No Man’s Land

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No Man’s Land
Deepak Mehta a flourishing business man was under stress as he was c***dless. His vast empire grew by day. As he stepped into 40th year he was a worried man as he had no c***d to take care of his business. Constantly he took advice from eminent personalities but failed. He could not marry another woman as the business he handled belonged to his wife. His wife, Kaveri a charming lady in her thirties was constantly looked down by her in-laws. This affected both of them and it had reached such a peak, that they were willing to sacrifice anything for it.

One day Deepak and his wife were introduced to an elderly couple, who a few years ago were c***dless. Hearing their advice both of them were pleased but it had many hurdles. First they had to travel a long distance to meet a person by name of Daniel Gonzoppa, an expert tracker, who could guide them to the sacred spot. Secondly it would take 8 to 10 days to reach the spot by foot from Daniel’s place.

Third and most important factor was Kaveri had to have a lady companion as she would be the only female in the long journey. As they pondered about it, it came as a pleasant surprise to find Kaveri’s aunt Mala, younger sister of Kaveri’s mother to come forward to help them out.

When all was settled the three of them boarded a train and headed to the east. After chugging along for four days they reached a remote village. From there they had to travel by cart for another 3 hours before they reached a small hamlet.

To find Daniel in the small place had no difficulty. He came out of a small cabin as k**s started screaming his name on seeing the visitors. Daniel was aged around 35 years. He had a dark complexion. He was solidly built like a fighter and a fighter he was. His passion was to tame the wilderness. When he was a young k** his parents had lost him when they were on a trekking expedition.

He had survived in the wastelands and after wandering for years he had finally come to settle in this region. He knew every shrub, tree, pond, caverns and water holes located in the area.

Since a few years many couples visited him as they wanted to reach the shrine which was thought to be sacred. He was the only person who could guide them and he took pleasure in doing his work.

Today, after seeing the tourists he was glad as his earnings had started to dwindle and he looked forward to recoup his pockets. Seeing the young and rich couple he was more than delighted. He had a sudden liking towards Mala whose eyes starting roaming over him.

Once the deal was struck and the three were settled in a thatched hut, Daniel came in to brief them. He lectured them on all factors concerning the journey. How much luggage they could carry, what they would be eating, where they would spend the night and all. Finally as he moved out he said “we will traverse only at nights and rest in daytime. We will start the day after tomorrow when the moon light will be just right for the forward journey and back It will take us fifteen or sixteen days to return”

Daniel took care of the guests, supplied them with food and refreshments. The problem started when it started getting dark. The three of them had difficultly adjusting to the darkness with a small kerosene lamp burning and when it came to changing of clothes all of them looked at each other for consolation.

It was Mala who solved it by asking Deepak to step out and as he went she turned towards Kaveri and said “now it is okay but I am wondering what will happen when he are out in the open”

“I think you have to get used to it” saying this Kaveri smiled at her as she started to change her clothes.

“For you it is okay, what about me” asked Mala as she stood looking at Kaveri güvenilir bahis who after discarding her sari pulled a night gown over her.

“We will think about it when the time comes” saying this she moved towards Mala who was more of a friend than an aunt. Both of them were pals and there was not much age difference between the two.

“You seem to be enjoying this excursion” said Mala.

“This is a wonderful land and I hope the trip would be a successful one” replied Kaveri placing her hands on Mala’s shoulders.

“It will be a successful one, don’t worry’ saying this Mala hugged Kaveri.

“Thanks” said Kaveri and after changing their attires they went out in the open.

As the weather was pleasant and there was fading moonlight both of them strolled around till Deepak changed his attire.

Back inside, they again had problems as the mattresses laid on the floor could hardly accommodate the three of them. Deepak opted to sleep at the far end with Kaveri and Mala nuzzled close by.

The three were cramped with Kaveri sandwiched between the two. Mala’s eyes started roaming. First she saw Dinesh who was lying with his back to them and then as her eyes fell upon Kaveri lying close by, she was surprised to feel warm sensations pass through her body. She felt it odd as never before had she felt such sensations on looking at her.

As she was contemplating the reason, Kaveri turned and that made her back to brush her bare arms. This prompted Mala to shift her elbow and as it felt the warmth of Kaveri’s body it had a pleasing effect.

The warmness made Mala to raise her head and look at Kaveri who was shifting her body to acquire a comfortable position on the mattress. Seeing her writhe Mala placed a hand on her shoulders and soothed her.

As Mala placed a hand over her, Kaveri leaned back and nudged closer to her. This action made her posterior curve towards Mala’s lower body. Mala was delighted when she felt Kaveri’s soft back brush her body before settling down and this prompted her to squeeze Kaveri’s shoulder lightly.

The action soothed Kaveri and soon sleep took over her tired body. Mala silently watched Kaveri who started snoring. Her eyes roamed over her back and on reaching upon her rear, a current passed through her body. Leaning on her she went to sleep.

Next morning as Deepak got up he saw both the women cuddled closely. This made him stare at them and when he saw his wife stir, he went out. When Kaveri tired to get up she found Mala’s hand holding her shoulder and as she turned, Mala’s hand slid down over her chest. This jolted Kaveri and pushing Mala’s hand away she got up.

Mala too felt her hand had braced Kaveri’s bosom and feeling thrilled she smiled as she got up.

Both women were directed to a pond by the other womenfolk of the hamlet and when they saw the place they were thrilled to see the beauty of the pond surrounded by a cool mist. It invigorated their strength. Taking a stroll around the pond and after having a wash they returned back to the hut.

The day passed with chatting and preparing for the excursion. When the sun finally started to go down and a quarter moon appeared out of its hiding and started to peep out from behind the trees, Daniel asked them to retire to bed early as the next evening they had to start the journey.

Mala entered the hut first and as she started to pull out her sari, Deepak strolled in quietly and seeing him, Mala without any hesitation discarded her sari and put on her night dress leisurely. Deepak smiled at her and said “I think we should get used to it”

“Yes” replied Mala setting her night dress straight as Kaveri came in.

Deepak moving to one corner pulled his shirt out and as both women watched he türkçe bahis unzipped his pants and removing them, pulled on his pajama suit.

“Shame, shame” cried Kaveri in lighter vein and started removing her sari to put on her night dress.

As the three settled on the mattress both the women heard Deepak snoring. This prompted Mala to say “think about tomorrow”

“About what” asked Kaveri?

“‘From tomorrow we will not have any privacy” she replied softly.

“‘Yes, everything will be in the open” she replied.

“And we will have two men with us” Mala said.

“Two men” asked Kaveri?

“Don’t forget Daniel. He will with us all the time” she said.

“I had totally forgotten him. Yes he too will be with us” replied Kaveri thoughtfully.

“And we may have to dress and undress in front of him” she replied.

“Yes, what we should do about it” Kaveri asked.

“‘We have to, there is no other go” replied Mala as she brushed aside Kaveri’s hair from her face.

“And what about him? Will he change before us” Kaveri asked.

“‘Yes, he is a real solid guy and that is what bothering me” replied Mala.

“Why should it bother you” asked Kaveri.

“You don’t understand it. You have other thoughts in mind” she said while brushing her hair.

Hearing it Kaveri remained silent. She was contemplating the circumstances and she knew it was hard for Mala to be alone as she was a divorcee. She pushed aside these thoughts from her mind and said “we both are very grateful to you for joining us.”

“‘Now don’t be silly. I came as I needed a change” she replied.

“But you are facing lots of problems” said Kaveri.

“I am enjoying it” she said and looked deeply into Kaveri’s eyes.

Kaveri blushed as her aunt spoke and said “if you are happy then I am relieved”

“I am happy to be in your company”‘ she said drawing her head closer.

“It’s our privilege to have you with us” saying this Kaveri placed her head on Mala’s shoulder.

Mala encircled her head with her hand and drawing her closer said “I hope everything will be fine”

“Yes, I hope so” saying this, Kaveri nuzzled closer to her deriving comfort from her words.

As Kaveri moved closer Mala tightened her grip over her and pulled her. Kaveri felt Mala’s bosom on her cheeks and without any hesitation she pressed them upon it.

Mala held Kaveri for a few moments and when the sensations creeping inside her body increased she brought her face down and kissing her forehead said “you are too good”

Kaveri blushed on hearing those words.

As Kaveri blushed Mala took the opportunity and sliding her arms on her back she embraced Kaveri, which in turn made Kaveri’s face to be wedged in between her breasts.

As Kaveri felt her face lodged between Mala’s bosoms, she too felt a hot wave take over her body. Without showing a hint of it she let Mala fondle her.

Mala embracing Kaveri started caressing her back and when she saw Deepak turning in his sleep she released Kaveri from her hold and pushed her away from her. She felt she was lucky as Deepak was asleep.

In reality it was not so. Deepak was awake all the time. Though he could not hear their conversation he could hear the rustling of their clothes and movements of their bodies which was a give away. And when he had turned he had seen Mala releasing Kaveri and pushing her back. Though it aroused him he thought he should have given them more time.

Next morning when he was awake and his eyes got accustomed to the surroundings he saw both the women were fast asleep. As last nights episode came into his vision he got aroused and felt hot desire to pull his wife to him. Controlling his urge he slid his hand inside the spread covering his wife and placed his hand on her warm thighs.

As his hand continued güvenilir bahis siteleri to invade deeper between his wife’s thighs, Kaveri feeling the pressure of it opened her eyes. She was shocked to feel her husband’s hand amidst her inner thighs and when he tried to put his hand up she pushed it mildly and looked at him with apprehension.

Deepak smiled on looking at her concerned face and when her eyes sent the signal of Mala lying by their side, he withdrew his hand and got up.

This little foreplay was also observed by Mala and as Deepak got up and went out she said “poor little guy”

Hearing this Kaveri blushed and said “I feel sorry for him”

“You will find some free time, don’t feel sad” saying this Mala got up.

The day’s proceedings were the same as the previous days. They were busy listening to Daniel for his final comments. It was 6 pm when it was time to depart. Dressed up in Jeans and a shirt, carrying a shoulder bag each, they started out for the journey. All three were enthusiastic. Kaveri was pleased that her wish was going to be materialized. Deepak was happy as he was sure this journey would be adventurous in many ways and Mala was delighted to be the part and parcel of the company.

As they trudged along the plain area looking at the beautiful skyline, the vast green fields, and feeling the cool breeze, soon it was 8 pm when Daniel gave them a break. After having light snacks they were up again on their feet. It was Daniel who had led the pack so far and as the stretch before them was straight he gave way to Deepak who was enthusiastic to lead. This gave Mala and Kaveri the opportunity to have a chat with Daniel.

Very soon they became social and were seen laughing at each other’s jokes. Kaveri from time to time saw her aunt taking more interest in keeping him jovial. From the corner of her eye she saw her taking a close look at him who was wearing tight shorts and a T shirt. His masculine body was well proportioned and he looked like a modern day Rambo. His arms were heavy and his thigh muscles were jutting out of his short shorts.

Mala was enchanted with this view and it kept her dreaming about it. Once when they had to climb a small hillock, Mala caught hold of Daniel’s hand for support. Thus they journeyed till Kaveri felt her knees buckling down.

“Can we stop for sometime” she asked Daniel.

“Another 10 minutes and we will camp for the night” replied Daniel.

It was midnight and the moonlight had dimmed when Daniel asked them to stop at the bottom of the hillock. Moving towards a huge rock he said “we shall camp here”

All the three were glad that the first day’s journey had come to an end. Removing their shoulder bags all slumped down beside the huge rock while Daniel went out and came back carrying firewood. After he lit a fire they ate what they had carried form the village and as soon as it was over, Kaveri who was tired went behind the rock and after changing her clothes came back and lay down on the ground pulling a sheet to cover her legs and used her shoulder bag as a pillow. Mala too followed suit and lay beside her. Both women on resting their feet looked up at the men enquiring as to where they were going to rest.

It was Daniel who answered their questions. Turning towards Deepak he said “we have to sleep by the side of each woman as we have to guard them”

“Guard them from what” asked Mala.

“Nothing to panic but sometimes wild boars do pass this stretch” saying this he stretched himself by the side of Mala giving her ample of room to move around.

As Daniel stretched himself a bit far from her, Mala hoped he was close by.

Kaveri being his wife, Deepak was fortunate to lay close beside her.

As they stretched themselves and when their feet regained the lost strength both Mala and Kaveri were happy to have camped out in the wild. This was new experience and both of them enjoyed it.

Deepak feigned sleepy and started to snore. On the other side Daniel was lost to the w

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