Niharika Calls a Friend

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Read my previous stories to establish the link.

Since I was not there, this is the story that Niharika told me of what happened.

I was very reluctant to go for a walk because as it is, I was feeling very horny ever since I first wore the new harness in the restaurant. The you brought me back and tightened it, and I became even more horny. After you tightened it, almost each step was sending shivers through my body. Every time the shivers subsided I could feel a little more fluid trickling down from my cunt, almost as ii I was peeing, but I knew that it would smell different.

As you went off and we started walking, the sexual feeling was growing to be almost overpowering as I walked and got hornier and hornier. I knew there was not enough stimulation of my clit or nipples to make me come (PS:I filed this away for future reference) but the stimulation that there was was taking me very close to the edge. I held on to both the boy’s arms so that they were crushing my boobs. People were staring and the boys were feeling a bit embarrassed but I didn’t care. I wanted my cunt and both my nipples sucked until I came, but I had only two guys to help me out..So I asked Vikas whether he could call one of his friends to help them make me come. Vikas was reluctant and said that you would not like it. I told them that there was no danger since I was wearing the harness, and this was exactly why you had designed and made the harness in the first place. Then they agreed and Vikas went to a public phone called one of his best friends, Tarun to your place. He didn’t reveal the details, just asked him to come along for a few drinks.

We started walking back to your place, and then the shivers started originating at my asshole. Upto now, the ball half inside my asshole had only been a bit uncomfortable, more than anything else, but now every step sent a sharp current from my asshole to my pussy and nipples. I was in heaven and hell, all at the same time. The boys dropped me to you place. Vikas came in with me and tied my hands loosely behind my back with one of the duppattas avcılar escort to make sure I couldn’t touch my nipples or my clit and went to the wine shop to buy some vodka, They returned in five minutes and started pouring the drinks, vodka with lemonade. They untied the dupatta, and since I wanted quick action, I pulled off my dress and sat in the armchair.

As I sat the ball was pushed more into my ass and I groaned at the feeling, while squirming in my seat to make it move and go up more, but to no avail. I downed my first drink in about ten minutes and was waiting for them to start, because however horny I was, I was a bit embarrassed to tell them to start. Just then, there was a knock at the door, and without any warning Tushar rose and opened the door. My first glimpse of Rahul, and his first glimpse of me, was when I was naked and horny, and a bit high since I had downed the drink so fast. Still I kept my senses since I knew what he was there for. I said that you must be Rahul and that I was Niharika. He hoarsely answered yes, to which I asked him if he knew what he was there for. He answered that now he knew, an straight away came near me, hugged me and tried to kiss me. He was an amateur, so I got out of his hug and called Vikas to me. I told Rahul to observe and told him that he had been trained by a master, meaning you of course. As Rahul was watching Vikas kiss me, Tushar came from behind and started paying with my boobs and nipples. At this stage, all the boys were dressed and only I was naked.

Vikas moved away, and Rahul started kissing me again. He was a fast learner, and pulled my lower lip into his mouth and was gently nibbling it and moving his tongue on it. My pussy was on fire. Suddenly I felt Tushar move away, and a hard naked prick pressed between the cheeks of my ass. As Rahul continued to kiss me but after some time he was pulled away and replaced by a naked Tushar, whose hard erection was pressing on my cunt lips which were protruding from the harness.

They made me lie down on the avrupa yakası escort bed with my legs hanging down. Rahul and Tushar started sucking my nipples. Their armpit smell was making me more horny. My cunt was left unattended. I started pleading with Vikas to please lick and suck my cunt, but he held off for some time. Then, when I began to think there would be no respite for me, he brought his head down to my cunt (which I could not see because both the other boys were sucking and licking my breasts. He pressed the tip of his tongue very lightly on it and moved it up and own just once, and I came!! It was amazing and I was convulsing for maybe five minutes, while I held Vikas’ lips down to my cunt and Tushar and Rahul continued to attend my breasts and nipples.

Vikas kept pulling the harness up and down, so that the ball kept going in and out of my asshole. He continued to lick and suck my cunt. This made me cum over and over again, until I was almost unconscious. After I stopped convulsing, the boys came off me and offered me a new drink, which I gratefully accepted.

I t was now my turn to show my gratefulness, so I asked the boys what they wanted, a hand job or a blowjob. With sheepish grins, they said that they wanted both. I knew that at that they, by the time I finished the three the first or may the first and second would be ready for action again. I told the that I would jack off two guys while sucking a third, and all would get their turns. As I started, they were all in front of me, I was sitting on the edge of the bed and started. Whoever was about to come would pull his prick out from my hand or mouth, jack off with his hand and spray their cum all over me. The one who was in my mouth would come in the comdom, and sqeeze the cum onto my breasts. By the time they finished my face and torso and legs were full of cum. I kept rubbing my body till it was all dried off and I was reeking of cum. The boys thanked me, kissed me and left.

As I waiting for you, I was getting bored, so I decided to call up one of bağcılar escort my model friends, Sheetal. She told me that coincidentally, she was coming to visit one of her relatives in the building opposite to your place, to pick up something. I told her to come and meet me since you were not there. I wore my dress and waited for her.

She came after about half an hour and we greeted each other and started our girl talk. I noticed her staring at my neck and realized that she was observing the pendant you had made, which replicated the front of the harness, only smaller. She asked me what the design on the pendant was, an I tried to put her of f by telling her it was just a design. But something in my expression must have told here there was more to the story, because she kept on saying that there was something strange about the design.

She was so fascinated by the design that she took it in her hand. The she asked me to take off the necklace so she could examine it more closely. Since you had exchanged my normal necklace with the new wire necklace which had a little lock behind, when you were tightening the harness, (I had a got a gold plated stainless steel wire necklace with two loops made, which could be locked), I told her that I could not take it off. She asked why, and I showed her.

Now her curiosity was fully aroused, and with all this talk, I was also aroused, and my nipples were poking through the dress since I was not wearing a bro. She noticed this and remarked on it. She asked me to unlock the little lock so that she could carefully observe the necklace and pendant, and I told her that I couldn’t since I didn’t have the key. She was getting more and more excited by the minute, and asked where the key was. I told her that you had iall the keys and would be there soon.

When I said all the keys, she was even more intrigued and asked what I meant by all the keys since she had seen only one lock I asked her to wait for your arrival, when all would be revealed I giggled when I realized the double meaning of that statement. Also, I became a bit apprehensive about her reaction when all would be revealed. I told Sheetal that if she was not prepared to be shocked, then it may be better for her to leave before I got back. This whetted her curiosity even more, and she challenged me to shock her. I just smiled and said that we should wait for your arrival

To be continued…

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