Neighbors Across the Park Ch. 03

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Part III: The Tree of Lust

This will be more enjoyable if read in sequence from the beginning.

It wasn’t hard to prove to Anne that Randy had taken my virginity; after all, I had the cum filled condom to show her. I didn’t tell Anne that it might have been Billy’s cum, though. I didn’t want her to know what a total slut I’d been.

Frankly, I was having a little bit of trouble with that. I didn’t have any regrets about losing my cherry and I would never again be reluctant to fuck again if it would be as pleasurable as it had been with Randy, but I wasn’t at all at peace with the idea of me having sex with Randy and Billy and Martha. Not that it wasn’t about the most exciting thing ever!!

Want to know a secret? One of the reasons I was so conflicted was that I realized that what excited me the most was when I knew Billy and Martha were watching. And there’s something else: I realized that when I was fucking Billy, I was really fucking Billy and Randy because I could still see Randy’s cum filled condom lying on the flagstones and his eyes on me as I watched Billy’s cock slide in and out of my cunt, and when I looked at Randy’s cock sliding in and out of Martha’s pussy I felt a special thrill as his eyes met mine and he winked.

But I wasn’t comfortable with sharing this with Anne. “What’s so neat, so surprising, Anne, is that the feelings were much more intense than I ever thought they’d be. After all, I frig myself regularly—but Anne, it never felt half as good as this.”

“Really? Why?”

“Well, imagine that you’ve just flicked your little clit into an orgasm and your cunny is still all hot and bothered—you know, wide open. You with me so far?”

“Wide open.”

“Wet, wide open and you’re still gasping while your heart is beating up a storm. Now imagine that instead of lying back and calming down and falling to sleep, imagine that Randy starts to lick your clit, sucking your flesh into his mouth and teasing it with his lips and tongue. You start to come again but stronger than the first time. Does that sound good to you?”

“Sure it does.”

“Okay, then you’re with me. Now imagine that even as you start to come, he puts his cock into you and it starts to stir up your pussy until it starts to feel like a cunt that is big enough for him to sink into. And then, as if that isn’t enough, imagine that he starts to stroke your clit with his fingers even as he plunges his long hard cock into your pussy and you come so hard that it blows the top of your head off.”

Anne was fingering all around her pussy through her shorts and I could see a damp spot there. I met her eyes and then looked down at the wet spot and winked, “Isn’t this a little public?” I teased.

Anne blushed. “I didn’t even know I was doing that. “Oh, Millie, that sounds so hot. She rubbed her pussy with the flat of her hand. “Tell me more,” she pleaded.

“Well, I blushed like mad when I undressed to get in the hot tub. Randy was already naked and I just got brief glimpses of his cock because he held his hands over his cock. Oh, I already had played with it and so I was getting accustomed to how big it was—you wouldn’t believe it–but my eyes were still magnetized by the sheer size of his big, erect cock. Would you believe it was curved like a banana and sticking up so far that it bounced against his belly. Did you know that when it gets like that, it starts to drool long strings of stickly slippery precum. That’s what it’s called?”

Anne sighed as she stroked her pussy through her pants. I reached over and slid my fingers under her waistband until I could lightly grab her pussy hair and give it a light pull. “This is what Randy did next. He reached into my pants and pulled my pussy hair and it electrified me. Then he helped me out of my blouse and I took off my bra while he watched.”

I suddenly stood up and took of my blouse and bra. “Look, Anne. It turns out I finally have boobs and I didn’t even know.”

“They’re not that big.” She said, the bitch.

“No, but Randy really liked them and when he sucked them my nipples—why they’re doing it now.”

“Wow, they’re like erasers.”

“Suck on them and see what Randy felt.”

Anne sucked my tits and she seemed to like it. “Your tits put me to shame, though, Anne. I have to admit it. I’m just glad that my little pears were sweet to Randy.” Anne smiled like the cat that ate the canary and took of her shirt and bra to show her big knockers and we started to caress one another. “Tell me more,” Anne begged.

“Well, I was really embarrassed when I took off my pants and panties and I tried to get into the tub quick to cover up, but the water was too hot so I was left standing there with my pussy in plain view. Then Randy stood up and gave me a big hug and I could feel the head of his cock right up against my pussy.” I gestured by putting my fingers against my cunt lips. It felt good and my hips gave a little jump and I couldn’t help opening my legs and humping up a little more against şirinevler escort my hand.

Anne saw my response and cautiously put her hand on top of mine. Then I pulled my hand away and left hers to feel my lips. “My pussy lips, by this time were all swollen and my clitoris was starting to push out from inside its lips—just like now. Then Randy pushed me down on the side of the tub and started to lick my cunt.”


“Oh yes!”

“You mean you liked it?”

“Oh, Anne. You can’t imagine.”


I stood and pulled Anne’s shorts down to her ankles and pushed her down on the bed. “Oh, Millie, what are you doing?”

“You want to know what it is like, don’t you?”

I started to blow against the light hairs on the outside of Anne’s labia. “I remember how Randy’s breath make me even hotter.”

At first Anne tried to hold her legs together but gradually she relaxed and then, when I ran my tongue lightly over the outer lips and then the inner lips, I was able to say, “See how your pussy is starting to swell up?” I pulled her lips apart and took a deep lick into Anne’s vagina. She started and then fell back and opened her legs all the way.

“I see what you mean,” she gasped.

I licked her up the full length of her cunt with my wet tongue and she left all her cares behind and responded to each touch of my wet tongue with an enthusiastic response. I hadn’t even licked her clitoris yet when she came. My head was swimming with the odor of her cunt and the taste, both of which were wonderful to me.

“When I came the first time, I thought it was over. But Randy didn’t stop.” I sucked Anne’s little clit into my mouth and ran my tongue around the periphery and soon each contact of my tongue with her clit caused it to spasm and her hips to jerk and then she had another orgasm and this one out shined any she’d ever had before.

She was still coming when I stuck my first finger into her vagina. It didn’t slow her coming down, that’s for sure and she just seemed to get more and more excited as I added one and then two more fingers.

“After a while.” I said, “well after I had my third or fourth orgasm from being eaten and sucked, Randy finally put his cock into me and from there it just got better. But I don’t know how to show you that. Wait a minute. Nah, I couldn’t do that.”

“Do what, Millie? Do what? Why not?”

I thought, why not. I had told myself, never again, but I suddenly knew this was something I couldn’t resist. I faced the fact that I got off on being watched as much as from doing it. “Okay, Anne, this is what you can do.”

It was dusk and the trees were black silhouettes against the sky. I took Anne to the Old Oak tree above the hot tub.

“Millie, I don’t think I can reach the bottom branch.”

“Here I’ll help you. Remember, you have to be quiet.”

I made a stirrup with my hands and helped to lift Anne up to the bottom branch. She was strong enough to swing up onto it once she had her hands around it. Then she scampered up the tree like a squirrel. The leaves of the tree made it a safe place to hide. From where I stood, an army could have been hiding above.

When I knocked, Randy came right out. The hot tub lights were already switched on and the two of us took the top off, and then Randy and I undressed each other slowly, kissing all newly exposed flesh before moving on to the next garment. Randy is at the top of my list of lovers because he was never in a hurry. He wanted to enjoy every moment of the process of getting naked, getting sucked and getting fucked.

I remember arching my back to thrust my tits at Randy when my bra came off, thinking, watch this, Anne. Imagining her above me in the tree, I had to consciously avoid looking up for fear Randy would follow my eyes and see Anne above us. But Randy’s eyes were for my tits. I could not help believing him to be in love with the ruby nipples of my little pears. He rubbed them with his fingers and than ran them over lightly just barely making contact. He sucked them, bit them, licked them, kissed them and then licked his way down my stomach to start nibbling at the waistband of my shorts.

In the tree above, Anne watched as Randy lowered my shorts and panties. She saw me step out of the panties and fling them over to the bench with my toes. She saw me kneel before Randy and unbuckle his belt. She saw me open his fly and reach in and she must have gasped as I pulled his cock out. She saw that it was already erect—but she couldn’t see what I could feel with my hand—that it was rock hard. She couldn’t taste it, either, but she remembered what I said about it tasting like my cunt, only fresher, so she pushed a finger into her pussy and brought some of her own flavor to her lips.

I started to suck the tip of Randy’s penis and I couldn’t help thinking how hot Anne must be feeling looking at me suck that huge cock that filled my mouth. I sucked the tip and grabbed the girth of şişli escort it with both hands and pumped as I sucked. Randy’s hips were following me with joy and he gasped when I dropped one hand down to grasp his balls. “Come for me, Randy.”

“Oh you can’t make me come that easy. Suck harder, Millie.”

I took his balls in both hands and swallowed his cock down my throat until his pubic hair was tickling my nose. I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock and squeezed his balls. I reached up with one hand and started to finger his asshole lightly. His cosk was slathered in spit and precum as my hands slid up and down his shaft so wonderfully that he suddenly started to cum. Thinking of Anne above in the tree, I pulled back so she could see his sperm spew in arches above his cock, covering my face in cum.

I was right about Anne. Her eyes were locked to the scene and she thrilled to see Randy’s cum arching into the air. But her attention was interrupted when a big globule of cum landed on her face. Good God! She thought, how did it get all the way up here? Wait a minute. There’s no way it could have got up here. She looked up.

In case I arrived early, Randy had guided Fred to the tree half an hour before I was due to arrive for our date. At first Fred was uncomfortable sitting so long on a bare branch, but climbing higher in the tree he found the ruins of a tree house platform that was comfortable to sit on. Looking out over the prairie he could see a trace of pink in the sky and he felt totally at peace with the world as he contemplated watching Randy and me fuck like animals in the hot tub below. He couldn’t help reaching into his pants and stroking his cock in anticipation, just enough to make it tingle and firm up to where it had weight in his hand, just enough for the head to swell and the lips of his glans to become firm and tender and delicious to touch. His balls were tingling too, and it felt good to move his fingers from his cock to his balls and back again. He opened his fly and let his erection out to air. He stroked it lightly and then dropped his shorts so he could address the whole length of it with abandon.

He was totally surprised when Anne and I arrived and Anne climbed the tree to a branch immediately below him. He was even more surprised when the lights came on below and he saw that Anne’s hands were inside her shorts.

When I started to suck Randy’s cock it was as if she had taken his own cock into her mouth. His calloused hands were my lips, in his imagination, as his eyes watched and it was like what he saw was happening to him. By the time Randy spewed, Fred was totally out of his mind and it never occurred to him to think of where his sperm went when it spurted in unison with Randy’s. He saw Anne start and suddenly look up and he saw her eyes find his.

“What!” she said, an involuntary exclamation.

“Oops,” he said embarrassed but not so embarrassed that he could let go of his cock and stop trying to quiet the vibration in his balls.

Randy looked up. I looked up. Both of us expected to see one pair of eyes and each of us was astonished to have heard a second voice. It was an astonishing situation. Everybody knew immediately what was going on. What wasn’t so clear was what to do about it. But Randy was equal to the situation. “Anybody want a beer?” he said.

“Well, don’t stand there,” I said, when Anne and Fred arrived to the hot tub. Randy was inside getting beer out of the refrigerator.

“I guess you know each other.”

“Better now than a minute ago,” quipped Anne in that wry way she has. “I mean what could be more intimate than having somebody’s semen drip down on you.”

Fred turned red as I looked at both of them in amusement.

“I couldn’t help it and it’s not like you didn’t have your hands in your pants, too.”

“If you two are going to stand there and look at us, then you should get naked too.”

“Oh,” she said. She looked really confused. “Ah . . . um . . . Millie . . ah . . . did you plan this?”

“No, I didn’t. Really. I didn’t. Apparently Randy and I were each acting on our own.”

Anne looked at me. She looked at Fred and blushed. Fred looked at Anne. He smiled and started to disrobe with quick efficiency, made easier by the fact that his cock was flaccid for the moment. But, like me earlier, the high temperature of the water left him stranded. At least he had the nerve to stand quietly without covering himself with his hands, something Anne admired as she checked his cock out. It was only the second she’d even seen–after Randy’s. Two cocks and quite different the same way noses are different. But nice looking, both.

Anne swallowed and started to disrobe. Fred surprised himself and stepped out of the water and said, “Let me help . . . or would you rather . . . not.” Still, he stepped toward Anne and when she didn’t hold him off, he reached out and started to unbutton her blouse. And when Anne didn’t resist, he pulled her shirt suadiye escort off and unsnapped her bra and helped lift it off her too. Then he boldly put his hand on the outside of both her beautiful breasts before running his hands around one then the other and kissing each of the nipples. Then he made a really good move and looked up to kiss Anne on the lips.

At first her mouth presented to him with lips tightly closed, but after a moment her lips relaxed and her tongue snaked into Fred’s mouth and found his and the two tongues danced around each other. This, at least wasn’t totally strange territory for them. Where they were going was a new land, but this far they’d been before.

Nothing about kissing stopped Fred’s hands from finding Anne’s breasts again and the two of them were too preoccupied to be aware of Randy arriving with the beer or of Randy and me sitting on the side of the hot tub watching Anne and Fred groping.

The four of us moved to the benches beside the tub and for a while were content to drink a beer while eight eyes darted around the circle checking everything out. “Fred hasn’t ever eaten pussy,” Randy said in a stage whisper.

“Randy!” Fred said.

“That’s funny. Anne’s never been eaten out by a boy,” I teased.

“Millie!’ Anne said.

“By a boy?” asked Randy.

“Shsssh,” I said.

“Oh I couldn’t. Not in public,’ said Anne.

“Not exactly public,” said Fred.

“Since you two watched us, we should be able to watch.”

Randy pushed me down on her back. “Shsssh,” He said. Don’t bust their balls. Maybe if we go about our business they will too,” and he pushed my legs apart and started to breathe in my odors with great pleasure—a pleasure that was so palpable that Fred just had to push Anne down and take in her scent too. There was only one mind for our four bodies, and her name was lust. Fred’s hot breath gave Anne chills and she did not, could not, resist.

Fred didn’t mess around, he just went for it, licking her pussy with abandon, so while Randy was just beginning to tease open my cunt, Fred’s tongue was forcing its way through the Sea of Anne. Fortunately Anne was ready for what Fred had for her and luxuriated in it. When some semblance of reason returned to them they noticed that Randy and I were lying on our sides making no pretense of not watching.

Our fingers were almost as busy as their eyes, and since Anne and Fred had paused, I pushed Randy down on his back.

Now it was Anne and Fred’s turn to gawk as I crawled up to straddle Randy’s hips. They watched my cunt lips seem to reach down and engulf the tip of Randy’s cock. His seven inches of rigid cock seemed to stretch out to ten feet long to meet me. It was long and slender, compared to Fred’s, but the bulb on the end was the size of a kiwi and Anne wondered how it could fit in, but it did.

Fred and Anne forgot to breathe as I sank slowly down the whole length of Randy’s cock before pausing. Randy grabbed my hips and started to push me back and forth on his cock. I responded by riding Randy like a stallion. It was so exciting to watch my cunt engulf and then let go of his cock. In and out. In and out. So this is what it’s all about.

I looked over to Anne. “Well?”

Anne blushed. Then she leaned down and sucked Fred’s cock a couple of times before she crawled up and mounted Fred without hesitation.

“I’ve never done this,” she whispered to Fred.

“Me neither.”

Anne was surprised. She stopped and looked up into Fred’s eyes.

“Oh, don’t stop,” Fred begged. He reached up and pulled Anne’s hips, bringing her pussy toward his aching cock, which was bounding with anticipation.

Anne’s pussy didn’t come down quite right. Fred’s cock missed the entrance to her pussy and slid up to lie flat against his stomach while the bottom slithered in her grove and came to rest with her sitting on it like a chicken hatching an egg. The whole length of her silky trench was clasping the bottom of his cock while his balls nestled is her ass crack. Her cunt felt hotter than fire. His hips took on a humping motion totally beyond his control and he could feel his cock sliding back and forth up and down the groove but he couldn’t find the opening into the hot oven where he wanted so much to go. He struggled to push Anne’s hips up so he could address her cunt properly with his cock and finally he felt the head find its way and Anne slowly settled down on his cock.

God she was tight! God it felt wonderful.

Anne cried out in pain. It’s too tight! Fred immediately pushed her up, helping her withdraw until just the head of his cock was inserted in her cunt. It was all he could do to hold still for a moment while Anne panted above him, her face screwed up in discomfort and passion all at the same time.

“It feels dry,” Anne complained but even then she was slowly engulfing Fred’s cock, feeling the slippery lubrication of their spit and precum being pushed ahead of his cock, so that the next time Anne cried with pain it was because of the sharp tearing that flashed through her when her cherry popped.

But that was just an instant and then she was insistent on getting all of Fred’s cock into play, something Fred was happy to do.

“God that was sweet,” I cried.

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