Nickolas and Jason Ch. 03

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((((Sorry for such a delay.)))

Jason also goes by the name Spider.

Leander also goes by the nickname Lion.


Spider did well over the next fortnight. He kept his distance from Nick but not so much that it was obvious that he was ignoring him. They talked when they were in the same room and swapped texts out of school — nothing was mentioned about their kiss and he was happy with that. Even if it had played on his mind every day since. He wasn’t even sure why he felt like this — he’d never had put himself down as gay. Even when he was regularly taking it from Lion the whole gay issue had never crossed his mind — he just didn’t think that having sex with a guy made you gay. But falling so helplessly for another did and this was where he was getting flustered. He took a breath and entered the Drama Hall — not much was happening today, they were just sitting about making plans for the holiday, which was in a week.

“Casey says we can have the lodge if we want it.” Spider sat by Claudia.

“That sounds good.” Lion grinned. ” Why aren’t you guys heading up there?”

“Casey’s redecorating and wants me out of the way.” Spider smiled. “We’d have to drive up ourselves though.” They nodded between themselves thinking a trip away would be fun. Nick wasn’t so sure, a week away trapped with Spider? They hardly got on when they didn’t have to see each other much. He fiddled with his necklace and saw Spider glance at him a soft smile on his lips.

“You can bring your dinosaur pyjamas.” Trevor teased Nick who frowned and grumbled about them. “I bet you look cute.”

“I look like a two year old.” Nick ran a hand through that shock of read hair and continued to scowl at Trevor who carried on harassing him about the pyjamas.

“Oh go on. Bring them.” Claudia smiled. “It’ll be like a slumber party.”

“No!” Nick smiled. “I am not being mocked by you all!” Trevor hugged him but they didn’t let up on their teasing.

Spider lay on the sofa flicking through the channels but not really paying much attention to what was on. He absently petted Skye who was lying in front of the sofa, big white head resting on his paws. Spider adored Skye, always had since he’d moved over. The big white dog was better than most people, he didn’t talk back and he didn’t make you have weird feelings about him. Before he managed to get himself into a Nick related sulk Casey breezed in and plonked himself down on the arm of the sofa.

“I’m going to see my grandparents — want to come?” He asked.

“Which ones?” Spider sat up.

“The ones that think I’m still a friend and smell of cat piss.” Josh grumbled and earned himself a shove off Casey.

“I might just stay here.” Spider lay back down.

“You can take Skye for a walk then, give him some good exercise. Drag someone along.” Casey kissed the top of his head and was gone. Spider mused over which friend to ‘drag along’. Nile was at his Dads, Lion had been dragged out with Trevor’s family and Jazmin was at a piano recital. He sighed and tapped out a message.

Hey wnt2cum4 a wlk? Sx

Nick who was sitting in his pyjamas reading got the message and smiled to himself.

Where to? He replied.

Ill surprise u. Sx

Ok. See you soon.

Spider worried at his lip when he got the reply — was spending time with Nick alone really such a good idea? Well, it was done now and twenty minutes later Nick was on his doorstep looking rather attractive in a shirt that was slightly too big for him. Spider clipped the lead on Skye and they set off.

“Where are we going?” Nick asked. “It looks like rain.”

“It’s a surprise. It won’t rain, I hope.” Spider frowned at the rapidly darkening sky to which they were heading towards. They walked in a not entirely uneasy silence for about fifteen minutes until they got to the river, Spider let Skye off his lead and he instantly went to sniff at Nick who flailed and stepped back. “Not good with dogs?” Spider smiled.

“Um, not when they’re that big.” Nick tentatively patted Skye who wagged his tail and walked in front sniffing out birds and little creatures. “Did you hear about Nathan?” Spider shook his head. “He fell and managed to break his leg.”

“Oh awesome.” Spider laughed. “Poor guy.” They got to the end of the path and Spider clambered up the bank with Skye ahead of him, Nick looked unsure and stopped, they had been walking for forty minutes now. “C’mon.”

“Are you sure you know where you’re going?” Nick raised an eyebrow. Spider nodded and motioned for him to follow him. “I don’t believe you.” Spider huffed and turned round. “You’re just leading me out into nowhere.”

“Come on!” Spider climbed back down and shoved him forwards and up the bank.

“There’s no path!” Nick squealed unhappily and gingerly took some steps towards Spider who beşiktaş escort bayan was watching him, amused at his uncertainly on the uneven bank. Spider stepped back and grabbed his hand dragging him onwards and over the stones and sticks. Nick grumbled and fussed all the way over but the other wasn’t listening he was just focussed on getting him over and onto flat land. They came off the banked land and onto more even terrain. “Where are we?” Spider shrugged. “See?! You don’t know!”

“I come here with the dog. It’s some sort of public footpath.” Spider waved a hand. “It’s pretty and there’s never anyone here.” They walked along for quite a while, Spider kept hold of Nick’s hand until he had to go and pull bits of sticks off Skye who’d tried to plunge through a bush to get a rabbit. Nick felt the first few spots of rain and sighed to himself, he knew it would rain. Spider had also felt them and cast a dubious look at the sky. “Looks stormy.” He saw Nick bite his lip with worry and remembered that he had a fear of thunder. It had stormed one day at school and he’d sat with an ipod and immersed himself in a book until it had passed. ” I’m sure it’ll pass over.”

“I hope so.” Nick felt the rain come down heavier and saw Skye’s tail creep between his legs. “What’s wrong with the dog?”

“Um. He doesn’t like thundering either.” Spider rubbed the back of his neck with a smile. Nick frowned and watched him clip the lead back on the dog and glance into the row of trees. “Maybe we should shelter?” Nick nodded and they found a clear dry sheltered patch. Spider tied Skye to a low branch in case he ran off and sat by Nick who was chewing a nail. Thunder rumbled far away and he saw Nick tremble. “Gee, you really are scared of it aren’t you?” Nick nodded and worried his nail more; another rumble in the distance saw his brow furrow with concern. Spider shifted closer and stroked his back softly. ” Maybe I can help distract you.” He whispered and turned Nick’s face so he could kiss those soft lips, he slid his hands onto Nick’s sides and felt Nick’s own hands on his shoulders, holding softly. Their kisses were very soft and unsure. Thunder boomed closer and Spider felt Nick clutch his shoulders tightly, snapping himself away from his lips to glance at the sky.

“It’s okay Twinkle.” Spider hushed him and tried to kiss him again but Nick was fussing and worrying over the thunder. Spider held Nick’s face with his hand and tugged him roughly back to face him, kissing him again, this time harder, shifting his body so Nick was lying whilst Spider was propped up on his elbow. Nick held his shirt but then slid his arms around Spider’s neck; he thought he might as well get into it if Spider was, Spider grumbled his appreciation and stroked Nick’s side with his free hand. Their kisses where deep and slow, Spider explored his friends mouth with his tongue and stroked his side every time the thunder that was now nearly over them crashed. He could feel Nick tense despite his best efforts at distraction; he stroked his side and trailed his hand to his stomach, petting softly. Nick was trying not to hear the thunder but it was so loud so near and so intense, he kissed Spider back and ran his hands through his hair trying to get his mind off the thunder. Then he felt something he never expected too, Spider’s hand had wandered down to his crotch and was rubbing in lazy circles. Nick felt himself getting hard under the others hand and could feel the blush spreading over his cheeks. Spider however didn’t notice, he was far to busy with kissing him and feeling Nick’s erection grow under his fingers.

By the time the thunder was directly above them Nick was fully hard and Spider was slowly rubbing up and down his encased erection. The thunder finally tapered away and gave way to heavy rain; Spider pulled his lips from Nick’s and went back to stroking his side. “It’s gone.” Spider whispered to the blushing red head.

“Yeah.” Nick felt very flustered and aroused knowing if Spider had carried on for a few more strokes he would have come in his pants. Spider sat up and pulled Nick so he was sitting, and looked into the rain. “Shall we risk it?”

“Do you think it’s going to stop?” Spider asked. Nick shook his head. “Come on then — lets brave it.” They stepped out into the rain, it was heavy and showed no sign of stopping anytime soon so the two decided it’d be best to head back to Jason’s. Skye had turned a muddy grey colour and kept giving them long unhappy glances, as if it was their fault he was so wet and that it was raining on his walk. Spider tried not to think about what had just happened, he’d don’t his very best to keep his distance from Nick, to keep him from his thoughts and -bam- he’d kissed him and given him a raging hard on. He felt his stomach churn with the beylikdüzü escort bayan now common upset that went along with Nick — he glanced over at his damp friend, he was very pretty though. Damn.

Nick still felt flushed from the incident; he just didn’t get Spider at all. One moment he was French kissing him and the next he wouldn’t be speaking to him. It was all very confusing.

They walked along the path until they got to the bank that had given Nick so much trouble before. Skye scrambled over and waited for them. Spider held his hand out to Nick who took it shyly and let him lead him over and back to the path. They walked back to Spider’s home and he put Skye in his kennel to dry off.

“I’ll get you some clothes.” Spider grinned at Nick. “I’ll dry them for you. Think you’ll fit into my jeans?”

“I think so yeah.” Nick nodded, noticing how the drenched shirt that Jason was wearing clung to his strong toned body. They headed up to his room and he scrambled about in a wardrobe and handed Nick a shirt and jeans. He got some out for himself and went to see if he could start the drier — leaving Nick to dress. Spider came to collect his clothes and to tell him he couldn’t actually work the drier, so together they went to the utility room and sat on the floor, pressing various buttons until it sprung into life.

“Sorted.” Spider gave it one last suspicious look and they went back to his room, he sat on the sofa and grinned at Nick. “You look different when your hair is not all wild and uncontrollable.”

“My hair is never like that!” Nick frowned.

“Oh it is.” Spider teased. “It has a life of it’s own.” He got a towel and threw it at him; Nick towel dried his hair as Spider looked out of the window at the horrid weather. ” Why are you scared of thunder?”

“Dunno.” Nick shrugged folding the towel on the sofa and standing by him, looking at the grey sky. “Always have been, I just try to take my mind off it.” Spider looked at him and felt a stirring in his jeans — there was something about him today that Spider couldn’t put his finger on, but it was driving him wild. He found his arms sliding around Nick’s hips.

“I distracted you.” He purred.

“You did.” Nick blushed, nervously putting his hands on Spider’s chest. They kissed and Nick could feel the urgency, Spider’s arms tightened, holding him closer. Nick ran his hands through his hair and then back to his chest, he never knew where to put his hands, Spider sensed this and took them in his own, placing them on his crotch — this earned a surprised little noise from Nick who allowed Spider to walk him to the sofa, still invading his mouth, he sat with Nick straddling him, hands on his ass while Nick rubbed at the growing bulge in his jeans. Spider’s hands ran up his back and Nick sort out the button on his flies, he soon had it open and the zipper down, he slid his hand inside and contacted with the warm firmness, he freed his member from his boxers and jeans and began to stroke it as he kissed him. Spider kissed down his neck and bit him, Nick yelped with surprise as Spider sucked at the spot, soon returning to his lips. Spider moaned softly against his lips and before Nick realised what he was doing he found himself kneeling before him, tongue tracing the head of his cock — not daring to look up, if he had he would have seen a wide eyed Jason, never expecting his little red head to do this.

“Oh, god…” Spider said softly, sliding his hands into Nick’s hair. He wasn’t sure if Nick had done this before, but he was fantastic at it. Nick held the base of his cock with one hand; the other traced a pattern on his thigh as he bobbed his head to take Spider deeper, the moans and reassuring strokes on his head told him that Jason was enjoying this — very much. Spider felt Nick’s tongue flicking over him and leant his head back on the sofa, maybe this would stop him feeling so weird, or maybe it’d just make things worse, he didn’t really know, or care. He just wanted to come, he thought about kissing him before – rubbing him to full hardness – that had turned him on so much. The pretty little thing should have done this to him then, god that would have been good. Nick sucked and stroked away wondering what the hell he was doing. He was obviously doing it right, but what had possessed him to do this? He licked the sensitive opening and tasted the first salty drops of pre-come, knowing Jason would come soon — should he leave him aroused, like he’d done before? That would be fun but Jason might then kill him. So he sucked faster feeling Spider clutch his head tightly and gasp — he tasted the come as it hit the back of his throat and tongue — but then he heard a door shut downstairs, it shocked him and he turned to look at Jason’s door, feeling the remainder of bostancı escort bayan Jason’s load get emptied on his cheek. He turned back, a blush spreading over his come-covered face.

“Sorry.” He smiled guiltily and risked a look at Spider who was smiling — not a mocking smile a natural happy smile.

“Mmm that’s okay.” Spider laughed softly grabbing for the towel that was on the sofa and wiping Nick’s cheek with it. “God you’re good at that.”

“Am I?” The now clean Nick sat next to him as he fastened up his jeans.

“You are.” Spider nodded. “Done it before?”

“Maybe.” Nick shrugged and blushed as Spider went to shout at Casey that the dog needed drying and he’d put the drier on. Then he sat back next to Nick with a smile.

“So, who’ve you blown?” Spider asked.

“Um, I …” Nick became flustered. “It doesn’t matter…” Spider revelled in his embarrassment and prodded more, saying he had to know now. ” Oh Jason it was a while ago…” Nick flapped. Spider grinned at him and turned the subject onto Nick’s dinosaur pyjamas. “You’re all so mean about my pjs.” He frowned.

“Spiii-der!” Josh called. “Are you decent?”

“Of course I am.” Spider went to the door.

“Well, you never know with you.” Josh teased holding out the dry clothes. “Casey’s mental grandparents think you’re my son and want to know why I am not with your mother and doesn’t she mind me living with Case.”

“Aww, they are mental.” Spider laughed, he saw Josh glance at Nick and a smile appeared. ” What?” Spider furrowed his brow.

“Nothing.” Josh shook his head. “Just didn’t expect to see him.”

“Yeah, well.” Spider frowned, this was why he hated Nick, everyone thought he was in love with him and that was crazy. He felt the hate rise up and shooed Josh away sulking back over to Nick who had sensed the mood change and was eager to avoid an argument but to his surprise one didn’t arise. Spider talked to him about Nathan’s broken leg and the lodge and seemed to have calmed down.

“Can I ask you something?” Nick asked softly and Spider nodded. “Why are you called Spider?”

“Before I was adopted by Casey and Josh I was called Jason Webb.” Spider explained. “Spider was just a nick name given as a joke but it stuck. Now I only get called Jason if I’m getting told off — or by you and Trevor.”

“Do you get told off a lot?” Nick smiled.

” Nah not really. Nile uses Jason when he’s worried about me and Lion uses it when he’s being serious. A serious Lion is rather unsettling.” Spider frowned at the thought of Lion who knew him too well.

“I bet. He’s not to be messed with huh?” Nick tilted his head.

“Not at all, but you have to push him very far to get a bad reaction, he’s pretty easy going.” Spider told him, he sensed Nick wanted to say something but wouldn’t so he spoke for him. ” Yes, I don’t need much pushing to overreact. I know.” Nick giggled.

“Why do you never take up all the offers you get from the girls?” Nick looked at him. “You get so many but you brush them off, I thought popular people like you slept about.”

“The thing is — lets not dance around it — Casey is a multi millionaire. A rather unconventional one, he’s not one to buy things for thousands that he doesn’t need. But everyone knows this, everyone thinks because he is loaded I must be and most of the girls are after a slice of that. They don’t want me; they certainly don’t want a relationship. They want a shot at the cash or a story to sell to a crap gossip magazine.” Spider sighed. “So I’d rather be alone until I find someone with better morals. Plus this is the first time I’ve really been single here. I met Lion when he moved a few months after me and well…you know.” Nick nodded. He didn’t think Spider had ever talked to him this much before. “I don’t love very well. I haven’t had the best childhood and I can’t give affection well. The only people I can trust completely are Casey and Josh.”

“I understand.” Nick smiled softly. A weight seemed to have lifted from Spider and he was in rather good spirits right up to when Nick was wanted at home. Josh needed to drop something off at Greg’s so he drove him — it’d keep him dry and let Casey talk to Spider.

Spider walked into the kitchen and saw Casey sitting at the table, he pushed a chair out and motioned that he sat, he did so and looked questioningly at him.

“Want to talk?” Casey asked.

“What about?” Spider frowned. Casey looked at him knowingly. The years he had spent caring for this young man had allowed him to observe everything about him. He could read him like a book and knew when something was troubling him.

“Nick.” He finally said.

“No.” Spider shook his head firmly. “There’s nothing to talk about.” Spider watched as Casey’s eyebrow rose, he knew Casey was concerned, he was never one to pry into his business, but he was obviously worried about him. “I want to hate him, I can’t stand feeling like this.” He placed his head in his hands. “But I’ll deal with it.” Casey stroked his head softly. “I just need him to stay away from me.”

“You can’t help who you love.” Casey stated. “And you can’t help who loves you.” He sat with him awhile before leaving him with his own confused thoughts.

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