No Rules , The Clergy Game Ch. 1

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NO RULES had been known to dabble in both conventional and unconventional games. Sex-Train was the teams real fore into the world of E-provocateur…a term they coined to signify those who risk the most sexually, in order to gain the most.

After Sex-Trains success, there was more money and time then the team knew what to do with. It was decided, therefore, that everyone on the team was to stay offline for a weeks time, to decide on an avenue they believe NO RULES should pursue.

The assignment was simple and with very few limitations, boundaries or sexual demarcations. The instructions from that week’s NO RULES Leader simply stated:

“Fantasize. Think both sexually and imaginatively – all in a context of creativity and sexuality. It will come to you.”

And that was it.

A week had gone by and there was a certain sexual energy in the air – all over the city. You could feel it if you were a ‘sex’ (read previous story). It’s as though a purple and reddish swirl of energy has enveloped the city. All the team members confirmed this as they filed into the beautifully opulent, scarlet and highly sexually charged hotel suite in the Ritz in London. It had been reserved for this moment.

The teenager from Vancouver, with a doctorate in philosophy – the real PhD – sniffed as she strutted into the foyer and pronounced, “is it me, or do I smell pussy?”

Yes, There was sex in the air!

Their task was a simple, hard one, and eagerness betrayed their straight smiles. All members were in attendance, and minutes were being kept by that kid from Vancouver.

One by one, team members offered suggestions ranging from the development of an underground e-radio station dealing with only sexual topics 24/7 to……….the purchase of an old 747 (yes, that much money had been made) and turning it into a flying bordello, where a sign up cost $10,000 U.S. and your time in the sky was entirely dependent on your wallet, and of course gas in the tank. Every hour, beginning the first minute was $25,000. This idea was considered, even put out to a limited public and received very high marks.

One after another, the members presented ideas, some so bizarre I am unable to write about them. An older doctor from Boston (the first surgeon to perform a lung-penis mecidiyeköy escort transplant) stated that the world would be a better place if NO RULES launched a political lobby group whose main purpose was to urge the government to offer tax incentives to individuals who enhanced the sexuality of our society.

After much obfuscation, it seemed that our good doctor had a vision of the world as a seductive temple – effectively, the return to The Garden of Eden. Further, Dr. Lip-synch believed that it was our religious and moral obligation to sexualize our world. The be speckled doctor thoughts included the purchase of thousands of acres of land, just outside of Toronto, to develop a garden whose lush beauty worried the eyes but reassured the soul. He was proposing the Garden of Eden 2.

The idea was welcomed by many, however great dissention came about when the Eden Proposal went to a vote. Predictably (in fact even moreso than a U.N. Security Council vote on Israel), Garden of Eden2 crapped. It lost. Why? To make a long story short, zoning for the Garden would likely be impossible where the doctor was thinking. “Maybe later. Maybe this will be our next project,” said the heart throbbing presumably teen-idol from Madison. He was very gentle with the doctor and ultimately convincing.

THE CLERGY SEX GAME was good however. A sweet young man from New York City, a Bible scholar and the son of an Episcopalian Minister, offered up THE CLERGY SEX GAME as his idea. When his turn came around, the Minister’s son, simply piped up, “The Clergy Sex Game”. That’s all he said.

Most of us sat there mesmerized by the brief but very pronounced outburst from this Minister’s kid, who rarely, if ever (to the best of my recollection) said a word. He was part of the team because he had the biggest cock any of us had ever seen, and he was our religion consultant, should we need one. The women said he was actually very romantic and loved anal sex, a favourite of most of ours.

Realizing our curiosity, “The Clergy Sex Game goes like this. We will issue a challenge to all of our members, that $5 million in cash will go to 3 winners of the game.”

“Winners are determined by how many men and/or women of the cloth they were able to merter escort seduce. How many priests, ministers, nuns, rabbis or any other leader of a faith one could have sexual relations with.

First prize is $2.5 million, second prize is $1.5 million and third prize is $1 million.

For every nun that a man has anal intercourse with, they receive 1000 points. Sexual relations of any other type, including oral sex or intercourse in any position, with a nun, will gain the divine romantic 500 points.

For any priest that a woman fellates, or has sexual intercourse with, she will receive 500 points. 1000 points will be awarded to the woman who has anal sex with a priest (she in him [strap-on], or visa versa).

If a woman beds a nun, the same points apply and do for a man with a nun. Similarly, if a man blows a priest or has anal intercourse (either way), the same points will be awarded as a woman receives for being with a priest.

Every member who enters the competition will do so with a gift of $1000 (U.S.) to NO RULES. “I suspect that 10,000 people will enter (these numbers are based on previous games NO RULES had launched. Entrees had progressively gotten bigger and bigger. The last game produced 8,000 entrees, so 10,000 was a good guestimate…give or take).

The kid was looking at revenue of $10 million (U.S.) and prizes of ½, which would mean five million dollars for NO RULES to do with it, what it pleases. A vote was called and it was decided by a unanimous decision, less 1 (don’t ask), to take on THE CLERGY SEX GAME.

Tomorrow the show will begin.

The show did indeed begin. Sexual intercourse with men and women of the church, synagogues, mosques and other temples had become as ramped as the locust in Egypt, during the plaques. The Pope issued a statement condemning such activity, and cursing those who had promoted and encourages such action.

Nuns were herded off to distant nunneries, where they lived for the nine months, ultimately giving birth and adopting out their children. Islam was at a loss as to how to deal with their mullahs cohabiting with hippy chicks from the west; the synagogues closed down one Shabbos because dozens of rabbis had been caught on

camera (donated nişantaşı escort by the Sisterhood) shtupping their members. One such rabbi from a very Orthodox shul, had presumably gone down on the sexton of the building, during services and had stood up to speak after the reading of the Torah with cum still on his lips.

It was most embarrassing to the entire community and called for the rabbi to be ostracized. This never happened however, because at least ten of the board member’s wives had fucked the rabbi. It made the board members nervous. So they let it go.

After 1 year, more than 50,000 members had joined the competition, and NO RULES had fifty million dollars (U.S.). They decided to hire NO RULES members who were not part of The Clergy Sex Game, to make spot checks on the players. By the end of the game, less than .001 % of those spot-checked had cheated.

The competition had come down to three members. It had been decided that these three members would play off for first, second and third. Lisa, an Asian beauty, 22, living in Hong Kong, had fucked 120 nuns, 58 priests, 24 rabbis and 10 choirboys (all over 18). Warren, a Greek god of sorts, 45 and an accountant during the day had, had anal sex with 50 Mullahs, 40 Bible Scholars from the Oral Roberts University, and 30 nuns. He had fellated another 28 high priests of Greek Orthodoxy and 50 cantors and elders from various Native tribes. A couple, she 70 and he 76, had joined in a threesome with women and men from the ages of 18 right up until 100. According to the judges, they had felated, performed cunnilingus, fucked in the ass and cunt more than 140 men and women. The older couple received many bonus points for fisting, golden shower, foot fetishes and some very light S&M. Mrs. Goldstein loved spanking, whereas Mr. Goldstein so enjoyed being peed upon. Fascinating couple.

NO RULES decided that the playoffs were about to begin, and would last 1 month from tomorrow. The rules were simple. Find and fuck as many virgin holy men and women as you can find. Each sexual act must be videoed and presented to all other members on May 16th at which time everyone will have a chance to judge. The winner will be determined by the following point system:

1 – 10 Creativity of Choice of sexual partner

1 – 10 Creativity of Sexual positions

1 – 10 Creativity of secondary sexual activities (strap-ons, fetishes, role-playing etc.)

1 – 10 Passion and excellence at exhibitionism (do you smile when you’re cumming?)

1 – 10 Free to every judge to give out as they choose. Bonus marks.

To Be Continued….

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