My Wife’s Best Friend, Indeed

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My wife and I had dabbled in the swinging lifestyle a little bit some time ago, even hooking up with another couple for some swapping, nothing too outrageous. We definitely enjoyed watching porn, an emphasis on threesomes dominating our extensive collection of DVDs.

Enter my wife’s friend Kathryn. Although Ang and Kat would go out drinking a couple times a month, she was a friend of both of ours, and she and I occasionally had this running joke that if we got Ang drunk enough, something might happen. Kat wasn’t drop-dead gorgeous, but was hot enough for sure. Her demeanor and wit led me to believe that she was always about half-serious about getting a threeway going and I think Ang wanted to try it more than she would ever admit.

So finally one night the girls decided to include me in their drunken revelry, and we hit the local dive up the street. Ang was dressed conservatively as usual, a tight white sweater emphasizing her every shwervy curve. Kathryn’s white button-down was buttoned down nicely, and her black mini-skirt revealed just a little too much of her bare legs. They were long and well defined, and didn’t need stockings to be extremely sexy.

Over the course of the night, the three of us drank way too much, and headed onto the small dance floor at regular intervals to get our threeway groove on. Dancing behind my wife, I was sure to press my hardness up against her backside, a constant reminder that I was there and the groove thing was working. Kat would in turn back up against Ang, grinding her tight little ass against my wife’s crotch.

At the end of the night, it seemed I was the only one capable of driving, so I took the keys and loaded the ladies into the car. We were much closer to our house than Kat’s, and it only took a little convincing to persuade her to crash at our house, sleep it off and beylikdüzü escort I’d take her home in the morning.

Upon arriving at our place, Ang started upstairs to fetch a blanket and pillow for Kat to use while sleeping on the couch. “The couch is nice, but our bed is nicer,” she joked. “Jealous?” I took the opportunity and went for broke.

“Do you like porn?” I asked Kat abruptly.

“Oh hell yeah,” she slurred. “Whatcha got?”

I turned to my wife with raised eyebrows, looking for any kind of indication of what she thought about it.

“Come on up!” Ang blurted, giving me a sly grin. I caught Kat’s eye and, with a wink, we both knew it was on.

Once in the bedroom, I fumbled for my favorite DVD, the one with lots of threeways on it. By the time I got it started, I turned to see Ang already mostly undressed, her full round boobs out of her push-up bra, nipples erect and just begging to be sucked. Kat started to unzip her just-short-enough skirt, while Ang helped her along with unbuttoning her blouse. Kat had smaller tits, but they were round and perky. When she slipped out of her skirt to reveal that she was wearing no panties, Ang paused to take in her tight ass and immediately reached out and gave her a good spank, leaving a red handprint on Kat’s little round butt.

Kat had right away gone for Ang’s pleading nipples and, grabbing hold of one, flicked at it with her tongue. I jumped in on the other one, pinching the nipple between my tongue and my teeth, just like she likes it. She was startled at first, but quickly fell into the feeling of it, moaning softly as Kat and I loved her hot boobs.

Ang was soon undoing my jeans, and, dropping my pants, she grabbed my already throbbing cock and started stroking it. I pushed her down on her beyoğlu escort back onto our king-sized bed, where she opened up her shaved pussy, swollen and juicy. Kat wasted no time going down on my wife, gently stroking her clit with her tongue and pushing a finger easily into her cunt. I straddled my wife’s chest, and she eagerly took my cock into her mouth and sucked it hard, pausing only to throw her head back and moan “Oh God” whenever Kat would hit the sweet spot between her thighs.

I wanted to see what was happening behind me, so I pulled my dick away from my wife’s mouth, sat her up and settled in behind her, my dick sliding up between her legs from underneath her, while Kat was still slurping away. Kat grabbed my cock and guided it into Ang’s slot. Ang slid down onto it and started to ride while Kat continued to suck her clit. It took about thirty seconds for my wife to launch into an insane orgasm, nearly screaming at the top of her lungs while clutching a handful of hair and pushing Kat’s face deeper into her pussy. When Ang settled back to Earth, Kat came up and started kissing her deeply, lovingly cradling my wife’s face in her hands.

Without warning, Kathryn gave Ang a good strong shove, causing her to tumble down onto the bed beside me.

“My turn,” she shouted, and she mounted me and began to grind her pussy against the base of my cock. Ang moved around behind her, straddled my legs and put her arms around Kat from behind, one hand stroking Kat’s clit and the other on her boob. Kat revealed a rare talent, lifting her other breast to her own mouth and licking her nipple while my wife kissed her on the back of the neck. With Ang wildly rubbing Kat’s clit and Kat riding my cock, she was soon coming for us, shrieking into a prolonged orgasm.

This was bostancı escort bayan too much for me, and I shot my load of cum deep into Kat’s pussy. “Give it to her,” my wife encouraged me, still caressing Kat’s entire petite body from behind.

“We’re not done,” purred Kathryn, climbing off of me. “Suck his dick now,” she commanded, “taste my pussy on his cock and get him up again!”

Ang eagerly complied, sucking on my weary dick with abandon. Soon it was fully hard again. Ang climbed up and slid my hard-on into her juicy little pussy and began riding it hard like a cowgirl who only had eight seconds. Kat swing her leg over me and settled her crotch down over my face, grinding her clit into my mouth while I lapped her up. Kat’s pussy was shaved as well, with only a small strip of hair pointing the way to the top of her clit. With both of them riding me hard, I was aware that they were kissing each other passionately, and they came together in each other’s embrace, one on my cock and the other on my face.

When they finally wound down, they both got off of me and my wife had a sly look for Kat.

“Watch this,” she said, reaching into the bedside drawer. She produced the pink, sticky lube she used to give me hand jobs, slathered me up with it and went to work.

Kat watched intently as Angela brought me to the edge of coming time and time again, only to back off her strokes to start me over again. Kathryn would alternate between kissing Ang while she expertly worked my cock with her hand, licking the tip of my cock, and curling up and kissing me between my desperate cries of torturous pleasure.

Finally Angela finished me off, and I spurted cum a couple feet into the air, most of it splattering back down on my stomach. Kat immediately began lapping it up off of me, while Ang slid up along my left side, kissing my neck as I struggled to catch my breath. Kat finished up by licking my dick dry before curling up behind Angela.

We all three collapsed into each other’s arms, with my wife in the middle. Before we drifted off to sleep, I whispered “I love you,” into my wife’s ear, and she grinned that sly grin again.

I can’t wait until morning.

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