Naughty Naomi Ch. 05

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Everyone’s over 18 in this story and you shouldn’t ever behave like the people in this work of fiction. This chapter also covers new kinks as a result of reader feedback, so let me know what you like (or don’t) and I’ll see what I can do!

The next chapter is already half-written so should arrive soon (ish!)


Had anyone else been there, they’d have seen a pretty, 5′ 4½”, 22-year old brunette standing, alone, seemingly studying a display of nappies. They’d maybe have noticed her big, blue eyes and clear, creamy complexion. They’d definitely have eyeballed her gravity-taunting bosom and profoundly curvy body (32F-27-38, for those keeping score). But, nobody was there, and Naomi concentrated and tried to slow down her breathing. Her heart was beating fast and beads of sweat were forming at her hairline, dampening her tousled, chestnut locks. It was 7.45pm and the supermarket was near to closing time, so she had the aisle to herself (she’d chosen ‘baby and shampoo’ as it seemed appropriate for her plans).

Ever since 19-year old redhead Chloe had inserted herself into her relationship with Christina, her boss, the dynamic had not been the same. Christina loved to spank and cane girls. Chloe loved to be spanked and caned. It was a great match. Naomi also delighted in having her fleshy cheeks punished, but she had other, dirtier but equally strong peccadilloes that she wanted to indulge. When it was just the two of them, 38-year old Christina had seemed happy to explore, especially when Naomi then explored her body with her tongue, but now Chloe’s enticingly chubby cheeks had stolen her attention she was less keen to wake up in a pissed-in bed or have a house that smelled like a toilet, so a distance grew between the lovers.

Naomi was still living with her boss, but she felt stifled at home. Which is why she was now standing in the nappy aisle at her local supermarket, alone. Alone and desperate to use the toilet. Not that she had any intention of doing that! Given Christina’s changed tolerance in her dirty habits, Naomi had been using the toilet way too much for her own liking in the last couple of weeks. Rather than indulging her and then punishing her, Christina now just looked annoyed if Naomi turned up in front of her with soaked legs or a stinky load in her knickers, so she’d stopped messing at home and, as she was still Christina’s secretary, at work too.

So, Friday night, nearly 8pm, Chloe undoubtedly laid across the bed Naomi and Christina still shared, having her teenaged-bottom thoroughly and painfully whipped, and Naomi was gearing herself up to go in her panties in public. She’d been planning this for days, but this would be her public debut. She’d wet herself outside on occasion, but her deliberate intention here was to shit herself, in public, half a mile from home. She was terrified and exhilarated in equal measure. And no way could she pretend it was an accident – this was a plan days in the making.

In the morning she’d dressed with tonight in mind. Bikini-style panties, cotton, in pink and white gingham – clean, which was odd for her as she liked to wear knickers that smelled of stale pee – another thing Christina recently found aggravating. She’d tried various materials, but liked plain cotton best, as it showed stains, which excited her, and was good at holding a load. Over them she chose black, calf-length leggings and on top a patterned mini dress that fell to her bottom. She knew this wasn’t as brazen as she could’ve been – the black was picked to hide wetness and the dress to cover a bulge – but this public messing was a dry run. Or a wet, smelly run, more like. The dress was tight across her huge, soft boobs (which would draw the attention of most pairs of eyes that looked her way), and her feet were in white Converse low tops and trainer socks.

A quick glance told her she still had the aisle to herself. She realised she was in front of the adult-sized diapers and suppressed a giggle. Biting gently at her bottom lip, she willed herself to relax. This was it. She’d planned it. She’d imagined it all day. She’d chosen her spot. Now she was going to go in her pants, like a baby. No, not even like a baby – they had no choice. She was a dirty, perverted 22-year old who was going to use her panties as a toilet, in public, completely on purpose, because it turned her on. Just thinking that to herself made her pussy moist.

Another deep inhale and slow exhale. Her nipples were aroused, her heavy breasts felt warm, her cheeks were flushed. Then she began. The pee came first, initially a quick burst that soaked into the gusset of her knickers, then a longer flow, which spread in a wave down the material of the leggings on her inner thighs, running around the back to soak her bottom and the back of her legs, then running past the end of them, pale yellow streams glistening down her calves, rivulets of piss filling her shoes and, inevitably, causing a slowly spreading puddle between her feet. Ordinarily she liked to focus on the wetting, to enjoy the slow, warm, wet spread as she peed herself, but today she was rushing and she was still beşevler escort pissing when she felt her bowel shift and her bottom-hole start to open.

Naomi realised quickly that this was going to be messier than she’d planned – maybe drinking coffee all day had been a mistake. Normally her poop was soft, firm lumps, but as her anus pouted, what squeezed out into her wet knickers was a sloppy gush with the consistency of wet cement. It felt hot against her smooth buttocks as it smeared and spread, moulding against her bottom and trickling between her legs to seep into her gusset. She doubled over slightly as a second push delivered a bigger burst of soft shit. Two issues were immediately obvious. First, she’d expected big, soft lumps that would sit in her knickers, but this foul ooze was already creeping under the elastic of her panties and slimming down her legs. Secondly, the smell was appalling – a pungent, watery and unmistakable stink of shit surrounded her. She was suddenly scared now, and tears welled in her big eyes. This was much worse than she’d imagined.

She had to get out of here, that was the main consideration. She started to walk down the aisle, then stopped. If you didn’t go out through the checkouts, there was a security guard scrutinising people to check for shoplifters, and scrutiny was the last thing she needed. Best buy something and use a self-serve till. Given where she was, Naomi grabbed a packet of adult diapers and waddled towards the cashiers, piss-filled shoes squelching around her soggy socks, sloppy load of shit in her knickers squeezing disgustingly around her bottom, thighs and, now, pussy, as the soft load oozed around her body.

Amazingly, she made the checkout undetected, scanned her item, paid, and moved swiftly for the door. It was closing time and the guard had seen her pay so paid no attention to her as she walked out into the evening (although he did sniff the air and wrinkle his nose a moment later). Once free of the store, Naomi squelched across the empty car park in the direction of home. As she neared the edge of the lot, finally properly relaxed, her insides spasmed again and she bent over. With a foul, burbling fart, another hot, stinky, soft wave of shit poured out of her. As she was bent over, her pissy panties and leggings were tight across her broad bottom, so the shit squeezed into available space. The back of her panties was a brown mess from top to bottom, slimy, sticky poo coating her whole bum. Thick trails had seeped down the backs of her legs and her inner thighs almost down to her knees, and the runny crap had worked between her legs, coating her pussy disgustingly. This slurry of shit was not like the soft, solid lumps she enjoyed pushing into her knickers. The sharp, shitty smell was very strong too – if she got within ten yards someone would know what she’d done. From the waist down she was covered in a smelly, sludgy mess.

Like the metaphorical lightbulb, an idea suddenly popped into her stressed head. The parking lot backed onto a small park, and the park had some grim, usually best-avoided toilets in it. But considering the state she was in, grim and best-avoided were hardly considerations. As fast as she could, trying to ignore the semi-liquid poop sliming between her legs and across her pussy (trying to ignore the fact that she was enormously horny), Naomi hurried across the empty car park and into the dusky park.

She reached the toilet without meeting anyone, and quickly locked herself into the disabled loo as it was a self-contained unit with a sink. And, miraculously, the lights worked. Placing the bag of nappies to one side, she took off her Converse and tipped a small shower of pee from each into the loo. Next off came her socks, wrung out over the loo and then put down with her shoes. Her mini-dress was ok, so she removed that and hung it over a handrail. Now she took a moment to look in the mirror. The mess didn’t seem that bad. To her waist she was fine (much better than fine, any fan of her pillowy, 32F tits which filled her bra to its limit would say). Below the waist, her leggings looked wet if you studied them, and the stench was undeniable, but it didn’t look awful. Until she took them off.

Naomi’s legs and bottom and pussy were covered in smears of foul, sticky shit. As she peeled off her leggings it dropped off her onto the floor. Her pink, gingham knickers were a brown mess. As sparingly as she could (not wanting to run out!) she started to clean up, wiping herself as clean as she could and flushing away several loads of toilet paper. She washed her leggings and panties out in the sink, nearly gagging at the smell and slimy texture of her poop – no more coffee, she resolved. It took 40 minutes, then she was done. Now her next problem – her clothes were still too smelly and awful to put back on. She’d gingerly put her damp socks and shoes on, and pulled her dress back on, but her panties were too icky, even by her standards, as were the leggings. She turned her back to the mirror and looked over her shoulder. The dress did just about cover her bottom at the back and büyükesat escort her pussy at the front, with maybe half an inch to spare. It was loose fitting, so any wind would be revealing, but she’d maybe get away with it. It was 9pm, so dark had fallen and the streets would be quiet on the way home as most people would be in bars. Besides – what were her options? Putting her soiled clothes into the bag with the diapers, she unlocked the loo to head home.

“Jesus, girl, we were wondering how long you were gonna be,” said the first of the five lads standing in the doorway. Naomi gasped and took an involuntary step backwards. This was a mistake, as the boys all took a step forward, blocking the door. “We wasn’t sure we believed Rob when he told us he was sure this honey had pissed and shit in his aisle at work, but fuck me it hums in here!”

One of the others piped up “Told you, Mark. I saw the puddle as she left and it proper stank all the way down the aisle.”

Naomi continued backing away, struck dumb. She was scared and confused and her brain had seemingly quit on her.

“I was right, too,” added one of the others. “I thought it was her. She works at that weird school my cousin Clair goes to.”

The one called Mark smiled, a shark’s smile. “Now, don’t look so nervous. We’re not murderers or rapists or anything.” Naomi’s addled mind acknowledged that with a sense of relief. “But, we do know who you are, or can find out anyways, and Rob did have to clean up your piss and spray air-freshener all over. So I guess the question me and the boys have is this: what’s it worth to you to keep this off of FaceSpace?”

All five had now come into the toilet, and one casually locked the door. Naomi was intimidated and a little scared – it was all well them saying murder and rape were not on the menu, but from the way they all stared at her chest, clearly they hoped she’d put herself on it. And…was she a little excited? No, she told herself, slightly unconvincingly.

“I’ve…I’ve no money,” she stammered, vaguely proffering her purse as if it would somehow offer corroboration.

Mark continued to smile. “That’s ok, we’re not, what’s it called? Extortionists? Yeah. We’re just friendly lads asking a friendly question, that’s all.”

“What do you want?” Naomi was surprised how submissive her voice sounded. The group broke into lascivious grins. She knew what they wanted, and said so. “But…I like girls.” She’d rarely admitted that out loud, and she blushed. Why that would be as embarrassing as five strangers knowing she had wet and pooped herself she could not begin to explain.

“That’s cool – so do we!” laughed one of the others.

Naomi tried to collect her thoughts. How the hell had she ended up in this mess, trapped in a toilet with five strange guys who knew enough about her to cause widespread humiliation for her. It was that thought that triggered a response in her. It was humiliating. She loved feeling humiliated and submissive. Maybe she should tell them to fuck off and take the shame. Let everyone on FaceSpace know she was a pervert who liked messing herself. But even more humiliating would be to do what these guys wanted. To sell herself to buy their silence. They knew she wanted girls, they knew she wouldn’t enjoy being with them, but she was attractive and had huge tits. They just wanted to use her, like they’d use anything. Functional, disposable. Casual. Like taking a piss. Like she had, in her knickers. On purpose, at the start of the path that led to here. This was all her fault and she should pay the price of her perversion.

Looking Mark, then the others, in the eye, Naomi offered a payment. “I’ll suck you off. All of you. But I’m not having sex with you.”

“You’ll swallow,” said Mark. Naomi recoiled slightly and shook her head. “Wasn’t a question, luv.” His tone made her pussy tingle and, literally, brought her to her knees. Naomi was lost in her sense of humiliation now, totally accepting the mess she’d got herself into. She was not attracted to these guys, but that made this more exciting, not less. Her keen sense of humiliation was alive and on fire. Mark stepped forward first, undoing his jeans and pulling out an already semi-erect cock. With no pretence, he shoved it at Naomi’s face. Opening her full lips, she allowed him into her mouth, closing her eyes to focus her mind on her submissive capitulation. This was a mistake, or she’d have seen two of the guys position their mobile phones pointing at her and set them recording video. That would be a problem for another day, though. Now she focused on sucking Mark’s rapidly stiffening cock.

Mark wound his hands into her thick hair, pulling her head forward and starting to fuck her face. Naomi mewled and tried to pull away, gagging slightly as his cock nudged the back of her throat, and coughing streams of saliva onto her dress. Undeterred, Mark resumed fucking her mouth, and Rob unceremoniously reached down to drag her dress and bra aside, flopping her magnificent tits out for their eyes (and the cameras) to feast on. Naomi relaxed as much as çankaya escort she could, keeping her lips around the shaft of the cock that was thrusting in and out of her mouth. Spit dripped from her lips onto her tits leaving gleaming trails, and the sounds of his mates urging him on covered his and her grunts. In due course, she felt Mark’s penis twitch in her mouth and his hands tighten in her hair, ensuring she could not pull back as several gouts of thick, salty sperm jetted from his dick, hitting the roof of her mouth, filling her cheeks and running into her throat. Tears ran from her eyes as she coughed but managed to swallow the full load. Mark pulled his softening cock from her mouth and stood aside.

The next 20 minutes were much the same. Rob followed Mark, fucked her mouth furiously and emptied himself copiously down her throat. Then the third guy – gentler but his cock tasted strongly and he came gallons. The fourth seemed reluctant – almost as reluctant as Naomi – but was rock hard when he pushed the head of his cock into her aching mouth, and didn’t last long as she sucked and licked with her tongue. Another salty mouthful ensued. Finally the fifth lad took his turn. He was the roughest, and his dick the biggest. Naomi tried to do what had worked on the others, swirling her tongue over the head of his cock, softly gliding her lips up and down the shaft, but he was determined to fuck her face, tightly holding her hair as he almost choked her on his cock. She coughed and gurgled, drooling streamers of spit down her chin and over her tits as he pushed his dick into her mouth again and again, the purple head nudging the back of her throat.

After a few minutes, Naomi stopped fighting him and just relaxed into it, passively letting him screw her throat until, with a moan, he came. But as he came he shoved deep into her throat again, so his load of sperm hit directly into her throat, already blocked with his cock. Crying, coughing and hacking, Naomi fell back, collapsed onto her haunches feeling her gorge rise, sucked in a gasp of air, retched, then, disgustingly, vomited five loads of cum over herself, slimy tendrils of spit, jizz and bile splattering down her front, coating her tits and splashing into her lap and on her dress. As she heaved a second mouthful, she heard the boys laughing and Mark say “Come on, let’s go” and they started to leave. “Actually, hang on,” he added, and brought his cock out again. Like most guys, a few minutes after an orgasm he needed a pee. He got as far as lifting the lid on the loo when Naomi, now little more than a voluptuous pile of perverted excitement, coughed and waved a hand at him.

“No,” she said hoarsely. “On me.”

It was a simple instruction, but took Mark a moment to process. When realisation dawned, he grinned his shark’s grin again, muttered “Fucking filthy bitch” and turned to face her. There was a moment of stillness, his cock twitched in his hand, then a burst of hot, acrid pee jetted from the end of his cock to splatter all over Naomi’s face and hair. She just sat for a moment, thrilling to the degradation as he pissed over her, feeling the hot urine run over her body, soaking her bra and mini-dress. Then she opened her mouth, giving him something to aim at, and he obliged, filling her aching mouth with pee. It bubbled over her tongue and teeth, filling her mouth and running over her face. She swallowed a mouthful, then another, then Mark was done. She looked meaningfully at the others. Neither Rob nor the nervous fourth wanted to go, but a moment later the other two were peeing over her and she was drinking mixed mouthfuls of their piss as they thoroughly soaked every inch of her.

Finally they filed out, making sure the phones recording her sucking them, sicking up their cum all over herself and actually asking them to piss on her went with them. She realised she was sitting on the floor in a warm puddle of pee, with the door open, sobbing but aroused, a pissy, pukey mess of spit, snot and cum all over her face and exposed breasts, a bag of soiled knickers and leggings and adult diapers by her side, having just sucked off five guys, three of whom she didn’t even know the names of, then been pissed over by three of them.

In a daze, she closed and locked the door, then she sat back down, instantly rubbing frenziedly at her naked pussy. She was so turned on right now that she’d have let them do anything to her, had they remained. Her free hand clutched at her massive boobs, coated in piss and the slimy mess she’d vomited over them. Her nipples were like throbbing stones, hard and tender. Reaching into the bag, she retrieved the damp, dirty knickers, and, still rubbing at her clit, used them to wipe the cocktail of fluids off her boobs. She knew she was wiping her tits ‘clean’ with knickers she’d pissed and shit in earlier, but she was lost in her own land of naughty filth. She brought the knickers to her face, wiping them down both cheeks then, without taking a moment to consider, opened her mouth, put the shitty cotton rag on her tongue, and sucked. Her senses were assaulted with many sensations. Thick tendrils of five lads’ sperm and her own snot and saliva, an acrid sense of four lots of urine and, worst of all, the spicy, earthy taste of her own shit. Naomi gagged and coughed, but kept the vile panties in her mouth, her tongue licking at the stained gusset as she came and came and came.

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