of her for her disciplining.

“Now, Kathy, I want you to lift your skirt and pull down your panties so I can inspect the crotch and see if you’ve been naughty,” I said in a motherly tone.

My petite aunt responded by lifting her short skirt and pulling down her lovely beige undies to her knees.

I walked over and peered down to look at the crotch. “You seem to have various stains in these panties, Kathy,” I intoned. “You need to wipe more thoroughly. When did you get your period?”

Kathy was obviously ashamed to be asked about her intimate feminine function in front of my brother.

“Susan,” she said in a small voice, “I got my monthly two days ago..”

“Very well,” I said. “You will wear a pantyliner in your panties now so you don’t stain them during your period. Now hold your labia open for me.”

Kathy bent over and used her fingers to hold her vulval lips apart, exposing her dark pink vaginal flesh to my view.

I figured this was shaming enough so told her now to bend over the side of the bed and grasp the other side, keeping her legs well apart.

Stepping back, I picked up the small martinet I planned to use for the whipping. I lay it on the bottom, drew it back, and snapped it on her bottom. I saw the tails flay in several directions and some red marks immediately appeared on her pale bottom. Kathy screamed when the tails hit her.

I kept applying the martinet to her bottom and did let it hit a bit lower, giving her the scary prospect that it might strike her between her legs. I was true to my word, however, when I had promised that I would not whip her pussy as my mother had punished mine.

After a while I noticed that Kathy kept screaming and that her bottom was becoming quite red. I stopped striking with the martinet and told her she could get up and pull up her panties and let her skirt down.

Kathy immediately put herself together and smiled at me as she thanked me for correcting her.

I smiled and took her in my arms and hugged her tightly. Then I let her know that I was going to ease up on her.

“Kathy,” I said slowly so she would understand every word, “you’ve shown that you will accept the rules we’ve set out here. Dennis and I want you to feel comfortable so from now on, I will only punish you if you do something really out of line. Otherwise you will be one of us and we really do love you.”

It looked to me like this really got through to my aunt. She looked like she was holding back tears but she thanked me and thanked Dennis too.

Later on, we all relaxed over some coffee and cognac. Then I invited both Dennis and Kathy into my bedroom and we all slipped out of our clothes şerifali escort until Kathy and I were in bra and pants, while Dennis had his boxers on.

I welcomed them into my commodious bed and then carefully laid down some large soft towels to cover much of the bed so that Kathy’s period would not damage the linens.

She was lying on her back so I had her raise her bottom so I could pull down her little panties and start massaging her mons. Then I slowly extracted her tampon, which turned out to be only slightly stained from her menses, and she spread her legs lewdly with a wide grin. I think my aunt was learning to relax.

Dennis then crawled between her spread legs and started licking her split. He seemed to like the mixture of her juices and her menstrual flow. Kathy responded with writhing to his oral ministrations. Soon she was ready and my brother assuredly moved his now erect member into her love tunnel.

I was surprised how I enjoyed seeing them fuck. There was a lot of love involved here even though Kathy was hardly Dennis’s first choice for a sex partner. But she had a nice body—petite but with curves where they should be.

After Dennis had cum inside her and brought her off—Kathy was quite the screamer when she orgasmed—I moved between her legs and enjoyed licking the combined flow of her cum, his cum, and her flow. It made me think of some exotic spice that I really would like to use in cooking.

By this time, I was ready for some fucking myself. I gave Dennis the eye and he lay down on his back while Kathy played with his cock until it rose again to the occasion. I positioned myself over him and slowly impaled his now hard member into my vadge. Dennis and I were becoming so much better at knowing where the other was coming from and this made our sex ever more delightful.

Kathy said she could see the joy on our faces. I do admit that I got a charge out of whipping her. I now have more regard for her and it’s not sympathy because she took so much abuse from my mother. That, alas, was something she had asked for.

I was beginning to understand that of course, I have a strong dominant side. But there’s also part of me that wants a lovely woman to take charge of me now and then. And yes, I would let her spank me and humiliate me. I then began thinking that the woman to whom I would allow such power over me—albeit for limited duration and only occasionally—might well be Kathy.

Soon after that evening, I sat down with her and we started talking about all of this. I was very direct and laid out how I felt. She grinned and admitted that to some degree, she had needed what she got from my mother. I asked her if she had it in her to take charge of me in the limited way I wanted. I emphasized that she could do most anything excluding what my mother had done.

She smiled and said she wanted to give me a hug. That Dennis and I, but mostly myself, had taken her in and then included her in our intimacy—and she said she had no qualms about the various degrees of incest involved—made her feel loved and warm in a way she had not for a long time.

She went on to recall her time as a teacher. She had enjoyed her work and had much affection for the students she had taught. But she confessed that there were times when she wished that teachers still had the authority to spank. I told her that that would be something she could explore with me.

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