Never Enough 2

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Never Enough 2
It’s the really, really young guys that are the most horny and insatiable, and so, though I enjoy older guys, there’s something undeniably exhilarating sucking a young guys cock!

Take, for example, three young guys who come to my glory hole a lot (ranging in ages from 18-21, and I know their ages because I asked to see their drivers license’ just to be on the safe-and-legal side of things)!!

‘Conner’, the eighteen year old, lives down the same street I live on (I know that because I’ve seen him mowing his parents lawn), has a fabulously beautiful cock, too; measuring I’d guess at around 8-9 inches when erect, and nice and thick, and with one of those fabulously well circumcised cockheads! He’s also an incredibly prolific comer, and for that reason, and that reason alone, I sure hope Conner keeps coming back again, and again, and again!

Then there’s a 20 year old by the name of ‘Tyler.’ He’s a little bit bigger endowed (but only by a little), and he, too, is an amazingly prolific ejaculator! Makes this older guy so very happy to drain those balls of his any time!

‘Jason’, the 21 year old, and who’s a friend of Conner’s, is endowed pretty much the same way as either of the other young ones!

The interesting thing about all three of these young studs is they aren’t (necessarily) ‘gay.’ All three have, or have had, girlfriends (I know because they’ve bragged about them). But, and without meaning to insult the female population (which isn’t my intention bostancı escort at all), all three have said, more than once, that I suck cock ‘way better’ (in their words) than any girlfriend they’ve ever had! I take a lot of pride in knowing that!

Conner, Tyler, and Jason, come by my glory hole at least once a week, and during the summer months, it’s often two, and even three times in a single week! Just last week, for example, Conner, and Jason dropped by TWICE IN ONE DAY (though at different times of the day)! They both had huge loads the first time, but their second visit was as if they hadn’t been there in weeks! The young have SO MUCH sperm stored up in their balls!! I just LOVE that!

I know Conner’s parents (sort of). His father is an associate minister at a local church! Both his parents would have a stroke if they knew that their only son was dumping down huge loads of sperm, into MY greedy mouth, instead of into some young woman’s pussy; and I don’t think either Conner, Tyler, or Jason are ‘gay.’ I don’t think they are AT ALL! Their just horny young guys! That’s fine with me! It’s not like I’m out trying to convert these young guys into being gay! I don’t care. I just love sucking cocks, and getting nice mouthfuls of cum!

More than likely Conner, Tyler, and Jason will end up getting married, and having some k**s. That’s fine! But, until then, and I hope that’s some time yet, I’d love to keep sucking down all the cum they can produce! Their good looking ataşehir escort bayan guys. Eventually, some young woman will snare them. There’s no doubt of that.

Conner and Tyler are the more vocal of the three. Conner get’s quite excited and worked up as I work his cock over! He get’s very ‘religious’ as he approaches his orgasm; by which I mean, he says “Oh my GOD!” a lot. I love the feel of his cum as it bursts out the end of his cock head, and into my waiting mouth; and I often have to be careful not to gag on the volume, and keep rapidly swallowing, just to keep up with the FLOOD! Tyler also get’s ‘religious’ like Conner as the moment of his ejaculation approaches! All that mention of ‘God’ makes me smile. It’s actually ME that’s effecting them; but I don’t correct them. I just take their hot loads, and am happy with that!

Jason is virtually silent as I work his cock over, and that includes the moment of orgasm (except for the speed of breathing, which I can hear clearly through the plywood divider panel)! But, it’s the power of his ejaculations that tells me how good I’ve done! Plus, even after he’s come, his cock will remain almost as hard as it was at the beginning, and he let’s me lavish further attention on it, until, suddenly, as if he’s reached the end of his tolerance, he’ll pull his cock back through the glory hole—effectively ending our session. Though Jason rarely says much of anything, I always make sure to thank him!

“That was great, göztepe escort bayan Jason,” I say (as I watch him stuffing his cock back into his jeans and getting ready to leave). “Thanks!”

“Yeah,” he might say, “your welcome.” He’s a young man of few words.

But that’s okay! By then, I’ve got a big load of HIS cum inside me! That’s what I was really after anyway. The rest is just courtesy. He doesn’t have to thank me. What I hope is that he, and Tyler, and Conner, keep coming back to the glory hole for as long as possible!

Note: Only Conner knows me my face, and then not that well. Tyler and Jason, on the other hand, have never actually seen my face (except for brief glimpses through the glory hole, perhaps). I see Conner, once in a while, at a grocery store where I buy food, and where he works as a sacker in the evenings. Neither of us will say anything to the other. That would be bad form. We may glance in the others direction as we pass one another down one of the isles, but nothing else.

I’ve seen Tyler and Jason in public places, but they seem to appear not to recognize me; and that’s fine. I like that I know something about them that they don’t connect to at those moments! I picture the sight of their great looking young cocks, jutting eagerly through my glory hole, ready for me (even though I am considerably older than either of them) to drain their youthful balls of all the pent up sperm I can manage!

I know that, one day, and probably not that far into the future, Conner, Tyler, and Jason will no longer come to my glory hole. That’s kind of sad, but inevitable! But, by then, maybe there will be other Conner’s, and Tyler’s, and Jason’s, and I’ll relieve THEM of THEIR loads of cum?! I sure hope so.

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